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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas calls a meeting; he’s going to be making some changes. Rick groans that just so Thomas can show his authority around Forrester’s. Rick questions why the meeting and why Eric is not there. Thomas tells him to sit down and he will explain. As CEO of Forrester, he is thinking of its future and that starts today. He wants to change the image they project so people won’t just think abut their grandparents. If they want new clients, they need to offer them new cutting edge. This may not be the way they do it in New York, but they need to do it better here. Dayzee breaks down at Stephanie’s. She hugs Dayzee and tells her to get it all out so they can enjoy the upcoming party…..don’t be sad. She is grateful for Dayzee as she showed Stephanie how to make a change in people’s lives. She hands Dayzee a check for the mission, just another little something she’d like to do for them.

Eric tells Dayzee that Stephanie used to fill this house with elegance and joy with her parties. They will never have that again. Stephanie urges Dayzee to get Marcus into a tuxedo and for her to get a new dress. She explains that over the years she fixated on the things that were wrong, not so much on what was good until she met Dayzee. The world would be pretty fantastic if they all did what they could. Rick doesn’t see how all the changes that Thomas proposes will really bring in new sales. Thomas stuns everyone, especially Rick and Caroline, when he announces that he is going to be working with Caroline on her new line. He looks directly at Rick when he says that he won’t let anyone hold them back. Rick tells Caroline that he doesn’t mind her and Thomas working together if it furthers her career. Thomas asks Caroline if she will accept her new promotion. She says yes if he is sincere and not doing it for his own agenda. He even tells her that she doesn’t have to give up her Caroline Cancer Foundation and they can donate 5% of the line’s profits to it. She’s delighted and says she is in. They hug….Hope comes by the door and spies them and takes pix on her phone.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Kristen showed up in Samiís office to give her a bonus.  Sami wasnít impressed with the gesture.  Kristen said she needed Sami, but Sami didnít agree.  Kristen handed Sami something to read.  Sami read that Kristen wanted her to beat Kate.  Kristen didnít think Sami would be too unhappy about that.  Sami wanted certain perks before she agreed to help Kristen.  Sami said it was going to cost Kristen big in order for her to agree to work for her.  Will and Lucas got into a fight about Sonny.  Lucas was under the impression that Sonny was just using Will.  Lucas was convinced that Sonny had a lot of boyfriends in his past.  Daniel and Nicole were looking for a flight that left for Hawaii tomorrow.  He thought about Jennifer talking to him about not leaving Salem with Nicole.  Daniel and Nicole found the flight.  He told her to book it.  He had to go back to the hospital to wrap up a few things, but he would be back in time for the flight.  At the pub, Hope talked to Jennifer about the charges being dropped against her.  Jennifer wanted Hope to take her to the police station so she could confess to pushing Nicole.  Hope thought she was joking.  Jennifer said Nicoleís baby was dead and it was her fault.  She was turning herself in.  She was confessing to a crime and she wanted Hope to arrest her.  Hope wanted her to stop talking.  Jennifer kept telling Hope to arrest her until Hope took her out of the pub.  Hope wanted to know what Jennifer was doing.  Jennifer said she was doing it for Daniel.  She didnít want Daniel leaving town with Nicole.  Jennifer told Hope about her theory for why Nicole changed her story.  Hope didnít understand why Jennifer would want to go to jail in order for Daniel to stay in Salem.  Hope tried to talk her out of it, but Jennifer felt she owed it to Daniel to save him. 

Will and Lucas continued to argue over Sonny.  Lucas was still convinced that Sonny was using Will.  Will wanted Lucas to stay out of his relationship.  Nicole called Sami over to Danielís apartment.  Nicole told Sami that she was leaving Salem with Daniel.  Sami congratulated Nicole for leaving.  Sami apologized for Nicoleís loss. Sami thought she should have said something sooner.  Nicole wished more people would be like that.  Sami wished there was something so could do to help and Nicole thought there was something she could do.  Nicole asked how much pull she had over EJ.  She told Sami how he wanted to make Jennifer pay for what she did.  Sami said Jennifer didnít do anything.  Sami thought EJ was going to go after Nicole for lying about the baby.  She also let Nicole know that she didnít like Rafeís involvement in it.  Nicole wanted Sami to stick with the story that Nicole mistakenly accused Jennifer of making her lose her baby.  While they were talking, Sami thought that Nicole accused Jennifer of pushing her down the stairs because she hated Jennifer.  Nicole said she wouldnít do something like that.  Sami wanted her to come clean.  Nicole said the favor helps Sami too because she would be away from Sydney.  Kristen got a call from Stefano.  She updated him on how it was going with EJ and Chad.  He wanted to know if she delivered the message he wanted her to deliver.  She hasnít done it yet.  He wanted her to deliver it by tomorrow, but she didnít want to wait.  She thought she could do it by tonight.  Will went to Sonnyís apartment and kissed him.  Sonny didnít think Will wanted to be with him like that.  Sonny wanted to know what Lucas did to make Will act like this.  Will didnít want to talk about Lucas and tried to make out with Sonny again.  Sonny rejected him again.  Will asked if he was the first guy Sonny brought there.  Sonny wanted him to leave.  Will asked if Sonny slept with Brian.  Sonny said he didnít sleep with Brian and he wasnít sleeping with him.  Jennifer told Hope how she and Daniel had something sweet together when Jack came back to town.  Jennifer told Hope that Daniel stepped aside so she could choose Jack.  She said Daniel has done so much for her, but she hasnít been there for him.  Will and Sonny argued about the way Will was coming on to him until Will left.  Kristen saw Kate in the town square and had a message for her.  Kate wanted to know who the message was for and Kristen told her it was from Stefano.  Maxine gave Daniel the lost and found box at the hospital.  The tee shirt to the twosie was in the box.  Daniel read the tag that had the date and time on it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick asks Emma if itís ok with her if he goes on a date tonight. She says it is fine as long as Sabrina babysits. Patrick dresses up as a racecar driver. Sabrina listens to Patrickís message in which he says there is a party tonight at the Haunted Star and asking if she is free. She is excited that he is asking her out. She dresses up as a bunch of grapes with balloons for the grapes and her face painted purple. Emma says she looks funny for babysitting. Patrick realizes that he didnít mention babysitting in his message and that Sabrina thought he was asking her out. Britt comes in without knocking, dressed as a sexy nurse, and announces that she is Patrickís date. Sabrina takes off her costume. Emma tells Sabrina that she doesnít like Britt and that Britt could never be a nurse because she is mean and nurses are nice. She shows Sabrina a photo album of a nursesí ball that Robin went to in 1994. The front page bears a picture of Lucy Coe and lists her as the host. Emma points out a picture of Robin. Sabrina says Robin is beautiful. Sabrina wonders why they donít have nursesí balls anymore. Emma and Sabrina fall asleep cuddled up together on the couch.  

Carly goes to Toddís suite and asks him if he wants to spend the night watching horror movies with her. When the mad scientist in the movie is being smothered in a hospital bed, Carly tells Todd that Michaelís father died that way. Todd recaps the men she has had in her life, the loser rich guy, the gangster, the hit man, and the billionaire with a great handshake and wonders if there is someone that is on neither extreme. She wonders where Todd would fit on the spectrum. He says it doesnít matter because they arenít a couple, but that he is a horrible person. He asks her what is next for her. She says she wants a good guy this time. He asks her if the guy has to be good all the time and kisses her.

Monica goes into A.J.ís room and finds it empty. Alice catches Monica talking to the absent A.J. She tells Monica that she understands that people often find comfort in talking to the dead. She doesnít understand why she found a passport with A.J.ís picture and the name Crane Tolliver. Monica says A.J. must have used that alias at some point. Alice points out that the passport was issued after A.J. died. She asks Monica if A.J. is still alive. Monica admits that he is alive and in Port Charles. Alice promises to keep the secret. Monica hopes no one sees A.J. A.J. has gone to the Haunted Star dressed as the Grim Reaper with a mask that completely covers his face. Spinelli, dressed as the inside of a human body, gives Greek goddess Maxie an original Enzo Cartulo drawing for her birthday. Maxie feels uncomfortable being the fifth wheel with Spinelli, DNA Ellie, and her parents, Sonny and Cher. Lulu tells Maxie that she will have her chance to confess her feelings to Spinelli, just not tonight. Maxie thinks itís as good a time as any so she cuts in on Spinelli and Ellieís dance. Lulu asks Ellie if that was ok with her. Ellie says she wants Maxie to have a happy birthday. Maxie observes to Spinelli that he didnít say anything when she told him that she and Matt are divorcing. He tells her that he was keeping his opinion to himself, but she knows that he didnít think Matt was the right man for her. She asks him who the right man is. He doesnít answer her. Spinelli and Ellie find more things that they have in common and agree that they are perfect for each other, but Spinelli nonetheless stares at Maxie, which Lulu canít help pointing out. Tracy and Luke go to the party in French Medieval masque costumes so they can spy on Duke and Anna. Anna, dressed as a flapper, sits at the bar and chats with Duke while he tends the bar. Luke hears Anna telling Duke that she doesnít think Luke is coming because she turned him down as his date. She says she didnít feel right turning Duke down and then showing up with Luke. Luke ďaccidentallyĒ spills a drink on Duke. Anna is surprised to see Patrick with a date. She cries and then tells Patrick that Robin would want him to date. When they are dancing, Britt asks Patrick to spend the night. He says no because he has to go home to his daughter. Luke listens to Felicia and Anna discuss Duke and him. Felicia asks Anna which one she would choose if she had to choose right now. Anna says she would probably choose Luke if he werenít always trying to catch Duke in some kind of nefarious dealings or spying on her like he is doing right now. Vampires Starr and Michael run into the Reaper on their way to the bar. They try to guess who he is, but the Reaper just walks away without saying a word. The Reaper collides with Tracy. She demands an apology. He says that he knows she is Tracy under the costume. She wants to know who he is. He says he is the Grim Reaper and warns her to be afraid. He goes back to watching Michael. Starr tells Michael that she thinks they have taken it slow long enough. Starr heads back to the apartment where Michael will meet her after picking up protection from the drug store. Before Michael leaves the boat, A.J. reveals himself to Michael.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Noah discuss the fact that Sharon could have set the fire to Victor’s. Sharon lights a match just to watch it burn. At the Athletic Club, confronts Adam about working for Jack Abbott at Newman. Adam congratulates him on his upcoming nuptials. Victor voices some sarcastic remarks about Chelsea and the baby. Adam asserts that Chelsea lost the baby due to Summer. Victor offers his condolences. Nick tries to call Sharon but cannot reach her. At the coffeehouse, Chloe asks Avery for advice about Chelsea joining her and Kevin at TagNGrab. Nikki comes downstairs to show Victor the Fire Marshall’s report about the fire at the ranch. Victor reads that it was intentionally set. Nikki immediately asks if Sharon had an alibi for the night of the fire. Victor confronts Nikki about why she didn’t tell him that Chelsea lost the baby due to Summer. Adam assures Chelsea that he is behind her her working with Kevin and Chloe. Victor hires his own investigator to investigate the fire at the ranch.

At the coffeehouse, Chelsea and Chloe talk about their past and their interest in design. Chelsea admits that she dabbled in designs when she was a teenager. Chloe asks to see her designs. Nikki visits Nick and Noah to find out about Sharon’s whereabouts. Nikki tells Nick that the fire was intentionally set. Nick informs Nikki that Sharon is out of town. Nikki immediately blames Sharon for the fire and thinks there is nothing left of the Sharon Nick once knew. Sharon dreams of the fire and Victor and Noah. Adam awakens her cautiously to let her know that Dr. Watkins is here to see her. Sharon becomes agitated, doesn’t want to see the doctor, and forces her to leave. Nikki lets Nick know what else was in the report. Nikki senses that Nick knows more than he is telling. As Victor looks through the ruins of the house, the investigator determines that the fire was set with his liquor. Dr. Watkins tells Adam that Sharon needs help immediately. Sharon wants to go home to see her children. Adam tells Sharon that everyone may suspect her of setting the fire, but he will fix things for her. Noah finds a message on his phone from Sharon and calls her back. At the Newman mansion, Chloe looks through Chelsea’s designs and tells her that she could make a career of design. Chelsea tells Chloe that there is a vacant cottage on the property that she could use as work space. Chelsea begins to look for the keys. Avery and Nick meet at the coffeehouse. She lets him know that they are short handed and it is self serve. Avery and Nick discuss what has been going on lately. Avery invites Nick to dinner at her place. Chelsea and Chloe head for the cottage. Victor recognizes a bracelet found in the rubble as one he gave Sharon. Nikki vows to make Sharon pay.

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