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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Bill that they have to find Katie. He says he will get Justin on it right away. He calls and explains that they are in Aspen, but no Katie. It was a wild goose chase. Apparently she is back in L. A. and moved out of the house. Find her -- ASAP! Steffy and Liam rush back in the cottage all aglow from their paragliding. When he finds out that Katie has moved out of the Malibu house and they still don’t know where she is, Liam tells his dad that he is sorry. Bill doesn’t want to, but they convince him that he needs to just get away from the house for at least an hour. That won’t change things with Katie, but will give him some time for clear thinking. Katie shows up at Taylor’s office. She explains her actions that she needed Bill out of L.A. so she’d have time to think. She wants Taylor to call her sisters and let them know that she is fine and they won’t worry about her. Taylor wants her to do it now, but Katie nixes that. They will only try to convince her to come back now and she has no intention of doing that.

A tour director catches up to Brooke and Bill and says his office called and arranged for a hot air balloon ride. Bill scoffs at the idea but Liam convinces him that Brooke might like it. She agrees that it might be fun. Liam is happy to have the cottage all to themselves. Katie tells Taylor that her life is going to end soon, maybe tomorrow, maybe a year from now, so her decision is not easy but it is what she has to do. Will hasn’t bonded with her yet so it will hurt less now if she leaves him rather than later. He can start his life with someone else….like Brooke. She adores him and is the perfect mother. Taylor tells her if she hasn’t talked this over with Brooke, that is a big assumption on Katie’s part. And all of these changes in her life is problematic and have caused symptoms of postpartum depression. Katie argues that she is not depressed. She knows exactly what she is doing. Taylor counsels her and tries to explain that this depression will stay with her unless she does something about it and has treatment. You can’t run away from it. She states that Katie has two choices. She can run away from her family and wait to die or she can face the truth and treat her depression. Katie keeps repeating that she is living on borrowed time and she won’t be plucked out of Will’s life at his most critical time. Bill and Brooke will make a wonderful family for him. She refuses to take medication. That is only hiding from the truth. Taylor says she can make all of this go away if Katie will let her help her. As Liam and Steffy re-live their paragliding experience she says he has her life in his hands….well at least her happiness. She confesses she has never been in love like this before (let’s see, you sure could have fooled me. Maybe it wasn’t deep love but she was all over Rick, Marcus, Oliver, and Bill). Liam replies that he’s never been this in love either. (Hope who?)

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Daniel said that Nicole knew that her baby was dead before she fell down the stairs.  Marlena told Hope that her patient didnít need her after all so she could have left with John.  Hope suggested that Marlena surprise John.  John wanted to know what Kristen was doing at the cabin.  He wanted to know if she was stalking him.  Jennifer wanted to know what Daniel said.  He said the baby was already dead and Nicole knew it.  Nicole denied it.  EJ and Nicole were outside of Jenniferís house.  EJ wondered why Nicole was there.  EJ and Rafe walked in Jenniferís house.  Nicole wanted to know who told Daniel that horrible lie.  EJ wanted to know what lie.  EJ wanted to know what Nicole was talking about.  Kristen was tired of being yelled at for no reason.  John said he was trying to force her way back into his life.  She said she wouldnít have come if she knew he was going to be there, but he didnít believe her.  She didnít care if he didnít believe her.  She didnít think it was right for him to judge her for her past mistakes.  If she hadnít lied in the past, he might have believed her.  He also might have believed her if she hadnít shown up to different places he was at.  She thought she had every right to be at those places.  He wanted to know what she was doing at the Horton cabin.  EJ wanted to know what was going on.  Daniel wanted EJ to shut up.  EJ told him to watch his mouth.  Daniel threatened to beat EJ up.  Daniel wanted to talk to Nicole alone.  Nicole was willing to leave.  He wanted her to tell him the truth.  Kristen felt that something told her to take the last ferry and be at the cabin.  He wanted an answer.  She told him to get out of her way and left.  

Brady and Abby showed up at Jenniferís house.  Nicole told Daniel that she would tell him the truth on the plane.  He said he knew what happened.  He said he knew what she did.  He said he had proof.  He had medical records.  He asked if she wanted him to do that there.  She said someone was lying to him and wanted to make him hate her.  He told her not to do this.  When she wouldnít answer him, he took out the medical reports.  He said he had to do this.  She said it was a lie.  She said she (Jennifer) did something.  Nicole threw the notes on the floor.  EJ picked them up and read them.  Daniel said it wasnít a lie.  He said the notes were from Dr. Sedwick.  He said they were notes she took after she saw her on October 8th hours before the fall.  Nicole said she didnít know what he was talking about.  Daniel said she did know.  EJ wanted to know what no fetal heartbeat meant.  Nicole said the doctor was lying.  Daniel said the doctor wasnít lying.  He said Nicole was.  Daniel said the baby was dead.  Daniel said he knew even before she saw Jennifer that day.  Daniel said that Nicole said Jennifer pushed her down the stairs and killed the baby, but she was lying to herself.  Jennifer and Nicole cried.  John accused Kristen of planning their run in.  She said she didnít know he was going to be there.  She told him she didnít want to be there with him.  She said she was cold because she left her coat on the ferry.  He said there was no heat or electricity.  She asked if he could start a fire. He wanted to know what she was doing there if she wasnít there to stalk him.  EJ asked if Daniel was telling the truth.  Nicole said the doctor made it up.  Daniel said the doctor didnít lie.  He said Nicole was the one lying.  Daniel said she had an appointment that morning and the doctor told her the baby was dead.  Nicole said she saw her, but it was to see if they could leave.  She reminded him that he wanted to make sure she could travel.  She said she didnít do anything wrong.  She didnít hurt her baby.  She said it was unfair and that she didnít hurt her baby.  She finally confessed to the doctor telling her the baby was dead.  John said he was going to call Roman in the morning.  Kristen said she didnít break and enter because she had a key.  EJ yelled at Nicole and wanted to know what she did to his son.  Everyone tried to keep EJ from yelling at Nicole.  Abby yelled at Nicole for setting Jennifer up to go to prison.  Jennifer and Daniel stopped Abby from yelling at Nicole.  Nicole wanted to talk to Daniel alone to explain.  Everyone left.  Nicole told Daniel what happened the day the baby died.  Daniel told Nicole that it wasnít Jenniferís fault, but Nicole didnít agree.  Kristen said she wanted to see the place again because it was the only time she was happy.  Nicole left to go to the square.  She flashed to when she and Jennifer were there.  Daniel showed up there too.  She took out the scalpel.  Everyone (EJ, Rafe, Jennifer, Abby, and Brady) were there.  Nicole told them to stay away from her. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ellie reads Maxieís flyer seeking a roommate and wants the room. Maxie lists reasons that they shouldnít be roommates. Ellie counters with reasons that they would. Spinelli comes up and wonders what his girlfriend and his ex are talking about. Ellie announces that she and Maxie are going to be roommates. He thinks it is a terrible idea. Maxie says Ellie can have the room. Sabrina stops by Patrick's house to bring Emma a birthday present. While Patrick is at the door, Emma answers the phone. It's Robin, who has overpowered Dr. Ubrecht and taken her phone. Emma asks her when she is coming home from heaven. Robin says she isnít in heaven and tells her to put Daddy on the phone. Patrick placates Emma by talking on her toy phone, but she tells him that Mommy is on the other phone. While Patrick wastes time talking to Emma about not using the real phone, Robin tries to keep her room door closed by putting her bed in front of it. Emma tells Patrick that she didnít use the real phone, Mommy called her. Patrick answers the phone to placate Emma, but the guards have already gotten into Robinís room and returned the phone to Dr. Ubrecht by then. Dr Ubrecht tells Robin that Patrick didnít believe Robin called and that he wonít come looking for her. Patrick tells Sabrina that when he was on the phone, there was no dial tone; someone was on the other end. He wonders who would call and pretend to be Robin. She tells him to dial *69, but the number is blocked.

Tracy and Edward leave to go to Niagara Falls. Monica tells A.J. that it's good that Tracy didn't see him and that he should leave Port Charles before anyone does. He reveals that Michael already saw him. She says Michael only has negative memories of A.J. and that he might consider A.J. dangerous and turn him in. He says he is confident that Michael wonít turn him in, but he isnít so sure about Carly. Monica asks him what Carly has to do with it. He admits that Carly saw him, but that Sonny convinced her that it was her imagination. Monica says it only takes one lingering doubt to bring everything out. A.J. says he doesnít want to live in the shadows anymore; he is going to get his life back. He says he needs to be here with her and Michael. She tells him that he wouldnít be here; he would be in prison. Michael asks Carly how her feud with A.J. started. She says it started with a court ordered blood test while she was pregnant to determine his paternity so he could take Michael away the minute he was born. Michael asks her what she did to make A.J. want to do that. He reveals that someone told him that she drugged A.J. and poured alcohol on him to make him think he had fallen off the wagon and never know that he was his father. She admits that she did it.  He asks her why. She reluctantly reveals that Michael was the result of A.J. forcing himself her when he was drunk. She says A.J. didnít remember the event. She says she didnít want A.J. to know about the pregnancy and she knew that if A.J. fell off the wagon, he would have to go to rehab out of state and not return to Port Charles, so she made it happen. She says she has been paying for it ever since. He says he thinks A.J. paid a higher price. She says Jason was a better father to him in his first year than A.J. would have been. Michael says A.J. never had the chance. She says it doesnít matter anymore because A.J. is gone. Michael says A.J. isnít gone and takes off when Carly asks him what he means. Starr tells Todd that she is moving because Maxie wants her apartment back. She says she hates keeping the baby-switch secret from Michael. Todd is sure that Michael is used to keeping family criminal secrets. She says Michael has been open with her so she doesnít feel right keeping secrets from him. He wants to know what secrets she is keeping for Michael. She says they are the secret kind and she isnít going to tell him. He says she can move in with him. She says she doesnít want to live with her family her whole life. Carly calls Todd and says she needs his help. He meets her at the pier. She tells him that she would have called Jason, but she canít do that anymore. He says he is happy to substitute. She tells him that Michaels biological father isnít dead. Michael goes to Starrís apartment and tells her that he accidentally told Carly that A.J. is alive. Tracy unexpectedly comes back in the house and sees A.J.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Michael tells Victor that since there was another fire set at a warehouse with the same modus operandi as the fire at his house, it is unlikely that Sharon could have set the fire at his house. Victor advises Michael not to discard Sharon as the suspect of his house fire. Kevin pleads with Michael to let him borrow or help him raise the five million dollars needed to buy Adam’s share of TagNGrab, but Michael says he can’t raise that kind of money. Kevin thinks that Michael never wanted him to be successful and they argue about it at the coffee house. Michael gets word that Gloworm has burned to the ground and is puzzled when Kevin says that Jeffrey and Gloria have a huge insurance policy, and they will be fine.

Sharon is very nervous before her first meeting with Dr. Watkins and almost doesn’t let the doctor see her at the cottage. Dr. Watkins tells Adam that she is very worried about Sharon after reading the file of the last mental facility where she was committed. Adam tells the doctor that Sharon could hurt herself or others. Victor asks Adam to talk to the Newman board and tell them that he wants Jack out of the company. Adam has plans to help Jack make the company stronger then ever. Jack’s operation is successful and his doctor advises him to get a lot of rest and do physical therapy, but Jack is anxious to get back to work. Victor visits Jack at the hospital and tells him to watch out for Adam, because Adam is a lot like him. Victor also warns Jack that if he or Billy had anything to do with Victoria’s disappearance, they will be very sorry. Jack is even more worried after his talk with Victor and tells Phyllis that he must figure out a way to get back to work as soon as possible.

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