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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On the jet on the way home, Brooke tells Bill that she has known Ridge more than half her life, and yet she doesn’t know how she is gonna feel when she sees him. Bill says that Ridge is the one with some explaining to do. Eric is on the phone trying to track Ridge down. He wants to be sure he got his invitation. The concierge hasn’t seen him in days, but Eric assures Stephanie that nothing would keep Ridge away; he will be at the party. Katie calls Taylor to check up on Brooke, Bill and little Will. Taylor asks for her number so she can call her back. Katie says she may not stay there much longer. Taylor tells her that is the only way she will listen to her if she has a number where she can be contacted. Stephanie welcomes Felicia and Kristen with open arms. She quips she does not want to see them six inches off her hips this whole visit. Then she and their dad are leaving after the party to a place they can not go. Liam and Steffy go by Taylor’s office and Steffy says she hates to admit it but Brooke was great. Donna meets Brooke to bring her the party clothes. They discuss Katie and how she is not the girl they grew up with. Brooke admits to Donna that Bill is not just the guy with a gruff exterior but deep down he has a lot of kindness in his heart. Donna listens skeptically as she thinks Katie should have left him long ago.

Taylor calls Katie back and Katie is brusque with her for why she is calling. Taylor says she has a little more information in that Brooke and Bill are coming back today since it is Stephanie’s party. And Ridge will be there and he and Brooke will be getting back together just as they have many times before. She too is going to the party, but she will not be used to keep tabs on how Katie’s little romantic pairing is going. This little romance she is engineering is not real. Taylor will not ask if Brooke and Bill went on the balloon ride or anything else. Katie tells her that she is gonna hang up. Taylor tells her to go home. Her husband and son need her in their lives now and always will. Donna tells Brooke that she looks gorgeous in her blue dress and Ridge will sweep her up in his arms and things will be normal again. Bill tells them that Ridge needs his ass whipped, but he knows how important this night is so he wonders if there is some way he can help. He tells Brooke that she looks beautiful and he’d like to take her to the party tonight so she doesn’t have to go in and face Ridge alone. She’s grateful for that. Thorne joins the family as Eric and Stephanie squabble over not having caterers or chamber music for their last party, maybe their last fight.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Marlena went to the Horton cabin and saw John and Kristen sleeping on the couch.  Kristenís head was on Johnís shoulder.  Jennifer and Hope were at Jenniferís house.  Jennifer told Hope how Nicoleís baby really died.  Jennifer felt responsible for what happened to Nicole.  Hope said Nicole wanted her to blame herself.  Jennifer said Nicole was in shock.  Jennifer said Nicole was acting irrational and felt she had to do all of this to hold on Daniel.  Hope wanted to know what Jennifer was going to do now that she knows the truth.  Nicole was at the hospital and realized that she blew everything.  She said she was alone and no one cared about her. Brady walked in and told her she still had him.  When Marlena called out Johnís name, John and Kristen woke up.  Marlena wanted to know what was going on.  Hope told Jennifer that she was arrested for based on what Nicole knew was a lie.  Jennifer said she knew it was ugly.  Hope reminded her that Nicole made it ugly for her.  Hope told Jennifer that she wasnít responsible for what happened to Nicole.  Jennifer said the DA was going to decide based on what she (Jennifer) says.  Hope thought that would be justice after everything Nicole did to her and Daniel.  Hope reminded her that she (Jennifer) could have gone to prison.  Nicole didnít want to see anyone.  Brady wanted to know if she wanted to talk, but she didnít.  She asked him to leave.  John wanted to explain to Marlena what happened.  He told her Kristen was there when he got there.  Kristen said she would have left, but she missed the last ferry back.  Marlena said she (Kristen) had to stay with her husband.  Kristen said she went to the cabin to be by herself and to sort things out.  Kristen said she wouldnít have come if she knew John was going to be there.  Marlena thought it was lucky that Kristen wasnít there by herself or she would have frozen to death.  Kristen said she left her jacket on the ferry.  Marlena reminded her that the sun is up.  Kristen said she didnít Johnís jacket anymore and took it off. Hope tried to convince Jennifer that she should make Nicole pay for what she did to her and Daniel.  Jennifer needed to make a decision sooner or later, but there was something she needed to do.  Brady thought Nicole should talk to a lawyer, Nicole didnít think so.  She said she wasnít crazy or depressed.  She knew what she did to Jennifer and would do it again in a heartbeat.  He said he didnít believe her and thought it was the grief talking.  They talked a little bit about how she lost her baby and can never find love until he left.  

When Kristen took off Johnís jacket, her hair got caught.  She asked him to help her.  He helped while Marlena watched.  Kristen said she would get the ferry and wondered if John and Marlena were going too.  Marlena said they would catch the next ferry.  Kristen thanked John for last night.  She said he listened to her side of the story.  She was glad they ran into each other.  She eventually left.  Marlena wanted to know what was up with Kristen.  Jennifer went to see Nicole at the hospital.  John told Marlena there was no way Kristen knew he was going to be there.  He said only Marlena and Hope knew.  Marlena said Kristen is a DiMera and they have a knack for being able to track people down and drive them insane.  John asked if she could be overreacting.  Marlena said overreacting to a woman who is obsessed with her husband.  John thought Kristen was trying to better herself.  He said he wouldnít allow Kristen to have power over them.  He said he wouldnít let her presence in town change their lives.  He asked her if she understood, but she didnít.  He said he wasnít saying he trusted Kristen.  He said Kristen told him she wanted to put the past behind her.  He said he had no reason to doubt her.  She thought he was defending her, but he said he wasnít.  He thought it was possible that she changed.  Jennifer asked Nicole if it was alright to be in her room.  Nicole didnít care, but she wasnít going to apologize to her.  Jennifer wanted to do the talking.  Jennifer said she knew Nicole and Daniel were covering something, but she didnít know what it was until she overheard EJ talking about the paternity test.  Nicole interrupted to say that Jennifer had to get involved.  Jennifer said she was concerned for Daniel.  Nicole said Jennifer was jealous because she wasnít the center of Danielís universe.  Jennifer said that wasnít true.  Jennifer said she couldnít understand why Daniel would help her and risk his career.  Jennifer apologized to her.  John and Marlena continued to argue over Kristen.  Nicole didnít care for Jenniferís speech.  Nicole said she would never forgive Jennifer no matter how many times she apologized.  Nicole yelled at Jennifer to leave.  The police were at the hospital.  Nicole wondered if they were there to arrest her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

The representative from the adoption agency tells Dante and Lulu that she knows they lied about their families. Dante says they are not their parents; he is a detective, not a gangster and Lulu doesnít smuggle diamonds; she runs a club. The representative says the agency looks at the integrity of the prospective parents, and that they checked the box that said they swore that all the information was true. She says their application is part of the national database and that is unlikely that any agency will accept them. Lulu asks Dante if he can forgive her. He says everything will be ok. She says they will never be able to be parents. He says that maybe there is a way. At Connieís hearing, Diane says Connie is the original and Kate is the alter -ego. Alexis says whichever one Connie is, she is dangerous and needs psychiatric help. The judge wants to talk to the psychiatrist. Connie gloats when Alexis tells him that the psychiatrist is dead. Diane attacks Dr. Keenanís credibility. Alexis says Dr. Keenanís work was respected in the medical community and that he even continued to treat Kate after Connie hit attacked him and caused head trauma that required surgery. Connie asks Diane if she isnít going to object. Diane says no, she wants it on record that Dr. Keenan wrote the report after a major head trauma. Diane calls a psychiatrist that she chose to the stand. Alexis knows the woman is a witness-for-hire. The psychiatrist says Kate is a personality that Connie manifested to cope with Connieís rape and resulting pregnancy. Connie interjects that she would never have abandoned her child; Kate did that. Trey says Connie looked him in the eye and said she wanted to abort him. Alexis asks the psychiatrist if she has ever personally treated Connie or Kate, She says no, butÖ Alexis cuts her off and says thatís all she needs. Alexis then tells the judge that the charges against Kate were dropped in the deaths of two people because Connie was responsible and that Connie should face those charges. Connie stands up and blurts out that she has never fired a gun in her life. The judge says they are in court about Treyís petition, which he denies. Alexis asks Diane what happened to her that she would do this to her sick friend, Kate. Diane says everyone is entitled to the best defense possible. Sonny concludes that there is nothing more that either he or Alexis can do.

Carly storms into the Quartermaine estate and tells Monica that she saw A.J. last night on Pier 52. Monica says Carly must have seen someone that resembles A.J., because he has been gone for years. Carly tells her that Michael thinks he saw A.J., too. She asks Monica who told Michael about her dousing A.J. with alcohol. Monica says she told him, and that she should have told him sooner so that he wouldnít have grown up not knowing that his father loved him and that his mother was a conniving bitch. Carly says she doesnít regret anything that she did to A.J. and says if A.J. is really dead, then Monica wonít mind if she looks around. Michael knocks on the boathouse door looking for A.J. A.J. and Alice are inside with unconscious Tracy. A.J. goes outside. Michael says he saw A.J. and Alice carrying something to the boathouse and was surprised to see Alice with him. A.J. says he trusts Alice. Michael admits that he wasnít able to keep the secret from his girlfriend, but that she wonít say anything. He then reveals that Carly might have figured it out. He says he asked Carly about the alcohol incident and she admitted that it was true. A.J. tells him that Carly pretended to be his friend and then she did that to steal Michael from him. He says the important thing is that Michael knows he isnít the monster that they made him out to be. Tracy wakes up. Alice gags her and tells her that she couldnít let her turn in her nephew. Tracy kicks Alice and Alice stumbles into the oars. Michael wonders what the noise was. Alice comes out and says she secured the canoe. Michael and A.J. go up to the main house. Monica goes to the boathouse looking for A.J. Alice says he went to the main house. Monica runs back toward the house to intercept him. Michael and A.J. go inside the main house and run into Carly.

Mac visits Anna at the station. Anna wonders if he is suspicious of Duke, too. Mac says he doesnít know Duke so he doesnít have an opinion of him, but he wonders who else is suspicious. She says Luke thinks Duke has a hidden agenda. Mac asks Anna what she thinks. Anna says it is as if nothing has changed. Mac asks how Luke figures in now. She tells him that she and Luke hit a snag before Duke arrived. She tells him about Robinís birthday wish when she was little was that she and Duke would get back together. He gives her a present for Emma, the book, ďThe Little Prince.Ē Anna remembers Robin reading that book as a child and saying the prince looked like Uncle Duke. IN Switzerland, Robin tells Dr. Ubrecht that is time for her to go home. Dr. Ubrecht says it isnít time yet. Duke intercepts Dr. Ubrecht in the hallway and tells her that he has to change his plans for Robin because she talked to her daughter on the phone. Duke says controlling Robin is the one thing he asked Dr. Ubrecht to do. Robin struggles with her restraints and tries to will Patrick to listen to Emma. Duke is thrown in to Robinís room with his hands shackled. Robin thinks whatever drug they gave her is making her hallucinate because Duke has been dead since she was a child. He says he is Duke. She asks him where he has been all there years. He tells her that he has been in prison. She tells him that she doesnít know why they are holding her prisoner, but if anyone can get her out, itís him. She tells him about the lab explosion and then waking up in a strange hospital. He says everyone in Port Charles thinks she is dead. She wonders why he is there. He says that when he was being debriefed in Washington, he heard a rumor that she was alive so he came looking for her, but they caught him. He says he will get both of them out of there. She says he hasnít changed at all; he is still her hero. She remembers saying that the prince in the book he gave her looked like him. He doesnít remember. She says it was funny because the prince was a little blond boy. He says his memory isnít as sharp as it used to be. Robin gets suspicious. She says that the other day she was thinking about the first meal they made together. He says it was spaghetti and meatballs. She tells him it was pizza. He blames his failing memory again. She asks him if he remembers her birthday wish. He asks her if she expects him to remember a birthday wish. She tells him that these are important memories that anyone would hang onto to stay sane and alive, and if he doesnít remember them, then he must not be Duke. He tells her that she was always too smart for her own good and removes the whole-head mask. She is shocked when she sees his face.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Fen tries to persuade Summer to stop bullying Jamie just to get revenge on Ronan, because sooner or later she could get in big trouble, but Summer doesn’t take Fen’s advice. Jamie tells Ronan what his FacePlace friend Brittni did, telling everyone on FacePlace that he broke into his mother’s boyfriend’s house and trashed it. Ronan tells Jamie to let this go and don’t give this girl the satisfaction of knowing that he is upset. Ronan suspects Summer is behind the bullying and questions Fen but he says there are 20 girls named Brittney at his school. Michael suspects Kevin burned Gloworm because he is very anxious to get Gloria to invest the 7.5 million dollar settlement she will get into TagNGrab. Gloria tells Kevin she won’t invest in TagNGrab because it is a business that Chloe is excited about. When he finds something he is passionate about, she will be happy to invest in his project. Michael worries that Kevin is falling back into the old habits he had before he met Chloe.

Victor and Adam argue at the gym about the fact that Adam refused to help him save Newman Enterprises and is now working for Jack. Nikki is able to get the 2 million dollars Billy needs to pay Victoria’s ransom by telling her and Victor’s banker that she is planning a surprise gift for Victor. Billy calls Eddie G and tells him that he will have his money tomorrow so Eddie G allows him to talk to Victoria. Eddie G tells Billy that he will call him back tomorrow to let him know where to drop off the money. Billy tries to talk to Jack about his problem, but Jack can only think about Newman Enterprises. Jack persuades Phyllis to move into his guesthouse to take care of him since that is the only way the doctor will let him get out of the hospital. Jack can’t stand the pain in his back and takes a pain pill. Nick tells Avery he wants to clean up his life before he starts a relationship with her, but he changes his mind later and tells Avery he is tired of thinking too much and gives her a kiss. Ronan refuses to have revenge sex with Phyllis who tells him that she isnít interested in that. To prove it, she accepts Ronan’s dinner invitation.

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