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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill is disgusted as he re-reads the note from Katie. She has abandoned his son and he can’t understand that. Brooke, Steffy and Liam all try to tell him that Katie is not herself, but she will get better and be back. They just need to sit tight and stand back. Steffy says she hates to say this but if Katie doesn’t want to be found, she won’t be. But Will has his dad, Brooke and his big brother so he will be okay. Meanwhile Taylor tries to talk to Katie and wants her to see her doctor. Katie is adamant that by time Taylor makes the phone call that she will be gone; there will be no doctor. It has to be this way. She can’t be a mother to little Will. Brooke loves her little boy and they have bonded. She doesn’t know if and when Ridge will be back, but Brooke and Bill can be together and raise Will. She gives Taylor a check so that it makes it official; she is her patient. Taylor leaves the room long enough to get another associate’s number and when she returns Katie is gone.

Knowing Bill is in Aspen and won’t be at home, Katie returns long enough to meet an assistant, pays her and thanks her for being so helpful. Just please do not tell anyone, especially her husband and sisters. Katie takes two photos of Bill and Will then leaves. Steffy tells Liam that she doesn’t mind not going to Hawaii, but oh those bikinis. He says he will make it up to her. In fact they can still go, but she says she wants to stay there and be with his father and she thinks he will want that too. Bill calls Taylor who says she was just about to call Bill. Katie sent them on a wild goose chase as she was just there at Taylor’s beach house but left and Taylor couldn’t follow her quickly enough. Bill tells Brooke that Katie might be crazy but not crazy enough so that she knew how to throw them off track. They are wandering around Aspen trying to find her and she’s back home. If Katie wants to leave him that is one thing. He can eventually learn to live without her, but Will can’t. Katie checks into a small apartment, telling the landlord that she only needs it a few months. She won’t need the entire year. The thunder rolls, her tears fall, her heartbeat is thumping heavily. She looks around the room and the pictures on the wall begin morphing into monsters and demons. She’s clearly frightened.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

GH Recap Written by Brenda

A.J. observes to Monica that his room hasnít changed since he went to boarding school. A.J. asks Monica to tell him all about Michael. Tracy hears voices and knocks on the door demanding to know who is in there and why the door is locked. She says she is going to call the police. Monica comes out. Tracy wants to know who is in there with her. Monica says she was talking to her son. Tracy bulldozes into the room, but she doesnít see A.J. She does notice the open photo album open with a picture of A.J. from Halloween past in a Grim Reaper costume. She starts harping on what a bad seed A.J. was. Monica tells her that she loved both of her sons and asks Tracy to leave and give her some privacy. With Tracy gone, A.J. tells Monica that he didnít miss Tracy while he was gone. She tells him not to leave the room. She asks him to promise that if he is able to get the charges dropped and stay legally that things will be better. He promises. When Monica comes back later, A.J. is gone. Michael startles Starr when he shows up at her door dressed as a vampire. Their attempt to make out becomes a comedy of errors. She sees his picture of Jason and A.J. Michael tells her that the man in the picture with Jason is his father. She finds the resemblance between Michael, Jason, and A.J. remarkable. She tells him about the bad things A.J. has done, including crashing into a tree causing Jasonís brain damage, shooting his own father, and kidnapping Morgan, Kristina, and him. Starr tells him that she is sure A.J. had some good in him. He asks her go with him to the party at the Haunted Star. She doesnít think it is a good idea since she just quit working there. He says Johnny is at a court hearing about Connie so he doesnít think he will be at the party. She agrees to go.

Luke shows up at Toddís door wearing a hockey mask. He tells Todd to admit that he wore the mask when he helped Heather keep him hostage in the shack. Todd denies it. Luke leaves the mask there when he goes. Carly and Josselyn go trick or treating at Todd's suite as a cowgirl and a little ear of corn. Todd is unprepared so he gives Josselyn some of his videotapes. Carly wonders why the hockey mask is there since Todd had said he was sending it to his son. Todd says he did send it to Jack, but he sent it back because he doesnít want anything to do with him. Carly insists that he go trick or treating with them so he isnít stuck inside by himself. She says he can wear the hockey mask and be the monster from the movies. He encourages them to go without him. When they leave, he puts on the mask. Luke goes to Kellyís and sees Duke and Anna talking. He tells Duke not to bother applying for a job there because he is part owner. Anna tells Luke that Duke thinks she should go to the party at the Haunted Star. Luke asks her to go as his date. She doesnít think that is a good idea. Maxie tells Patrick that she is moving out today because she doesnít want to impose on him anymore and she thinks it is time to resume her life. He asks her if she and Spinelli are getting back together. She tells him that Spinelli is seeing a really nice girl, bur she hopes that she and Spinelli can find their way back to each other. Duke sees Patrick and Emma and calls Emma ďRobin,Ē taking Patrick aback. Duke says the little girl reminds him of a little girl he once knew named Robin Scorpio. Patrick introduces himself and Emma as Robinís family and says Robin has spoken of Duke. Anna gushes over what a beautiful princess Emma is in her costume. Patrick tells Anna that he met Duke and that he seems nice. Luke scoffs. Anna takes Emma outside to take pictures. Tracy comes in and tells Luke that princess stories never end well.  He says fairy tales never do. She tells him that she think Jasonís death has made Monica lose it. He tells her that Monica must be going through hell and observes that Anna is still having a hard time about losing Robin. Tracy tells him that he should get into a good costume, go to the party at the Haunted Star, and spy unseen on Duke and Anna. Emma is sleeping when Patrick takes her home so he lays her down on the couch while he says goodbye to Maxie. Then he calls Sabrina. Dante, the burglar and Lulu, the cat, discuss adoption. Duke arrives at the Haunted Star for his shift and hears Dante talking to Lulu about working on finding the mysterious shooter from the pier. Anna arrives at the party dressed as a flapper from the roaring Ď20s right at 9:00 when the doors open. Starr and Michael arrive. Starr tells Lulu that she doesnít have a problem with the club; she just couldnít work with Johnny anymore. Lulu says she understands and encourages Starr to have fun tonight. The Grim Reaper comes into the Haunted Star. Carly goes back to Toddís suite after taking Josselyn home and asks him if he wants to spend the night with her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis moves in a little closer in order to listen to Jack and Adam as they talk. Ronan comes up and asks her what she is doing. He asks if she is working for Newman now. Sharon is in the Newman living room when she hears someone coming to the door. She fears that it may be Chelsea coming home. Phyllis lets Ronan know that she doesn’t want Jack to hire Adam. Nick walks in just as Adam and Jack are talking. At Crimson Lights, Kevin calls Michael for them to have a chat when Chloe comes in. Chloe insists to Kevin that they are not giving up on “TagNGrab” and suggests that they talk to Chelsea. Chelsea comes home and calls out to Adam, but she gets no answer. Ronan confronts Phyllis about working at Newman. Jack hires Adam as his new CEO which unnerves Nick to no end. An argument erupts between Nick and Adam. Sharon sneaks out of Adamís without Chelsea seeing her. Chloe visits Chelsea. They share small talk and a cup of coffee before Chloe pitches her idea about joining her and Kevin at “TagNGrab”. Sharon makes it back to the cottage without being seen but she soon receives a visit from some trick-or-treaters. Eden comes to the coffeehouse with some Halloween candy. Kevin blasts her for being late. Kevin tells Eden about “TagNGrab” and Adam backing out of the deal. Chelsea tells Chloe that she felt like someone was in the house. Jack and Adam leave to get to work at Newman. Nick and Phyllis’ eyes meet across the room and he sees her with Ronan. Ronan offers Phyllis his help just as they meet up with Summer. Summer and Phyllis are cordial with each other and even hug. Kevin on the computer tells Eden that he just broke even and how he wished he had never gone into business with Adam. Michael calls Kevin to meet for a talk, but Kevin makes up an excuse not to meet him today. Nick comes home and sees Faith in her Halloween costume. Faith asks about Sharon but as usual Nick makes up an excuse as to where she is. Nick takes a pic of Faith to show to Sharon. Sharon lying on the sofa starts to become paranoid at things going on around her.

Chloe asks Chelsea to join her and Kevin at “TagNGrab.” Kevin considers asking Gloria for help. Chloe calls Kevin to come to Adam and Chelsea’s for some news. Noah blames himself for Sharon’s troubles. Summer and Fen watch Ronan as he gives Jamie his wallet back and tells him who returned it. Summer vows to make friends with Jamie. Summer and Fen approach Jamie and talk. Adam comes home to find Chelsea with Chloe and Kevin. They let Adam know that Chelsea is going to be working with them at “TagNGrabĒ. Adam becomes upset that Chelsea hadnít discussed it with him first. Chelsea and Adam argue. Adam finds a pic of Noah on the floor and knows Sharon was in the house. Phyllis comes to see Jack and asks him if he hired Adam. Jack tells her that he has. Adam visits Sharon and gives her back the picture of Noah. Adam tells her about a doctor that he wants her to see but it is her decision. Sharon agrees to see the doctor. Adam and Chelsea make up. Nick and Noah find a clue that leads to Sharon as the one who may have started the fire at the main house.

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