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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Bill that he doesn’t have to go to this party if he doesn’t want to. He assures her that he does. She was there for him when he needed it, so this is the least he can do. He has a baby nurse sitting with Will. Brooke appreciates this and says he doesn’t have to stay long. He says he will be there as long as she needs. He has a lot of respect for Stephanie and he also wants to say goodbye. Kristen’s husband, Tony, comes in late and greets everyone. He had to take a later flight. Stephanie still does not know what kind of party Eric has planned here. She quips and now she doesn’t have a choice. Dayzee, Marcus and Donna arrive. Stephanie hugs Donna like an old friend and tells her that she is glad she changed her mind. Do come in and stay. Donna laments that despite all their differences over the years, she does respect Stephanie and wants to be here for this happy occasion. They all sit around and wonder when Ridge will show up. Brooke walks in with Bill and the whole room just stops and looks her way.

Stephanie sees Brooke’s long face and tells her to cheer up. She is going to have a good time whether Ridge comes or not. Eric starts with a little speech about when he first met and fell in love with Stephanie. He says there will be no crying today; no long faces for his Irish Celtic lass. He plays the piano and sings When Irish Eyes Are Smiling. Then he announces the surprise with the Celtic Woman. Four gorgeous women come in and spring into The Parting Glass. Everyone is touched.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole wasn't grateful when Hope told her that Jennifer wasn't pressing charges against her.  In Sami's office, Will and Lucas got into an argument over Lucas not approving of Johnny.  When Will left, Lucas and Sami got into an argument over him not accepting Will being gay.  Daniel and Jennifer talked about her not pressing charges against Nicole.  Will ran into Sonny at the coffee shop.  They managed to patch things up with each other.  Nick took Gabi to the hospital because she fainted.  Gabi took a blood test and was examined by Cameron. Hope and Jennifer met back at Jennifer's house.  They talked about Nicole and how she lost everything.

Daniel went to see Nicole at the hospital.  Daniel thought Nicole should have been happy that she got her life back and she didn't have to go to prison.  While they were talking, she asked if he loved her.  He dodged the question.  She told him it was time to go home.  He wanted to know where she was going.  She said she might visit Taylor.  He offered to help her if she needed it.  They talked about how he found out what she did.  Hope and Jennifer talked about Daniel.  Jennifer had to suddenly leave to take care of something.  She went to see Daniel at the hospital to tell him that she didn't want things to be over between them.  She wanted to be friends again.  He hesitated at first, but agreed to be friends.  While Nicole was at the town square, she saw Eric.  Cameron wanted to talk to Gabi about her blood results.  He told her that she is pregnant.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly sees AJ coming into the Quartermaine estate with Michael. She concludes that Michael already knew AJ was alive. Carly says she saved Michael from AJ before and she is going to do it again. Michael tells her that she canít just decide that he needs saving. He says she put all the ugliness in motion. He asks her not to call the police because he needs time to figure things out, and he wouldnít be able to do that with AJ in jail. She says she would do anything for him, except that. Carly calls Dante and interrupts the conversation he is having with Lulu about considering surrogacy. Monica slaps Carly and tells AJ to run. AJ says he isnít leaving Monica or Michael. Dante arrives at the estate and arrests AJ. Michael is mad that Carly wouldnít give him time with his father. Carly say AJ is not his father. He says he doesnít see it that way anymore and walks off.

Sam talks to Anna about Jason. Anna tells her that they know Jerry Jacks was responsible for Joeís early release from jail. Sam says Spinelli is working on finding the ransom money that disappeared. She suggests that the money will lead them to Jerry and therefore, Jason. Anna says Bernie was shot by two guns; one was Joeís and one is a foreign model. Anna tells Sam about the expensive piece of fabric that they found at the scene of the shootings and that they are analyzing a strand of hair that was in it. Anna gets the results, but they donít match anyone in the system. Anna tells Sam about what she went through with Robin. Sam says Anna was also reunited with her husband that everyone thought was dead and that is a sign that there is always hope.   Sabrina collides with shirtless Patrick in the hospital locker room. He gives her a thank you card from Emma for the birthday present. Sabrina asks if Emma has thought she has received any other phone calls. He says no, but he still wonders who was on the phone when Emma thought it was Robin. Sabrina asks Patrick what he thinks of a fundraiser to bring back the nurses ball to honor Robin. Britt asks Elizabeth if Patrick isnít into her. Elizabeth says Patrickís wife died and he needs time. She says that Patrick was a player before he found love with Robin so she is sure that when Patrick is ready, he wonít be able to resist a woman like Britt. She says Britt is his type and that dating her was a big step for Patrick. The little girl whose room they are talking in calls Britt over and vomits on her. Britt goes into the locker room and takes off her puked-on top. When she starts taking off the bottoms, Patrick leaves the area to give her privacy, but he is still in the locker room. Britt asks Sabrina what they were talking about. Sabrina tells her about the balls the hospital used to have. Britt says it is more efficient to just give the money directly to the cause. Sabrina says the balls always took in more money than the cost of the fundraisers and that it would be a nice way to honor Dr. Scorpio Drake. Britt says that is depressing and asks Patrick if he is really interested in doing that. He says he is. She backpedals and says it is a great idea. Sabrina says she will figure out a fundraiser and leaves to take Brittís soiled scrubs to the laundry. Britt asks Patrick if he has made any plans to spend the night with her yet. He tells her that Emma is spending the night with Mac and Felicia.

Robin is suspicious when Duke doesnít remember anything about her childhood. He tells her that she is too smart for her own good, and removes the full-head latex mask to reveal that he is really Faison. He tells her that Duke hasnít returned from the dead; he has. She asks him why he pretended to be Duke. He tells her that he appeared to her as the man she did love. Robin assures him that her mother will see through him. She says Anna doesnít love him; she loves Duke. He says he doesnít care as long as he gets her. She wonders how he knew about Dukeís memories of Anna when Duke has been dead for over 20 years. He says he has his methods, and a lot of money helps too. He tells her that she is the only thing standing in the way of his plan. She asks him how she fits into his plan. He tells her that he took her away from Anna with the intention of taking her back so that Anna would love him forever. He says she would have been home by now if she had cooperated, but now that isnít going to happen. He canít send her back to Port Charles now because she knows who he is. Robin says he can still return her to her family and Anna will still be eternally grateful even though he isnít Duke.  She says he has her word that her mother and her entire family will love him. He canít believe that that could happen. He says it would be foolish for him to mess up his current plan. Robin asks him if he is going to kill her. He tells her that he wouldnít kill her and that he isnít the monster that people think he is, but he has to leave her where she is. He takes his Duke mask and leaves. He goes into another room and tells the person in the bed that the false memories that he fed him could have exposed him. The near-catatonic person in the bed is the real Duke.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon sneaks out of the cottage and goes to visit Noah to tell him she is sick and Adam is keeping her safe and helping her get professional help. Sharon asks Noah not to tell Nick and contact Adam tomorrow so that he can arrange for her to see Faith. Noah tells Nick about a fast relationship he had with a girl named Adriana who cheated on him. He advises Nick that if he is serious about Avery, he shouldn’t mess things up. Adam has a romantic night with Chelsea to apologize to her for keeping secrets about Sharon. Adam later finds out about the Gloworm fire and meets with the arsonist that he hired to remind him that he was supposed to burn down empty warehouses not restaurants especially a restaurant that belongs to his wife’s family. Chelsea and Sharon talk about the loneliness they both feel right now and their past mistakes.

Chelsea finds out about the Gloworm fire and asks what exactly he is doing to protect Sharon. Phyllis and Ronan have an awkward date which they end it early. A drunk Ronan later shows up at Phyllis’s house and tells her that he wants to get to know her and not just have a sexual relationship. Ronan figures out that Phyllis only wants Nick no matter what he does to make her see that Nick isn’t right for her. Nick and Avery have a nice second date at her house where she makes him homemade soup. Nick tries to take things further but Avery wants to go with the original plan and take things slowly. Avery shows up later at Nick’s place to tell him that even though she is scared, she wants to have a relationship with him because he is worth the risk. Phyllis calls Nick because she wants to cancel the divorce hearing tomorrow but he says that it has to be done.

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