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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Bill that she loves him so much and she has such a good connection now. He says he is glad she is home and wants to throw a party to let everyone welcome her home. A little love session makes Liam and Steffy late but she says a party is just what she needs right now; Stephanie would want her to go. Katie checks with Brooke who begs off from the party. Katie tells Bill that she guesses Brooke is fine but didn’t quite seem herself. Katie thanks everyone for being so kind while she was away and being so understanding. She even hugs Steffy and gives her condolences about her grandmother. Bill tells Katie that she did nothing wrong so she has nothing to apologize for. Katie is surprised to see that Caroline and Rick are a couple and that Liam and Steffy are living together. Bill says that he has turned over a new leaf. He is no longer concerned about anyone else’s relations; only his and Katie’s. Dayzee and Hope discuss how the press treats celebrities and that anything is fair game. She tells Dayzee that she had to find out sometime that Liam was living with Steffy, but it’s not easy. She still loves him.

Thinking they are alone on the balcony, Katie tells Bill that she loves the house. It has an amazing view. Before she didn’t appreciate not only the house but what Bill was doing. He bought the house without telling her just like he decided that Liam didn’t belong with Hope but needed to be with Steffy. Caroline walks out and overhears this, plus more when they even bring up Deacon and why he was in Italy. Hope knocks over some papers and bends to pick them up. She sees a copy of Hope for the Future with her and Liam and has fond memories in Italy just before their wedding. She sighs then cries. Caroline pulls Rick out on the balcony and explains what she just overheard. Bill was responsible for getting Deacon out of prison and flying him to Italy. The wedding was sabotaged. Liam and Hope never had a chance. They were manipulated the entire time and Liam needs to know. Liam shows up and asks what does he need to know.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Daniel was with the doctor and Jennifer. The doctor wondered if Daniel was ready for the injections.  Jennifer wanted to be alone with Daniel.  When the doctor left, Jennifer asked Daniel if he still wanted to get the injections.  At the rectory, Kristen was talking to Father Tobias while Brady was outside listening.  Kristen wanted to confess something.  She said she did some terrible things in her life. She said one of the things she regrets is something that she thinks she will end up doing again.  She didnít think she could be forgiven if she made the same mistake again.  Brady hit a picture.  Kristen and Father Tobias heard it.  Daniel said he might have been having second thoughts about the injections.  Jennifer thought it was a huge decision that he didnít have time to make.  He said it took away his other options, but if he could get his career back, he would do it in a heartbeat.  He called the doctor back in and told him he was ready.  Kristen and Father Tobias wrote off the noise they heard as a radiator.  She wanted to continue her confession.  She told him how people are treating her as if sheís a pariah and how they hate her.  She took responsibility for why people treat her the way they do.  The doctor gave Daniel the injections.  Danielís hand felt numb.  The doctor said that was normal and would last for about an hour.  Daniel told Jennifer they could leave and come back in an hour.  Nick and Gabi were spending time together.  He suggested that they get married and raise the baby together.  

Kristen told Father Tobias about her history with John and Marlena.  She told him how John believes she has changed, but Marlena doesnít.  Kristen said that Marlena thinks sheís back in town to ruin her life.  She told him how Marlena violated her and she wanted to get revenge, but someone convinced her not to do it.  Father Tobias thought it was John, but she said it wasnít.  She said it was somebody amazing that she didnít think would touch her heart.  She said John touched her heart years ago, but she is afraid that someone else has touched her heart and she doesnít know what to do.  Gabi hesitated about marrying Nick and passing the baby off as his.  She told him it would be Willís baby.  She thought things would get complicated, but he didnít think they had to be.  He said it didnít have to be because no one knows that the baby is Willís.  He thought that no one had to know the baby is Willís.  They continued to talk about Nickís plan.  Kristen wasnít sure how to make her confession because it was about something she might do.  She wasnít sure she could fight the feelings sheís having now.  Father Tobias wanted to know what feelings she was having.  Brady was still outside listening.  She couldnít bring herself to tell Father Tobias about her feelings so she left.  Daniel and Jennifer went back to the hospital so the doctor could check Danielís hands.  Daniel said the numbness wore off and he hasnít gone this long without a tremor in a long time.  The doctor wanted to check the test results.  Gabi wanted to talk to Will before making any decisions since itís his baby too.  Nick thought that Will would go along with the plan.  Will showed up at Gabiís room.  The doctor gave Daniel little tests to check his hands.  Danielís hands started shaking.  The doctor told Daniel that the procedure failed.  Brady went to Kristenís hotel room where she was sitting on her bed crying.  He opened the door and came in.  They looked at each other.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

TJ wonders why Molly skipped school. She tells him that she was pitching her novel to a publisher. She gives him the manuscript and tells him what it is about. Carly and Skye tell Todd that they think TomŠs Delgado is really Lorenzo Alcazar. Todd vaguely recognizes Skye. She reminds him that he and Blair tried to frame her for Max Holdenís murder. Carly does an internet search for the name Lorenzo Alcazar and shows Todd a page of pictures. She says the man might be TomŠs Delgado to him, but he is Lorenzo Alcazar to them.  They tell him that Lorenzo supposedly died years ago, but a body was never found. Skye recalls that Lorenzo had a twin brother, Luis, but he is dead too with a body to prove it. Todd says TomŠsí family hadnít seen him in decades and that when he turned up, his story was that he had been working undercover for the CIA. Todd is thrilled when he realizes that this will be the end of Blairís relationship with TomŠs. He canít wait to tell Blair. Carly says Blair wouldnít believe Todd if he tells her. Todd decides to take the jet to Llanview. Carly and Skye want to go with him. Todd canít wait to see the look on TomŠsí face when he shows up with his two exes. In Llanview, Tťa Delgado gives Blair a gift made from a piece of her motherís wedding veil and bouquet to welcome her into the family. Tťa thanks Blair for being there for her when she had to deal with the baby switch. Blair says she shouldnít have been surprised by it, considering that Todd told her that their son Jack was dead because he thought Max Holden could have been the father. Blair gets antsy wondering why TomŠs hasnít returned yet. She tells Tťa that she gets jumpy every time he leaves even though he is no longer with the CIA. She says she is looking forward to spending the rest of her life in an easy, honest relationship. When Blair opens the door to leave, Todd, Skye, and Carly are standing outside. Todd announces that they are there to stop the wedding.

Upon finding out that Maxie told Spinelli that she loves him and told him to choose one of the women, Ellie concludes that Spinelli still loves Maxie and that Maxie divorced the wrench-manslaughterer to be with Spinelli. She wants to know when he is planning to break up with her and determines to pack up and move out of Maxieís apartment. When she finally takes a breath, Spinelli tells her that he chose her. She asks him if he would have gotten back together with Maxie if he hadnít met her. He tells her that a part of him might always love Maxie, but they arenít right for each other. He says he isnít with her instead of Maxie or in spite of her; he is with her because she is who she is. He says that with her, he is happy and he doesnít have to run in circles to get her attention; he can just be himself. They make love. He says he only wants her. She asks him to get her out of Maxieís apartment. She suggests moving into his office with him. He doesnít think that living in his office would be comfortable or practical and predicts that Maxie will flitter on to something else and forget about him in a few weeks. Dante and Lulu tell Maxie that if her offer still stands, they would like her to be their surrogate. Maxie is not flattered by being their last resort. Lulu piles on flattery to make amends. Maxie says she will need  really cute maternity clothes. Maxie tosses down champagne while Lulu reads the gory details of the procedure. Lulu tells her that it isnít too late to change her mind. Maxie says she still wants to do it.

Just as Kate is about to come to the surface, Michael comes into the warehouse and interrupts. Sonny puts his hand up to signal for Michael to remain quiet, but Michael does the opposite and demands to know what Sonny is doing with Connie tied to a chair. Connie returns to the surface and thanks Michael for being her knight in shining armor. She tells him to call the police. Sonny says his son isnít going to call the police. Michael tells him not to be so sure. He says AJ was right about Sonny. Sonny wonders why Michael would need to listen to AJís garbage when he already knows who sonny is after growing up in his house and calling him ďDadĒ his whole life. He tells Michael to go ahead and call the cops. Michael says he isnít going to call the cops, but that Sonny has to let Connie go. Connie says as soon as Sonny lets her go, she will call the police herself. Sonny unties her and invites her to go ahead and call the police, but says she will be sorry if she does because he will tell them that she came there to try to kill him and that no one would believe her story over his. She realizes he is right. He tells her that if he ever tries that again, he will be gone. When she leaves, Sonny tells Michael how close Kate was to coming out when he came in. Michael asks Sonny if he is saying it is his fault that Kate retreated. Sonny says no, he is just telling him what happened. Michael says that if Kate retreated, it was because of what he was doing to Connie and that Sonny has no one to blame but himself. Connie goes to her and Toddís office. She sees Mollyís manuscript and is immediately drawn into the story when she starts reading it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Fen continues to send bullying texts to Jamie because he feels that Jamie has taken Summer and now Michael away from him. Michael talks to Jamie about how he was angry with his stepfather Tom for a long time and how he ran away from home when he was young. Fen overhears the conversation between Jamie and Michael and gets even angrier with Jamie. Summer pleads with Fen to stop sending bullying texts to Jamie because she doesn’t need to get in more trouble with Nick since the school called and told Nick she has been skipping school. Summer tells Nick that kids have been making fun of her since they know that Victor, Victoria, and Nick got kicked out of Newman Enterprises.

Phyllis thinks it's time to move back home since Jack seems to have recovered and Kyle has returned. Kyle and Jack both ask Phyllis not to leave, but she feels Jack doesn’t need her anymore. Jack continues to take too many pain pills because he doesn’t want his family or friends to know he hasn’t recovered yet. Victor stops by Jack’s place to ask him to persuade Billy to divorce Victoria. Jack tells Victor that Billy wouldn’t listen to his advice so it is pointless to try and talk to him. Nick tells Billy that he should divorce Victoria because sometimes although people love each other, they are not good for each other. Victor tells Victoria that Billy knew he was in LA with amnesia and kept it from her. Victoria tells Billy and Victor to leave the house and later talks to Nick about everything. Although she doesn’t like what Billy did, she understands the reasons why he did it. Victor wants Nick to fight for Newman Enterprises since Victoria needs time to recover. Nick once again refuses to fight for the company because his children need him right now. Nick tells Victor that if the company is that important to him, he should get it back himself. Victoria tells Billy it is harder and harder to trust him, and she needs time to think about things. Victoria allows Billy to stay in the house for Johnny’s sake while she decides what to do about their marriage.

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