Wednesday 11/28/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie sits on the couch holding baby Will. She thanks Taylor for not giving up on her and for telling her that it was the depression speaking for her. She can be a mother to Will. Bill and Brooke arrive at his home and at the front door Brooke thanks Bill for being at the cabin with her. It meant a lot. She is anxious to see Will now. Bill mentions taking a hot shower and Brooke quips this time he better make sure he locks the door, “stallion”. Both are surprised and almost dazed when they enter and see Katie. Neither take a step forward to greet her; just staring. It is Katie who makes the first move by rushing to Bill’s arms, gushing that she is home. She goes on and on about how sorry she is that she left him. She knows he has abandonment problems, but she wasn’t herself. She thought she was dying. It was Taylor who has been helping her see how wrong she was. She was lost with lots of panic and anxiety, but now she feels totally reborn. Taylor quickly explains that what Katie did she did out of love for what she thought was best for Will. Bill says he is glad that she is all right and they are a family again. This is what he wanted all along. She asks if he still has her wedding ring. He goes to the mantel and gets it and puts it back on her finger and gives her a kiss. Twice she sees a look pass between Bill and Brooke and feels the tension in the air and asks what is going on between them. Bill manages to skirt the issue by saying that Stephanie just passed away earlier in Brooke’s arms. Both Taylor and Katie are very sad to hear this. Taylor is visibly shaken when she sees Stephanie’s engagement ring on Brooke’s finger.

Everyone in the board room declare they will keep a happy face for Eric. He’s trying to sound upbeat although Stephanie has passed. However when Pam and Eric walk in, everyone starts to cry. Eric says no tears; Stephanie loved them very much and had said they are her greatest legacy. He touches his heart and says Stephanie will always be with him. Liam learns outside from Donna that Stephanie is gone, but that Katie is back and all is well. He goes in to get Steffy. She gets a phone call, leaving him alone for a few minutes with Hope. Hope tries to sound casual by saying she is glad that Steffy has Liam now. He wishes he had been given a chance to tell her they were living together but this all happened so fast. Hope says Stephanie was the strongest woman she ever knew. Liam says Hope has a lot of that in her also. She wishes him and Steffy well, but almost loses it when he turns to go. Brooke tells Katie to be well and call her if she needs anything at all. She needs to go home. Bill walks her to the door and she utters a very plain “Goodbye, Bill.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

John returned Kristen’s phone call and asked her what was up.  Jennifer told Daniel that the doctor was willing to have him participate in the clinical trial program.  She told him the doctor wanted to see him today.  Eric was in the rectory when Nicole came in to see him.  While they were talking, he suggested that she work there.  Kristen told John she wanted to talk to him about what happened.  She said he needed to know.  John wanted to know what she was talking about.  Jennifer told Daniel that he had to sign a release form so he understood the risks involved with the program.  Eric told Nicole that she could be a secretary for the church.  He said the pay wasn’t great, but she would have free room and board.  He told her that they would see each other all of the time.  John said that he knew what happened, but Kristen said there was more.  She told him Brady came by to apologize for the way he was treating her.  John asked if that was the reason she called him.  She thought John had something to do with it so she wanted to thank him.  After they hung up, John told Marlena that Kristen wanted to tell him that Brady came over to apologize.  Marlena said she knew and that Kristen hasn’t lost her touch.  John wanted to know why she was upset earlier.  Nicole turned down the job offer.  Eric told her that she had to make things right with Daniel.  John asked if Marlena was upset that Brady apologized.  She said she was because he was her ally.  John told her that this wasn’t a war, but she was convinced that it was.  Marlena hoped that Kristen realized that she should keep her distance from her and everybody she loves.  Brady asked if Kristen was going to let it go that Marlena broke in her room.  Kristen thought she had every right to go after Marlena, but she’s going to be the bigger person.  

Eric convinced Nicole that she needed to make things right with Daniel.  John and Marlena agreed not to let Kristen come between them.  Brady and Kristen agreed to get along for everyone’s sake.  Kristen told him had to leave because she had things to take care of.  When she tried to open the door, she had a pain in her arm.  Brady looked at her arm and noticed the bruises and swelling.  Nicole went to see Daniel.  Maggie went to see Jennifer to rip into her for signing Daniel up for the program.  Maggie was upset that Jennifer set her son up for something dangerous.  Nicole apologized to Daniel for what she did to Jennifer.  She hoped that one day he could forgive her.  Kristen told Brady that her arm would be better in the morning.  Daniel accepted Nicole’s apology.  He told her about the meeting Jennifer set up for him.  He told her about the injections he will be getting.  She wished him luck.  Nicole went to Jennifer’s house to apologize to Abby.  Abby gave her a hard time.  When Nicole asked if Jennifer was lonely, Abby ripped into.  Abby also indicated that Jennifer and Daniel weren’t seeing each other.  Nicole was happy to hear that.  Nicole called Eric and told him that she decided to take the job so she could stay in Salem.  Marlena was at the town square and saw John on the phone laughing.  She thought that Brady must have convinced Kristen not to say anything.  Marlena wondered why Kristen went along with it.  She thought Kristen would have been dying t expose her.  Marlena wondered what Kristen was up to now.  

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Starr drags Molly to Todd’s office so he can look at her manuscript. Meanwhile, Todd sees the wedding announcement for Tomás and Blair’s impending nuptials. He crumples up the newspaper page and throws it across the room, just as Starr opens the door. He says he can’t believe her mother is marrying the hired assassin that ruined his life. He says he will look at Molly’s manuscript if Starr boycotts her mother’s wedding. Starr reverses the emotional blackmail and tells him that Molly didn’t know for months that her sister Sam’s son was alive. Todd takes the manuscript and tells Molly to sell him on it. Molly says it is tragic love story. Carly runs into Skye at Kelly’s and immediately starts harassing her. Skye thanks her for the nonexistent condolences for the loss of Edward. Carly says Skye isn’t related to Edward anyway. Skye shoots back that she is as much a Quartermaine as Michael is a Corinthos. She tells Carly that the next time they talk, Michael will have left Carly and taken his place by A.J. The two of them get into a brawl. Once broken apart, Skye checks on the condition of her new tablet device. She turns it on and sees Blair and Tomás’ engagement picture. She wonders why Lorenzo Alcazar is marrying Blair Cramer, whom she hates. Carly agrees that Tomás looks a lot like Lorenzo. Carly says she thinks she knows someone who can help them find out if Tomás is Lorenzo. She goes to Todd’s office and asks him to tell her everything he knows about Blair’s fiancé. He doesn’t want to talk about Tomás Delgado. She says he might not be Tomás Delgado.

Michael goes to the Quartermaine estate to check on the family. A.J. tries to talk Michael into throwing in his ELQ votes with his so that he can try to vote Tracy out of the CEO chair. He says ELQ is Michael’s birthright and that he will teach him everything he needs to know. Michael says he is too busy with school to learn about the business. A.J. asks Michael if Sonny has convinced Michael to back away from him. Michael says he loves his parents, but he is glad that he is getting the chance to know A.J. and his parents don’t have any say in the matter. A.J. warns Michael that Sonny is dangerous when he doesn’t get his way and that someone could get hurt. Sonny checks on Connie, who is tied up in the coffee warehouse. The psychiatrist that has been trying to get Kate to emerge tells Sonny that he doesn’t need a doctor; he needs an exorcist. Kate tells Sonny that people who care about her will miss her. He tells her to name one person who cares about her. He says he has had his men on Johnny, and Johnny doesn’t care that she is missing. He tells her that Todd packed up her stuff from the office. He gets her phone out of her purse and observes that there were no missed calls, no voicemails, and no text messages. He asks her why she hates him so much. He says that if she really is the host personality, then she was the girl that was in love with him in Bensonhurst. She tells him that it was his fault that she was raped. She says Joe Jr. raped her to get back at him and he wasn’t there to protect her. He says he is sorry that he wasn’t there to protect her and that whether she is Kate or Connie he will never let anyone hurt her again. He is getting through to her when Michael comes in and interrupts.

Ellie, having found a picture from Maxie and Spinelli’s non-wedding, thinks Maxie and Spinelli are married and want her to be a sister-wife. Spinelli explains that he and Maxie were once engaged, but that they called off the wedding. Ellie ask how they went from being engaged to being friends. Maxie says she wasn’t ready to make that commitment and that by the time she was ready, Spinelli had moved on and now he is Ellie’s. When Maxie leaves, Ellie asks Spinelli for details. He tells her that the non-wedding was three years ago and that Maxie declared her feelings last week and told him to choose. Lulu rejects yet, another potential surrogate. Lulu asks Dante what he thinks about Maxie’s offer to do it. Dante says they should interview the woman who is on her way before they consider Maxie. They are impressed with the woman they interview next. The woman tries to leverage an offer that she got from another couple to negotiate more money. Lulu tells her that she isn’t interested in buying a baby. The woman asks her what else she would call it. Maxie goes to the Haunted Star and asks Lulu and Dante how the surrogate search is going. Lulu asks her if she still wants to do it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ronan tells Phyllis he got a new assignment in Washington DC working for Homeland Security. Phyllis advises him to take the new job because the timing of their relationship was wrong. Jamie is sad that Ronan is moving away, but Ronan introduces him to Paul and Michael who will be checking on him from time to time. Summer and Phyllis are having a tense lunch together but things start going better until Summer sees Ronan in the restaurant and decides to leave. Jack continues to battle intense pain but tells everyone he is fine and refuses help from Kyle when he slips and almost falls inside the elevator. Jack and Kyle arrive at the restaurant for lunch, but Jack decides to leave when he sees Phyllis with Ronan. He asks Kyle to stop by the pharmacy first to get more medicine.

Nick makes pancakes for Avery, and she thinks that their relationship is a mistake and worries how Phyllis will react. Nick thinks that they should live their lives and let Phyllis live hers. Summer tells Nick that she is fine with him dating Avery and he asks her to stop punishing Phyllis. Nick also advises Summer not to use her anger to hurt other people. Jamie continues to get bullied by someone, and Summer thinks it's Fen so she tells him they need to talk at her house. Nick worries about Summer and tries to figure out the best way to help her. Michael lends Kevin the money to save his house. Michael tells Kevin that if he continues acting the way he is, he will lose Chloe. Chloe shares her problems with Jill, and Lauren and gets angry when Jill suggests she divorce Kevin. Chloe heads to the coffee house and tells Kevin she loves him, and they will figure a way out of their problems together. Lauren tells Jill that she shouldn’t just concentrate on work but also find time for dating. Tucker arrives and asks Jill out to dinner. Phyllis arrives at Jack’s house and finds him asleep, so she turns off his ringing cell phone. Jack awakens and when Phyllis wonders how many pain pills he has taken today, he responds, “Who’s counting?”

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