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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells Brooke that she really needs to see someone about that anger issue of hers. Brooke says she so deserved that slap. She just wants to know where Katie is. Taylor tells her that she may have conveniently forgotten the past but this is the way it always starts. Brooke is vulnerable since Ridge left and somewhere out there is some, rich, powerful, sexy man and….. viola her destiny again. Bill scoffs that he went for a little run and missed all the action when Brooke tells him that Taylor called her a tramp and she slapped her. Will is fed but Bill draws the line when Brooke says he needs a diaper change and it’s Bill’s turn. But with her help he does. He brags that when he was in high school, he was quite the lady's man. They called him stallion. She giggles and says he has heard that before. She tells him good job with the diaper change. Brooke starts to put Will down for the night and misses his blanket. She knocks on Bill’s door, then lets herself in when there's no answer. Suddenly Bill comes out of the shower and drops his towel while talking on the phone. He turns around to a sheepish Brooke.

Katie orders take out from Dayzeeís, but ends up hanging up when she is asked her name. Taylor is in Dayzeeís getting coffee when she spots a disguised woman getting take out and she follows her when she leaves. Taylor knocks on Katie’s door and announces herself and that she won’t leave until she opens it. Katie tells her to leave her alone or she will run again and they will never find her. She absolutely has her ears closed and does not want to hear what Taylor is trying to tell her. Taylor warns her that Brooke is vulnerable and soon she will begin to see Bill in a new light – a powerful, rich, sexy man.

Steffy tells Liam that Eric is so crazy about that woman…life is full of good things. They just have to look for them. She thanks him for keeping it together at the party and even after the party. He knows how to take care of her. He says it’s perfect, Stephanie is her namesake and she is a lot like her. With a huge build up, Liam tells Steffy that he knows she is a very independent woman, blah, blah, blah, then presents her with a key to his house and says he doesn’t want to be alone tonight or any other night. He wants her to move back in.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami and Will met at the coffee shop.  She told him that he needed to talk to Gabi.  He flashed back to Gabi telling him she was pregnant.  He wanted to know why Sami wanted him to talk to Gabi.  Sami said Gabi is in trouble and needed his help.  Sonny went to see Gabi.  When she was rubbing on her stomach, she told him that she had something wrong with her stomach.  He told her that he talked to Will so she didnít have to lie to him.  While John was in the shower, his phone rang.  Marlena saw how it was Kristen.  Kristen was at the hospital and left another message for John.  Marlena deleted Kristenís message.  Brady was in the hospital.  Cameron wanted Brady to stay at the hospital for a few more hours for observation.  Kristen came in the room to check on Brady.  He said he would feel better once she left Salem.  Kristen said she was there because he came to her rescue.  Brady said he was fine so she could leave.  She said she left messages for John.  She wondered if John has been there.  Brady said he wasnít, but he thought that she was staying around so she could see John.  Gabi wanted to know what Will told Sonny.  He said that Will indicated that she was having problems.  Sonny tried to comfort Gabi, but she told him there was nothing he could do.  Nick walked in on them together and said there was something Sonny could do.  Sami told Will she was sworn to secrecy so she couldnít tell him what was wrong with Gabi.  When Will didnít pump her about Gabiís secret, she wondered if he already knew what it was.  Will asked what she thought he knew.  She thought he was trying to con her into telling what she knew by saying he already knew.  She told him to go talk to Gabi and he said he would.  Nick told Sonny what led to Gabi going to the hospital.  Sonny suggested that Nick tell Chad to back off.  Gabi didnít want him to say anything.  Nick said Chad couldnít keep doing this to her.  Sami called Gabi to check on her.  Sami asked if Gabi told Rafe.  Gabi said she didnít and she didnít want Sami to either.  Kristen told Brady that she wasnít interested in John anymore.  She told Brady he was hurt and John was his next of kin.  Brady asked if it occurred to Kristen that he might not have wanted him there because he didnít want him to worry.  She said she was just trying to help.  He said if she wanted to help, she could give him his clothes.  She reminded him that the doctor told him to stay.  She said if she was fine, he could get his own clothes.  When he got up, he was dizzy.  She said he needed a ride home so she called John again.  

Sonny told Nick he would talk to Chad.  When Sonny left, Gabi asked Nick why he had to do that.  Nick said because Sonny could get Chad to leave her alone.  Gabi was worried that Chad could tell Sonny about her connection with Andrew.  She was also worried that Sonny would tell Will.  Nick told her who cared what Sonny and Will thought.  She said she did.  Nick said Chad wouldnít say anything or else he would go to jail for assaulting him.  He said he hated Chad for what he did to her.  When she looked at bacon and eggs, she put her hand to her mouth.  Kristen left another message for John about Brady trying to leave the hospital.  She thought he might have been the only one who could get through to him.  Brady asked if John answered.  When she said he didnít, he was happy.  Marlena didnít care what Kristen wanted and deleted the message.  When Brady tried to get up, he fell.  She decided to stay there with him.  He thanked her for helping him.  Marlena got a call from Cameron telling her about a patient.  He also told her about Brady being in the hospital.  Marlena told John that Brady was in the hospital.  He couldnít believe it and wondered why no one called him.  When they got to the hospital, Cameron told him where Brady was.  When John went to Bradyís room, Brady told him he was fine.  Brady said he was staying there for precaution.  John asked why Brady didnít call him.  Brady said he was unconscious.  Kristen saw Marlena at the hospital and told her that she was the one who got Brady to the hospital.  Kristen told Marlena what led to Brady getting hurt.  Kristen said she was calling John since last night, but he wasnít returning her calls.  Will went to see Gabi and they talked about the baby.  He asked her if she wanted to get married.  They agreed not to get married because they were in love with other people.  He assured her that she wouldnít be alone.  They talked about possibly having to drop out of school and working full time.  Gabi had another suggestion.  Kristen tried to tell Marlena that she wasnít there to cause trouble, but Marlena didnít believe her.  When Marlena went to Bradyís room, John found out that Brady rescued Kristen.  John thought Kristen could have called him since Brady saved her life.  Kristen walked in and said she did call him.  Gabi suggested that she have an abortion. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie tells Spinelli that she is in love with him and wants him back. She tells him that she divorced Matt for him. He says she shouldnít have done that. She tells him that it killed her to see him with Ellie. She asks him to choose. Patrick overhears Sabrina telling Elizabeth that a gorgeous, brilliant doctor would never look at a girl like her, so he asks her who the doctor is. She names the first doctor she sees, Steve Webber. She says she knows he is dating an amazing woman, but that doesnít stop her from feeling what she feels. Patrick tells her that she is smart and beautiful and that she will find someone who is available and will love her the way that she deserves to be loved. Olivia goes to General Hospital and tells Steve that she saw Duke Lavery, but he had someone elseís face. Robert Scorpio tells Lulu that he thinks her father is right in thinking Duke is hiding something, Lulu tells him that her mother in law has a gift of foresight and that she saw Duke with a different face. She tells him that she has the premonitions because she was injected with an overdose of LSD, but that they are usually accurate. Lulu and Robert find Olivia at the hospital and ask her to describe the face that she saw. She says she notices that Duke was smoking a skinny cigar. Steve brings Elizabeth into draw what Olivia describes. Elizabeth and Robert recognize Faison. Faison prepares a romantic evening for Anna. He almost answers the door without his Duke Lavery mask on, thinking it is a delivery, but Anna has arrived early. He asks her to wait outside while he puts on his mask. She tells him that Robert came to see her and that Luke has convinced him that she needs to be saved. Anna and ďDukeĒ kiss and decide that nothing is stopping them from being together.  

Michael visits Sam and tells her that his biological father, A.J. Quartermaine has returned and that Carly turned him in to the police. Sam says A.J. deserves to be locked up. Michael doesnít think anybody deserves to be locked up. He educates her on what prison is like. He adds that A.J. wasnít the only one at fault; Sonny and Carly pushed him to do what he did. Sam says that if she met her father, she would want to get to know him. Michael wishes Jason were there to talk to. Sam says she is going to rescue Jason and make the person who shot him pay. Michael comments that Danny looks just like Jason. Sam tells him that Heather had tampered with the DNA results and that Jason is Dannyís biological father, but he doesnít know it yet. Michael says his father came back and Dannyís will too. Tracy is less than thrilled when A.J. comes home on bail. She says it must be a hardship to be confined to a mansion with servants because he has an ankle monitor on. Tracy convinces A.J. that Edwardís heart isnít strong enough to endure the shock of A.J. suddenly appearing in front of him so A.J. agrees to wait until after Monica has told Edward that he is alive. Tracy overhears Monica telling A.J. that she put the house up as collateral for his bond and that she could lose the house if he breaks bail. Tracy calls someone and tells them to find Michael. She sends Monica upstairs to check on Edward and then arranges for her phone to ring so that she could pretend to have received news that Michael was in an accident and is at Jasonís apartment with Sam. He cuts off the ankle monitor to go to Jasonís place. Monica comes back downstairs and wonders where A.J. is. Tracy says she wouldnít know. A.J. gets to Jasonís apartment and finds Michael is perfect condition. He realizes that Tracy set him up.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Noah gets a package from Adriana with a note saying things are crazy in New York, please keep this safe. Noah calls Adriana and leaves a message asking her to return his call and tell him what is going on with her. Noah talks to Summer and asks her if she has been bullying Jamie. She denies it until Noah makes her realize that when you do stupid things, innocent people always get hurt. At the coffeehouse Jamie tells Summer that everyone all his life has bullied him, but he thinks she is cool. When he asks Summer if she is his cyberbully, she tells Jamie she would never do something so horrible to him. Summer invites Jamie and Fen to her house to watch a movie, but Jamie turns her down because he has a curfew. Summer tells Fen it was stupid to bully Jamie and that she is going to stop it. Fen acts jealous and wonders why Summer is acting like she likes Jamie. Summer thinks it’s cute that Fen is jealous of Jamie, but Fen is serious and wants to know if Summer likes Jamie.

Jack and Phyllis have a heart-to-heart talk about their troubles and they both decide they are lousy at relationships but great at friendship. Phyllis leaves to go to the guesthouse and Jack takes two pain pills and continues to work on the computer. Nick persuades Victor to allow him to go with Billy to get Victoria. He promises Victor he will make sure Billy doesn’t mess up, and he will bring Victoria home safely. Christine shows Paul and Michael the video of Ricky killing his ex-girlfriend but Michael tells Christine and Paul this video doesn’t prove that Paul had just cause to shoot Ricky. Paul is depressed because he just found out Ricky was a murderer. One thing leads to another and he and Christine kiss just as Nina is walking in to the Athletic club and sees them. Victoria is able to find common ground with Eddie G. who tells her that, because he went to jail, his wife took his son and he doesnít know where he is right now. Victoria almost persuades Eddie G. to let her go so she can help him find his son, but he catches her trying to call the police on his cell phone. Eddie G. points a gun at Victoria, because he thinks it's time that Billy lost something he loves just as he took his wife and son away from him.

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