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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill wakes Brooke from her overnight sleep on the couch. He waves a cup of hot coffee under her nose and says he could not let her drive home alone last night. Rick confides in Hope that he’s in love with Caroline and last night she told him that she loved him also. She’s delighted for him. He says he has Caroline now and it’s only a matter of time before he is CEO since Thomas is a bonehead when it comes to business. Rick tells Hope not to give up. Look at him and Caroline; it can happen to her too. Taylor comes to see Bill and fills him in about Katie showing up again, but she does not know where she is. He calls his P.I. again. Bill tells Taylor that she can’t tell him to be patient. Katie took off and came back and now is gone again. The longer she is gone, he’s not sure how he is going to feel. Taylor warns him that if Bill tries too hard to find her before she wants to return home, she will hide even more and never confide in Taylor again. And while she is doling out advice, she tells him that he needs to be more careful and not be with Brooke alone so much. Brooke walks in with Will in her arms and hears this and questions why Taylor is saying this.

Thomas realizes something has changed with Caroline and she admits that she and Rick are exclusive. He told her that he loved her. Thomas tries to worm his way out by saying that Forrester is his responsibility now; a huge one and he should not even be thinking about dating. He’s trying to revamp with a new image and giving more attention to the boutiques and that has to be his top priority. The Caroline Collection will still be their calling card and that won’t change because of her relationship with Rick. He has a vision for this company and she is still a large part of it. He runs into Rick later and says he heard Caroline made her decision and considering all that he has going on, it probably was for the best. He has a vision and things are changing and everyone needs to know that. Taylor Forrester’s family is running the company now. He and Steffy are gonna take control and raise the company higher than it has ever been before. Brooke tells Taylor there is nothing wrong with her staying and helping Bill. He says Brooke has been a Godsend. Brooke says for Taylor to be saying that she is doing something inappropriate by helping Bill with Will is so wrong. She is just being supportive and will be there for her sister when she does return and resumes her life. Taylor is the one who is dragging all this garbage into the situation. Taylor warns her if she cares about this family, then stay away from it. Brooke asks how many times has she heard Taylor say that. This is not even about Katie. Brooke claims she did not steal Ridge away from Taylor nor is she trying to steal Bill away from Katie. Maybe she needs to examine her own self about how she thinks about and treats people. Taylor says she knows this is how it always starts. She’s like an animal ready to pounce. Ridge left her so she is vulnerable. Katie left Bill so he is vulnerable too. They are bonding over Will. Brooke slaps her when Taylor goes into a litany how it was Brooke and Ridge, then Brooke and Eric, then Brooke and Thorne, then Brooke and Deacon, her son-in-law.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami warned Eric that he should stay away from Nicole.  He didnít think there was anything to worry about, but Sami didnít agree.  She told him to stay away from Nicole.  Nicole was sitting at the town square when EJ came up to her.  He wanted to talk with her.  Kristen was surprised that Brady took Johnís place on the board.  She wanted to know.  Brady said to keep her out of Johnís life.  She said she was there to serve the people of this parish.  He said there was no meeting.  He texted the father and told him to postpone it.  Brady didnít want the board to hear his and Kristenís conversation.  He said he knew that Kristen wanted alone time with John, but she was going to get him instead.  EJ wondered if Nicole was nervous around him and she said she was.  He wondered if she thought she was done for.  He reminded her how she lied to him for months about the baby.  He asked where they would be if she hadnít lied to him.  She thought they would be in the same place they were now. He told her that she didnít need to be nervous.  Brady warned Kristen not to go after his father.  He told her to pack her bags and leave Salem because she was wasting her time going after John.  She said he didnít know what she wanted and he didnít know her.  He said he knew that she was a world class b*tch.  She started to slap him, but he stopped her.  Nicole wondered where EJís minions were because she thought he was going to do something to her.  He said there was nothing he could do that she didnít do to herself.  They continued to talk about her losing her baby as well as her setting up Jennifer.  He warned her that the men she used (Brady, Rafe, and Daniel) werenít going to forgive her because they didnít love her the way he did.  He said they werenít going to give her a second chance.  She wanted him to shut up.  He warned her that she was going to be alone for the rest of her life. 

Kristen wanted Brady to let her go.  She thought he was trying to be a hero coming to his fatherís rescue.  She told him how she heard that he was a former addict and wasnít good news either.  He warned her to find a way out of town or he would find a box and put her in it and ship her out himself.  She wanted to end the conversation.  She left, but he followed her because he wasnít finished with her.  When Kristen was at the town square, a man stopped her and wanted to rob her.  At the hospital, Jennifer gave Daniel papers for a clinical trial.  It was a program that would help him get back in the OR.  Daniel was happy about the program, but he threw the papers in the garbage.  She noticed them in the garbage.  Later on, she went to his apartment with the papers and asked him why they were in the garbage.  He said he wasnít interested in pursuing it.  At Samiís office, EJ came in and let her know that he was going to be taking over at Countess W.  Sami was suspicious of his motives to run the business.  Kristen told the mugger that he wasnít getting anything and started hitting him.  He grabbed her.  She yelled at him to get off.  Brady came up to them and starting beating the guy.  Kristen warned Brady to look behind him because there was another guy behind him.  The guy knocked Brady in the head.  Brady fell down.  Daniel said he already heard of the trial.  He said there were side effects.  He saw some hope, but if it didnít workÖshe interrupted to finish the sentence for him.  She said he didnít want to go through that again.  She said he wouldnít be alone no matter what he decided to do.  Kristen called an ambulance for Brady while the muggers got away.  After Daniel and Jennifer talked for a little while, he agreed to the program.  EJ had an idea for a project that he and Sami would work on together.  He asked if it would be a problem.  She said it wasnít a problem for her if they worked together.  Kristen called John and left him a message about Brady being in the hospital.  Marlena and John were talking about Kristen.  John reassured Marlena how much he loved her.  She needed to call a patient, but her phone didnít have any power.  John gave her his phone.  After she left a message with her patient, she noticed a message from Kristen and deleted it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

The story in the Sun about A.J. being alive upsets Steve. Sabrina is melancholy because Patrick slept with Britt. She says she doesnít think Patrick is ready to move on. Patrick thanks Sabrina and Elizabeth for trying to resurrect the Nursesí Ball in Robinís memory. Sabrina gets upset and runs away. Elizabeth asks Steve to talk to Monica about the Nursesí Ball. Elizabeth asks her to prep an exam room that happens to be occupied by Patrick and Britt. She hears Patrick apologizing to Britt for leading her on. Britt says she understands and that sheíd like to continue seeing him. Sabrina is thrilled that Patrick and Britt didnít sleep together after all.

Faison returns to Port Charles to resume his impersonation of Duke. He invites Anna to have dinner at his house. Robert goes to Annaís office and tells her that Luke is in a Turkish prison after going there to find information on Duke. He says everyone Luke talked to corroborated Dukeís story so perfectly that it seems too good to be true. She asks him to stay out of her business. He says he knows she wants to believe it is Duke and that he is going to pull her out of the quicksand whether she likes it or not. She asks him to tell Luke that she is moving out of his suite.

Sonny pummels a heavy bag with todayís Sun with A.J.ís picture on the cover taped to it. Dante says it is a good thing that Sonny canít get to the real A.J. because he doesnít need assault charges on top of everything else he is dealing with. Sonny tells him that he is hurt that Michael is defending A.J. Dante says Michael is just upset and that Sonny will always be his father. He says Sonnyís relationship with Michael made him want to adopt a child, but it isnít going to happen. Sonny tells him not to give up. Dante says they considered surrogacy, but they donít have $60k. Sonny offers to pay for it. Dante says no, because he has a problem with where the money would come from. Sonny says he can give him clean money from the coffee business. Dante says he will discuss it with Lulu but that it would have to be a loan. Lulu tells Olivia that she and Dante wonít be able to adopt because she lied on the application. Olivia says everything will work out. Lulu tells her that they thought about using a surrogate, but they canít afford it. Olivia offers to pay for it. Lulu doesnít want Olivia to go into debt to give them the money. Maxie calls Lulu and tells her that Ellie and Spinelli have started having sex. When Ellie leaves for work, Maxie tells Spinelli that she wants him back. Olivia runs into Duke on her way out of the Haunted Star, but she doesnít recognize him because she sees Faisonís face. ďDuke asks Lulu for the night off. When he leaves, Lulu asks Olivia what she saw. Olivia tells her that she saw a creepy looking man that she didnít recognize. Olivia goes to the hospital and tells Steve that what she saw at the Haunted Star.  Robert goes to the Haunted Star to give Lulu the message that Luke is ok and not to worry. She says that makes her worry. He tells her about Lukeís investigation in Turkey and says he agrees that Duke is hiding something. Faison is preparing the perfect evening with champagne, candles, and caviar. When someone knocks on the door, he decides that it doesnít matter if a delivery person sees his face, but it is Anna knocking, two hours early.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick is harassed with questions by gossip blogger Mona Madden. He threatens to sue her if she posts anything about his date with Avery. Eddie G. tells Victoria that he doesn’t want the money from her. He wants to make Billy suffer for sending him to jail and taking him away from his family. Victor gets information from his private detective that Eddie G. lives in Miami and he asks the detective to discreetly follow Eddie G. Victor gets his plane ready to head to Miami with Nick. Jill tells Katherine that they could run Chancellor Industries together. Katherine agrees to think about it and tells Jill to move back into the mansion.

Victoria hopes that Billy will not mess up this time and get her home safely so she can see baby John. Noah explains to Faith that Sharon is sick but will be with her soon when she gets better. Faith calms down and Sharon sings her to sleep. Faith promises Noah and Sharon that she will keep this a super secret surprise for Nick until Sharon gets better. Chelsea worries that Adam will always love Sharon more then her despite Adam’s reassurances that he doesn’t love Sharon that he only loves her and that will never change. Chelsea sneaks into the cottage and watches Sharon sleep. Nick is ready to punch Billy for putting Victoria in danger.

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