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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric drops in on Rick who was expecting Caroline and laying out a romantic setting. Rick says he is sorry to hear about Stephanie, but his dad doesn’t have to put on a brave front for him. Eric quips that he has loved Stephanie most of his life and now they are putting all their eggs in the party basket. Rick brings up the subject of Thomas and says he is making a mistake in trying to change so much as CEO and he is using Caroline to do it. He’s using his position. Eric says he can’t stop his wife from dying, but he won’t let Thomas ruin the company so he will keep an eye on him. Hope spies Caroline looking at the photo shoot pix and Caroline lets her see them. Then Hope offers a little advice not to play Rick and Thomas against the middle to achieve her success. Her talent speaks for itself. Caroline assures her that is not what she is doing. She really likes Rick, so she will keep Hope’s advise in mind. Brooke hollers out the door to Liam that his dad won’t wake up. Steffy and Liam come running just as Brooke throws a pitcher of water in Bill’s face. He lunges forward ready to fight until he sees who it is. They all laugh as Bill quips he has not slept in 48 hours and the pills were high blood pressure pills in case they don’t see that he’s under a lot of stress and pressure now. They decide the best thing to do is get out and get some fresh air and have a little fun to take their mind off of all of this.

Caroline apologizes to Rick for being late. She loves the setting and thanks him. He says it is his pleasure as he pours her some wine. He says he is not a fan of Thomas, but if it helps her career then that is a good thing. In the middle of one of their clutches, he gets a message from Hope. He shows Caroline the pix she just sent of Caroline hugging Thomas. She says she can explain that. Bill tells Brooke that he thinks he will stay a few more days in Aspen since this is so relaxing. She says she will too if he needs her. He thinks that would be fine, but he didn’t want to ask since she has a life too. She nods no, not really any more. So it’s settled, they will both stay.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

John and Marlena were at the pub.  He wanted to talk to her about his run in with Kristen.  Marlena told him that Kristen already told her.  Stefano called Kristen and told her he wanted her to move back in the mansion.  He didnít want it to be empty.  She didnít want to move in until he was back.  Victor wanted Bradyís help to save a manís life and soul.  Daniel was at the hospital and thought about how Dr. Sedwick told him she was the one who told Nicole that her baby was dead.  Cameron walked in and asked if he looked at the autopsy report to confirm Danielís suspicions.  Daniel said somebody screwed up.  Cameron asked if the baby could have been saved.  Daniel said no, but the truth about what happened was right in front of them and they missed it.  Jennifer showed up at Danielís apartment to talk to her.  Jennifer wanted to know what really happened to the day of the accident.  Jennifer wanted to thank her.  She couldnít imagine Nicole having to go through the story again and finally had to admit to it being a mistake.  Nicole said it was one of the hardest things she had to do.  Nicole wanted to move forward and put this behind her.  Jennifer wanted to do that too, but there was something she didnít understand.  Daniel said according to the report, the baby died before the fall.  Cameron asked did it matter now that the charges were dropped against Jennifer.  Daniel said it did because Jennifer felt responsible for the babyís death and she deserved to know the truth.  Marlena told John that Kristen called her to let her know that she was with him. He said nothing happened.  She said Kristen called to make sure she knew nothing happened.  He asked if she thought Kristen was trying to get under her skin.  Marlena asked if he believed that it was a coincidence that he ran into Kristen.  He wasnít sure how Kristen would have known he was in Samiís office.  Marlena said it was Kristen.  They continued to talk until Kayla showed up to talk to Marlena.  John left for a meeting at the rectory.  Victor wanted Brady to do something to keep Daniel from ruining his life.  Daniel wanted Cameron to keep the information they found out to themselves.  Daniel wanted to know what Nicole did.  Maxine told Daniel that Dr. Sedwick was on the phone.  He asked Dr. Sedwick where the exam notes were.  She said she recorded them the old fashioned way.  He said the chart wasnít there.  He wondered if she could tell him what happened.  She said she could do one better. 

Jennifer wanted to talk to Nicole about what happened before the fall.  Jennifer said she left a message for Daniel.  She thought Nicole knew about the call, played the message, and erased it.  Jennifer thought that was how Nicole knew she was that the town square.  Nicole said it didnít matter.  Nicole asked if Jennifer was blaming her for getting in the way of the fall.  Nicole asked if Jennifer was blaming her for losing her baby.  When John went to the church for his meeting, he found out it was canceled.  Father Tobias apologized for wasting their time.  John wanted to know who the other person was he was talking about.  The other person turned out to be Kristen.  Father Tobias said Kristen was the newest board member.  Victor wanted Brady to throw himself at Nicole.  Victor thought that Nicole would take the bait because Bradyís net worth was ten times more than Danielís.  Victor thought Daniel would see the light about her if the plan worked.  Dr. Sedwick offered to email her notes to Daniel.  Nicole and Jennifer argued over the accident and what happened to the baby.  They also argued over why Daniel was leaving with Nicole.  After they finished arguing, Jennifer left.  It suddenly occurred to Nicole that Jennifer might tell Daniel about what really happened to the baby.  John wanted to know how Kristen became a member of the board.  Father Tobias said Stefano made a donation to the childrenís school renovation.  Since EJ declined the offer to be on the board, Kristen stepped in to do it.  Kristen let John know that it wasnít a coincidence that they ran into each other this time.  She knew how committed he was to God, the church and the people he loved.  Brady wanted to let it go, but Victor wanted to do something to help Daniel.  Victor said it would be on Bradyís head if something happened to Daniel and he did nothing to stop it.  Daniel flashed back to when Nicole told him the baby was gone and when she said Jennifer pushed her.  When Cameron showed up, Daniel gave him the baby clothes and told him there was something he had to do. John met Marlena at the town square and told her that Kristen was on the church board.  Marlena told him that Kristen was always willing to be charitable and help people, while she was doing evil things.  She warned him that it wasnít a sign that Kristen changed.  Marlena thought Kristen would never give up on him.  She wanted to know what it would take for John to see that.  Daniel went back to the apartment and noticed the bags were packed, but Nicole wasnít there.  Nicole went to Jenniferís house.  She checked her bag to see if she still had the key.  She pulled out the scalpel and had her back to the door.  Jennifer opened the door.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Johnny wants to kill Todd for getting together with Carly. Connie asks him if he wants to go to prison. He tells her that he is already in prison being married to her. She points out that he wouldnít want to kill any more of Starrís family. He tells her to get off him when she suggests that they have sex. She says it was good enough for him before. He reminds her that he only did it because she coerced him and that he only wants Carly. She tells him that he might as well get that out of his mind because itís never going to happen. He asks her if she gets off on hurting people. She says yes, and that itís better to hurt people than to be hurt. He tells her that people wouldnít want to hurt her so much if she werenít such a bitch. She tells him to top the pain of being raped. He says his grandfather tried to shoot him. She says she would gladly trade what happened to her for growing up male in a house full of crazy rich people. She says she got stuck with the kid and the memories that Kate doesnít remember. She says she learned the lesson that sex is a weapon to use against people. They agree to keep Joe and Carly out of their conversations. She says she doesnít do nice, but she will try to be nicer. She brings him a peanut butter and tomato sandwich. He tells her that if she is trying to kill him, she should kill him quickly. She convinces him to try it. He doesnít hate it.

Carly talks to Jason on Pier 52. She hears a noise and hopes it is Jason, but it is  A.J. She thinks he is a ghost and faints. He considers tossing her into the harbor, but tells himself he isnít that guy anymore. Sonny finds Carly and revives her. She tells him that A.J. is alive and was just there. He points out that she bumped her head. She insists that she saw A.J. and that they have to find him. He says A.J. is dead and that maybe she isnít thinking clearly because they are at the place where Jason died. Michael tells Starr that he saw his biological father, A.J. Quartermaine. He tells her that A.J. didnít really die when everyone thought he had and that Monica got him out of the country so he wouldnít have to face the charges against him. He says A.J. came back because Monica told him about Jason. He tells her that A.J. said he wants to have a relationship with him, but that it would have to be a secret. He says he already revealed the secret to Starr because they agreed not to keep secrets from each other, and now he thinks his family should know too. He concludes that it is better for A.J. to go to prison than to risk A.J. hurting someone else so he calls Dante. He has second thoughts and tells Dante that he meant to call Lulu to thank her for the party. He tells Starr that he is sorry that he ruined their plans. She tells him that itís ok after having received the biggest shock of his life.  

Anna tells Duke that she wishes Luke would back off. Duke asks her to stop worrying about Luke and dance with him. She says she has forgotten how to dance. He says it will come back to her. They dance the same tango that they danced when they were young and then they kiss. He asks her to go home with him, but she says it is too soon and she leaves. Tracy and Luke go back to the Quartermaine estate after the party at the Haunted Star. Luke is still certain that Duke is up to something. Tracy sees Monica and Alice on their way out to look for A.J. and asks them where they are going. Monica says they are going to get Edwardís medicine. Tray tells them that she already picked it up. Alice forbids Luke and Tracy to contaminate the furniture with their rented costumes and tells them to go shower and change. Tracy tells Luke that she is going to find out what Monica is up to. Luke tells Tracy not to bother Monica while she is in mourning. Tracy says Monica was looking at old pictures of A.J. dressed as the Grim Reaper for Halloween when he was a kid. She realizes that the creepy guy at the Haunted Star was wearing the same costume and that he was rude and annoying like A.J.. Luke tells her that A.J. is as dead as the Grim Reaper. She sarcastically tells him to ask Duke Lavery if dead is always dead. He says he still doesnít believe that Duke is really Duke and that he is going to Turkey to check out Dukeís story. Luke tells Tracy that she is amazing and that he will make it up to her. He kisses her. After he leaves, Tracy takes inventory of her life saying her sons donít speak to her, Monica is going crazy, Alice packs her bags every other day, she just got out of relationship a murdering rapist who died on her couch, and now she is alone again. Alanís apparition puts his hand on her shoulder. When she turns around, no one is there. Monica wishes Alan were there to tell her if she has been enabling A.J. and if she made things worse. Alan appears and tells her that she did right by A.J.. She tells him that A.J. swears that he has changed and wants to redeem himself with Michael. He assures her that she is strong enough to be there for A.J.. She flashes back to their first kiss and tells him she loves him, but he has disappeared. A.J. goes to the Quartermaine family crypt and sees his own marker. He tells Alan that he wants to be the son that he deserves. He says he would give anything for Alan to be there to ask him why he couldnít be more like Jason. Alan appears and says he loves him and that he is always with him. A.J. tells him that he is sorry for everything he did to him. Alan says all A.J. did was ask for his love and he withheld it. He says gaining Michaelís trust will be the hardest thing that A.J. ever does and that Sonny and Carly will get in the way. A.J. sees headlights. Alan disappears. A.J. hides while Sonny shows Carly the tomb to prove that A.J. is dead. Carly says that for all they know, the casket could be empty. He asks her if she wants him to open the vault. Carly concedes that she must have been seeing things. Sonny says A.J. is gone and will never get his hooks in their son again. A.J. goes inside the mansion. Monica asks him where he was. He asks her to give him a pass on this one and says he wonít go anywhere else. Alan watches over them while they hug.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chelsea discovers Sharon is living in the cottage on her property. Adam explains that Sharon is in legal trouble and he is paying for a psychiatrist to treat her. Adam assures Chelsea that he isnít having an affair and doesnít love Sharon anymore. Chelsea tells Adam that she wants to trust him but she will never trust Sharon. Chelsea agrees to let Sharon stay in the cottage, because it is important to Adam to help Sharon. Billy and Phyllis worry about Jack as they wait at the hospital for news about his surgery. Phyllis finally goes to find a doctor after a long time waiting. He informs her that Jack made it through the surgery without complications. Billy is also worried about Victoria who hasnít called him with her flight information. Victoria is taken to a dark room and locked inside. She tries her best to find her way out. Billy gets a mysterious text message, which he thinks is from Victor.

Tucker asks Jill to talk to Katherine and persuade her not to go back to work at Chancellor Industries, but Jill thinks he has ulterior motives for his request. Jill refuses to talk to Katherine because it would open up too many old wounds. Nick and Avery have a romantic dinner at her place which she insists isnít a date. Summer sets up a fake FacePlace profile in order to see if Jamie, the teenager Ronan is mentoring, will tell her the crime he committed which led him to meet Ronan. Summerís plan works like a charm. Jamie tells her that he didnít like his fatherís girlfriend so he broke into her place and trashed it. When Summer posts the information on the Internet, Fen is disappointed that she has become such a bully. Michael and Lauren also spend a romantic evening at home, talking about Paul, Christine, Phyllis, and Nick.

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