Wednesday 11/21/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/21/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While Stephanie has another coughing jag and feels like she is drowning, Brooke softly wipes her brow. Brooke asks if she is sure that she doesn’t want to go back to be in the hospital. Stephanie says no, instead just give her more medication. Brooke notices the blood on Stephanie’s handkerchief and takes it and puts it away. Brooke starts to read a book to Stephanie who suddenly thinks she sees her mother. Brooke takes a break and Stephanie says the only thing she needs is forgiveness. Katie lashes out at Taylor and tells the doctors that they are the ones that are crazy and they will have a hell of a lawsuit on them when her husband finds out. Taylor talks firmly back to her that she surely will want to have some tests made to show that she is wrong and is not going to die. Katie gives in and agrees to the tests. Eric wants to get Thomas’s quickly called meeting over with as soon as possible so he can get back to Stephanie. He listens as Thomas rattles off his new plans for the under-30 crowd that can’t see themselves wearing these couture clothes. Eric laments that not only is he losing his wife, but his whole livelihood of living and dreaming is all slipping away. Stephanie confesses to Brooke that she wasn’t going to come between her and Ridge anymore, but she went back on that word and had told Ridge not to come to the party. All these years she had called Brooke the shallow and vain one, yet it was she that did not want Ridge to see her this way. And now the person that she loves most in this world and she won’t see him again. Succinctly Brooke says maybe that is for the best. He’d be inconsolable if he was here and it would be very uncomfortable for Stephanie. This way she gets to be there for both of them so there is nothing to forgive.

Taylor calls Bill but only gets Donna on the phone. Dr. Caspary and Dr. Meade give Katie the good news. Although Katie previously got mad and fired Taylor, she allows her to listen in. They tell her that her EKG came back normal. She’s anemic so that could cause some of her symptoms of thinking impending doom. She apologizes for being so awful. Taylor shares that she lost a baby once and thought she would lose her mind. She explains to Katie that her body went through trauma and her mind is caught in a repetitive cycle trying to process it. Katie cries that she has ruined her life, that of her husband and baby. Taylor says no. She looks through the hospital window and says everyone that loves her is waiting to see her. There stands Donna holding baby Will. Eric thanks Thomas for his presentation but says they are not going to run this like a used car lot. They will run a test on the Rodeo Drive store. He thinks that clientele could use a high-tech shakeup. Anything else Thomas wants to do right now would be incredibly wasteful. Meeting adjourned. He wants to get back to Stephanie. They all send their love. Pam catches Eric and begs him to take her with him. He says with all due respect, that he has to abide with his wife’s wishes. She admits that when she first came to town that she was a little in love with him. He quips that he knows. She wonders if he is now going to send her back to Chicago. He tells her of course not. This is her home now. Before he leaves, Rick catches up with him and gives him a package to give to Stephanie. Stephanie and Brooke stand by the open window and spot a doe. She seems to be listening to them; Stephanie hopes the hunting season is over. She says it is time. Brooke thinks she means for more medication, but Stephanie smiles and says no, it’s time to go outdoors. They won’t be long. She knows Brooke won’t let anything hurt her; she just wants to feel the sun on her face. Brooke says she is afraid, but Stephanie says there is nothing to be afraid of now; she will take care of her. They rest on a bench under the trees with the sun beaming on their faces. They look at the beautiful mountains and lake. Brooke spreads a blanket and makes Stephanie comfortable as she lays her head on Brooke’s shoulder. Stephanie says she might want to go back now as this part might be too hard for her. Brooke whispers that there is plenty of time and she still has to read that book to her. Stephanie replies that sometimes it’s better not to know the end. Brooke asks her please not to send her away. Stephanie says God knows she has tried that often enough; she always said Brooke would be the death of her. They smile lovingly at each other. Stephanie flutters her eyes; they are almost closed.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

No new episode tomorrow!

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Steve and Olivia have Thanksgiving dinner at Kelly’s. Shawn tells Olivia not to give up on Kate. When Shawn brings their plates, Olivia sees him as Heather. Steve calls Ferncliff and is told that Heather is asleep, but Heather is at the counter wearing a dark wig and glasses, hiding her face behind a newspaper. She ditches her bill and walks right past them without being noticed when she leaves. Olivia and Steve talk about Edward Quartermaine. Olivia wonders about AJ returning after being dead for 20 years. Steve tells her that he called AJ's time of death and that AJ revived on his own. He says Monica begged him not to change the report, so he let it stand. Olivia hopes it doesn’t come back to bite Steve. Sonny tells Michael that as his father, he is there if Michael wants to talk about losing Edward. Michael says Sonny doesn’t need to remind him that he is his father and that he and AJ shouldn’t try to compete for the title. Michael asks Sonny if he would have killed AJ to keep him away. He interprets Sonny’s silence as a yes. Sonny says he understands that Michael wishes he had known AJ when he was growing up, but wonders if he wishes Sonny had not been there. Michael says no, Sonny has been a great father. Sonny asks if Michael has Thanksgiving plans with Starr. Michael says Starr is in Pennsylvania with her mother and that he is going to the Quartermaine estate because everyone is getting together to honor Edward. Sonny tells Michael that he has plans, too. Sonny goes to Kelly’s to ask Shawn how things are going since he kidnapped Connie. He hopes Kate will be back by Christmas.

Tracy doesn’t know how she will be able to do it alone now that her parents and brother are gone. Ned arrives and tells her that she is the toughest Quartermaine of them all. Skye is thrilled to see AJ answering the door when she arrives at the Quartermaine estate. Monica is happy to meet Skye’s daughter Lila Rae. Skye tells AJ that his return helps ease the blow of losing Edward. Ned disagrees. Tracy says Skye isn’t even related. Skye says blood doesn’t make a family; love does. Monica asks Ned to try to get along with AJ today. Tracy accuses AJ of killing Edward because he was the last person in Edward’s room. Monica informs her that by the time she allowed AJ to see Edward, he was already gone. Tracy snipes at Monica for protecting her son that should be in jail. Monica reminds her of protecting Joseph Scully in the pathogen incident. Alice asks Skye if she is staying for dinner. Tracy says no. Tracy and Monica argue about it. AJ and Ned argue. Skye takes Lila Rae aside to wait it out. Michael arrives and breaks up the fight. Heather sneaks in the back door of the Quartermaine house and finds Edward’s will. She observes that Edward thought of everything. She puts it back in the envelope, but not back where it was. Skye goes looking for an aspirin and finds Heather. Heather grabs a butcher knife from the table and tells Skye that she won’t be returning to the rest of the guests. Skye screams. Everyone rushes in. Heather backs out the door with the knife to Skye’s throat. Alice is outside so she clocks Heather with a baseball bat and retrieves the knife. She observes that it is turning out to be a traditional Quartermaine Thanksgiving. Steve and Olivia come to approve the men in the white coats taking Heather away in a strait jacket. The dining room is wrecked and the dinner is ruined. The pizza parlor is closed. Alice answers the door and finds a four foot tall stack of pizza boxes. Tracy stops everyone from digging in and reminds them of what Edward always said; sing before eating. Edward’s spirit begins singing and the rest join in. Edward and Lila leave the room, hand in hand. When they get to the staircase, Lila gets up from her wheelchair and walks up the stairs with Edward. Back at Ferncliff, Heather sings over and over, “I know something the Quartermaines don’t know” as she thinks about Edward’s will.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy tries to assure Nick that Victoria will be all right. At the undisclosed location, someone fires a shot through the window and hits Eddie. He falls to the floor. Victoria starts to scream and spies the cell phone lying underneath the coffee table. She tries her best to get to it. Cane, Lily, and Neil have Thanksgiving dinner together. Devon & Tucker join Katherine, Jill, and Esther for Thanksgiving. Phyllis visits Nick to see Summer and encounters Sharon instead. Jack, on the phone with Traci, asks to speak to Kyle but he is out. Adam comes home to Chelsea despite his worried feelings that he has for Sharon. Anita and Jeffrey arrive but sense that something is off between Chelsea and Adam. Anita confronts Chelsea about what is going on, but she lies and tells her that she thinks Adam isn’t doing his share of the work. Sharon asks Phyllis why she is there. Phyllis came to see Summer. Sharon yells for Phyllis to get out. Noah comes home to join Sharon and Phyllis. Phyllis finds out that Summer is having dinner with Avery and that Nick is out of town. Sharon lets Noah know that she started the fire at Victor’s. Billy and Nick talk to Victoria and promise to track her down and find her. Katherine is upset that Tucker has joined them. Phyllis arrives at Jack’s and tells him that Summer is having dinner with Avery. Jack invites Phyllis to have dinner with him. Noah promises to stand by Sharon and offers to take her out for dinner. An unknown man looks around the house and finds Victoria. The man finds the cell phone with Billy’s call on it. Billy and Nick attack the man and rescue Victoria. Devon refuses to work for Tucker. Sharon and Nick go out to eat, but she is uneasy that everyone seems to be watching her. Jeffrey questions Adam about his relationship with Chelsea.

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