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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie sits in a lot of pain. Brooke brings her some water and tells her that she looks good. Stephanie calls her “liar, liar, pants on fire.” She’s glad to see her, but wants no tears. Brooke promises. Thomas tells Steffy that he’s counting on her support during the meeting he has called today. She says things are great with her and Liam so she is in a good mood. Katie tells Taylor to go, just get out of here and let her die alone. Taylor tells her she’s like having a panic attack, but she is not dying. She is there to help her get through this. She wants her to go to the hospital and practically has to shove her out the door. They get to the hospital and Katie is still fighting her, wanting to leave. She even explains to Dr. Caspary and Dr. Meade that she doesn’t need to be here. Rick tells Thomas that he is only interim CEO and does not have the authority to make all these changes. Steffy jumps in and tells them to settle down, but they need to do something. It’s like they are stuck in the 90’s. Rick says just wait until his dad gets here. Pam is distraught that Eric didn’t call her to go stay with Stephanie. She knows though that Stephanie doesn’t want Pam to remember her in a sickly way. Eric says he will be done with the meeting and be right back to Stephanie.

Katie tells them all that this is a waste of time. She just wants to go home. Taylor reminds her that she had a temporary loss in her judgment but her husband is waiting for her back home. When Taylor ignores her wishes, Katie screams that she can’t stand it any more. She jerks the IV from her hands and stumbles out of bed, trying to tear her gown off. The doctors come in and help her back to the bed. Eric joins the meeting and says they need to make this quick so he can get back to Stephanie. He’ll listen but he wants to spend every last moment with Stephanie. This meeting is not for Thomas’s personal agenda. Brooke snuggles up to Stephanie and takes care of her. She brushes her hair, moistens her lips that were dry. She brings her a signature pin that she pins to her robe. That makes it complete. Brooke thanks her for letting her be there. She did feel a little cheated after the party that Stephanie was leaving and she would not see her again. Stephanie has another bad coughing spell so Brooke gives her a drop of medicine. As she continues to cough, Brooke notices that there is blood on Stephanie’s handkerchief. She cradles her head and tells her that everything will be all right. But she is frightened and is in tears.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami told Nick that Gabi is pregnant.  Nick was shocked.  Sami said she thought he knew.  She said she wouldn’t have said anything if he didn’t know.  Lucas wanted to know why Gabi and Will needed so much money.  They said it was for a school project.  Lucas wanted to talk to Will in private.  Nick said he didn’t know Gabi was pregnant.  Sami said they weren’t dating long so that could have been why Gabi didn’t say anything.  Lucas told Will that he talked to Sonny and promised not to screw things up again.  Lucas said he told Will that he needed to accept Sonny because they both loved him.  Sami told Nick that Gabi was going to be fine.  Rafe came back down stairs and asked when Nick saw Gabi.  When Nick tried to answer, Rafe cut him off to tell him not to lie to him.  Sami said that Nick just found out that Gabi is pregnant.  Rafe was surprised that Nick didn’t know.  Rafe asked Nick to help him find Gabi.  Lucas and Will patched things up.  Lucas gave Will the rest of the money he needed for the “project”. Eric and Nicole talked about her problems.  Eric suggested that Nicole make things right with Jennifer and Daniel.  Nicole wasn’t thrilled with the idea of making things right.  

Sami suggested that Rafe not go after Nick.  Rafe did what Sami suggested, but wanted the chance to go after him once they found Gabi.  Sami asked Nick how he felt about Gabi being pregnant.  Will and Gabi went to the clinic.  Will wanted to know if Gabi was okay.  He said he only wanted her to do this if she was 100 percent sure about it.  Eric and Nicole talked about what led him to be a priest.  Nick said that it didn’t matter to him that Gabi was pregnant.  He wanted to find Gabi and find out why she didn’t tell him about being pregnant.  Rafe came in from asking whether or not anyone saw her.  Nick wondered why Rafe was so worried about finding Gabi.  Rafe said it was because she’s pregnant.  Will asked Gabi again if she was sure about the abortion and she said she was.  Sami and Rafe went to Gabi’s room where he told Sami how he let Gabi down.  Sami comforted Rafe about Gabi.  Gabi thanked Will for going to clinic with her and went into another room.  A nurse asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with the abortion.  Gabi said she was sure.  The nurse wanted to give her a sonogram to see how far long she was.  Sami told Rafe that Gabi knew he would sacrifice anything for her.  Rafe said he sacrifice Sami for Gabi which turned out to be a moot point since he lost her.  Sami thought he was proving that he would do anything for his sister.  She said she respected him for that.  He said he loved Gabi and her baby too.  Sami needed to get an email out and asked Rafe if he thought Gabi would mind if she used her computer.  He said he was sure Gabi wouldn’t mind.  Sami saw the page that Gabi was looking at.  Sami reacted to what she saw.  Rafe saw the page too and was upset. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Robert apologizes to Patrick for not being at Robin’s funeral. He advises Patrick to spend every minute he can with Emma. Patrick says Robin was proud of Robert. Robert has a gift for Emma. Patrick tells him where her school is so he can deliver it to her personally.  Michael tells Starr that AJ wants a relationship with him but his parents say AJ is going to use him. Starr says the only opinion that matters is Michael’s. Sonny asks Alexis to find a legal way to keep AJ away from Michael. Alexis tells him that Michael is an adult so it is his decision. She advises him that if he pushes Michael, he will push him to AJ. When Alexis leaves, Sonny tells Shawn that he is going to do it his way. He says he needs to get Connie alone so he can coax Kate out. Carly goes into Todd’s office and finds Connie in Todd’s chair. Connie announces that she is the editor-in-chief of Crimson. Carly can’t wait for the body glitter edition. Connie eavesdrops at the door while Todd and Carly talk. Carly tells Todd that she is worried that Diane will get the charges against AJ dropped. Todd tells her that if AJ turns out to be the loser that she says he is, then Michael will figure it out for himself. She asks him what he would do if someone tried to lure his children away. He tells her it already happened with Victor and that he killed him. He says that maybe it would work for her, too, but he would miss her when she went to prison.  Connie drops something and claims that she was just coming to ask Carly’s opinion. She shows Carly a leopard print thong and says it will be on next month’s cover. She asks Carly if Johnny would prefer red or black. Carly takes the thong and wraps it around Connie’s neck. When Todd wrests Carly off of Connie, Connie decides that it is time to leave. When she gets on the elevator, Shawn is on it. Sonny receives a text from Shawn.

Sam shows John McBain ship manifests from the night of the shootings on the dock and tells him her plans. He says she should slow down. He agrees that Jason is probably alive, but says she should follow the clues logically instead of spinning her wheels. He suggests that she take Danny out for some fresh air so she can take a break from it. She tells him that Danny doesn’t want fresh air and that she doesn’t need him standing in for Jason. He says he doesn’t stand in for anyone. She says Jason wouldn’t want him there and he wouldn’t want him spending time with his son. She tells him to leave her family alone.  John runs into Alexis. She tells him that Sam isn’t speaking to her, Molly, or Kristina. John says Sam just added him to the list. They discuss his case. She tells him that it seems that the Buchanans are trying to keep it tied up in court as long as they can. She asks him if he has any income now because they will have to show the court that he can provide for Liam. He tells her that Clint Buchanan arranged to have the mayor threaten the Llanview police commissioner’s job if John continued working there. She encourages him to get a job in Port Charles.

Tracy gloats to Monica that she will get the house when Monica loses it because AJ left the house without his ankle monitor. AJ comes home and tells her that her plan backfired and he is back on bail. Monica tells Tracy that Edward is getting worse. Tracy forbids AJ to see her father. Tracy spends time with Edward. Monica tells AJ that Tracy wouldn’t have a fit in front of Edward so he should go upstairs if he wants to see him. AJ just wants to do what is best for Edward. He calls Sam and Michael and asks them to come see Edward. Monica tells them that Edward will be delighted to see his great grandsons. Monica is thrilled when she hears Sam telling Edward that Jason is Danny’s biological father. Edward reaches out and Danny holds his finger. Tracy overhears AJ telling Starr what he would say to Edward if he had the chance. She tells him to go see him, but he gets to Edward’s room too late. AJ goes in anyway and cries over his grandfather. Monica tells Tracy that Edward said one last word, Lila.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In the Chandler living room, Katherine tells Jill that she has decided to make her Assistant CEO of Chancellor. Jill is delighted. Phyllis comes downstairs and finds Jack asleep on the sofa. She wakes him and asks if he hadn’t been able to comes upstairs. The doorbell rings and it is Adam of all people. Phyllis asks Adam why he is here. Sharon visits Noah at Nick’s and lets him know that she cannot stay another night at Adam’s cottage. Nikki joins Victor in the Abbott living room where he is on the phone trying to find out information on Eddie. Billy and Nick are on their way to Florida despite their feelings of hatred for each other, but find out that they have been grounded. Victoria wakes with a start and finds Eddie watching over her. Victoria asks if he had heard from Billy, but Eddie lets her know that it may be too late. Noah lets Sharon know that Nick is out of town. Sharon tells Noah that Chelsea was spying on her. Phyllis leaves Jack and Adam alone to talk. Jack questions Adam as to why he approved a deal without Jack’s prior authorization. Jack asks Adam if he forgot who the CEO of Newman is. Victoria begs Eddie to spare her life. Jill refuses to sign the papers because she thinks that Katherine doesn’t mean a word she says about letting Jill be Assistant CEO of Newman. Adam notices that Jack is popping pain pills and asks him about it. Nikki knows that Victor is blaming her for this mess with Victoria because she hadn’t told him about the kidnapping in time. Billy tries to leave the plane with the money, but Nick stops him. At the coffeehouse, Phyllis and Avery bump into each other. Phyllis shows Avery a pic of herself and Nick having a cozy lunch together. Avery is at a loss for words. Phyllis demands answers.

Sharon confides to Noah about her mental condition. Phyllis and Avery argue over Nick. Adam joins Phyllis and Avery. Avery upset gets up and leaves. Adam tells Phyllis that he feels that they need to work together at Newman for the good of the company. Jack calls Billy but only gets his voicemail. The pain in Jack’s back becomes worse. Tucker visits Jack to let him know that he doesn’t feel that he is running Newman like he should. Victoria offers Eddie her help in finding his son. Phyllis overhears Adam’s conversation and asks him who he is looking for. Tucker warns Jack about Adam and Phyllis. Katherine and Jill argue. Katherine falls to the couch as though she has a heart attack. When Jill bends over her to check on her and to tell Katherine that she loves her, Katherine gets up and tells Jill that it was only a joke. Katherine and Jill hug. A shot rings out from the window where Eddie and Victoria are staying. Eddie falls to the floor. Phyllis visits Nick and finds Sharon there.

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