Thursday 11/8/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor questions Katie’s plan to have Bill raise their son with Brooke as the surrogate mother. Katie won’t tell Taylor where she is staying. She doesn’t feel she needs therapy. She states that she is fine and happy. Taylor says she is not, but she can get her life back. Steffy tells Liam that he doesn’t think Will has picked up on any of this nor feels neglected at all. Brooke has been incredible to him and to Bill; she’s really been amazing. Bill and Brooke get into the hot air balloon and he tells her to relax and hold on. This is not his first rodeo and she’s in good hands.

Katie tells Taylor that she is not unstable. She has taken control of her life and doing it the best way she knows how. Taylor tells her how counter productive it is that she assumes that death is right around the corner so she’s not going to live life now. Without help her postpartum depression could turn into postpartum psychosis and she could become destructive to herself and others. Katie says Taylor is wrong. She is not depressed and she knows exactly what she is doing. She walks out. Brooke thinks the view is spectacular and she feels at peace.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole was on the stairs at the town square.  Daniel ran after her and she took the scalpel out.  She warned him to stay away from her.  When EJ, Rafe, Jennifer, Brady, and Abby showed up, she wanted them to stay away from her too.  Kristen told John that she wanted something that he could never give her.  John said that she wanted him and that Marlena was right about her all along.  Kristen said she didnít want his love.  She wanted his forgiveness.  Daniel wanted to talk to Nicole, but she thought he wanted to scream at her.   She thought that he hated her.  He told her that he didnít hate her.  She didnít believe him.  She thought they all hated her and wanted her to pay.  She said she would end it right here.  She put the scalpel to her throat.  John was surprised by what Kristen wanted.  She said she was in therapy for years and she knew what she put him and Marlena through.  She wanted to put the past behind them.  He wasnít sure that was possible.  She agreed that it would be impossible because sheís a lost cause.  Daniel tried to stop Nicole from slitting her throat.  He told her no one wanted her to hurt herself.  She wanted to be with both of her babies.  He said he knew that she was grieving, but she didnít want to hurt herself.  He told her she had so much to live for.  She wanted to know what she had to live for.  She thought he couldnít answer because she had nothing to live for.  She said she lost her baby and him.  She said it hurt so much so she wanted the pain to go away.  Kristen asked John how could she know he was going to be at the cabin.  She reminded him that he made her miss the last ferry.  He wanted to know what she was doing there.  She said she had special memories of the cabin and not so much of Salem.  She needed to clear her head.  She started hoping that it was a sign when she would see him.  She thought it was a sign that they could work things out.  She didnít mean romantically.  He asked if she wanted them to be friends.  She thought she might have been naÔve to think that.  She said she wasnít the same woman she was years ago.  She reminded him that he was a hired assassin who was Stefanoís pawn.  She asked if he was the same person.  He said he wasnít.  She thought it was because of the love of a good woman.  He said it was because of Marlena.  Kristen said she found love while she was gone too.  She said she found love with herself.  She was the person who helped kids.  He said the person he fell in love with.  

Nicole told Daniel that he would never know what it was like to lose a child.  She said none of them knew what it was like.  Daniel apologized to her.  She said when she lost her daughter she didnít think she could feel pain anymore.  She said she was wrong. She said her dreams would never come true.  This was her only chance to hold on to Daniel.  She knew what she did was wrong.  She said Jennifer had two children and a wonderful marriage.  Nicole said Jennifer threw Daniel away.  Nicole said when Jennifer saw Daniel caring for her (Nicole) and the baby all of a sudden Jennifer couldnít let go.  Nicole thought she could have had him if she couldnít have her baby.  She lied so she could keep him, but she lost him anyway.  She put the scalpel to her throat.  He said she didnít lose him.  He said everyone there cared for her.  He said he was there for her, but she didnít think he was there the way she needed him.  She said they werenít leaving Salem anymore.  She asked if it was over between them.  Kristen said she wasnít asking for Johnís love.  He thought she was hinting that it could be possible.  She said she understood that he belonged with Marlena.  Kristen said she knew that even when they were together.  He said he never meant to hurt her.  She said she never meant to hurt him.  She said she was jealous and afraid of what her life would be like without him, but she survived.  He said if that was true, he was happy for her.  Daniel promised to be by Nicoleís side as she got better.  He wanted her to drop the scalpel and come to him.  She said she loved him more than he would ever know.  She dropped the scalpel.  Rafe and Daniel held her.  She cried and asked why they didnít let her go.  Later on, Nicole was at the hospital.  Rafe was ready to take her statement.  Nicole told Rafe what happened when Dr. Sedwick told her her baby was dead and what happened when she got into the fight with Jennifer.  Daniel talked to EJ about the baby.  Daniel convinced EJ that the baby would have died anyway.  EJ was still upset because if the baby lived, Daniel would have helped convince him that the baby wasnít his.  EJ was convinced that Daniel would have done everything he could to keep him from his child.  Daniel thought EJ was going to let it go, but EJ didnít want to anymore.  EJ said he was going to make Jennifer pay when he thought she was responsible for the death of his child.  EJ warned Daniel that he had another thing coming if he thought he was going to forgive and forget.  EJ wanted to settle what Daniel, Rafe, and Nicole did to him.  John told Kristen that he cared about her, but she hurt people he loved.  She said she knew coming back to town was going to be hard, but she was looking for closure.  She said Marlena never liked her.  Kristen canít stand the fact that John hates her.  Daniel said he was the one who switched the paternity test.  Daniel wanted to take responsibility for what happened.  EJ said he could take his career as well as send him to prison for what he did.  EJ thought ruining Daniel would give him great satisfaction.  Daniel told EJ to do what he had to do.  EJ said he wasnít going to forgive and forget, but he wouldnít press charges against him.  Daniel wanted to know why.  EJ reminded him that he saved his life as well as his sonís life.  EJ warned him not to cross him again.  When Kristen fell asleep, John put covers on her.  He put a cover on his shoulders too and sat on the couch.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante gets a call from the adoption agency. They are sending a representative over to review their application with them right now. Lulu reveals that she made up a family history that didnít include mentally unstable mothers and criminal fathers. Dante tells Lulu to tell him everything that she put on the application so they can have their stories straight, but the social worker arrives so they improvise. After she has asked her questions, she reveals that she did a background check and knows everything in the application is a lie.

Michael tells Starr that he let slip to Carly that A.J. is still alive after she admitted to dousing A.J. with alcohol to make him think he had fallen off the wagon. He says he is going to ask Sonny if he hung A.J. from a meat hook and threatened to kill him if he didnít sign over Michaelís paternity. She reminds him that Sonny is at Connieís hearing right now. She tells him that the best thing for him to do is get everyoneís stories and find the truth somewhere in-between. He says his mother has lied before to protect him. He says A.J. did terrible things too, but now that he knows A.J. didnít start it, he thinks he wants to talk to him. Starr says it isnít fair that his parents used him to hurt each other. Carly tells Todd about her conversation with Michael. She thinks Monica told Michael the story about setting up A.J. with alcohol. Todd tells her that one event wonít trump all the years of love and support she has given Michael. She reveals that she thinks she saw A.J. last night but Sonny convinced her that it was her imagination, but now, after talking to Michael, she thinks it may have been real. Todd wonders if thatís Michaelís secret. Todd goes to ask Starr if A.J. is still alive. She asks why she would ask her that. He concludes that her silence means that it is true. Tracy sees A.J. in the living room at the Quartermaine estate and calls Dante to report it. Alice puts Tracy in a headlock that renders her unconscious. Monica picks up Tracyís phone and tells Dante that everything is fine. Monica says Tracy will call the police again when she wakes up.  Alice and A.J. stash Tracy in the boathouse. Carly goes to the Quartermaine estate and demands that Monica tell her where A.J. is. Michael knocks on the boathouse door.

Connieís court hearing begins with Diane Miller representing her. Diane asserts that Sonny coerced Trey committing Connie because she jilted him at the altar. Sonny says Kate didnít jilt him and the woman in the courtroom isnít Kate. Connie takes the stand and paints Sonny as a criminal who was controlling her. She says she left Sonny to be with her true love, Johnny. The judge asks Johnny is he wants to corroborate her story. Johnny takes the stand and says he married Connie because he loves her. Alexis says that when Connie announced that she was married to him, she also announced that only he could commit her. She asks if that is why he really married her. Diane asks how Johnny would benefit from that arrangement. Alexis says that is a good question and directs it to Johnny. He says everlasting love. Alexis asks him what happened with his relationship with Carly Jax. He says he is in love with Connie. She wonders how he fell in love with a mentally ill woman who caused a double homicide while trying to kill his grandfather. He says he has already answered her question. Alexis rephrases the question and says that, perhaps he has nothing to gain, but instead, something to lose. Diane objects, saying Alexis is badgering the witness. The judge says Johnny must answer the question. Alexis tells Johnny that he knows Kate needs help and that all he needs to do is say it out loud and Connie will go away. He sticks to his story that he loves Connie. Trey takes the stand. Diane tries to get him to say that he wants to have Connie committed because he is bitter about her abandoning him as an infant. He says Connie is dangerous and he wants her to get help before she can hurt anyone else. Alexis cross examines Trey and asks if he wants to have a relationship with his mother. He says yes, but it canít happen until she gets help. In her final statement, Diane asks the judge to dismiss Treyís petition because it asserts that Connie is an alter when in fact, Kate is the alter and Connie is the host.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam tells Chelsea that Sharon set the Newman house on fire and the only reason that he is helping her is to make amends for the awful things he has done in the past. Chelsea is hurt that he put Sharon ahead of her grief over the miscarriage, but Adam assures her he loves her and that he will never put Sharon ahead of their marriage. Chelsea tells Adam to do what he has to do in order to help Sharon, but she asks him not to break her heart by making her lose her trust in him. Eddie G calls Billy and asks for a two-million dollar ransom for Victoria and warns him not to tell the police or her family or Victoria will die. Billy writes an e-mail from Victoria’s e-mail account pretending it is Victoria telling her family she has gone to Europe to follow a lead about getting back Newman Enterprises. Billy promises to bring Victoria home and then calls Nikki to come over and asks for her help.

Phyllis gives Summer some makeup from the Newman cosmetics line and they start to bond again until Avery interrupts them and she tells Summer she came by to give her the cupcake recipe. Summer leaves to see Fen. Avery and Phyllis have a confrontation about Phyllis seeing Nick and Avery kissing at the gym. Phyllis wants Avery to admit she has feelings for Nick. Avery almost admits it until Nick interrupts them. Phyllis leaves and heads for the gym where she sees Ronan. She kisses him and tells him that she wants to go back to her place with him. Avery tells Nick they need to talk about the kiss they shared at the gym.

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