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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells Brooke that her half-hearted apology about slapping her is accepted. Taylor says she is actually here to thank Brooke for stepping up and helping Bill while Katie was away. Now Katie is back and she’s ready to be a mother. Taylor says she was happy to help in that. She knows Brooke has been going through a bad time with Ridge away so she hopes she too can get on with her future. She is still very concerned about Katie’s original intentions – that Brooke and Bill come together as a couple and raise Will as a family. Caroline is about to tell Liam what she overheard when the doorbell rings. Liam has to get it and it’s Hope. Both are surprised to see each other. Rick tries to convince Caroline that Liam and Hope have moved on so there is no need to tell him about Italy and Bill having Deacon there. He just wants to protect his sister. Rick says these are old patterns that keep getting repeated with the same results. Hope and Liam talk about Will and he says it’s good to see her smile again. He has memories of their time in Italy. Steffy tells Bill that he seems a little torn; less than enthusiastic to see Katie. So let’s tell the truth; she wonders if anything happened between him and Brooke. Bill gets a bit touchy and denies anything happened or that he was even thinking along those lines.

Brooke doesn’t think any of that makes sense. Katie would not throw her husband at her sister. Taylor explains it was her illness. And she has seen firsthand how she and Bill have connected over Will. Then they went away together and she’d like to think that nothing inappropriate happened. She also saw the shocked look on their faces when Katie suddenly came home….just saying that family dynamic is very tenuous right now and they wouldn’t need close feelings between Bill and Brooke to upset it more. Caroline would like to see Liam and Hope get in the same room and hear the truth. She likes Hope and her convictions and thinks she deserves the truth. Rick has other things on his mind but Caroline says they are not through talking about this; another time. Brooke sits and thinks about Bill….the time they spent in Aspen, the balloon ride, caring for Will and the kiss at Big Bear. Suddenly Bill is at her door and waltzes on in and says they have to talk. He can not get those same things out of his head and how much the kiss meant to him and he can’t believe it will be the last one. He grabs her and kisses her again…..more than once and she returns the kiss and they look deeply into each other’s eyes.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Brady went in Kristen’s hotel room.  They hugged each other.  Nick told Gabi that he loved her and wanted to give her baby the best life.  Will came in the room to talk about the baby.  He wanted to know what she wanted to do about the baby.  Daniel’s hands were shaking.  The doctor told him that the procedure failed.  Jennifer told the doctor that the tremors were gone.  She said maybe the drug could keep working over time.  The doctor said it was an experimental drug so he didn’t want to say never.  Daniel told him not to.  Daniel asked if he has seen this happen before, but the doctor said no.  Daniel asked if he’s eligible for any other treatment.  The doctor said there was nothing else available and his condition was now permanent.  The doctor apologized and left.  Jennifer tried to hold Daniel’s hands, but he pulled them away.  He told her he was fine and walked out.  He ran into Maggie, but he didn’t want to talk to her.  Jennifer apologized to Maggie and told her that she felt terrible.  Maggie thought Jennifer should feel that way because it was her fault.  Jennifer said she was trying to help.  Maggie said she didn’t help.  Maggie told Jennifer that Daniel was willing to throw to leave town and throw his career away for her.  Maggie said Daniel would do anything she asked him to do.  Jennifer said she didn’t ask him to leave town with Nicole.  Jennifer said that Daniel knew the risks.  Maggie said that Daniel is a doctor and that Jennifer convinced him it wouldn’t go wrong.  Now Daniel has to live with the consequences.  Jennifer apologized again, but Maggie thought it was too late for it.  Maggie reminded Jennifer of everyone he has lost and now he has lost his career.  Nick asked Will if he told Sonny about the baby.  Will said he didn’t.  Will said Sonny knows he’s keeping something from him and when Sonny found out, it would be over between them.  Nick said he didn’t think that would happen and that he had a way to make this work.  Kristen wanted to know what Brady was doing in her hotel room.  He said he wanted to make sure that she wasn’t going to tell John what Marlena did.  She said she wasn’t going to tell or press charges.  She wanted to know what he was doing there.  

Will was talking to Nick about the baby being a mistake and how he was Sami and Will’s mistake.  Nick was hoping that Will wouldn’t have a problem with him and Gabi raising the baby together.  Nicole went to see Daniel at his apartment to check to see if the treatment worked.  When she noticed his hands shaking, she apologized.  Brady told Kristen he wanted to apologize to her for the way he was treating her.  She said okay, but it was getting late.  He told her that they both knew what this was about.  Nick told Will that he and Gabi wanted to get married and raised the baby as theirs.  Will wanted to know what would happen if the truth about the baby came out.  Nick said nobody needed to know.  Will asked Gabi if that was what she wanted.  Daniel thanked Nicole for her concern.  He told her he wanted to be alone.  She asked if the treatment would work down the line.  He told her it wouldn’t.  She said that was why he didn’t do it before because he knew it wouldn’t work.  She said Jennifer had to be the hero.  He told her it was his decision.  She said if they went to Hawaii none of this would have happened.  He yelled at her not to go there.  He wasn’t going to let her trash Jennifer.  He threw her out of his apartment.   Kristen didn’t want Brady to turn their situation into something that it wasn’t, but Brady told her that it’s more than she’s letting on.  Jennifer went to see Daniel to apologize to him.  He didn’t want her to blame herself.  When she tried to comfort him, he rejected her.  He didn’t want her pity.  Kristen realized that Brady eavesdropped on her conversation with Father Tobias.  She wanted him to leave, but he refused to leave.  Will asked Gabi if she wanted to marry Nick and raise the baby with him.  She didn’t want to do it if he wasn’t on board.  Will didn’t think it was going to work because somebody would do the math and realize that Nick was in prison when she got pregnant.  Nick said they would just say the baby came early.  Will thought the secret would destroy his child’s life if the truth gets out.  Nick continued to convince Will that this plan was a good idea for everyone.  Kristen told Brady to leave again, but he wouldn’t go.  She slapped him.  When she tried to slap him again, he grabbed her wrist.  They ended up kissing each other.  Nick wanted Will to think about the plan and Will agreed to think about it.  Daniel wanted Jennifer to leave so he could be alone.  He didn’t want to hurt her, but he couldn’t stand to be in her sight right now.  He wasn’t blaming her, but he wasn’t going to let either of their guilt ruin what they had.  He opened the door for her to leave and told her that he would always care about her and love her.  He wanted her to respect what he wanted and stay away. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Britt overhears Sabrina fretting to Elizabeth about Patrick telling Steve that she has a crush on him when her crush is really on Patrick. Elizabeth tells Sabrina that Patrick wouldn’t tell Steve. Patrick stops Sabrina and tells her that he and Steve were just talking about her. Steve says he knows everything. Sabrina is mortified until she realizes that they are talking about the nurses’ ball. Steve says he is on board. Sabrina, Elizabeth, Steve, and Patrick convene in a conference room to have the first committee meeting. Britt comes in and says she wants to participate too. Elizabeth suggests working in pairs. Britt says Sabrina and Steve could work together as a couple. Steve says he has a girlfriend. Britt says she didn’t realize that Sabrina was the only one that had feelings. Sabrina runs out of the conference room. Britt says she and Patrick can work together to find a venue. Elizabeth talks Sabrina into coming back in. Sabrina says she told Patrick that she had a crush on Steve, but she knows he has a girlfriend and she can be completely professional working with him. Patrick wants to team up with Sabrina. Elizabeth and Steve team up. Sabrina says she is sure they can find something appropriate for Britt to do. Patrick asks Sabrina to have breakfast with him tomorrow. Elizabeth tells Britt that she can work on publicity by herself.

Sonny tells Shawn about how close he got to coaxing Kate out. Alexis overhears Sonny saying he might need to prevail on Shawn again. She wants to know if Shawn is working for Sonny. Sonny takes his cue to leave because he has to meet Dante at the Haunted Star.  Shawn says he and Sonny were discussing carrying Sonny’s coffee in Kelly’s. Alexis doesn’t believe him and presses for the truth. He says he kidnapped Connie Falconeri. She wants details, but he doesn’t want to talk about it in the middle of the diner in front of the kids and two police commissioners. They go to his room where he tells her that he agreed to do small things for Sonny from time to time. She says that now that she has feelings for him, she doesn’t want him to get hurt. He tells her that he cares about her too, and he doesn’t intend to take any risks with his life. Their kiss leads to his bed. Anna asks Mac to tell Robert to back off. She says it was insulting of Robert to tell her that as an ex-spy, she can’t tell a bad cover story when she hears one. Mac asks what if Robert is right. She admits that Duke seems different. Maxie goes into Kelly and tells them that she has the most exciting news to share. She tells them that she is having a baby. Mac says he didn’t know she and Spinelli were back together. She says Dante is the father. Mac is ready to kill Dante. Maxie says she didn’t sleep with Dante, “Eew,” and that it is Lulu’s baby too. She reveals that she is going to be their surrogate. She says she knows everything that it will involve but that all of it pales in comparison to giving her best friend a baby. Mac says she should make sure she can keep that kind of commitment. She asks him what he would say if he were having this conversation with Robin instead of her. Anna agrees that Mac always gave Robin more leeway than he gave Maxie and she thinks Maxie has more than earned his trust. Mac says he just wants Maxie to think it through. Anna thinks Maxie is doing a beautiful choice, and she just wants Maxie to be sure she wants to do it. Mac asks Maxie to consider the experiences she will give up during the time that she is pregnant.  Maxie says the man she wants is with someone else, which she is taking as a sign that she needs to do something selfless. He says if she thinks she is doing the right thing, then she has his blessing. Robert and Olivia go to the Haunted Star together to see if Olivia gets another premonition when she sees Duke. Lulu and Dante wonder what Robert is doing there, but they are more interested in announcing to their families their plans to have a baby. Lulu tells Duke that Robert’s drinks will be on the house. Olivia wonders why Lulu and Dante summoned her to the Haunted Star. Sonny arrives at the Star.  Sonny meets Duke and says his name is familiar. Duke says it is from a long time ago because he just recently returned to Port Charles. He offers his condolences for Jason’s shooting and says he is sure the police with get the shooter soon. Robert asks Duke why he cares about Jason and observes that Duke was never a fan of law and order. Dante and Lulu tell Sonny and Olivia that Maxie is going to be their surrogate. Olivia has a premonition of Lulu cradling a plush teddy bear, not a child. Sonny says Maxie never struck him as being the maternal type, but he wishes them all well and writes them a check. He says he hopes he gets a chance to be a good grandfather. Lulu tells Dante that his mother reacted strangely and wonders if she had another vision. Dante says the only thing Olivia could have seen was their happy family. Olivia goes to GH and asks Patrick if he knows where Steve is, only it isn’t Patrick she is talking to, it is Steve. Anna meets Duke at the Haunted Star. Duke says he has a confession about who he really is. Robert goes to Wyndemere and finds Helena.  

Blair opens Téa’s door and finds Todd, Carly, and Skye standing outside. Todd announces that they are there to stop the wedding. Blair says no one can stop her from marrying Tomás tomorrow. Carly tells her that that is the problem; the man she is going to marry is not Tomás Delgado, but Lorenzo Alcazar. Blair says that is ridiculous. Carly says she used to be married to Lorenzo and shows her a picture of the two of them. Skye shows her a picture of Lorenzo with her and infant Lila Rae. Blair thinks they are faked. Todd says she doesn’t have to believe them, they can go to the source. Blair says Tomás doesn’t have to answer to Todd. Todd says Tomás has to answer to Blair. Blair says he will have Tomás stop by if it will get rid of them. She calls Tomás. Skye grabs the phone and says, “Lorenzo? Is that you?”  Tomás hangs up. Skye and Blair snipe at each other about bad choices the other has made with men. Blair tells Skye to shut up. Sky asks her if she is going to shove her head in a toilet again if she doesn’t. Blair physically attacks Skye, but Skye overpowers her. Todd says it’s better than pay-per-view. Carly and Téa pull them apart. Téa tells them to wait for Tomás. Skye says his name is Lorenzo. The doorbell rings.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon tells Neil he doesn’t want any special treatment and wants to learn his new job just like anybody else would. Devon doubts his ability to do the new job but Neil knows that he is smart and will learn the job quickly. Chloe and Chelsea begin talking about their new clothing business but both Adam and Kevin are opposed to the ladies working together. Kevin pays the bank the $10,000 Michael loaned him, but the bank informs him that he has a balloon payment due at the end of the month or he will lose the house. Kevin is desperate for money to save his house and since there isn’t any money in their bank accounts, he transfers money from the TagNGrab account to his and Chloe’s personal account.

Chelsea has finally had enough of Sharon and warns her that if she doesn’t leave Adam alone, she will tell everyone that she burned down Victor’s house. Noah is also worried about Adam’s relationship with Sharon and asks Adam to leave Sharon alone and let her family take care of her. Noah advises Sharon to tell Nick about her illness and that she is getting help, but Sharon doesn’t want to do that because she is sure Nick will figure out that she burned down Victor’s house. Cane is worried that Tucker is using Jill to get his foot back in the door at Chancellor Industries, but Jill assures Cane that she is using Tucker. Cane admits to Lily that he is afraid that Neil will push him out of Jabot. Lily and Cane head back to Jabot to pick up some files to take home, and they end up making love in Neil’s office. They don’t know that Neil is headed back to his office because he forgot his cell phone. Chelsea imagines that Adam and Sharon are making love when she goes to the cottage, which is going to be the new space for her design business. When Adam returns home, Chelsea asks him to prove that he loves her by not seeing Sharon ever again.

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