Monday 11/19/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 11/19/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke looks at Bill. He is smirking and puffed up like a peacock in all his naked glory. He seems to be saying okay she has found Will’s blanket, now what? She eventually makes a retreat after calling him a stallion again. Taylor shakes Katie and says Brooke spent last night with her husband and if she doesn’t step back in she will lose him forever. Brooke won’t want to leave. Katie says she owes her son that much that she not stay and him get attached to her and then she dies and leaves him. She figures she has a year at best, maybe only a few months or even weeks. Her body is wearing out; she can feel it. Steffy tells Liam that she is surprised by his admission that he wants her to stay. She doesn’t want to move too fast, but it might be fun to have a place in town and one here at the beach. Rick hovers over Stephanie to make her comfortable. She thumbs through her photo album, lingering a while on Ridge's photo. Eric tells her that he was always proud to call him son and it was probably Stephanie's finest gift to him. Rick calls and Stephanie encourages Eric to take it. It might be important. Rick says he knows the timing is terrible, but they need him for a vote. Thomas is trying to push through his new agenda. Eric tells him to put it off some how; now is not a good time. Stephanie reminds him this is their company and this is an important vote. He needs to be there. She wants him to do this for her. He declares he will not leave her alone. She says okay, just call Brooke. She knows that she wants to be with her thee last few days. She will come. Eric calls Brooke and fills her in and that Stephanie asked for her. He's at Big Bear and she's not to tell anyone else. Brooke says she is on her way.

Stephanie seems to be in more pain, but still bossy enough to tell Eric to go get his suit and get ready for the office. He needs to be there. He quips that she is a pain in the ass, but his partner, the bane of his existence and he loves her so much. Finally he is saved by the knock on the door. It’s Brooke. Eric says Stephanie is not good, but she wanted to be with Brooke. He will be right back as soon as he goes to the office. He bends and kisses Stephanie and tells her to keep those Irish eyes smiling. They say they love each other and her last parting words is for him to keep those boys straight. Liam and Steffy make memories. Kate screams at Taylor that she is ready to leave. She is ready to have another heart attack so they just need to come get her out of this hell.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Will and Gabi talked about whether or not she should get an abortion.  He assured her that he would be by her side no matter what she did.  She didnít want to have an abortion if he didnít approve of it.  Sami and Rafe talked about Gabi and Nick being together.  Rafe was upset about Gabi being with Nick.  Kristen told John that she called him about Brady.  Marlena gave him his phone and he saw that he didnít have any messages.  Kristen said he could check her phone.  Brady confirmed that he heard her make the phone calls.  John realized what happened and apologized to Kristen for jumping to the wrong conclusion.  When John and Marlena walked out of the room, he confronted her about deleting his calls.  Brady asked Kristen if he knew why John was mad at Marlena.  Kristen told him she didnít know.  Marlena tried to explain why she deleted the phone calls.  Will assured Gabi that he would always be her friend no matter what she decided to do with baby.  Sami tried to convince Rafe not to do anything to hurt Nick because it would drive Gabi away.  Rafe was convinced not to do anything to Nick.  He was going to leave to tell Gabi that he knew everything, but he noticed how uncomfortable Sami looked.  He realized that he didnít know everything.  Marlena tried to explain why she deleted the calls on his phone, but John was upset with her.  Kristen showed up to see if everything was okay.  Marlena told her why John didnít get the calls.  Marlena assumed that Kristen knew that already, but Kristen denied it.  Marlena asked why Kristen didnít call anyone else, but Kristen said she didnít know any other numbers.  While they were arguing, John stopped Marlena from arguing with Kristen.  

Rafe wanted to know what else Sami knew about Gabi.  Sami stalled by building up Nick to Rafe.  She told him that Gabi is pregnant.  Gabi and Will talked about whether or not they should tell Sonny about the baby.  Will wasnít over the moon about telling him.  Will told her about the way he was treated when he grew up with parents who were too young to have him.  She took that to mean that he wanted her to have an abortion.  Neither one of them had enough money for the abortion, but he said he would get it.  She said Sami was another problem.  She said she would tell Sami that she lost the baby in her first trimester.  Gabi wanted to have an abortion right away.  Marlena tried to convince John that Kristen was behind what made her delete the calls.  Kristen tried to assure John and Marlena that she had good intentions with Brady.  Kristen told them that she realized that she wouldnít be able to make peace with them.  She also said she would stay away from their family.  Marlena was happy that Kristen was going to stay away.  Rafe and Sami went to see Gabi because he wanted to talk to her.  Kristen walked away.  John wanted to comfort Kristen, which led to an argument between him and Marlena.  Rafe and Sami showed up at the pub and Rafe told Nick to do the right thing.  John went to see Brady again.  Brady let John know that John might be right about Kristen changing.  John was surprised by Bradyís reaction.  Kristen went back to talk to Marlena.  Kristen thanked her and walked away.  Sami inadvertently told Nick that Gabi is pregnant. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu tells Dante that Olivia had another vision; she bumped into Duke Lavery and saw someone else. Elizabeth draws a sketch by Oliviaís description. She and Robert recognize that it is Faison. Olivia wonders who Faison is. Robert tells her that he is a spy from the cold war. Elizabeth says he is evil. Olivia wants to know why she saw his face when she looked at Duke. Robert says the only thing Duke and Faison have in common is Anna. He says Faison has been fixated on Anna since they were children. Olivia says her visions arenít complicated; she sees something and then it is there. Robert says it may be that simple and Duke is really Faison. Robert starts to call Anna and warn her. Elizabeth says Anna may not react well to a phone call saying someone she thought was dead is back and masquerading as her also dead ex. Robert agrees that Anna wouldnít accept that news from him and could tip off Faison. Faison is with Anna in his latex Duke Lavery mask, asking her to go to his bedroom with him. Anna doesnít feel right. She says he feels different. He tells her that being in a Turkish prison for 20 years changed him, but his love for her never changed. He hopes he didnít fight his way back to her only to be rejected. She says she just needs time.

Lulu tells Dante that his mother offered to pay for their surrogate. Dante tells her that his father offered too. Maxie asks Spinelli to choose her. He says he has loved her for a long time, but he couldnít wait for her any longer and he made the decision to be with Ellie. Maxie wonders if Spinelli wants Ellie more or if he just doesnít want to hurt her feelings. Spinelli recites a laundry list of Maxieís good qualities, but says he is choosing to be with Ellie. Maxie goes to the Haunted Star and tells Lulu that Spinelli didnít want her. Ellie is excited to see that Spinelli is still at the apartment when she returns home.

AJ goes to Jasonís apartment because Tracy told him that Michael had been in an accident and was there with Sam. Sam says AJ is not welcome in her house. Michael convinces her to let AJ stay for a little while. Sam shows Danny to AJ. He asks if he can hold Danny. Tracy tells Monica that she has no idea where AJ is. Monica finds AJís ankle monitor under the sofa. Dante gets a call to go to the Quartermaine Estate. Michael arrives a minute later and tells Dante that Tracy baited AJ to leave the house. Tracy says there is no law against that. She tells Dante that AJ is at Sam and Jasonís place. Dante arrests AJ at the penthouse. Tracy tells Monica that AJ breaking bail means the house will be auctioned and she will buy it and then she will evict her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nina puts an end to her relationship with Paul after witnessing the kiss between him and Christine. Paul and Christine try and explain to Nina that the kiss meant nothing, but Nina tells Paul he is fooling himself. Michael decides to drop the charges against Paul, and Paul thanks him for his new chance at life. Paul advises Michael not to ever stop talking to Fen and make sure that he grows up to be a good man. Michael is worried about Kevin, because Kevin is depressed because he has to give up on TagNGrab and he is tired of struggling to make something of himself. Michael calls Chloe and tells her Kevin needs her because he is in trouble.

Devon decides to put the music business on hold and look for a back-up plan, so Neil offers him a job at Jabot. Christine is upset that she hurt Nina and tells Paul they should forget about the kiss. She is surprised when Paul tells her he doesn’t want to forget about the kiss. Paul also gets rid of all the things that remind him of Ricky, because he wants to remove all the traces of him from his life. Chelsea searches the cottage while Sharon is asleep. Sharon wakes up and catches her snooping in her things. Sharon tells Chelsea she is grateful to Adam, but she isn’t in love with him. Sharon is still hearing voices so she packs up and leaves the cottage and leaves her medicine on the floor. Chelsea tells Adam that she is jealous of Sharon and makes him chose between Sharon and their marriage. Chelsea tells Adam to find another place for Sharon to stay. Adam heads to the cottage to talk to Sharon, because he doesn’t want to lose Chelsea. Adam discovers that Sharon has left without her medicine and tells Chelsea that if something happens to Sharon, it will be her fault.

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