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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Very sarcastically, Bill looks at Rick and Caroline and says they have already decided amongst themselves that honesty is the best policy. Rick admits he lied to his sister and had good reasons. Bill chides him for suddenly getting morals. And there is no such thing as the right thing. That’s the equivalent of a high school Santa Claus. He told a lie and now Rick wants to untell the lie so he can suck up to Bill’s niece. Caroline speaks up and says yes Rick told a lie, but she’d rather be with a man who does that and then tells the truth than one who constantly hides behind the truth. And Liam might feel that same way so it’s best the truth come from Bill of why Deacon was in Italy rather than it coming from any of them. Hope asks Liam if she has said too much. He says she can tell him anything. She says she is just telling him how she feels. She’s not asking him to do anything, but when she thinks about her life, she knows she is supposed to spend it with him. She continues that she knows he is happy with Steffy, and she doesn’t want him unhappy, but she really feels he is the one she is supposed to spend her life with. He stammers that yesterday he would have said it was getting easier to give up the dream of them, but now standing here with her that isn’t exactly true. He feels like they really tried hard and it went the other way and the worst is behind them. She says it is nice to be able to relate to him in a new way, not expecting or demanding. He asks if they can still be friends. She knows they will always be connected with each other. She says he’s always had this attraction to Steffy and needed to see where that would lead. He agrees that she has been amazing….patient and trusting and anything he says or does is cool. He reminds her that he did not choose Steffy over her; Hope did say no. She agrees that it was not fate or bad luck. They made the only decisions they could at the time. He doesn’t feel this talk has exactly settled everything, but she admits it will get easier each time they see each other. He wonders if that is what they want to do – forget what they lost.

Steffy and Taylor meet up with Thomas as he’s on the Skyroof treadmill. Steffy scoffs that he’s all hot and sweaty and she wanted to show him some proofs. They agree to stay and look at them over lunch. They have lunch and Taylor looks over the proofs and tells Steffy they are very elegant. Thomas comments that he is sure that Steffy is probably ticked that their dad named him CEO. She says no, if she were ticked, he’d know! She doesn’t want to be in charge; just work that satisfies her and the authority to get it done. She doesn’t want to work so hard that she can’t enjoy life. Bill asks what is the name of this little game show – Let’s Make a Threat? Brooke says no one is making a threat, they just think Liam and Hope have a right to know. Caroline explains that is information they need to know before making decisions in the dark. Bill says they can try to hold him responsible for the demise of a relationship that wasn’t supposed to happen in the first place, but that ain’t gonna happen. He doesn’t concede to anything. Deacon might have even shown up in Italy on his own. Hope would have still been late to the church and Liam would have turned to Steffy for comfort like he always does. He wonders if Brooke blames him too. She says it doesn’t matter. There is enough blame to go around and it’s too late now. Marriage is no cure. She should know as she’s done it enough time. Perhaps Liam and Hope just need to figure it out on their own. Bill tells them not to put words in his mouth. He never said he did nothing wrong, but Rick played a big part in it too after the wedding in Italy. Bill will admit that he betrayed his son by not keeping his promise not to interfere, but now Miss Holier Than Thou wants to sever that relationship he has with his son. He won’t let that happen. Caroline and Rick are glad to be getting back to their offices. There is more to this whole matter than she realized. Maybe she is too naïve. But if Hope gets any sadder or lonelier then she doesn’t know how she can stand by and say nothing. Bill asks Brooke if she thinks he is a terrible person. She’s coy and not sure she can answer that now. That works with his theory – any woman who has seen him naked can’t completely hate his guts. She chuckles and says she is so comfortable with people who like themselves and he certainly has mastered that. Then she mentions the kiss, but she is not in agony with guilt, but circumstances have changed. He agrees that yes they have, but he’d be lying if he didn’t say it was nice. Brooke says it was a unicorn, the last of it’s kind. It was magical, but never to be spoken about again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole went to look for Eric at the rectory.  He was having another nightmare.  She heard him screaming in his sleep.  Jennifer told Abby that her stomach felt horrible and she couldnít keep anything down.  Abby assumed it was a stomach bug.  Jennifer thought it was her guilt because it was her fault that Daniel canít be a surgeon anymore.  Kristen told EJ that someone is going to get the shock of their life.  She said everything she put into motion by coming back to Salem is coming together perfectly.  EJ said it sounded as if she had a plan, but she denied having one before.  She said she had a plan but she was thrown a curve ball.  She was happy that her plan was about to work. Marlena told John that she didnít think he was having an affair with Kristen, but she had to tell him something about Brady.  Maggie went to Daniel to comfort him about the injections.  Maggie blamed Jennifer for what happened to him.  Jennifer continued to blame herself for what happened to Daniel.  Maggie tried to make Daniel think that the injection could have been delayed, but he didnít want to give himself false hope.  She wanted to know what he was going to do.  EJ assumed that Kristenís plan had something to do with John.  She said in a way that it did.  EJ asked if John was still her objective.  She said he wasnít.  She said her plan would be clear to everyone very soon.  While Marlena was trying to tell John about Brady, Brady showed up and wanted to know what they were talking about.  Daniel told Maggie that he wanted to get away from Jennifer.  He doesnít think that thereís a chance for him and Jennifer after the injections.  Jennifer was determined to make things right with Daniel.  When Nicole saw Eric, she told him how she heard him screaming.  He wanted her to stay out of his business.  

EJ wondered what her plan could be when John was the reason she came back to Salem.  Kristen said she came back for her family.  EJ wasnít buying that.  She changed the subject by bringing up Sami.  He said things were working out perfectly with the exception of Rafe.  He wanted her help with getting rid of Rafe.  He wanted her to spend time with Rafe.  She believed that he could get Sami back on his own because her plate was already full.  Daniel told Maggie that he was going out of town for a while.  She suggested the Horton cabin.  She said they had portable medical supplies there that needed to be updated.  After a little more convincing, Daniel decided to go.  Marlena never got around to telling John what she wanted to tell him.  John and Brady talked about Marlena and Kristen.  When John left, Brady called Kristen.  After EJ left Kristenís room, she answered Bradyís call.  Brady said he had a surprise for her.  At the hospital, Jennifer overheard Daniel telling Maxine that he was leaving.  Jennifer wanted to tell him how she felt, but he didnít want to listen.  Brady told Kristen that he couldnít stop thinking about her so he was coming over after he had lunch.  She told him to be careful because his family could find out.  Kristen agreed to let him come over.  Brady told Kristen that he saw John and Marlena and he didnít tell them about sleeping with Kristen.  Kristen wondered why Marlena didnít tell John what she saw.  Kristen was determined not to let Marlena ruin things for her.  Nicole went to the Kiriakis mansion for Eric and ran into Maggie.  Nicole apologized to Maggie.  Maggie wanted Nicole to show herself out of the mansion.  When the phone rang, Maggie told Hope that Daniel was going to the Horton cabin.  Nicole was listening and left the mansion.  Kristen went to the hospital to see Marlena.  Kristen wanted to talk about what Marlena saw.  Kristen said sleeping with Brady just happened.  Marlena wanted her to shut her lying mouth.  While Maxine and Jennifer were talking, Maxine told Jennifer that Daniel was going to the Horton cabin.  Jennifer thanked her and left.  Daniel arrived at the cabin.  While he was there, Nicole showed up.  She told him he shouldnít be alone.  He said he didnít need any help.  Marlena and Kristen got into an argument over Brady.  Kristen asked if Marlena was going to tell John.  Jennifer showed up at the cabin.  When she knocked on the door, Nicole answered it.  Nicole ripped into Jennifer for showing up at the cabin after what she did. Nicole told Jennifer that Daniel hated her (Jennifer) and suggested that she leave.  Kristen told Marlena to tell John the truth. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny tells Carly that Michael saw that he had kidnapped Connie. Carly says Sonny proved that A.J. was right about him and concludes that Michael is probably on his way to tell A.J. about it. Michael arrives at the Quartermaine estate and tells A.J. that he was right when he said Sonny uses force to get his way. Diane comes over and tells A.J. that she may be able to have the attempted murder charges dropped because the key witnesses are deceased, but the kidnapping charges will be challenging. Michael says he was the victim and he doesnít have to pursue it. Diane says Morgan and Kristina were also victims and their parents will not let it go. She says the most effective plan is to give the DA a worse criminal in exchange. A.J. suggests Faison. He says he saw Faison when he was at the clinic in Switzerland being treated for his broken back. He says Faison had a relationship with his doctor. Diane asks him if he has proof that he saw Faison alive. He shows her a photograph. Robert tells Anna that Duke is Faison. He shows her the sketch of the man that Olivia saw when she looked at Duke, observing that Olivia has never seen Faison. He adds that when she saw Duke with Faison's face, she also saw him smoking a cigarillo. He produces the plastic baggie from his pocket that contains the cigarillo that he saw Duke smoking. Duke says Faison has been dead for years. Anna says a body was never found, but she thinks Robert is trying to hold on Robin by investing in anything he can. She stops Robert from calling Interpol and she calls the PCPD to report the break-in. After the police take Robert away, Duke thanks Anna for believing in him. He hugs her and calls her, "My Anna." She looks at the sketch of Faison. 

T.J. assures Molly that Todd will publish her manuscript. Molly opens her laptop and finds that her novel has been deleted. T.J.'s hard copy is missing from his bag. T.J. says Molly can still get the copy that she gave Todd. Starr accuses Todd of making Tomas disappear. He tells her that he had nothing to do with it and that Tomas might be some guy named Lorenzo Alcazar. He tells her to relax because her mother will figure it out. Starr tells him that Blair will never get back together with him. She asks him what he thought of Molly's novel. He admits that he hasn't read it yet. She tells him to read it right now, but he finds that it is missing from his desk. Starr sees Connie's tacky bracelet and concludes that Connie must have taken the manuscript. She heads over to Johnny's apartment to get it back. Johnny goes home and finds Connie sprawled on the couch editing Molly's book. He says he should have changed the locks, but he was hoping that she was on a permanent vacation. He doesnít care to hear about her ordeal. He says he can't stand her and that the best thing that could happen would be if she disappeared. He tells her that no one else missed her either. She repeats her standing threat to turn Johnny in if he doesn't cooperate. Starr knocks on the door and tells Connie to return the manuscript that she stole. Connie pretends not to know what a manuscript is, and leaves with it concealed in her jacket. Johnny tells Starr that Connie is blackmailing him. She asks him what Connie is holding over him.

Connie runs into Sonny in the lobby when she arrives at the Metro Court. Sonny assures her that he won't hurt her. He says he is sorry about what Joe did to her and that he couldnít do anything to stop it. He says he wants to make it up to her. She tells him that she is writing a romantic novel. He tells her that she wouldnít need to write about romance if she were being romanced. He offers to help her alleviate that problem. Carly goes to Todd's office and asks him if he intends to reunite with Blair now that Tomas is out of the picture. He dodges the question. She takes it as a yes and says she dodged a bullet when she didnít sleep with him. He wonders why she said that. She says he would have been using her as a fallback. He protests. She asks him what she means to him. He says she is the only friend that he has ever had. She says she is glad she didnít sleep with him. Molly and T.J. get off the elevator that Carly gets on. They ask for the manuscript back. He says it isnít there and that they should ask Connie where it is.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon tells Nick that she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Both she and Noah lie to Nick when he asks them if she set the fire at the ranch. Nick asks Sharon to come to him if she needs help not Adam. Nick goes to Adam’s office later to thank him for helping Sharon but warns him he will be watching him just in case he decides to take advantage of Sharon. Adam visits Sharon later and she tells him she told Nick about her illness but not about starting the fire at the ranch. Jack’s excessive use of pain medication becomes evident when Avery, Kyle and Phyllis notice that he is yelling at everyone and very forgetful. Adam tells everyone to give Jack a break and not worry so much about him. He just needs to feel included in the business while he is recovering.

Kyle and Phyllis worry about Jack’s condition and decide to stick to the original plan to spy on Adam. Eden feels ignored by Kyle and suspects that he has a crush on Phyllis, but Kyle denies it. Kyle apologizes to Eden because he has been very busy and promises to do something with her this weekend. Victor and Nikki enjoy a romantic day in their new penthouse and decide to have a housewarming party tomorrow, but Victor refuses to invite Billy. Victor promises Nikki he will take care of himself and conquer the world at a slower pace. Victor tells Nikki that he told Victoria he was in Los Angeles with amnesia and didn’t tell her about it. Victor also tells Nikki that Victoria is angry with him and Billy. Nikki worries that Victor is driving their children away. Nikki invites Nick to the party but he only accepts the invitation for Nikki’s sake and says he is bringing a date. Adam is very surprised when Victor invites him and Chelsea to the housewarming party.

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