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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Basking in the glow, Caroline tells Rick that he makes her so happy. He says too that it feels so right. She says now his sister will have the chance to feel that way too when he tells Hope the truth. Hope asks her mother if she knows what Rick wants to talk to her about; it seemed so important. He’s been a great big brother and she knows he’s worried about her. Hope says yes she is in pain, but she is coping. Steffy calls and needs to speak with Hope about her line, so she puts off Rick to see Steffy first. Liam tells Bill that he hated how he used to meddle in his life, but he has to admit that he was right about Steffy. She makes him laugh and feel good. Bill says yes she is good for him. Liam says that he is grateful for his support. And just so they are clear, when it comes to Hope, he hasn’t completely worked through all his feelings for her. Rick admits to Brooke that he’s been keeping something from everyone but he can’t do that anymore. Steffy tells Hope that it can’t be easy coming to the office every day and seeing photos all the time of Liam, so maybe they need to change that to more environmental. Hope says no, she can’t do that. She is still in love with Liam.

Caroline and Rick are shocked when he starts telling Brooke about lying to Othello and then Caroline mentions why Deacon was in Italy, all because Bill was manipulating everything…only for Brooke to say that she already knows. She and Donna both knew and Donna was on her way to tell Liam when she found him with Steffy instead. Now if Liam is told, he may not be able to forgive his father. Caroline calls Bill. Although he is busy, she insists she needs to see him right away at Brooke’s house. She tells Brooke that Bill is her uncle and she loves him, but she can’t let this go unnoticed. Hope tells Steffy that she can’t let go. She still believes that she and Liam belong together. Something always just came up and split them apart that were not of their doings. Bill comes to Brooke’s and Rick and Caroline tell him what they know. Rick says he does not like Bill’s son and does not think he is good enough for Hope. He tells of the lie he told Othello that was passed on to Hope. That plus the deception of Bill in Italy is why Liam and Hope aren’t married right now. Now, thanks to Caroline, they are going to tell him the truth. Bill says no way. He claims he does not like Rick either. He says they have it all wrong. Hope isn’t good enough for Liam so that part is correct. And that they aren’t a couple is the way it should be. Liam drops in but Steffy is called away, leaving Hope and Liam alone. She says it still hurts to see him with Steffy, kissing and making out, but she is coping. He starts to stammer and reply, but she speaks up and says she loves him. She will always love him, but she wishes things were different between the two of them. He says a meek “Me, too.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

When Marlena walked into Kristenís room, she saw Brady and Kristen making love.  Sami ran into EJ at the town square.  Sami told EJ that Nicole was going to ruin Ericís life.  EJ promised that he wouldnít let Nicole ruin his life.  Sami was relieved.  While they were talking, Rafe was watching them.  When EJ and Sami left to go back to work, Rafe saw them together.  Eric came up to Rafe and said he wanted to see him.  Gabi told Will if they told the truth, they would lose the people they loved and would still have to raise a baby.  Will asked if that was what she wanted.  Nick came in and told her how he saw Rafe.  Gabi told Nick that Rafe was checking on her.  Nick wanted to know what she told him.  She said she told Rafe that he proposed to her.  Nick asked about the baby and what she was going to do.  She said she wants to marry him.  Nick said he loved her and the baby no matter what.  Will asked what would happen if he (Will) said he was the father of the baby.  Nick said it would make things harder, but it wouldnít change anything.  Will still thought that was lying to the child.  Gabi said they wouldnít have to lie because nobody was going to ask them about it.  Nick said he would be the only father the baby knew.  He said the baby would have a great life.  Gabi said the baby would have all the love in the world.  Will brought up what happened when he was a child.  Will said he would never forgive himself if the same thing happened to his child.  She said they wouldnít let it happen.  Will asked again if Gabi wanted this and she said she wanted everyone including the baby to be happy.  Will said they had to do what was right for the baby.  He decided to go along with Nickís plan.  While Marlena was watching Brady and Kristen making love, Kristen noticed Marlena looking at them.  Eric and Rafe talked about Sami.  Eric said that Sami seemed happy with Rafe.  Rafe said he was happy with her, but things changed.  EJ and Sami went back to the office.  They talked about Nicole and Ericís past together.  When they were finished, they talked about their print campaign.  Gabi was happy that Will changed his mind.  She wanted to tell her brother that she and Nick are getting married.  She told Will to be happy.  When she left, Nick wanted to talk to Will.  Marlena walked in Kristenís room and Kristen gasped.  Marlena walked out of the room.  Brady wanted to know what was wrong.

After Rafe was finished talking to Eric, Gabi showed up to tell him that she and Nick were getting married and raising the baby together.  Will told Nick that he understood the deal.  Will knew that he couldnít tell anyone including Sonny about the baby.  Nick thanked him and understood that it wasnít an easy decision to make.  Will warned Nick about hurting the baby, but Nick assured him that it wouldnít be a problem.  Nick said it was his responsibility now.  Will told him not to rub it in.  When Will left, he ran into Eric.  Will ended up telling Eric that he is gay.  Brady asked Kristen what was wrong.  She said nothing with a smile and continued kissing him.  Rafe was happy that Gabi was getting married.  When Brady and Kristen finished making love, she told him what they did was wrong.  He wanted her to admit that what they had was amazing, but she wouldnít do it.  He didnít want to see what they had end, but she didnít feel the same way.  Kristen said John and Marlena would go insane if they were together.  She said they would assume this was a plot and that she was using him to hurt them.  She said she didnít want to break up his family and that they were done.  He said he liked the generous side of her.  He said she needed to give herself a chance.  She said people donít give her chances.  While they were talking, EJ called her and told her he needed to see her.  She told him she was at the hotel.  She told Brady to leave and stay gone.  He told her she didnít want to talk herself out of a good thing.  He kissed her and told her he would call her later.  She said okay and he left.  Nick and Gabi went to see Sonny.  They told Sonny that they are engaged and have a baby on the way.  Will walked in on them.  EJ showed up at Kristenís hotel room and told her she was brilliant.  He told her the job was the perfect way to get closer to Sami.  He was excited that Rafe couldnít compete with him.  Rafe went to Sami to get her help with Gabi.  He wanted her to be there for Gabi and she agreed to do it.  When Gabi and Nick left, Sonny assumed that Gabiís news was the secret Will was keeping from him.  Sonny told Will that was the last secret he wanted Will to keep from him.  When John and Marlena met again, they talked about the lipstick she found as well as Kristen.  Marlena told him that she had to tell him something and he wasnít going to like it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

John McBain asks Anna for a job. She says she doesn't have anything that matches his level of expertise. He says he will take what he can get because he has to show the court that he has a stable income to get access to his son. She offers him Dolores Padilla's former position as Dante's partner. He takes the job. His first assignment is finding the second shooter in the Bernie Abrams murder. Robert asks Dante to help him get proof that Faison masquerading as Duke. Dante believes Robert's theory and says he will help him. Dr. Obrecht arrives at Duke's door. He tells her that he summoned her because Robert Scorpio is on to his true identity. He gives her a pistol and tells her to kill Robert. Dr. Obrecht convinces him that it would be a bad idea. Duke goes to the police station to press Anna for an answer to his invitation to go away together. As soon as Duke leaves to go see Anna, Robert breaks into his apartment. Dr. Utrecht hides on the terrace until she has an opportunity to leave. Dr. Obrecht calls Duke and tells him that Robert Scorpio broke into his apartment. Anna goes with him to investigate and finds Robert inside. She blasts him for breaking into Duke's apartment without a badge or a warrant. He tells her that the man isn't Duke; he is Faison.

Lulu tells Patrick that Maxie is going to have a baby for her. Felicia intercepts Maxie to talk her out of becoming Lulu and Dante's surrogate. She says it will be difficult to carry a child for 9 months and then give it up. Maxie notes that Felicia didnít have any trouble walking away from her. Felicia says it is Maxie's decision and she will stand by her. The two of them go to the hospital to meet Dante, Lulu, and Dr. Westbourne. Dr Westbourne explains the steps in the procedure. Patrick asks Sabrina if she is ready for their breakfast date. Her colleague tells her that she is going to need a makeover to land Patrick. She says she is just meeting him to discuss the Nurses' Ball. The colleague says he wants in on the nurses ball planning. He insists that she at least put on some lipstick. When Patrick returns to meet her, he tells her that she has lipstick on her teeth. She takes it off and they go to the Metro Court for breakfast. She suggests approaching the people who put up the money to pay off Jerry Jacks. Patrick doesnít think Carly has money available. He rejects Johnny and Sonny because they are mobsters, which leaves Todd Manning, who doesnít strike him as a philanthropist.

Tracy invites Sam over to the Quartermaine Estate for tea and says it is because they are family. A.J. overhears and tells Sam that Tracy wants her ELQ shares. He explains that the shareholders are in two camps, each with 41 percent of the vote, and that Sam's vote is the swing vote. Sam says she might vote against Tracy. When Tracy leaves the room, Sam tells A.J. that she just wanted to torture Tracy, but she doesnít know how she will actually vote. Sam sits down and has a civil conversation with A.J. She asks him why he cares about ELQ. He tells her that he wants to make his grandfather proud of him. Tracy confronts A.J. about wanting Sam's shares too. He says she has nothing to worry about since he will be in prison. John McBain goes to the Quartermaine estate to talk to Tracy about Joe Scully, Jr. Sam apologizes to him for yelling at him before. He tells her that he just got hired at the PCPD and that he is going to find out who shot Jason.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Leslie almost turns down the job as Jabot’s legal counsel because she is worried that she and Neil once dated and she also makes it clear to Neil that she wouldn’t mind dating him again. Neil assures Leslie that the personal relationship they once had will not interfere with work. Devon and Lily worry that Neil is under too much stress at Jabot, Devon has a talk with Neil and suggests that he create a more casual work environment so the Jabot staff can feel more creative. Neil agrees to consider Devon’s suggestions and later during lunch with Lily and Leslie they all promise to help Neil be more relaxed at work. Michael and Lauren try to talk to Fen over breakfast but he storms out of crimson Lights when Neil and Lauren suggest that Summer is a bad influence on him. Lauren meets Jamie and she notices that he looks afraid when they mention Fen’s name but Michael just thinks he is intimidated because he was invited to dinner at the district attorney’s house.

Fen is surprised when Jamie tells him that his parents don’t care about him and that he is lucky that Michael and Lauren care about him so much. Fen apologizes to Jamie for overreacting when he saw him talking to Summer. Fen admits to Jamie that he would like Summer to be his girlfriend but for now they are just friends. Lauren notices that Fen acts jealous when she see him talking to Jamie so she tells him that Jamie has a hard life and that Michael has taken over as Jamie’s mentor and she asks Fen to help Michael because he could be a good influence on Jamie. Lauren also tells Fen that he shouldn’t be jealous of Jamie at all. Nick shows Noah the building where he is considering opening a nightclub and Noah is excited and wants to be partners in the business but Nick doesn’t think that Noah knows enough about the business world to be his partner. Phyllis and Summer have a good talk and Summer admits to Phyllis that she has dreamed about leaving home and going to a big city like New York or Chicago to start a new life where nobody knows that she is the granddaughter of Victor Newman. Phyllis tells Summer she left home because her father was a criminal and she testified to put her father in jail. Jamie figures out that Fen is afraid that Summer will fall in love with someone else before he has a chance to tell her how he really feels about her. Phyllis tells Nick that she came to the house to visit Summer for Thanksgiving and Sharon was there with Noah and she was acting very strangely. Nick asks Noah why he didn’t let him know that Phyllis was back in town.

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