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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Celtic Woman sings Danny Boy, in a more sweet, uplifting, melodious way than we normally hear. Then dancers do their "Riverdance" and manage to get Rick, Liam and Steffy to join in. Eric even forces Stephanie to get up and lean on him while he dances. Brooke looks forlorn toward the door, but no Ridge. She makes a little speech about admiring Stephanie and her strength. She laments that she has always been there for them and now it’s their turn to be there for her in this celebration of life that Stephanie taught them how to do. They are going to love each other the way Stephanie wanted them to…..and put a little Irish laugh in their life.

Brooke is furious when she hears from Felicia that Eric and Stephanie are leaving tonight after the party and they won’t see her again. She charges off to speak with Stephanie to tell her that she can not leave her. Stephanie suggests they go outside and speak in private. She tells Brooke that this is what she wants. No boo hoos, as Brooke promised that. She just wants to be happy and have her moment of peace. Brooke will have to accept that. She will leave her in charge of her family as it is Brooke’s family now. She loves her and she knows she can do that. They hug while Stephanie is beaming with laughter and Brooke is sobbing with tears. Stephanie goes back inside and tells her family that the party isn’t going to stop. She wants them to carry on into the night but she and Eric are going to slip away. He will return; she will not. One by one they all come to her with a kiss for each. Her face is smiling; theirs is crying. She leaves with one last pause out the door.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole thought she saw Eric at the town square.  Kristen met EJ at the coffee shop.  She told him that she came up with a way.  Marlena showed up.  Kristen had a proposition for EJ.  Marlena came up to them and warned EJ to run away.  Marlena told Kristen that she knew what she was trying to do with her husband and family and it wasnít going to work.  Cameron told Gabi that she was pregnant.  Sami was there with Gabi at the time.  Sami told Gabi that it was going to be okay.  Kristen didnít think it was necessary to get into it.  Marlena was certain that the things that were happening were not accidents.  Kristen said she couldnít have known.  Marlena said it wasnít going to work no matter how many times she ran into John or use her daughter.  She warned Kristen to back off.  John walked in and wanted to know what was going on.  Nicole wanted to see if the person she saw was Eric, but Maxine showed up to talk to her about Jennifer.  By the time Nicole was able to see Eric, he was gone.  When Rafe called Sami, Gabi didnít want her to talk to him.  John wanted to know what Kristen did to Marlena.  Marlena said she (Marlena) came in and there she (Kristen) was.  John asked if that was it.  He wanted to go somewhere else.  They left.  Kristen and EJ talked about Marlena and Sami.  Kristen had a way that EJ could spend time with Sami.  She suggested that they work together.  It would give them the opportunity to reconnect.  He didnít think Sami would agree to work with him.  Kristen said Sami would be working for him.  He thought that would be worse.  Kristen didnít think it would be worse.  He thought John and Marlena would be happy that Sami wasnít working for Kristen anymore.  EJ wondered what was in it for her.  Gabi continued to talk Sami out of telling Rafe that she is pregnant.  Gabi wanted Sami to make something up.  Sami left and talked to Rafe on the phone.  She told Rafe that everything was fine.  Cameron came back in the exam room to talk to Gabi.  He asked her if everything was okay.  She said it wasnít.  She didnít understand how it could be so soon.  He said she was at least 9 to 12 weeks long.  He told her to see an ob-gyn.  She flashed back to when she slept with Will.  She realized the baby was Willís and not Nickís.  

EJ wondered how her plan would help her get John.  She wondered why he thought she wanted John.  He thought it was the reason why she was back in town.  She said her priority is to put her family back together.  Kristen continued to convince EJ that working with Sami would get them closer.  He didnít think Stefano would let him run the company when he wasnít speaking to Stefano.  She told him to speak to Stefano.  She tried to talk EJ into talking to Stefano.  John and Marlena talked about Kristen.  John kept defending Kristen to Marlena.  Marlena was upset that he was defending Kristen.  Marlena warned him that it would be his fault if Kristen did something.  She left to go to work.  Kristen and EJ continued to talk about him trying to reach out to Stefano.  She told him that she was stepping down from Countess W whether EJ wanted to take over or not.  She let him know that the job offer wasnít going to be available forever.  She warned him that he didnít know how long he had before Rafe and Sami reunited.  Sami talked to Gabi again.  Gabi tried to tell Sami that Nick wasnít the father, but Sami cut her off to ask if she was ready for this.  Sami thought Nick would step up to the plate.  Gabi said the baby would be a problem.  Sami said she felt the same way when she found out she was pregnant with Will.  Gabi said she couldnít be pregnant.  Sami asked if Gabi was thinking about having an abortion.  When John was in his office, Kristen came in and wanted to fix the mess she made.  Gabi and Sami talked about Gabiís situation.  Nicole noticed Eric in the square again.  EJ called Stefano and had a proposition for him.  Later on, Gabi went to Sonnyís apartment to see Will.  She had to talk to him.  Kristen told John that she didnít want to be anybodyís problem.  He thanked her and the two shook hands.  EJ told Stefano that Kristen wanted him to take over Countess W.  Stefano thought that it would be great.  EJ said he would be doing it for Kristen.  EJ wanted to keep his own business interests.  He said he would be out if his business interests were being undermined.  Stefano was proud of EJ.  After they finished talking, EJ said he could do this for Sami.  Nicole saw Eric at the pub.  When he turned around, she was face to face with Eric.  He was dressed like a priest.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu sees Connie forcing Johnny to sign something and hears Johnny telling Connie that he wants her out of his house and his life ASAP. Lulu tells Johnny that he can confide in her. He admits that Connie has something on him, but that he canít tell her because it will put her in a compromising position with Dante. She tells him about being rejected by the adoption agency. Johnny offers to make a call, but Lulu says Dante wouldnít want to owe Johnny anything. She tells him that he and Dante are considering surrogacy. He thinks they should do it. Todd tells Starr that he knows Michaelís biological father is alive, but that he wonít tell anyone. Connie comes into Toddís office. Starr says Connie should be in a straitjacket in Shady Brook. Connie says the judge didnít see it that way. Starr canít believe that after Connie killed Cole and Hope. Connie says she didnít do that and that Starr can verify that with her father. Todd doesnít say a word. Connie says she is the original and Kate is the alter who took Starrís baby from her. Starr says they all know that that is a lie and that she canít stand it when Connie pretends to be sympathetic. Connie tells Todd that the reason she came to his office is that she wants her magazine back. Todd says he doesnít give magazines to imaginary ladies. She hands him what she says is a contract, but it is actually a note from Johnny saying that he will go to the cops if he doesnít give Connie what she wants and get her out of his face. Todd tells Starr that he is bound by it. She storms off. Commie sits in his chair, puts her feet on his desk, and tells him that she wants her office back too. He tells her no and orders her out. He asks her to recall when he told his associates not to kill her and then tells her that he still has their phone numbers. She gets out of his chair, sits in another one, and says they are now office-mates.

Monica is glad that Carly is frantic because Michael wonít talk to her. Alice tells Monica that Tracy escaped from the boathouse. Tracy bursts in through the patio door, oar in hand, and goes after Alice. Tracy decides she doesnít want to destroy the house so she calls the police instead. Milo tells Sonny that Miss Howard came on to him at the bachelorette party. Sonny tells Milo that Kate didnít come on to him; that was Connie. Trey comes into the gym and says he is sorry that Connie walked because of him. Sonny asks Trey if he meant what he said about wanting to get to know his mother. Trey says he may never know who his mother really is. Carly finds Sonny at the gym and tells him that A.J. is alive. He asks her how many times they have to have this conversation. She says he saw A.J. at the Quartermaine mansion and that Dante arrested him. Sonny tells her to let the police handle it, in that case. She tells him that Michael knows A.J. is alive too. As Anna is leaving a voicemail for Duke saying that she is glad that he is back from the dead, Dante brings the resurrected A.J. Quartermaine into the station. Anna and A.J. chat about their respective alleged deaths. Dante brings Anna the charges that were pending against A.J. when he disappeared. Michael comes in and tells A.J. not to say anything without a lawyer. Dante tells Michael that A.J. shot his own father. Michael asks Dante if he has forgotten that Sonny shot him. A.J. tells Dante mind his own business. Dante says it is his business because Michael is his brother and Sonny is their father. A.J. says he is not surprised that one of Sonny's kids got on the police force. Dante says he doesnít think Sonny ever kidnapped any children. A.J. says that is exactly how Sonny got Michael. He asks Anna if Sonny even has a file or if his detective son had it expunged. Anna tells Dante to get someone else to process A.J. in and take the rest of the night off because his relationship to Sonny would compromise the case. Dante goes to the Haunted Star. Lulu tells him that she has reconsidered the option of surrogacy. Anna goes to the Quartermaine mansion to arrest Monica and Alice. Starr calls Michael and tells him that her father found out that A.J. is alive. Carly comes into the police station. Michael turns his back to her and tells Starr that someone turned A.J. in. Sonny goes to Adís cell.  

Faison confronts bedridden Duke about feeding him false memories. He says Duke should appreciate that he liberated him from the prison in Turkey and brought him to the beautiful Alps. Duke says it is just another prison. Duke says he told Faison everything about his life. Faison says Duke told him a lie that almost cost him everything. Duke asks him if he thinks he only gave him one false memory. He says Anna will see through Faisonís silly rubber Duke Lavery mask. Duke says Anna will never fall for Faison. Faison plays Annaís voicemail message and tells Duke that it seems she has already fallen. Duke says Anna isnít falling for Faison; she is falling for him. Faison says he is him. He puts his mask on and leaves.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer promises Fen she won’t bully Jamie anymore but changes her mind when she sees Ronan leaving flowers and a card at Phyllis’s door. Phyllis has an honest conversation with Summer and tells her she first asked Ronan for help because she didn’t want to go to jail and slept with him because she needed to feel like someone cared about her. When Summer asks Phyllis if she is still seeing Ronan, she responds no. Summer leaves because she thinks Phyllis is lying to her. Phyllis later sees Ronan with Jamie and they all sit and talk for a while. Summer walks into the restaurant and sees them and sends a nasty e-mail to Jamie. Jamie leaves Phyllis and Ronan alone and then Ronan tells Phyllis she thinks Summer is involved in cyberbullying Jamie. Nick and Phyllis meet for their divorce settlement where they agree to share custody of Summer. Later Nick calls Avery and asks her out to dinner. Avery tells Phyllis that she might start dating Nick. Phyllis is glad Avery was honest with her.

The ghost of John Abbott visits Jack again and tells him to take some time to recover before going back to work and to mend things with his sisters and brother, but Jack won’t listen and he continues to take pain pills. Jill has a happy reunion with Cane and Lily, and after talking to Neil, Jill calls Tucker to tell him that she has an idea about how to persuade Katherine not to go back to work. Nikki finally tells Victor that a man named Eddie G., who is holding her for a two million dollar ransom to settle an old gambling debt that Billy didn’t pay, kidnapped Victoria. Victor takes charge and calls a private detective to find out where Eddie G. is and bring Victoria home. Victor tells Billy that he should stay out of the way now because he will bring Victoria home. When she comes home, his marriage to Victoria will come to an end. Billy tells Victor that Victoria is his wife and he loves her more then anything and he will be the one to bring his wife home.

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