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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The lawyer tells Thomas that upon Stephanie’s demise, he now owns 25% of Forrester stock. That plus his Dad’s 5% and he controls Forrester even without a vote. All the way up from the basement, this is huge. He can make changes and see the bigger picture. He doesn’t need anybody else’s approval. He calls Rick into his office right away. Rick tells his mom that it’s amazing to him that Caroline loves him so. She’s so good for him that he wants to be a better person because of her. Brooke reminds him that if Liam finds out about what Bill did in Italy, he may never forgive his dad and sever their relationship. Hope runs into Caroline at lunch and agrees to sit and talk since she is not expecting Rick. Caroline says is glad to see Hope and catch up since she has been spending so much time with Rick. Hope says Amber was so deceptive that she’s glad they can talk about it and be friends. Caroline asks if Hope has stopped thinking that perhaps she and Liam will get back together. Hope says not really; she doesn’t think she ever will. Caroline realizes Hope would take Liam back although she says she still loves him and should take her losses and run. Liam denied it but Othello told her what really happened. Caroline says they are a great couple and she thinks they belong together. Hope deserves what makes her happy.

Rick tells Brooke there is no way they are gonna let this stand. Forrester is his birthright and he won’t sit by and let Thomas run it into the ground. Thomas and Taylor object to Brooke coming to the meeting, but since Taylor is there too there isn’t much they can do. Thomas informs them as of today there will be some changes made. Steffy tells Liam that she is not jealous. She doesn’t want to be CEO and have to crunch all those numbers. She just wants to live her life. Caroline drops in and he realizes she seems pretty tense. She says there is something he needs to know. Hope is touched that Caroline is so invested in her and Liam. But it was Liam’s choice of always wanting to be with his ex-wife that tore them apart even the night before their wedding. In time she is hoping she will wake up and there won’t be this pain. Rick laments to Thomas that he can’t call all the shots; he’s a placeholder at best. Thomas tells him about the 30% he now owns and that he welcomes everyone’s input, but bottom line he can do what he wants and Rick can’t do anything about it. Taylor preaches to Brooke that she and her kids have run this company long enough. Now it’s Thomas’s turn thanks to Stephanie and Ridge and Brooke will have to accept that too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole told Jennifer that Daniel didnít want to see her.  Jennifer didnít believe her.  Jennifer thought Nicole was trying to come between her and Daniel, but Nicole thought Jennifer was the one coming between her (Nicole) and Daniel.  Jennifer called her a liar and believed that her apology meant nothing.  Nicole thought Jennifer looked bad and asked if she should be there.  Jennifer said she needed to talk to Daniel.  Nicole wanted to know if Jennifer thought about Danielís needs.  Daniel came in and wondered what Jennifer was doing there.  Kristen wanted Marlena to tell John what Marlena saw.  Marlena told John that she needed to talk to him.  Marlena didnít want to tell him, but she thought it would be harder to deal with the longer she put it off.  John asked Kristen if she did something.  Marlena said she was the one who did it.  Marlena told him that she (Marlena) sent Kristen a text to lure her out of her hotel room.  When Kristen was gone, she went in the room to look for proof of what Kristen was doing.  Marlena said she knew it was wrong and hoped that John could forgive her.  Kristen was upset.  John thought it was a joke, but Marlena said Kristen was there and walked in on her.  John didnít think Marlena would do something like that.  Marlena said she read Kristenís private thoughts on her tablet.  John wanted to know what she was thinking.  He left to take a conference call, but he wasnít finished with the conversation.  Kristen didnít think Marlena was going to tell him about breaking into her room.  Marlena said Kristen saw how he reacted to that news so he would never like the other news.  Marlena said she wasnít going to be the one to tell John what Kristen did.  Marlena suggested that Kristen and Brady tell John what they did, but Kristen didnít want to.  Daniel wanted to know why Jennifer was at the cabin.  She told him she felt like things were left unsaid.  She wanted to work things out.  He said there was nothing to work out.  When Nicole interrupted, Jennifer told her it was between her and Daniel.  Daniel wanted Nicole to give them a minute because he wanted to talk to Jennifer.  Nicole gave him what he wanted and left.  Jennifer wanted Daniel to understand why she couldnít leave this alone.  She said she would be there for him no matter what and she meant it.  

Marlena told Kristen that she (Marlena) owed her a favor for not telling John about their fight so she made it easy for Kristen to tell the truth.  Marlena said she would never get the picture of Kristen and Brady out of her head, but they are consenting adults so how they handled this was up to them.  Marlena suggested that Kristen tell John the truth or continue the affair in secret.  Kristen asked if that was what she wanted, but Marlena didnít care.  Kristen thought she did care because as long as she was with Brady, she wouldnít be sleeping with John.  Marlena said she and John love each other and are faithful.  Kristen threw up in her face how she had an affair with John while she was with Roman.  Marlena told Kristen it was time for her to go.  Kristen left and wondered why Marlena didnít tell John what she saw.  She said John has to know everything for her plan to work.  Daniel understood that Jennifer wanted to be there for him, but he didnít need anyone hovering.  She said she wasnít there because she felt pity, but he didnít believe her.  He told her she should be home resting since she didnít feel well.  She told him she was there to tell him that he didnít need to be alone.  He said he wasnít alone, but she didnít approve of Nicole being there.  She wanted to be there for him, but he thought she was there out of guilt.  He told her he didnít blame her so she could go live her life.  She said she cared about him, but he didnít want to hear it.  He told her to go away if she wanted him to feel better.  While they were talking, Nicole was listening.  Jennifer knew what Daniel was doing and refused to leave.  While she was talking, she doubled over in pain.  He asked what was the matter with her.  She told him her stomach hurt.  She said she was dizzy and passed out.  Marlena and John met at the town square.  Marlena told him that Brady showed up in Kristenís room when she broke in there.  She didnít expect John to understand.  She said she felt desperate and alone.  She felt she was the only one who thought Kristen had an agenda.  She thought she would feel less alone if she found proof.  He told her that she didnít find any proof.  She said she was no longer worried about Kristen or her plans because there was no need to.  John didnít want there to be anymore secrets between them.  She didnít either, which was why she told him. Daniel yelled out to Nicole to tell her about Jennifer.  She wanted to know what happened, but he didnít know.  Daniel said Jennifer was sick and needed to go to the hospital.  He said her appendix was going to burst.  Nicole said the ferry was leaving.  He said she needed to go to the hospital now. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

When Olivia sees Lulu, she becomes unsettled because she sees her holding a puppy in a baby carrier. Lulu recalls that Olivia reacted that way the other day and demands to know what she saw. Olivia tells her that she saw the puppy in her arms. Lulu bursts into tears. Maxie and Lulu are both overly emotional because of the hormone treatments they are receiving to prepare them for the surrogacy. Maxie snaps at Spinelli when he asks her how the preparations for surrogacy are coming. Ellie tells Spinelli that Maxie is just reacting to the hormones. She offers to be one of Maxie's go-to people during her pregnancy. She says Maxie shouldnít think of them as rivals. Maxie says they can't be rivals because Ellie already won. She says she and Spinelli are soul mates and that he will come back to her when he inevitably breaks up with Ellie. Spinelli turns down Todd's request to hire him to find Molly's manuscript because of his loyalty to Jason and Sam. Molly and T.J. go to Todd's office to get her manuscript back, but it is missing. Todd tells them to ask Connie where it is. Connie claims that she doesnít know anything about it when, in fact, it is in her purse. She says she will let them know if she sees it, but she doubts that she will because she can't find anything in that office and canít find an assistant. Molly volunteers T.J. and herself to be Connie's interns with the intention of using the position to find her manuscript. T.J. and Molly tell Starr that they are convinced that Connie has the manuscript. Connie scratches out Molly's name on the title page and writes in her own name. Then she ponders a new title. Starr asks Johnny what Connie is blackmailing him with. He doesnít want to tell her. She thinks he killed Anthony and tells him that he can't confess to it. Starr tells Todd that she has softened to Johnny and feels sorry for him. He tells her not to feel sorry for Johnny. Todd goes to Johnnyís apartment to ask him what he said to Starr. Johnny assures him that he didnít tell Starr anything. Todd tells him to keep it that way and to stay away from Starr.

John starts working at the PCPD as a detective and is partnered with Dante. Robert is arrested for breaking into Duke's apartment. John recognizes him from his reputation with the FBI and is eager to hear what he has to say. Dante interrupts to berate Robert for getting himself into trouble. Robert says he was trying to get proof that Duke is Faison, a name that McBain immediately recognizes. Robert fills John in on the details of the sketch and the cigarillo that he found on the docks. He says Anna is vulnerable and doesnít want to see that Duke isnít who he says he is. He says they need to get him out of there so he can stop Faison before he hurts Anna. Dante says they can't let him go because the commissioner had him arrested. Robert says that if anything happens to Anna, it will be on their heads. Anna tells Duke that it isnít possible that he could be Faison in disguise. She agrees to go away with him to the mountains. Duke tells Dr. Obrecht that Robert Scorpio told Anna that he is Faison, but that Anna thought it was a ridiculous theory. He tells her that he didn't need to kidnap Robin because Anna's attraction to Duke is strong enough for him to win her on his own merits. He says he will need to prove to Anna that Duke and Faison are two different people. Anna takes the drawing of Faison to Olivia and asks her if it is an accurate representation of what she saw or if Elizabeth or Robert had any input. Olivia says it is exactly what she saw and that she was shocked when Robert and Elizabeth recognized who he was. Anna asks her if that means Duke and Faison are the same person. Olivia says she doesn't usually know what her visions mean until after the fact. Lulu cries more when she hears Anna mention Robert's arrest. She tells Anna that it is the hormones making her cry. Anna is thrilled that the surrogacy process is underway. She tells Lulu about Robert's theory that Duke is really someone else in disguise. Lulu goes to the station and tells Dante that she heard about Robert's arrest. Then she breaks down in tears and tells him that their baby is going to be a dog. Robert asks her to bail him out so he can go find Anna. She tells him that Anna is going on a ski trip with Duke. Duke tells Anna that he has changed their plans and they are going to Switzerland instead.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor and Nikki prepare their condo for the party with their friends and family. Michael and Lauren prepare to attend the party as do Nick and Avery, who has reservations about attending. Summer and Noah discuss attending the party. Sharon comes out of the kitchen with a drink and accidentally pours it out all over her blouse. Sharon remembers her conversation with Adam. Victoria and Billy discuss her attending the party without him. Billy and Victoria discuss the kidnapping and how she is dealing with it. Chelsea confronts Adam about not telling her about the party at Victor’s and asks him if planned on taking someone else, preferably Sharon. Nick urges Avery to go to the party with him despite her reluctance to attend. Lauren lets Fen know that they will not force him to attend the party, but ask him why he doesn’t want to go, and if it has something to do with Summer. Noah urges Summer to attend the party with him. Nikki sees through Victor and wonders what he is up to. Victor refuses to tell her anything. Adam and Chelsea arrive for the party much to Nikki’s surprise. Victoria agrees to go to the party alone. Avery asks for Nick’s help in picking out a dress.

Chelsea asks Adam where everyone is when Victoria arrives and is surprised to see them already there. Adam and Chelsea are cordial to Victoria despite their hatred for each other. When Victor questions Adam about the Newman stock, Adam finds out that he is playing him against Victoria and Nick. Noah and Summer prepare to go to party after he makes a secret phone call. Sharon begins to panic but urges herself to remain calm. Victor lets Adam know his plan for the Newman children. Michael and Lauren get ready for the party, but he is soon called away. Everyone arrives at Victor’s for the party including, surprise of all surprises, Sharon.

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