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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is distracted while Bill dismisses the baby nurse. She’s sad and says Stephanie has gone away to die. She can’t believe those who loved her will never see her again. Bill laments that Eric will be there; he won’t leave her side. He says he also knows she was expecting Ridge tonight; he’s sorry that he didn’t show. Ridge let down the two most important people in his life and one of them is dying. Men don’t do that. Eric drives down the winding road. Stephanie shuts her eyes, but she coughs a lot and can’t rest them long. Eric asks if she wants to pull over and she says no, she just wants to get to the cabin. She knows he wanted to stay in L.A. close to the doctor, but she is glad they are going to the cabin. She’d like one of his martinis. He says only hot apple cider for her. She makes a face. She has to use her portable oxygen mask every now and then. He asks if the party was too much for her. She says no; it was a terrific party….all the champagne, the Irish singers and dancing the Irish jig. He tells her she is still the energetic Irish lass that he fell in love with years ago. He doesn’t know why he forgot that from time to time. She says no regrets. She should have reminded him, but she was too busy interfering in other people’s lives to pay attention to him. He says no marriage is perfect; they’ve all made mistakes. Taylor walks into her house and finds Katie crouched in the corner in the dark. She tells Taylor that she didn’t change the locks so maybe she was hoping she would drop by again. She wants to know what happened at the party tonight. Brooke was expecting Ridge to show up. She is pretty sure he didn’t and now Taylor doesn’t want to tell her. If he didn’t show up, then he doesn’t deserve Brooke.

Bill finds Brooke with her phone and he knows she wants to call Ridge. She says she doesn’t even know how to reach him. And it may be to late, he may have met someone else. Bill says no. He may be disillusioned for now, but he’s been in love with Brooke his entire adult life. There will never be another woman that he loves as much as Brooke. She says she was so sure when they said their vows this last time that they would be together forever just like Eric and Stephanie. She remembers meeting Stephanie and how she did not like Brooke from the start. She always wanted her approval though. Bill tells Brooke that she is exhausted. He doesn’t want her driving home. She’s staying here tonight. He comes back later and finds her sleeping on the couch. He covers her with a throw. Eric tells Stephanie that he is sorry that Ridge didn't show up. He’s shocked when she says she wasn’t expecting him. She’d called him some time back when she saw Dr. Lewis and told him what was happening. He wanted to come back from Paris right away, but she talked him out of it. They had a really good talk right before he left for his honeymoon and that is what she wants him to remember. She violently coughs and Eric says she doesn’t have to say any more; he's making her talk too much. She says as long as she draws breath, she will be talking. They get to the cabin and Eric helps her inside. She settles on the couch and while he gets the firewood, the first thing she does is pick up a photo of her and Eric kissing. She thinks there is no fireside like your own fireplace. He recognizes what she is wearing – she says she just wanted to wear his jammies. If she can’t have a martini, she will pass on the food and drink. She’d like him to sing her a song, so while she coughs and grimaces and tells him how brave he was and thanks him for that, he chokes on singing When Irish Eyes Are Smiling and holds his sweet Stephanie at his side.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Rafe wanted to know why Sami called him.  She thought about Gabi begging her not to tell Rafe she was pregnant.  He knew that Sami was hiding something.  At Sonnyís place, Will wanted to know what was wrong with Gabi, but she didnít want to talk to him there.  Brady watched John and Kristen talking.  Kristen was happy that John believed that she changed.  Brady interrupted them.  Nicole saw Eric face to face and wanted to know what was going on.  She was shocked that he was a priest.  The two of them started talking.  He told her that he was back in Salem for good.  Sami said there was no point in telling Rafe what the phone call was about because she handled it.  He said that she wanted him to handle it.  She said it was a stupid phone call, but he was hoping that she needed him for something.  Will and Gabi went to the town square to talk.  She told him she was pregnant.  Brady asked John if he really believed that Kristen changed.  She said Brady was starting to bug her.  John wanted Brady to ease up on Kristen.  She said she would see John at St. Lukeís for a funds meeting.  When she left, Brady asked what John was doing.  John didnít think it was any of his business.  Nicole and Eric talked about what led him to become a priest.  Will got the wrong idea about who the father of Gabiís baby was.  He assumed it was Nick.  She corrected him and told him he was the father.  Will was shocked.  Eric and Nicole talked about some of the terrible things she did in the past.  John and Brady got into an argument over Kristen.  

Will asked if Gabi was sure that she is pregnant.  She said she is and she was sure that he is the father.  She said sheís almost three months long and Nick was in prison.  Will asked if it was that night.  He apologized to her.  He said they were in this together and they were going to figure out what to do.  He asked if she told Nick, but she said she didnít.  Will asked if the two of them and the doctor were the only ones who knew.  She said his mother knows.  Rafe told Sami he would let her get back to her work if she didnít need him.  She got a text that surprised her.  Marlena and Roman reunited with Eric at the pub.  Nicole left them alone.  John and Brady continued to talk about Kristen.  Brady warned John that Kristen was not the same who John fell in love with years ago.  Will asked if Gabi told Sami about the baby before she told him.  Gabi said Sami was there when she found out.  He thought Sami wanted to talk to him now.  Gabi said Sami doesnít know who the father is.  He asked if Sami thought it was Nickís.  Gabi said she told her not to say anything.  Gabi wanted to know what sheís going to do.  Sami reunited with Eric at the pub.  Will assured Gabi that they were in this together.  Nick saw them and wanted to know what was wrong.  Will said he dragged Gabi out there to talk about her problems.  Nick wanted to know why she didnít tell him about what happened at the hospital.  Nick told Will to tell Chad to back off Gabi.  Nick told him how Chad was hassling her at the pub.  Nick warned Will that he was going to hassle Chad if he kept messing with Gabi.  Will eventually left.  Will went back to Sonnyís apartment, but he didnít tell him what Gabi told him.  Brady went to the funds meeting and told Kristen (who was there for the meeting) that he took Johnís place on the board permanently. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael tells Starr that someone turned A.J. in and he is waiting at the police station for A.J.ís lawyer. Carly wants to talk to Michael. He tells her that he canít leave his father. Carly asks him why he keeps calling A.J. his father. Michael says itís because he is. Carly says A.J. only returned so he could turn Michael against her. Michael tells her that she plotted to keep him away from A.J. since before he was born. He tells her that he knows she is going to start fighting with A.J. again and asks her to stop it so he can figure things out for himself. Monica and Alice are brought into the station. Carly asks the officer if they are charged with aiding and abetting. The officer says assault and battery against Tracy Quartermaine. Carly says the timing is bad because A.J. wonít have anyone to visit him. Monica says he will have his son. Sonny goes to see A.J. in his cell and asks him why he came back. A.J. says he came back because his brother is missing and presumed dead because he was on a mission for Sonny. Sonny says he didnít come there to argue about Jason; he came to tell A.J. not to see Michael again. A.J., .says Sonny is living under the delusion that everyone will bow down and do what he says. He tells Sonny that Michael is a grown man and he can make that decision for himself. Michael arrives as Sonny is telling A.J. that Michel doesnít need him in his life. Sonny admits to Michael that he did the things that A.J. said he did to make him sign away his paternal rights, but he never kidnapped anybodyís children. He says no child has ever been hurt because of him. Michael reminds him that he was shot in the head. A.J. has a fit upon hearing that Michael took a bullet meant for Sonny. He says Michael shouldnít even have been around that. Carly comes down to holding to find out what A.J. is yelling about. He says he canít believe she thought a gangster that got Michael shot was better than he was. He says Carly is a worse mother than Sonny is a father. Carly asks Michael to go somewhere quiet to talk. He refuses. Sonny says Michael is a grown man and it is his decision. Tracy toasts to Alice, Monica, and A.J. going to jail. Elizabeth and Sabrina go to the Quartermaine mansion and receive a less-than-warm welcome from Tracy. Elizabeth says they are there to see Edward, but Tracy wonít allow it. She tells them to talk to her instead. Sabrina starts pitching the nursesí ball. Tracy interrupts her and tells her to say how much a table will cost. Elizabeth says they arenít selling tickets; they are looking for an underwriter because the hospital doesnít have funding for it. She says Edward would be insulted if they didnít ask him first because the Quartermaine family has been involved with the cause for so long. Tracy agrees that Edward would want to be involved. She asks if Monica would be involved. Elizabeth tries to downplay Monica and shush Sabrina, but Sabrina rambles on about how closely Tracy and Monica would work together. Tracy says that in that case, the answer is no. Diane goes to the Quartermaine estate to ask Tracy if she wants to drop the charges against Monica and Alice. Tracy wonders why she would want to do that. Diane says Monicaís advised her to evict Tracy if she doesnít. Monica and Alice return home. Tracy tells Monica that she is making it her mission to make sure that A.J. stays behind bars for the rest of his life.

Lulu and Dante talk about using a surrogate to have a child. Lulu still has reservations about another woman experiencing the pregnancy instead of her. Maxie is glad to move back into her apartment. She not thrilled about living with Spinelliís girlfriend, but she is certain that after seeing her and Ellie together, she will be the obvious choice. Maxie claims the bigger room. Spinelli comes in carrying boxes for Ellie, which he promptly drops. Fortunately, Ellieís microscope is undamaged. Maxie goes into the kitchen to see if there is any food. When she returns, she finds Ellie and Spinelli sitting on the living room floor, kissing. Maxie leaves. Ellie wonders if their kiss bothered Maxie. Spinelli says he doubts Maxie cares who he kisses. Ellie tells Spinelli that she wants to be with him but she is a little apprehensive because for her, it is a big step. He assures her that he wouldnít hurt her. Maxie goes to the Haunted Star and vents to Lulu. Lulu tells her that she should tell Spinelli how she feels. Dante agrees that Spinelli canít pick her if he doesnít know she wants to be picked. He tells her that she should tell Spinelli how she feels instead of playing games. Lulu agrees that Maxie should tell Spinelli before he gets too involved with Ellie. Maxie calls Spinelli, but he doesnít notice his phone vibrating, Maxie says she will tell Spinelli tomorrow because nothing will change between now and then. Spinelli and Ellie go to her room together.

Patrick and Britt go on a date at the Haunted Star. He tells her Emma thinks Robin has been calling her from Heaven. Elizabeth and Sabrina go to the haunted Star for a drink after their encounter with Tracy and run into Patrick and Britt. Sabrina wonders who is watching Emma. Patrick tells her that Emma is on a sleepover with Mac and Felicia. Britt drops her hotel key on the floor for Sabrina to see. Sabrina really needs that drink, now. Elizabeth wonders what is wrong. Sabrina mocks Britt. Elizabeth figures out that Sabrina has a thing for Patrick. Sabrina says itís just a crush. She says she wants Patrick to be happy with someone real that he connects with and she doesnít think Dr. Westbourne really cares about Patrick. She says Dr. Westbourne has hardly noticed Emma.  Patrick and Britt go to a room at the Metro Court to have sex, but he looks at his wedding ring, changes his mind, and tells her that he isnít ready.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis tells Nick about Ronan’s suspicion that Summer is being a cyberbully to Jamie, but Nick refuses to think that Summer could do something like that unless he has proof. Michael and Lauren try to talk to Fen to see if he knows anything about Summer being involved in cyberbullying Jamie, but he doesn’t say a word only that someone else could be bullying Jamie, and they don’t have any proof that Summer is a cyberbully. Paul advises Michael and Lauren to do whatever they need to do to ensure Fen grows up happy and healthy. Sarge advises Jack to lie down and let his body heal, but Jack doesn’t listen and continues to make phone calls and catch up on e-mails at home. Jack is still in a lot of pain, but he doesn’t tell anyone. He doesn’t take a pain pill this time.

Jack asks Phyllis to spy on how Adam is doing as temporary CEO at Newman. He is happy when Phyllis tells him that for right now Adam is doing a good job for the company. Noah confronts Adam about helping Sharon. Adam advises him that Sharon isn’t ready to see Faith yet. Noah decides to go see Sharon alone until he sees how sad Faith is because she misses her mommy. Noah tells Nick that he is going to take Faith to see window displays at Fenmore’s, but instead takes her to see Sharon. Sharon has a session with Dr. Watkins and she is scared to take medication for her bipolar disorder but then decides to take it so she can get better for the sake of her children. Sharon is very happy when Noah brings Faith to see her, but Faith gets scared because Sharon is acting very jumpy and nervous. Faith runs to Noah when Sharon tries to hug her. Nick and Avery have their first date out in public.

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