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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke sits with Stephanie on the outside bench taking in the beauty of the blue sky, mountains and the lake. She says that Eric will be here soon if Stephanie can wait for him. Stephanie struggles with her coughing jags but manages to get off her engagement ring and wants Brooke to have it. She quips that Brooke had all her men, now she has the ring too. She admits Brooke really hurt her, but she also saved her too. Brooke has a way of life so now Stephanie has been able to live for something. Eric prepares to get back to the cabin, stopping only long enough for the others to wish him well and say goodbye to Stephanie. He has a video of the party but isn’t sure whether to show it to Stephanie or not. Pam convinces him to play it and view it first. One by one it’s a tribute to the pit bull and Mama Bear by Eric, Pam, Donna, Rick, Steffy, Marcus, Dayzee, Thorne, Felicia, Taylor, Bill, Kristen and Tony. Katie cries to Taylor that she feels like she is dying; her heart is pounding. Taylor explains that is just the depression. Katie asks for her to please help. She does not want to die. Donna brings Will into Katie’s room and puts him in his mother’s arms.

Brooke covers Stephanie with a blanket and holds her hands. She asks if Stephanie wants her to go get the book. Stephanie says no; just make the ending up. Brooke recounts her own story of how the caterer’s daughter, the peasant girl from the valley, met the rich lady’s son, fell in love at first sight, not making the lady very happy. Over time, not only did she love the son but the family too. They fought for years. They tried to destroy each other. The mother thought she had to protect her family. Brooke adds that she doesn’t think she knew what love was until she loved Stephanie. She is so ashamed of the pain that she put Stephanie through all those years. Stephanie says it is okay; it all adds up to now. Stephanie says she is so tired; she just wants to find a place to sleep. “Sing me to sleep, baby girl.” She chooses Eric’s favorite, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling. Before it is over, Stephanie’s head slumps over onto Brooke’s shoulder and she closes her eyes for the last time. With a heavy heart and tears streaming, Brooke manages to finish the song and kisses Stephanie’s brow.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Brady and Marlena met to talk about Kristen.  Brady made it clear that he was wrong about Kristen being a threat to John and Marlena.  Marlena was upset that Brady thought Kristen changed.  After they talked, she left.  John went to Countess W. to talk to Kristen.  While they talked, he indicated that he was willing to forgive her.  She was thrilled.  Nick went to Gabiís room and noticed the abortion website on her computer.  When he looked in the garbage, he found the paper with the two clinics on it that Sami threw away.  Sonny and Chad got into an argument over Gabi.  Rafe and Sami showed up at the abortion clinic to stop Gabi from getting an abortion.  The nurse refused to let Rafe in the room where Gabi was getting the abortion.  Gabi eventually came out and let Rafe, Sami, and Will know that she didnít have the abortion.  Rafe comforted Gabi and let her know that he would be there for her no matter what she did.  Nick showed up at the clinic. 

When Gabi left, Rafe ripped into Will about not telling Nick that he (Nick) is the father of Gabiís baby.  Rafe noticed how hypocritical he was and eased up on him. When Nick and Gabi got back to the pub, he was upset with her for not telling him about the baby.  She told him that the baby wasnít his, but he already knew it wasnít.  He told her he could do the math.  While they were arguing over the baby, he let her know that he thought Chad was the father.  Marlena went to Kristenís hotel and came up with a scheme to sneak in her room.  When she got in the room, she noticed Kristenís tablet.  She picked it up and looked at it.  She saw a document with the initials JB on it.  She opened the document and read it.  While she was reading it, Kristen busted her.  While Nick and Gabi were arguing, Chad showed up looking for Gabi.  Gabi asked Nick not to open the door, but it was too late.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spinelli tells Sam about Ellie and about Maxie's sudden confession of love after a year of shooting him down. He tells her that Ellie and Maxie are roommates and that Maxie's revelation makes him uncomfortable at her apartment when he is there with Ellie. Sam asks him what he would have done if he hadn't had a girlfriend when Maxie told him how she felt. He says it doesn't matter because he does have a girlfriend. Sam asks Spinelli if he thinks Jason is dead. He says he hopes he is, but he doesnít have the faith that she has. Ellie meets Spinelli at the church and apologizes for being so late that she missed the service. Spinelli says he didn't really know Edward Quartermaine anyway; he only came in Jason's place, which he admits made him miss Jason all the more.  Ellie is glad that Maxie was there for him to lean on. Maxie tells Lulu that she wishes Spinelli and Ellie would have sex someplace other than at her apartment. Lulu tells Maxie that she and Dante were blacklisted from adopting because she lied on the application. She says they are considering surrogacy, but she hasnít clicked with any of the potential surrogates.  Maxie says Lulu shouldnít get too attached to a person that she shouldnít ever see again after the surrogacy. Maxie offers to be Lulu's surrogate.

Kristina sees Trey cleaning up the church after Edwardís funeral. He explains that Maxie kicked him out and that the pastor lets him sleep in the basement in exchange for work. He tells her that he found out that his father was probably involved in the water poisoning incident because he gave Tracy his dose of anti-serum. Kristina is surprised that Joe had a thing for Tracy. Trey says he doesnít know what he should do next since he only came to Port Charles to shoot Mob Princess and his father owned a house and business in New Orleans. He says his filmmaking degree from Yale is worthless in Port Charles. Kristina doesnít know what she is going to do with her life either.  Molly tells Starr in confidence that she has just finished writing a novel. Starr reads some of it and gives it a shining review. She suggests that Molly talk to Todd about publishing it. Molly thanks Starr for even thinking it is good enough to publish.

Diane comes over to the Quartermaine estate to read Edward's will. Tracy champs at the bit waiting for her to get to the part that concerns her. Edward leaves 60 percent of his ELQ stock to be evenly divided between his grandchildren, 30 percent to be divided between his great-grandchildren, 5 percent to Monica and 5 percent to Alice. He leaves his personal assets to charity. Tracy can't believe that his will didnít even mention her. Diane says there was one more thing that Edward left specifically for Tracy and hands her a box. Tracy concludes that it must contain something wonderful. She opens the box and finds a jar of Lila's pickle relish.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Paul and Christine admit to each other that they are falling back in love. Paul thinks he needs a change because he is tired of fighting crime. Kevin is thrilled that Tucker bought Adam’s shares in TagNGrab, but his joy fades quickly when Tucker decides to buy him and Chloe out for a nominal fee thanks to a loophole Adam put in the original contract. Later Kevin and Chloe argue because he thinks she brought Adam into the company because she never thought he (Kevin) could get the investors they needed. Nina decides to move back to Los Angeles for good because she has no reason to return to Genoa City. Victor tells Nikki that Billy knew he was in Los Angeles with amnesia and chose not to tell Victoria.

Nick tells Avery the details of how he and Billy rescued Victoria and that it made him realize life is too short to waste time. Victor tells Billy he should leave Victoria or he will tell her that he knew he was in Los Angeles and kept it from her. Billy blames Jack for Victoria’s kidnapping, because he gave him false information that sent her to Miami. Kyle returns home and tries to make Jack understand that material things and two companies are not more important than family. Jack tells Kyle that everything he does is for his family, but Kyle points out that he has driven his entire family away. Victoria is still traumatized from her ordeal and thinks Billy is an intruder when he comes home. Billy holds Victoria to calm her nerves and then tells her that what happened to her is his fault and he needs for her to forgive him. Kevin heads to Adamís house to confront him about destroying TagNGrab.

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