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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor is stunned to find Katie at her house, while everyone thinks she is flying somewhere. Katie tells her that she paid someone to go to Colorado with her phone; she tricked Bill and Brooke to buy her more time. Some women are not meant to be mothers and unfortunately she found out too late that she is one of them. Taylor says that is nonsense, she just needs to bond with Will. She can not leave him. Katie says it is too late; she already has. She has to do what is best for her son. Brooke is there; she will be there for both Bill and Will. Taylor explains that Katie is just feeling that way now as she is afraid her heart will give out again. Steffy and Liam are on the jet. She daydreams about some of their previous adventures. Liam appears in a Hawaiian shirt and informs her that this will all be a waste as he is not letting her out of his sight in the hotel room. Suddenly Bill appears and tells him change of plans; they are going to Aspen. He explains that Katie walked out on him and Will and she will not do this to Will. His son needs his mother now so he’s not waiting for Katie to have some kind of revelation.

Katie tells Taylor that she doesn’t care if Taylor understands or not, but she has thought this out from every angle and she is going to do what’s best for her son. Taylor should see how wonderful both Bill and Brooke are together with her son. He’s bonded with both of them. And she is even thinking of Taylor too. Ridge will return and if Brooke is with Bill, then Ridge will be free to return to Taylor. Bill remembers his and Katie’s wedding day and the day Will was born. He told her that she brought something to him that he thought he’d never have. He wanted a family. He tells Brooke they have to find Katie and bring her home; anything less is acceptable. When they arrive at his Aspen house, they find a manila envelope marked Bill on the front. He opens it to find Katie’s phone and a note. It says she can not be a mother to Will. She is leaving Bill and wants a divorce. He will find a good mother for Will. He looks further and finds her wedding ring. He cries out into the wilderness for her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Starr opens the package containing the master copy of the CD she and Johnny made. She tears up the picture of them that is enclosed. Kristina stops by to see Trey. Starr tells her that Trey isnít there, but invites her to stay and have a meal with her. She sees the torn picture. Star says she doesnít want to have anything to do with Johnny now that he is married to Connie. Kristina tells her that Johnny isnít a bad person; he is just severely damaged and makes stupid choices. Lulu hears Connie tells Johnny that if she goes down, he is going down too. She asks them which one is in danger of arrested. Connie tries to sweet talk Lulu by saying they are family because Lulu is married to her cousinís son. Lulu says they are nothing to each other. Lulu ignores Connieís presence and starts talking to Johnny about the Halloween party arrangements. When Connie leaves, Lulu tells Johnny that he didnít marry Connie for money because he has more than she does, and he didnít marry her for the sex because he recoils when she even looks at him so she wonders why he would marry a symptom of mental illness unless she has something over him. She tells him that whatever it is, she wants to help him. When Connie returns and Lulu leaves, Connie tells Johnny that it isnít smart to conspire with his partner to get rid of her. He tells her that she is paranoid if she thinks that the big Halloween bash is all a smokescreen to cover up their plan to get rid of her. He says itís no wonder that everyone wants her to disappear. He asks him to get rid of Trey. He canít believe she is asking him to kill her own son. She says they need to think of something because they are both screwed if he signs the commitment papers. Trey tells Sonny that he is willing to commit Connie after having an unpleasant visit from her. Sonny says he knows how difficult it is for Trey to do anything for him. Trey says he isnít doing it for Sonny; he is doing it for Starr. Trey ask Sonny to tell the truth about whether he sent Jason to kill Joe Jr. Sonny says that as much as he wanted Joe dead, he had nothing to do with it because Kate demanded that he spare Joeís life, even after what he did to her. Kristina asks her if Trey has said anything about helping Kate. Starr says Trey doesnít want to help Kate because he thinks Sonny killed his father. Kristina says Sonny didnít do it. She and Starr bond over having fathers that hurt people. Trey goes home and finds Kristina and Starr getting along. He tells Kristina that he just came from talking to her father about committing Connie. Starr is grateful when he signs the papers.

Michael goes to visit Monica while she is out of the patio talking to A.J. When he says he thought he heard her talking to someone, she says she was talking to her son. He tells her that he gets it; he misses Jason too. He apologizes for upsetting her when he said Jason was like a father to him. He says he knows A.J. is his biological father, but he never knew him. Monica tells him that A.J. loved him. Michael thinks kidnapping him and his siblings was an odd display of love. Monica concedes that A.J. made mistakes, but nonetheless, he loved Michael. When Michael leaves, A.J. wants to go after him. Monica forbids it. She tells him that he canít have anything to do with Michael, and that he must leave immediately. He says he isnít going anywhere. She says he will be arrested immediately if he stays. She tells him that she would be arrested too, for faking his death, getting him out of the country, and funneling money to him for all these years. He insists on staying so he can have a relationship with his son. She tells him he will have that relationship through prison bars. He says he is A.J. Quartermaine and he will do whatever it takes to get back everything he lost. Michael to the gym with the picture of Jason and A.J. that Monica gave him. Sonny says Michael is the best thing that A.J. ever did. Michael wonders if he would have had any kind of relationship with A.J. had he not died.

Todd visits the comatose Heather in the hospital and tells her that he arranged for Sam to discover the true paternity of her child without linking it back to him and Heather canít do anything about it. To his surprise, Heather grabs his wrist and says she can send him to prison for helping her switch the babies. He says no one would believe anything the crazy lady says. He tells her that she needs to back him up and say he had nothing to do with the baby switch. She calls for Steven Lars. He tells her that Steve is busy delivering those results to Sam. Steve goes to the Penthouse to give Sam the original paternity test results that show Jason as Dannyís father. Sam says Jason will be so happy when he finds out. Sam tells Steve not to look at her like that; she knows Jason is coming home. He tells her that he hopes she is right. Sam tells Danny that his daddy will be excited when she tells him. Jason comes in and asks her what she is going to tell him. She hugs him, kisses him, and tells him that he is Danielís father. They have a touching reunion and then he disappears. Sam realizes that he was never there. Steve goes back to the hospital and sees that Heather is awake. Heather refers to herself in third person. Steve tells her that she is Heather. Heather says she is his motherís cousin, Susan, and asks if he doesnít remember her. Steve asks ďSusanĒ of Heather ever mentioned having an accomplice when she switched Samís baby. She says she doesnít know what he is talking about. She says the other man in the room (Todd) is the doctor that just delivered her baby. She asks to see her baby. Steve tells Todd the psychiatric team will figure out if the Susan thing is an act. He says Todd isnít off the hook because they know that either Heather helped him switch the babies or he helped her do it. When Steve leaves, Todd thanks ďSusan.Ē She says he had better take good care of her or he and the police will hear from Heather Webber.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam and Chelsea enjoy a breakfast of fruit and small talk. Chelsea apologizes to Adam for the things that she said to him the day before. Sharon wanders around the cottage as if she doesn’t know what to do. Walking toward Genevieve’s hotel room, Ronan explains to her what Forensics found when they searched her room. Ronan questions her again about what she did when she opened the door. Cane and Lily discuss what he saw at Genevieve’s hotel room. Neil joins them to discuss Jabot. At the hospital room in a doctor’s office, Phyllis asks Jack how his tests went. The doctor tells Jack that the bullet shifted and he is in need of emergency surgery. Jack has his doubts about having surgery again. Adam once again lies to Chelsea and says that he has a meeting with Jack. Before Adam can leave, Chloe and Kevin visit to discuss “TagNGrab”. Adam stuns Kevin by telling them all that he wants out of “TagNGrab” and for Kevin to find another investor. Neil asks Cane to be his right-hand man at Jabot. Cane readily accepts. Ronan shows Genevieve a paper weight which had been the murder weapon. Genevieve denies knowing where it had come from. At home, Phyllis encourages Jack to have the surgery and tells him to call the doctor. Neil pitches a marketing idea to Lily, but she is less than enthused. Adam comes to check on Sharon and finds her sitting motionless on the sofa. Sharon lets Adam know that she hates it here. Lily walks into Cane’s office and lets him know about the meeting that she attended. Lily tells him that she doesn’t know about working with him. Chelsea joins Kevin and Chloe at the coffeehouse and apologizes for Adam’s actions. Adam encourages Sharon to get professional help, and she agrees. Genevieve bursts into Cane’s office and asks for his help. Chloe and Kevin sit down at a table and discuss what they will do now.

At the coffeehouse, Harmony tells Neil she is leaving town. They say good-bye as Harmony is catching a plane today. Jack tells Phyllis his plans to merge Jabot and Beauty of Nature. Jack sits at the bar at the Athletic Club when Adam walks in and joins him. Genevieve explains to Cane and Lily what is going on, but he refuses to help her. Neil walks in and overhears some of the conversation between Cane and Genevieve. Adam congratulates Jack for gaining control of Newman. Jack offers his condolences over the loss of Adam’s baby. Adam tells Jack that he wants him to consider him for the CEO position of Newman. Phyllis sits at a nearby table and wonders what they are talking about. She moves a little closer so she can hear better. Sharon puts the furniture back the way she found it then looks at pics of Faith, Nick, and Noah. Sharon leaves the cottage. Kevin promises Chloe not to let Adam win, and he will find someone to be an investor for them. Sharon sneaks into Adam’s house to call Noah. She is surprised when she overhears the front door open.

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