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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric and Pam are with Brooke at the cabin and she painfully fills them in on the last moments with Stephanie. They gather up a few last remembrances of Stephanie and take joy in the fact that they know that she knew they loved her. There will be no memorial service. The party was what Stephanie wanted; nothing after she was gone. There will be a bank vault to open with plenty instructions inside of things to do. Pam thinks perhaps she should go back to Chicago. Eric insists that she not do that. They are her family now; this is her home. Bill even shows up and said he came as soon as he got Brooke’s text. He wanted to be there for her. Brooke suddenly remembers something and takes off frantically. She searches the bench where Stephanie took her last breath; desperately searching for something.

Taylor takes Katie back to her dingy apartment. But suddenly what she had perceived as gloomy, dark, rainy days is now bright, sunshiny days. She thanks Taylor for being so kind to her when she’s been nothing but cruel to her. Taylor reminds her that was her depression speaking. If she’d be good enough to re-hire her as her doctor, they can proceed with some treatment to make her really better. Taylor then takes Katie home….to her old home where Taylor had wonderful memories and raised her family. Now Katie can raise hers too. Brooke frantically looks for Stephanie’s engagement ring that she gave Brooke. Bill assures her they will find it and he finally does. She thanks Bill and he gives her a big hug and says he will always be there for her. He slips the ring on her finger and gives her a kiss......a second kiss which is returned. Eric has fond memories of Stephanie and pillow fights at the cabin, making martinis.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Gabi argued over him thinking Chad was the father of her baby.  While they were arguing, Chad showed up to see Gabi.  Nick told Gabi to tell Chad about the baby or he would.  Rafe went to see Sami at her office, but EJ was in the office instead.  Marlena looked at Kristenís tablet and read the document about John.  While Marlena was reading, Kristen busted her.  Marlena threatened to show John and Brady what she read in the journal.  Will showed up at Gabiís room when Nick told her to tell Chad about the baby.  Kristen wanted Marlena to leave her room or she would call the police.  Marlena didnít care about Kristenís threat.  Marlena told Kristen she was going to expose her.  Rafe found out EJ is Samiís new boss.  While they were arguing, Sami walked in on them.  Will tried to talk Chad into leaving Gabiís room, but Chad refused to leave until he knew what was going on.  Marlena and Kristen fought over the tablet.  While they were fighting, Brady walked in and wanted to know what was going on.  Sami told Rafe that EJ is her boss.  When EJ left, Rafe was upset that EJ is Samiís boss.  She wondered why it mattered to him.  Chad eventually left Gabiís room.  Kristen told Brady that Marlena broke in her room and invaded her privacy. Brady asked if it was true.  Marlena confirmed that it was, but she said she was justified.  She wanted to prove that Kristen came back to Salem to destroy her life.  Gabi told Nick that nothing happened between her and Chad.  Nick didnít believe it because she told him she wasnít involved with anyone else.  Nick wanted to know who was the father of her baby.  Will came forward and said he was the father.  Nick didnít believe that Will was the father since heís gay.

Gabi and Will explained to Nick what led to them having sex.  Nick blamed Will for taking advantage of him, but Gabi said it wasnít Willís fault.  Sami and Rafe argued over EJ being her boss.  Brady wanted Kristen to tell him and Marlena what was on the tablet, but Kristen refused to tell them.  Brady said it would clear Kristenís name.  Kristen caved and let Marlena look at her tablet.  Marlena was surprised by what she saw.  When Will suggested that he and Gabi had to tell Sami and Rafe the truth, Nick said they didnít have to tell the truth.  When Marlena read the tablet, it wasnít what she expected.  Marlena didnít believe the innocent things that Kristen wrote.  Kristen threatened to call the police, but Brady stopped her.  Brady suggested that Marlena leave Kristenís room.  When Marlena left, he tried to talk Kristen out of having Marlena arrested.  Nick suggested that he, Will, and Gabi figured out what to do about the baby before telling people.  Nick didnít want Will to tell Sonny about the baby, but Will didnít want to keep him in the dark.  Brady told Kristen that he believed she changed, but Kristen didnít think Marlena believed it.  Brady tried to defend Marlena to Kristen, but she wanted to tell John what Marlena did.  Brady stopped Kristen from telling John the truth.  Will agreed to keep quiet about the baby for now, but he didnít want to keep it a secret for long.  Marlena and John ran into each other at the town square.  He noticed that he had a missed call from Kristen.  Marlena told him to call her back.  John called Kristen to find out what was up.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

When Blair asks questions about Todd, Starr wonders if she has changed her mind about marrying Tomas. Blair tells Starr about when she and Todd were young and in love. She says they were great together, but that was a long time ago and they have changed and that she is happy with Tomas now. When they hang up, Blair looks at her wedding picture with Todd. Maxie offers to be Luluís surrogate. Lulu thinks it is a terrible idea. Lulu tries to dissuade Maxie by telling her about hormone treatments, weight gain, stretch marks, and the pain of childbirth, but Maxie is undaunted. Lulu still canít accept.

Johnny runs into ďDukeĒ on the docks and asks him why he is working at the Haunted Star being so overqualified for the job. Duke tells him that he had been incarcerated for 20 years and he is trying to get back on his feet. Johnny says that is fine as long as he isnít trying to use the Star to reclaim his former life laundering money. Duke knows that Johnny is heir to both the Zacchara and Soleito families. Johnny says he is out of that life an on to a new one, he is running a clean business, and he wants to keep it that way. Robert meets with Mac and tells him that Faison has stolen Dukeís identity but that he mustnít tell Anna. He says he needs to see the police report of Faisonís death. Felicia asks Anna about Luke, Duke, and Robert. Anna tells her that Luke is in Turkey and Robert is badgering her about Duke in Lukeís place. She confides that she is confused about Duke because he seems different. When Anna leaves her office, she collides with Mac in the hallway, causing him to drop the file he is carrying. She wonders why he has Cesar Faisonís police file. He tells her that it had been at his apartment and he came to return it. Robert sees Duke on the docks. Duke asks him if he is in town to help Luke turn Anna against him. He says it will only anger Anna and push her closer to him. Robert says he always makes Anna angry, but she always trusts him and that should make Duke nervous. Mac meets Robert at the docks and gives him the file. He says he already read it and found that Faisonís remains were never found. Robert says it makes sense that Faison would play mind games with Robinís death and Dukeís face. Duke goes to Annaís office. When he moves in to kiss her, she asks him if he has been smoking. He says he picked it up in Turkey, but he is trying to quit. Robert notices a partially crushed cigarillo on the ground.

Skye overhears A.J. apologizing to Edwardís plaque at the Quartermaine mosque. He tells her that he never had the chance to prove himself to Edward and that he feels funny about receiving a bequest when Edward didnít know he was alive. Skye tells him that if Edward had known he was alive, he would have wanted him to have it. He says he wants to do something good for the family with the money. Skye wonders what would happen if Tracy were forced out of her position as CEO of ELQ. She tells him that she found out a while back that Tracy had funneled money that she got from Gino Soleito through ELQ. A.J. observes that that is money laundering and a major SEC violation. She says Edward thought Tracy got what she deserved when she was forced to marry Anthony Zacchara because he knew about it. She tells him that Anthony had the documents that proved it, but he was murdered so she doesnít know where they are now. Tracy vents to Ned about Edward leaving her nothing but a jar of her motherís pickle relish that she marketed to put the family and ELQ back in the black when they fell on hard times. Ned tells her that Edward must have had a reason for leaving that to her. She sarcastically says Edward must want her to open a hot dog stand. Ned says she is still CEO of ELQ. She thinks she will be voted out at the next board meeting if A.J. has anything to say about it. Ned doesnít see A.J. convincing the rest of the family that he is competent to run the company. A.J. and Skye count the shares of people who would back him and come up with 41%. Tracy also counts 41%. Sam and Dannyís shares would make all the difference. A.J. and Tracy each need to win Sam over despite the bad blood between them. Ned thinks he knows why Edward gave Tracy the relish. They put it on hot dogs. Skye goes to see Johnny at the Haunted Star. He sees through her flirtations and says he isnít going to give her the records that she gave to Anthony.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin is worried when he gets a notice from the bank, they are going to foreclose on his house if he doesnít pay the $10,000 he owes them. Kevin goes to Gloria for help but she refuses because she still doesnít have the settlement money from the insurance company and also because of all the cash she gave to him for TagNGrab. Chloe and Chelsea both feel like their marriages are in trouble and they talk to each other and give each other advice. Chelsea and Chloe decide to join together in a clothing design business. Kevin tells Chloe she can’t use the money from Tucker’s buy out of TagNGrab because they need it to help pay for the house or they will lose it.

Kyle and Phyllis both decide to work together to spy on Adam and make sure he doesn’t double-cross Jack. Chelsea tells Chloe she and Adam were hiding Sharon in their cottage, and Chloe promises to keep it a secret. Cane feels like his ideas for Jabot aren't appreciated when Neil refuses to talk to him about marketing strategy for the company. Cane isn’t too happy when Neil asks him to be Devon’s mentor in the company. Jack calls his doctor to tell him that he lost his prescription for pain medicine and gets a refill. He also asks the doctor to up the dosage of his medicine because he is in more pain than he thought he would be. Jack ignores Phyllis and Kyle’s suggestion that he take it easy on his fist half day of work and continues to take more pain medicine than is directed on the prescription. Chelsea is annoyed with Adam when she hears him making plans to eat lunch with Sharon, and he refuses to cancel his lunch plans with Sharon to go to lunch with her.

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