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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline tells Rick that she just can’t stop thinking about Hope and Liam. So he’s going to have to convince her that he’s right and not tell or she’s going to convince him that they should. Rick says that Steffy is the master manipulator here. He tells her the whole breakup of Hope and Liam’s first engagement and the ambush wedding on top of Ajax Mountain in Aspen. Liam simply can not stay away with Steffy. That’s why Rick convinced Othello to lie to put an end to all of this. Caroline says he is keeping two people apart that love each other. This has to end. The kiss was only a dream and Brooke is shocked to wake up and be thinking of Bill. Hope walks in and assumes it is about Ridge and assures her mom that Ridge loves her and will be back when the time is right. Justin welcomes Bill back to the office and is glad to have him back. Liam has fit right in and quips that yeah he yelled at everyone at least once a day. Bill fills Justin in on Katie’s depression and where she’s been all this time. Bill says she is continuing to work with Taylor to make sure there is no relapse. But luckily for old slick here, he will be back in the office as things get back to normal.

Brooke tells Hope that it breaks her heart to see that she is still in so much pain also. They discuss Katie, and Brooke tells her that Bill isn’t as bad as they all say after all. All stripped down, he was very thoughtful. Bill questions Liam about his love life with Steffy. He admits he loves her but they are taking it slow and not thinking of marriage at all. Bill gloats that he was right all along. Liam picks up on the fact that Bill doesn’t seem to be thrilled that Katie is back. Bill sloughs it off that it’s just that he doesn’t understand all this post partum depression. Caroline tells Rick that yes Hope will be really upset with him at first, but Hope is his sister and Liam her cousin and she does not want to start their relationship off like his. He admits he needs to fix this and not put it all off on Bill. Rick calls Hope and says he needs to see her and tell her something important. He tells Caroline that he will right the wrong. She says he loves him and thanks him for doing the right thing. Hope will understand that he only lied to protect her. He says that he loves Caroline too and she’s the best thing that has ever happened in his life.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Marlena and John were at the coffee shop and they ended up talking about Kristen.  Gabi wanted to know if Will decided to go along with Nick’s plan.  Brady and Kristen kissed each other until she stopped him to throw him out.  She told him to never come back.  She regretted making love with him.  John told Marlena that he didn’t want to talk about Kristen and had to leave.  When he grabbed his jacket, a tube of lipstick fell out of his pocket.  Marlena found the tube of lipstick.  Kate showed up and told Marlena that she divorced Stefano.  When Kate noticed the lipstick, she told Marlena that it was from Countess W.  Kate also told her that it was something that Kristen had.  Gabi tried to convince Will to go along with Nick’s plan.  While she was talking, Rafe showed up.  Rafe wanted to know why Will was in the middle of Gabi’s situation again.  Brady didn’t want to leave Kristen while she was upset.  She denied being upset.  She tried to tell him that it was wrong, but he wasn’t convinced.  Gabi came up with an excuse for why Will was around.  Rafe bought the excuse.  When Will left, Rafe asked how Gabi was feeling.  She told him how Nick proposed to her.  When EJ and Sami went to see Eric, they found out Nicole worked at the church.  Sami was upset that Nicole was working there.  Kristen threw Brady out again, but he didn’t think she wanted him to leave.  She confessed that she had feelings for him, but she never intended to act on them.  She said they could never be together.  He thought it was because of John and she confirmed that it was.

Brady and Kristen talked about John.  He wanted there to be a way for them to be together, but she didn’t think there was.  She didn’t want John and Marlena to find out what they did.  Brady eventually left her room.  Sami ripped into Eric for working with Nicole.  Rafe was supportive of Gabi marrying Nick.  While they were talking, they talked about Sami and how he should be with her.  While Sami was upset with Eric over working with Nicole, he reminded her of her past and how she’s no different from Nicole.  Sami and Eric continued to argue about Nicole.  They also argued over EJ.  Will came back and asked if Gabi wanted to go along with Nick’s plan. She said it would be the best thing for the baby.  He thought his child would go through the same thing he did when he was a baby.  Kristen called John and told him she wanted to see him.  Sami and Eric continued to argue over EJ and Nicole.  While Sami and Eric were arguing, Nicole was listening.  Gabi tried once again to convince Will that Nick’s plan would work out for everyone, but Will wasn’t convinced of it right away.  John went to see Kristen.  She told him there was something she needed to discuss with him.  Marlena went to Kristen’s room to confront Kristen.  When Marlena got there, she heard Kristen moaning.  Marlena walked in Kristen’s room to see what was going on.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Téa, Blair, Skye, Carly, and Todd wait for Tomás to arrive so they can confront him about whether he is also known as Lorenzo Alcazar. The doorbell rings. The women argue about who should answer it so Todd does the honors. He opens the door to CIA Agent Theodore King who says he has information about Téa's brother. Blair wonders if Tomas is alright because they are getting married tomorrow. Todd is thrilled when Agent King says there won't be a wedding because Agent Delgado has been recalled to the CIA and is out of the country on a mission. Carly and Skye ask Agent King if Tomás' real name is Alcazar. He says he doesn’t know anything about any Alcazars and that he can't reveal any other information. Blair says she will have her aunt, Senator Dorian Lord, look into it. Todd tells Blair that he is really sorry about it. She slaps him and says he will be sorry. Blair says he is going to go find Tomás and bring him back. Téa and Skye decide to go with her. When they are alone, Carly asks Todd if he arranged Tomas's disappearance. He says he had nothing to do with it. She observes that this is a good break for Todd because he might still be able to win Blair back.

Duke tells Anna that he understands her need to move forward with their relationship slowly, but admits that all he has thought about for the past 20 years is being back with her again so he is a little impatient. She tells him that if they don't move slowly then they won't be able to have the relationship that he wants. He asks her to go away together. She asks how that fits in with taking it slowly. He says they can stay in separate rooms. He names the wrong resort when he talks about going again. She notices the blunder, but doesn’t make a big deal of it. She tells him that she has too much work to take a vacation now. Robert Scorpio pays Helena Cassadine a visit at Wyndemere. She asks him what he did with her grandson. He tells her that he didn't do anything with Nikolas, he simply doesn't ever want to see her again and wants his location kept secret. Helena recalls that Robert was equally culpable as Luke Spencer was in the demise of her husband Mikkos and realizes Robert never paid because he has been off her radar for decades. She concludes that he would only risk his life to come see her because he wants something. He says he wants information on Faison. He says he thinks Faison survived the explosion and she helped him disappear. She asks him why he needs the information. He tells her that Faison is masquerading as Duke Lavery. She tells him that if she had any information suggesting that Faison was alive, she would have killed him herself by now. When Robert leaves, Helena calls Faison and tells him that Robert Scorpio is onto him.  

Dante and Lulu celebrate Maxie agreeing to be their surrogate. Dante thinks they should keep a close eye on her. He suggests that Lulu stay with her during the day before going to the Haunted Star and then he can stay with her after his shifts at the PCPD. Lulu says Maxie should just move in with them. Dante calls her attention to the size of their apartment. He says they can just write their requirements into the contract. Lulu hadn't considered entering into a legal contract with her best friend. Ellie wants to talk to Maxie about the ultimatum that she gave Spinelli to choose between them. Maxie is annoyed that Spinelli told Ellie about that. She says it doesn’t matter because Spinelli chose Ellie. Spinelli says he is sure that Maxie will move on as well. Maxie says she already has. Spinelli asks her if she is back with Matt. She says no, she is having someone else's baby. Spinelli is shocked to hear that she is pregnant. She says she isn’t pregnant yet, but she will be soon with Dante Falconeri's child. Ellie figures out that Maxie is going to be a surrogate. Ellie thinks Maxie is doing a wonderful thing. Spinelli isn’t sure that is a good idea. Maxie tells him that it is none of his business.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor gives Adam a copy of Jack’s prescription for painkillers and tells him that he could use it to get Newman Enterprises away from Jack. Adam tells Victor that he is happy at his current job with Newman Enterprises and doesn’t intend to help him get the company back again. Phyllis sees Victor coming out of Adam’s office. When Adam refuses to answer her questions, she sneaks into Adam’s office and finds the copy of Jack’s prescription. Phyllis decides to move back to her place although Jack and Kyle both want her to stay a little while longer. Kyle asks Jack if he could do his internship with Phyllis in research and development.

Avery shows Nick a building that is for sale and encourages him to turn it into a nightclub. Adam and Chelsea have another argument about Sharon. Adam insists that Chelsea has made him a better person and that is the reason why he is helping Sharon. Sharon has another session with Dr. Watkins and realizes she has been using Adam as a touchstone to calm her when she feels anxious and nervous, so she tells Adam they can’t be friends anymore and tells him to concentrate on Chelsea. Adam tells Sharon that his friendship with Chelsea is over and thanks her for putting up with so much and promises that things will be better between them. Billy gets Victoria to open up a little about how she felt when she was kidnapped, but then Johnny cries and Victoria refuses to talk about the kidnapping anymore. Kyle encourages Jack to apologize to Billy so Jack goes over to Billy’s place to talk to him. Victoria is angry with Jack and tells him that she is physically okay, but she continues to have nightmares and live in constant fear. Billy and Victoria both tell Jack that he only cares about himself and doesn’t realize that his actions have consequences that could hurt other people. Billy pleads with Victoria to let him help her through this crisis and asks her for another chance because they still love each other.

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