Friday 11/23/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 11/23/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

No new episode today!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole was in Jenniferís house.  Jennifer was scared, but Nicole told her not to be afraid.  Daniel was at his apartment when his hand started shaking.  He thought about Jennifer telling him about the program that would stop his hand from shaking.  Maggie came over and wanted to know what happened with Jennifer.  Nicole told Jennifer that she wanted to apologize to her.  Sami and Rafe looked at Gabiís laptop and thought Gabi was getting an abortion. Rafe wanted to stop Gabi from getting an abortion.  Will wanted to stop Gabi from getting the abortion.  Gabi wanted to know how long the procedure was going to take.  The doctor told her 15 Ė20 minutes.  Sami tried to calm Rafe down about Gabi possibly getting an abortion.  Jennifer was surprised that Nicole wanted to apologize to her since she said she would never apologize.  Nicole said she couldnít apologize before.  Jennifer wanted to know what was stopping her.  Nicole let Jennifer know that she wanted to move on from what happened.  Jennifer believed that Nicole was sincere, but she wanted to know what changed her mind about apologizing.  Sami and Rafe continued to talk about Gabi possibly getting an abortion.  Sami assured Rafe that they would find Gabi.  The nurse told Will that he couldnít stop Gabi from getting an abortion because it was her decision.  The nurse said Will could see Gabi when sheís done.  Nicole told Jennifer that it didnít matter why she apologized.  The only thing that mattered was that she did it.  Jennifer knew that it was hard for Nicole to apologize so she wanted to accept her apology.  Nicole thanked her and said she was going to go.  They talked for a little while about loss until Nicole left.  

Daniel told Maggie about the program Jennifer wanted him to try.  He told Maggie that his love for Jennifer never came up.  Maggie thought that he should consider the program.  He said Jennifer wanted him to do it, but it was no guarantee.  He said it may not work or it may get worse.  They kept talking about the program until Maggie left.  Rafe called the clinic that Gabi was at to see if Gabi was there and alone.  The nurse couldnít tell him the information he wanted.  The doctor was ready to perform the procedure on Gabi.  Nicole went to Danielís apartment.  Nick went to Gabiís room and noticed the website on her laptop.  Will wanted to check on Gabi to see if it was over.  The nurse said it should be over soon.  Rafe and Sami walked in.  Rafe wanted to know where Gabi was.  The nurse told Rafe that he couldnít go in the room.  Rafe said to unlock the door.  Before Nicole got the chance to knock on Danielís door, she heard him talking to Melanie about moving on with his life.  Nicole decided to leave.  The nurse said Rafe couldnít go in the room.  Rafe said he was a cop, but the nurse wouldnít let him in without a warrant.  Rafe threatened to break the door down if he couldnít get in.  Sami wanted Rafe to stop.  Rafe asked how long Gabi was in there.  Will told him a while.  The nurse said the procedure was probably done.  Rafe yelled at Will for bringing her to the clinic.  The doctor told Gabi that she was going to be alright.  Jennifer went to see Daniel to apologize for pushing him into the program.  She told him she was trying to repay him back for everything he did for her.  He told her she didnít have to apologize.  He told her that he agreed to the program.  Sami stopped Rafe from yelling at Will.  Rafe said Will brought her to the clinic.  Sami said Will did that because of her.  She said she knew what Gabi was going through and she (Sami) asked Will for help.  Will said that Gabi told him she was pregnant.  Will said that Gabi told him not to tell anyone about the abortion.  While they were talking, Gabi came out of the room crying.  Will hugged her while Rafe looked at her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

No new episode today!

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

No new episode today!

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