Tuesday 11/6/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline sees the phone pix of her and Thomas and tells Rick that she knows he is angry, and he has every right to be. Rick replies that he thought Caroline was not going to fall for any of Thomas’s lines, but now it looks like she did. He wants to know what is going on. She gushes that there is such a huge amount of money from percentages of their sales that will go to her cancer foundation. She doesn’t think Thomas is manipulating that or using it to his advantage. Rick says both he and Thomas had the hots for her ever since she stepped out of that limo. Thomas had his chance, but now Rick would like to see where this leads with the two of them. He needs to know if there is any part of her that still is interested in Thomas. Caroline says it is only the idea of Thomas. She grew up with that whole aura of her perfect Aunt Caroline and the Forrester family. Bill and Brooke return from their walk. Bill tells Liam that he appreciates them babysitting but it’s time for them to go have fun and not just stick around in the cottage. Liam is mysterious, talking on the phone to someone to set something up. He wants to see the surprise on Steffy’s face. He tells Steffy it is an old hobby, a surprise. She says he can’t as she knows everything about him. Rick tells Caroline that he does understand. She grew up with this image of Ridge and Caroline. Then she moved to L.A. and met Thomas and everybody keeps telling her how perfect they would be as a couple. Look at Thomas – he’s tall, has dark hair, is the spitting image of his father. She admits she spent her whole life listening to her Aunt Caroline’s story and then met Thomas and she can live it too. But she likes her own story. She is grateful for all the opportunities Thomas gave her. He’s a really great guy, but Rick is the one for her. If he wants to know the truth, she loves him.

Down by the railroad tracks, Katie is shivering cold watching the rain while holed up in a dingy room just listening to her heavy heartbeat. The room is closing in on her. The faucet is dripping, driving her crazy. She picks something out of the trash can and nibbles on it. She hears babies crying and puts her hands over her ears. The thumping noise continues, with voices crying out. She slumps to the floor begging it to stop; be over soon. Will will be better off without her; everyone will be better off without her.

Bill scoffs at Brooke for thinking that Katie wants to die. She wipes her sniffles and says she is not going to cry…well maybe just a little. And with Stephanie dying, she can’t help but be a little emotional. Bill says they will get through this. They have both been left but they don’t have to feel sorry for themselves. He’ll eventually get through to Katie and she and Ridge have never been apart very long. She just hopes when she sees Ridge at Stephanie’s party that it will go okay. Bill says Stephanie may be dying but she is having the party and what more perfect time for Ridge to forgive and re-unite. Donna calls and informs Brooke that Katie came home alone. She took her clothes and all her stuff and there is no trace of her even being there at her house. Brooke tells Bill but says he doesn’t have to accept this. Katie will come back. He reflects that he’s not sure he even wants that……the old Katie yes, but he doesn’t know her anymore. She walked away not only from him but their baby. It doesn’t matter what you are afraid of, you just don’t do that. Steffy is blown away and thinks it is awesome that they are going paragliding…even more blown away when she finds out Liam used to be an instructor for a few summers. He asks if she is ready to jump off the mountain and take that leap of faith and put herself in his hands. She quips she already has. The view is spectacular and she thinks of their hilltop wedding.




Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Kristen gave EJ an envelope that had information about Nicole in it.  John and Marlena continued to talk about Kristen and how sheís a threat.  Marlena was worried about Kristen, but John thought everything would be alright as long as were on to her.  Rafe went to see Daniel because Daniel needed his help to find Nicole.  Jennifer wanted to know what Nicole was doing at her house.  Nicole wanted to know where Daniel was.  Jennifer said she didnít know, but Nicole didnít believe her.  Nicole thought Jennifer got Daniel to go to her house so she could convince him not to leave town.  Rafe wanted to know why Daniel needed to look for Nicole, but Daniel didnít want to get into it.  Rafe refused to help until he knew what was going on.  Nicole walked in Jenniferís house and called out Danielís name.  Jennifer finally convinced Nicole that he wasnít there.  Jennifer wanted to know what Nicole was doing there.  Nicole told Jennifer that she kept trying to come between her and Daniel.  Jennifer said she stopped right before Nicole fell down the stairs.  Nicole wanted to catch her plane, but Jennifer refused to let her go.  EJ looked at the envelope and knew where Nicole and Daniel were going.  He said he already had Nicole and Daniel followed.  Kristen wanted to know what he planned on doing.  He said an eye for an eye.  Kristen was impressed.  Hope ran into John and Marlena and talked to them about Kristen.  Marlena wanted to get a couple of days away from Kristen and Hope had a solution for them. 

Rafe wanted to know if Nicole did something illegal for why Daniel needed his help.  Daniel said he didnít.  Daniel said he called Rafe because he was the only other person who cared about Nicole.  Rafe finally agreed to help.  Nicole and Jennifer got into an argument over the accident as well as Daniel.  Hope suggested that John and Marlena go to the Horton cabin and clean it out for her.  Hope said the cell tower had no service or landline.  John and Marlena liked the idea.  Kristen and EJ continued to talk about Nicole and the accident that caused the death of his son.  She wanted to know what he was going to do about it, but he didnít know.  They got on the subject of John and Marlena in addition to Nicoleís baby.  While Jennifer and Nicole were arguing, Daniel called Jennifer.  He heard them arguing and realized that Nicole was at Jenniferís house.  Marlena had a patient who needed her, so she told John to go to the cabin.  Hope told them the last ferry left pretty soon.  Marlena said to go to the cabin and she would meet him later.  Hope gave him the key.  EJ was on the phone with the person he had following Nicole.  EJ wanted the person to keep following Nicole and Daniel until they got on the plane.  The person told EJ that they werenít at the airport.  EJ asked where the person was.  EJ told the person to stay there and he would take care of it.  While Jennifer and Nicole were arguing, Daniel showed up at the house.  Nicole wanted to know what Daniel was doing.  He said they werenít leaving anymore.  When John showed up at the cabin, he got a surprise.  Kristen was there.  She was shocked to see John.  Nicole tried to convince Daniel that she was telling the truth.  Jennifer tried to tell him what was going on.  Daniel wanted Nicole to come with him.  Nicole refused to go with him until he told her he believed her.  He said it wasnít about JenniferÖit was about the truth.  He wanted to go somewhere private to talk.  She said she wasnít lying to him.  She said she wasnít lying about her baby.  She said Jennifer was the reason why her son was dead. He said Jennifer wasnít the reason.  He told her that he knew.  Nicole wanted to know what he knew.  He said when she was at the town square, she knew her baby was dead. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ellie asks Spinelli to help her find a new apartment because her building is being condemned. He tells her that he has been having trouble finding a place for himself since moving out of Maxieís apartment. He says Maxie only invited him to be her roommate to make Matt jealous. Spinelli tells Ellie that he will help her find a place and resume looking for a place for himself while he is at it. Maxie tells Starr and Trey that she wants her apartment back. She says one of them can stay and be her roommate. Neither wants to make the other move out and neither thinks they could get along with Maxie so they both pack their bags. Maxie goes to GH to post a notice for a roommate. Ellie says she will take the room. Sabrina asks Elizabeth about the Nursesí Balls that the hospital used to have. Elizabeth tells her about Lucy Coe changing her elaborate gowns multiple times during the balls. She says they all had to perform in the musical numbers. She recalls performing with Emily Quartermaine and Juan Santiago. Sabrina says Juan Santiago is her cousin and he encouraged her to apply at G.H. Elizabeth tells Sabrina that the hospital stopped having nursesí balls because they were too expensive. Sabrina wishes they would bring back the balls to honor Robin. Elizabeth says they will have to honor Robin in other ways. Anna visits Emma for her birthday and gives her a toy phone. Patrick tells Anna that this is Emmaís first birthday without Robin. Anna asks Patrick about his date and says Robin would want him to be happy. He says the date was fun but that he doesnít know how to be happy without Robin. She says he has to start somewhere. Emma says she wants to see Mommy before she opens her present. Patrick says Mommy isnít there. Emma gives him the DVD that he and Robin made last year so they watch it. Emma pretends that she is talking to Robin on her new phone. Sabrina takes a birthday present for Emma to Patrickís house.

Duke tells Lulu that he knows she only hired him to help her father find a reason to convince Anna that he isnít good for her. Lulu says if Duke has nothing to hide, then she canít find anything. Dante comes into the Star and Duke asks him if he has found out anything about the second shooter. Dante tells him that he canít discuss a case with him. Dante and Lulu fill out an application for adoption. When they get to the question about their extended families, Lulu frets about the skeletons in both of their family closets. Dante says they should answer the question truthfully because their mentally ill or criminal family members arenít applying to adopt. When they finish the application, Lulu says she will proofread it and then send it. When Dante leaves, she clears the document and starts over, this time putting in answers that make them appear to have a perfect extended family. Duke receives a phone call from Dr. Ubrecht in Switzerland, who tells him that Robin is getting stronger and difficult to control. Duke reserves a flight to Zurich and tells Anna that he is going to Washington, D.C. for a few days because they want to debrief him on his years in captivity. Robin sneaks out of her room, but Ubrecht intercepts her. Robin says she needs to go home to her husband and child. She worries that Emma may have forgotten her. Ubrecht tries to get Robin back in her room, but Robin hits Dr. Ubrecht with a chair, takes her phone, and runs. Robin calls home. Emma answers the phone and immediately recognizes Robinís voice.

John McBain tells Sam that Joe Scully was working with Jerry Jacks when he poisoned the water. Sam wonders if Jerry was the second shooter on the pier. John doubts it because Jerry is presumed dead. Sam says Jerry may have survived the explosion, considering that Sonny and Jax did. She says she trusts her instincts because they told her that Danny was alive and that Jason was his father. John is confused. She realizes that John doesnít know what happened so she tells him about Heather tampering with the paternity test results. She says she knows Jason is alive and that Jerry has him. She says the ransom money disappeared so Jerry must have it. He says Jerry wouldnít come back to Port Charles when he already has the ransom money. He says Sully was working with someone else whose agenda is bigger than Sonnyís money. She says she canít give up on Jason. He tells not to do anything stupid because the second shooter is likely to be dangerous. Sam calls Spinelli and tells him that she has a lead on Jason.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jill decides to talk to Katherine to try and persuade her not to go back to work, but Katherine insists to both Jill and Esther that going back to work won’t affect her health. Avery and Phyllis argue after she sees Summer talking and laughing with Avery. Phyllis thinks that Avery is trying to replace her in Summer’s life, but Avery tells Phyllis she is only trying to be a good sister and help her with Summer. Phyllis apologizes to Avery, but later sees her and Nick kissing at the gym. Nikki tells Ronan that she found Sharon’s bracelet at the scene of the burned main house. Ronan asks Nick and Noah if they talked to or saw Sharon, but they both say no, and even if they had, they wouldn’t tell him about it.

Billy and Victor have a confrontation because Victor was testing Billy’s loyalty to the Newman family, and he failed when he quit working for the company. Victor tells Billy he will tell Victoria that he knew about his amnesia and didnít tell her that he was alive. Billy gets a text message from a guy named Eddie G who is a mobster recently released from jail. After Jill accidentally reads Billy’s text message, he explains that he has an old gambling debt of $100,000 that he owes Eddie G. He didn’t see the need to pay him because when Jill helped him pay his gambling debts years ago and Eddie G was in jail. Billy leaves two more messages on Victoria’s cell phone, and he is very worried because she hasn’t returned his calls. Victor accuses Nick of not fighting to get Newman Enterprises back, because he is scared he won’t be able to live up to the task of getting back the company. Nick tells Victor that his children need him to be present in their lives right now. To him his children are his legacy, not the company. Avery is surprised when Summer tells her that she thinks she (Avery) would be good for Nick.

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