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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill picks up Katie’s ring and re-reads the note before checking in on a sleeping Will. He tells Brooke that he just wants to be alone with Will right now. Steffy tells Liam that his dad is the toughest guy they know. He’ll get through this somehow. Hope tells Rick that she doesn’t think Thomas taking him off the Caroline line was just an accident. He knows; Thomas did that so he could make a power play for Caroline……good luck with that. Taylor walks in and says both of them are just who she wants to see. Rick knows that she wants them to bow down to Thomas. She says actually it is more than that. Yes Thomas is only temporary CEO for now, but he could take over permanently. Rick tells Taylor that here’s the problem; Thomas is making changes that can affect Forrester’s for years into the future. He’d like her not to forget others have vested interests here too. Perhaps she should be encouraging Thomas not to forget that. Taylor points out the wishy-washy ways that Hope spent going back and forth with her line tied to her own personal beliefs and that turned a lot of her public/buyers off. It’s time she realized that and taking Caroline’s new line into a new future may help that. Caroline is giddy with the fact that she is going to have her own line with Thomas’s help. Of course he is only too happy to make her this happy and grateful.

Brooke checks back with Donna and both state they have not heard from Katie. Liam and Steffy take a stroll through the woods and reflect that it wasn’t that long ago that they got married on that mountain. They talk about the annulment papers and just how different she and Hope are. You gotta love the one you are with. Brooke looks in on Bill but he’s in a deep sleep and she can’t wake him. Oliver and Marcus set up the photo shoot for Caroline. Thomas is close by and has a fantasy where he is modeling with Caroline and finishes it off with him presenting her with a huge engagement ring and she gushes the word yes. The world is at Thomas’s fingertips. Rick tells Taylor that he is not worried about Caroline. It’s Thomas who is letting things get way out of line. Thomas has no experience and will let this company run itself into the ground. Taylor explains they just need to have a little faith. They can step back and do their own jobs and let Thomas run the company. Meanwhile Thomas shows Caroline the first photo proofs and tells her she was fantastic. She’s a natural. She gushes that he helped keep her from being so nervous and she really enjoyed it. She can’t wait to show these proofs to Rick. Thomas says this is only the beginning; it has endless possibilities. She claims they will make a good team. Thomas says he is counting on it. Liam and Steffy take a stroll outside and he tells her that being with her makes him feel fearless, like he can do anything. His dad was right about her. She’s good for him. Steffy says his dad is a very wise man. Brooke tries to wake Bill one more time. When she can’t, she looks to the end table and sees a glass of water and an empty bottle of pills. She runs to the door and calls out for Liam.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Brady had a nightmare about Kristen shooting John.  In the nightmare, Marlena blamed him for not doing anything to protect John and telling him that he canít save anyone he loves.  At the pub, John and Marlena talked about Kristen and how Marlena is worried about Sami working for her.  Brady showed up at the pub.  John wanted Brady to watch Marlena because he had an errand to run.  Brady told Marlena not to worry about Kristen because she has been warned.  Marlena didnít want him to put his life in danger.  He said he could take care of himself as well as John and Marlena.  She said Kristen was already going after Sami so she didnít want her going after him too.  Kate wanted to know what the message from Stefano was.  Kristen handed her an envelope.  It was divorce papers.  Kristen told her that the marriage would be over if she signed the papers.  Kate didnít think that was a way to end a marriage.  Kristen reminded her that she cheated on Stefano with a man who tried to kill him.  Kate refused to sign the papers.  Kristen said that was her choice, but Stefano always gets his way.  Kristen asked her how much hurt did she want in the process.  Kristen walked away.  Sami went to Jenniferís house to talk about Nicole and Daniel leaving Salem.  Sami also wanted to know why Nicole dropped the charges against her.  Dan read the tag on the twosie.  It said Exam Room B, October 8.  He said that was the day Nicole lost her baby.  The time was 11:45 a.m.  He wondered if Nicole was at the hospital that morning.  Daniel flashed back to telling her to get checked out.  He took the shirt and walked away.  Daniel went to check the donation box and found the matching pants to the shirt.  Daniel realized that Nicole must have been at the hospital after the accident even though she told him that she didnít see the doctor.  Sami continued to press Jennifer about why Nicole dropped the charges against her.  Jennifer wanted Sami to leave, but Sami refused to go.  Sami refused to let Nicole hurt another innocent man.  Jennifer didnít care what Sami did.  Lucas came in while Sami and Jennifer were talking and wanted to know what was going on.  Lucas got a call from Asia that he had to take.  Sami apologized for the way she was treating Jennifer, but she needed to know what was going on with Nicole.  Jennifer told her that Daniel and Nicole were going to be together so there was nothing anyone could do about it. Sami continued to pester Jennifer about Nicole blaming her for pushing her down the stairs.  Sami finally got the message and decided to leave Jennifer alone. 

Daniel asked Maxine if Nicole had an appointment the morning of the accident.  She looked on the computer and said Nicole was scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Knapp.  Maxine couldnít confirm whether or not Nicole was there because there was no record of her visit.  Daniel asked if the visit was canceled, but she couldnít answer that either.  She said there was a blackout in the ER so they couldnít put anything in the system.  He asked if there were notes, but she said the doctor never got around to it.  When Maxine noticed Dr. Knapp, she told him to ask her.  Daniel asked Dr. Knapp if Nicole had an appointment with her the day of the accident.  She said she did, but she had an emergency so Dr. Sedwick was covering for her.  She said the exam must not have happened because she didnít get any notes.  He told her the computers were down.  She said Cathy would have given her the handwritten notes.  He wondered if she still had them.  He asked if she was still there, but she said she left for South America that morning.  Dr. Knapp said she tried to talk to Cathy about Nicole, but they missed each other.  She assumed Nicole canceled the appointment.  Daniel wondered if there was a way to connect with Dr. Sedwick.  He went on the computer so he could find Dr. Sedwick in South America.  John went to Samiís office to see her, but she wasnít there.  Kristen showed up instead.  They talked about Marlena as well as Stefano.  Sami showed up while they were talking.  Kristen asked if Sami was still on board and she said she was.  When Kristen left, John warned Sami not to work for Kristen.  He tried to convince her not to work for Kristen, but Sami thought there was nothing to worry about.  Daniel finally got Dr. Sedwickís number and asked her about Nicole.  Dr. Sedwick remembered her.  He asked if she saw Nicole on the morning of October 8th.  She said Nicole was the last person she saw before she left.  She said she felt sorry for Nicole.  Daniel wanted to know why.  She said she knew Dr. Knapp couldnít get back to Nicole until later in the day.  Daniel wanted to know why Dr. Knapp had to get back to Nicole.  Dr. Sedwick said Nicole lost a child.  He asked what time she left town.  She said midday.  He asked how did she know Nicole lost the baby.  He asked if somebody told him.  She said she was the one who told Nicole that she lost the baby. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Starr and Michael have decided to take their relationship to the next level tonight. Starr gets into a sexy pose when she opens the door, only to find that it is Trey, who knocked because he doesnít have a key. Starr covers up and asks Trey how the commitment hearing went. He reveals that it did not go the way they wanted it to because Connie said that he doesnít have her best interest in mind because he just met her. Starr is worried because it is taking Michael a long time to pick up condoms from the drug store. Michael is delayed on the Haunted Star by the Grim Reaper who unmasks and says he is Michaelís father, A.J. Quartermaine. Michael tells him that he saw A.J. die and his father is Sonny Corinthos. A.J. tells him that he didnít die, he started breathing again, and Monica made him disappear. He tries to hug Michael bur Michael tells him not to touch him. Michael tells him all the terrible things that he remembers about him. A.J. doesnít deny any of it, but insists that he was only reacting to Carly trying to keep Michael away from him. He says he only signed away his paternal rights because Sonny threatened to kill him if he didnít. Michael tells A.J. not to try to turn him against his father. A.J. says Carly never wanted him to know that he was Michaelís father so she set him up to look like he fell off the wagon so that he would go to rehab out of state, she tried to pass Michael off as Tony Jonesís son , and she passed him off as Jasonís son. Michael says Jason stepped in because A.J. tried to take him away from Carly. A.J. says Carly tried to take him away first. A.J. says he wants to have a relationship with Michael and that Michael can get to know him for who he really is instead of what he has heard from other people. A.J. asks Michael not to tell anyone that he is alive. Michael gets a text from Starr and tells A.J. that he has to go. When Michael gets to Starrís apartment, Trey retreats to his room to give Starr and Michael privacy for their big night. Starr asks Michael what happened. He tells her that he just saw his father.

Connie is annoyed that Carly booked the Metro Court restaurant for a private party without consulting her. The maÓtre d' tells her that if she wants to talk to Mrs. Jax about it, he thinks she is in Mr. Manningís Suite. Connie rubs it into Johnnyís face that Carly didnít waste any time. Johnny apologizes to the maÓtre d'. He tells Johnny that Mrs. Zacchara makes the staff uncomfortable because they are used to Miss Howard. Johnny tells him that he will keep Connie out of the restaurant in exchange for Mr. Manningís room number. Johnny says Todd and Carly are just friends. Carly and Todd kiss and start to undress each other. Carly puts the brakes on because he is still in love with Blair and she doesnít want to be the rebound girl. He thinks she came to his room because she is rebounding from Johnny. They establish that neither of them is rebounding and they resume kissing. Johnny bangs on Toddís door and shouts that he knows Carly is in there. Todd tells Carly that he is pretty sure that Johnny is married to someone else. Carly says Todd is right and that he should open the door. Todd opens the door and says he is out of Halloween candy. Johnny tells Carly that she doesnít know who Todd really is. She tells him to get out of her face and go home to his wife. Carly is no longer in the mood to make out.  She says that if she sleeps with him, it would be for the wrong reasons. Todd is ok with it being for the wrong reasons. They agree that they have something between them. She says she just lost her best friend and she doesnít want to lose Todd too. He wonders if she ever had sex with Jason. She says it was a long time ago. Carly goes to pier 52 where Jason was last seen and talks to him. She says she wishes he were there to tell her what to do. She hears a noise. A.J. appears from the shadows.

Sonny vents to Alexis about losing Kate, Jason, and Bernie. He is afraid Kate will have another breakdown when she resurfaces and discovers that she is married to Johnny. Kate goes to Kellyís and gloats to Sonny and Alexis about beating them in court. Connie says she thinks Sonny is jealous because she isnít hot for him. He says she is just a symptom of Kateís illness. He says that there is a name for women like her and that kind of woman has never been his type. Connie asks them what they offered Trey to get him to sign the commitment papers. Alexis says Connie convinced Trey to sign the papers. Sonny adds that Trey saw through Connieís long-lost-mommy act. Alexis says she is looking forward to tomorrows hearing when they investigate Connieís mental capacity. Connie says she will win tomorrow too. She tells Sonny that she is going to go home and have sex with her husband now. When she leaves, Sonny flies into a rage and tosses their table over. Johnny meets Connie outside Kellyís. Connie asks him if he caught Carly and Todd going at it. She suggests that they go home and have sex. He rebuffs her and tells her that he would rather kill Todd.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

As Chelsea look through the cottage with Chloe, she gets the feeling that someone has been living here. Sharon hides as she listens to the conversation. Adam walks into Jackís office but he's not there. Adam sits down in Jack’s chair when Phyllis walks in and catches him. Jack asks Billy how Victoria’s trip is going. When Billy tells him, Jack accuses him of lying and says that he fed him false information, and Billy betrayed his confidence. Lauren joins Michael at the coffeehouse and gives him a kiss. Heather walks in and informs Michael that she needs a leave of absence. Michael becomes upset and doesnít want to give it to her. Christine and Paul have lunch and talk about Paul having to shoot Ricky. At the Athletic Club, Genevieve asks Tucker for help in finding Colin but he refuses. Ronan interrupts them and tells Genevieve that they found a body not too far from there. He then asks her more questions. Heather insists that she will leave anyway. Genevieve cannot believe that Ronan is accusing her of killing this woman instead of trying to find Colin. Jack accuses Billy of going straight to Victoria to give her the information that he falsely fed to him. Jack fires Billy. Genevieve tells Tucker that Colin had this woman murdered and made it look as though Genevieve killed her. Genevieve once again asks for Tucker’s help, but he refuses. Jack finds Adam and Phyllis in his office and informs them that, since Billy is no longer there, Adam is going to be the acting CEO until Jack’s return. Phyllis cannot believe what she is hearing. Chelsea finds a bag with a woman’s belongings in it. Phyllis warns Jack about letting Adam be CEO but he refuses to listen. Sharon calls Adam to let him know that Chelsea is at the cottage. Adam tells her to lay low and he will help to keep her safe.

Heather tells Paul and Christine that she is going with Christine to help find the videotape that will clear Paul. Jack tells Phyllis and Adam not to let anyone know that he is having surgery. Genevieve comes downstairs with her suitcase and looks around to see where Ronan is. Tucker catches her by the arm, then gives her money and tells her to disappear. At the coffeehouse, Phyllis blasts Billy for quitting Newman. Billy explains that he didn’t quit, but rather was fired. Phyllis lets it slip about Jack having surgery. Adam comes home and lets Chelsea know that Jack made him acting CEO. Chelsea holds up the suitcase and asks to who it belongs. When Adam says he cannot tell her right now, Chelsea walks out. Michael and Lauren join Paul, Heather, and Christine. Michael assures Heather that her job will be waiting for her when she returns. Heather and Christine tell Paul good-bye. Tucker sees Jill at the Athletic Club. Billy visits Jack in the hospital, but Jack orders him out. Billy sees Phyllis in the corridor. Paul lets Lauren know his feelings for Christine. Tucker questions Ronan about the dead body that was found. Ronan refuses to give him any information and asks Tucker where Genevieve is. Jack lashes out at Phyllis for letting Billy know about his surgery. Billy calls Victoria to come home, but in the hall, someone puts a cloth across her nose. Chelsea visits the cottage and finds Sharon there.

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