Monday 10/29/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Brooke that he is shocked. Katie walked out, even took the car, said she was done and this time he thinks she meant it. He calls Taylor over who hears all the details. Rick speaks with Hope and then feels guilty when she says she still misses Liam, but he lied to her over and over about that night and she can not love someone like that. He is about to confess something when Liam walks in looking for someone else. Rick says he has something to tell both of them, but then he is called away by Thomas. Liam wonders what all of that is about and if he should wait. He blurts out that he came to see Steffy as they are going away. Hiding her hurt, Hope says she is sure they are gonna have fun and she leaves the office.

Stephanie gives Eric the last invitation. All have been hand delivered and marinated in tears. They walk down memory lane with many happy memories in this house. She doesn’t want tears. She states that now that she realizes that she is about to die, she sees things crystal clear. She says she believes they will always be together. She will miss him. The time they have had in their lives have been remarkable. He needs to remember that. Those memories will keep her alive for him. And as long as he remembers she will be alive……right here. She touches his heart and he puts his hand over hers and kisses her forehead. Bill knows that he can track Katie with her cell phone. She’s at the airport, but they don’t know what flight so they will have to wait until she lands and follow her. Liam surprises Steffy by saying he’s booked their lunches….as in plural…..and then tells her that it’s in Hawaii……ready to leave any minute. She can choose Thomas’s boring business meeting or going with him. Magic happens on the island so they need to go make some. Brooke tells Bill that they will find Katie. She will come back and be there for him and Will. He finds that Katie is on her way to Colorado and tells Brooke that he will get the jet. He absolutely wants her to come with him. Taylor returns to her home and is startled to find Katie sitting there.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Justin went to Jenniferís house to tell her that the charges were dropped.  She told him how Roman told her already.  She said Roman told her that Nicole wasnít pressing charges against her.  Justin wanted to know if Roman knew why Nicole dropped the charges, but Jennifer didnít know.  Daniel opened his door to someone collecting the stuff for Nicoleís baby.  The camera cut to one half of the twosie outfit.  A nurse at the hospital picked up the other half of the twosie from lost and found.  Roman told Bo that he would take care of Boís family while Bo was gone.  At the coffee shop, Marlena went to see Dr. Patel so she could talk.  Dr. Patel couldnít talk to her right now because her patient was there.  Her patient turned out to be Kristen.  While Rafe was trying to convince Sami that they should make things work, EJ showed up.  EJ wanted to talk to Sami about something, but Rafe told him to go away.  EJ expected Rafe to be a little more grateful that he wasnít in prison after what he did.  Sami wanted to know what EJ was talking about.  EJ told her that he didnít press charges against Rafe or Daniel.  Sami thought he made the right decision.  EJ was determined to make the person responsible for the death of his child pay.  Jennifer was convinced that Daniel talked Nicole into dropping the charges.  Nicole told the doctor that her baby was dead.  She thought about how she threw all of the stuff out of the bag she bought for the baby.  She thought about how she stole her chart.  She said no one knew what she did and they never would.  Maxine wanted to know what she was talking about, but Nicole snapped at her for being nosy.  Daniel showed up at the hospital with papers.  He let Nicole know that he was ready to leave for Hawaii.  While Bo, Caroline, Roman, and Kayla were at the pub celebrating Bo and Carolineís departure, Hope and Ciara showed up and joined the celebration.

Rafe wanted to know if EJ was going after Jennifer.  EJ said he wasnít, but he was going to make sure Jennifer paid for what she did.  Rafe couldnít believe that EJ would go after Jennifer after everything sheís been through.  When EJ left, Sami ripped into Rafe for being mean and stupid with EJ.  The two got into a huge argument over EJ.  Rafe walked away from her after they argued.   Maxine told Daniel that it was going to be a holdup with the paperwork so he and Nicole couldnít leave yet.  Marlena wanted to know why Kristen was seeing Dr. Patel, but Kristen didnít think it was any of her business.  Marlena thought it was her business.  Dr. Patel wanted to know if there was something wrong.  Marlena thought that Kristen found out that Dr. Patel was her (Marlenaís) doctor.  Kristen thought it was a coincidence.  Marlena didnít think it was a coincidence.   Marlena thought Kristen was using Dr. Patel against her.  Kristen reminded Marlena that she was in therapy and wanted a therapist in Salem.  Kristen said she didnít know that Dr. Patel was Marlenaís doctor, but Marlena didnít believe her.  Sami ran into EJ and he comforted her.  Rafe went to the hospital to check on Nicole.  Nicole let him know that she was going away.  Daniel went back to his apartment to run and errand.  While he was there, Jennifer showed up to thank him for getting Nicole to drop the charges.  She told him she owed him her life.  He said Nicole did it on her own.  Jennifer was suspicious of Nicole dropping the charges on her own.  Jennifer noticed a piece of paper and saw that he and Nicole were going to Hawaii.  She realized that that was the reason why Nicole dropped the charges.  Bo and Hope had a tender goodbye moment with each other.  After Kristen and Marlena went back and forth about whether or not Kristen was following Marlena, Kristen left.  Dr. Patel said she never saw Marlena that upset.  Marlena told her that she never saw her talking to someone who tried to kill her.  Daniel tried to deny Jenniferís accusation, but she was convinced she was right.  He tried to talk her into thinking that it was his own idea to go away with Nicole, but Jennifer didnít believe it.  They got into an argument over it.  While they were arguing, Daniel blurted out that he was still in love with her.  Bo and Hope shared kisses with each other and declared their love for each other.  When he left, she blew him a kiss through the window.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny takes out his frustrations about losing Kate and Jason on the heavy bag at the gym. Michael tells him that he went to offer condolences to Monica, but she didnít know about Jason yet, so he ended up being the one to tell her. He tells her that she got upset when he said Jason was like a father to him. Sonny tells him that Monica has always had a soft spot for his biological father, her other son A.J., but says Michael shouldnít take it too hard because it must be hell on Monica to have outlived her children. Michael tells Sonny that they need to find the second shooter and strike back. Sonny says that as long as he is still alive, Michael wonít have anything to do with the business. He says he wants Michael to have a safe life, and that Jason wanted that too. Sonny suggests that Michael go and check on Monica again. A.J. comes into the Quartermaine estate through the patio door and tells Monica that he couldnít stay away after she told him about Jason. She is excited to see him doing so well. He tells her that after all the physical therapy, he doesnít need a wheelchair or even a cane anymore. They talk about the fight that they had years ago and his broken back. Monica remembers that day when A.J. and Alan were both fighting for their lives. She remembers telling Steve to stop trying to revive A.J. after working on him for 30 minutes. She remembers A.J.ís heart starting up again after Steve had pronounced him dead and her telling him that the only way for him to stay out of prison is to stay dead. She tells him that they wouldnít have been able to pull it off without Steve Webber agreeing to let the death pronouncement stand. A.J. says he missed Michael growing up and Alan, Emily, and Jasonís deaths and that he is sorry he couldnít be there. He wants to stay in town, but Monica says it is too dangerous. They hide on the patio when Michael comes over.

Connie goes to see Trey, hugs him, and tells him his mommy is there for him. Trey tells her never hug him again. He wants to know what angle she is working. She tells him that they have to stick together against Sonny. He says he just wants to get him on her side so that he wonít commit her. He asks her if she or Kate left him in a drawer when he was born. She says it was Kate. She says Kate also went off on him at Sonnyís house before the wedding. He says that seemed more like her. She says she gets tired of being blamed for everything. He tells her that she is a lying, scheming, psychopath. She says he doesnít want her for an enemy. He suggests that she get a lawyer and kicks her out. Starr goes to the Haunted Star and asks Johnny how he could marry the woman that was responsible for her familyís deaths. He says he loves Connie. She concludes that he was lying when he helped her with losing her family, and he lied to Carly when he said he loved her or he is lying now. She tells him that he is helping a murderer to stay on the streets and kill again. Johnny is confident that Connie wonít do that. He asks what he can do. She tells him that he can commit Connie. He says he canít do that. She says Trey wonít do it either. She quits her job. He gives her the master copy of the CD that they made. Starr goes home and opens the master. She tears up the picture of her and Johnny that was included in the wrapping. Connie goes to the Haunted Star and tells Johnny that she tried to do damage control with Trey, but it didnít work, so they will have to go to war. Trey goes to see Sonny and tells him that he will have Connie committed.

Sam cuddles with Jasonís motorcycle Jacket. Carly goes to see Sam. Sam tells her to leave. Carly says she is going to take care of Sam and Danny because it is all she can do for Jason right now. Sam asks Carly how she thinks Jason would feel about her defending Todd Manning. Carly says the charges against Todd were dropped so she has no reason to doubt him. She says she doesnít believe Todd would have anything to do with keeping anyoneís child away from them. Carly gives her phone to Sam because it has a voicemail from Jason on it. Olivia goes with Steve when he checks on Heather. She thinks Heather comes up behind her so she breaks the emergency glass and grabs the ax from inside. Steve rushes out of Heatherís room and takes the ax from her. When she looks again, she sees that it was Todd Manning, not Heather. Olivia is still afraid that it was a premonition that Heather will wake up soon. Steve wants to know why Todd is there. Todd produces a bag of Heatherís stuff that he came to drop off, which includes Dannyís original paternity test that Heather stole which conveniently falls out of a book. Steve checks on it and finds that it is valid. Todd says Sam should know about it. Steve delivers the paternity test results to Sam. Todd goes into Heatherís room and tells her that Sam is going to find out that Jason is her babyís father, it canít be traced back to him, and Heather canít do anything to stop him because she is a vegetable. Heather grabs Toddís wrist.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria and Billy argue when she finds out that he is quitting working at Newman. Victoria walks out on him. Nikki and Katherine discuss her upcoming marriage to Victor and how much discord is in their family because Nick won’t help fight for Newman. Nikki is glad and this may be the best thing that ever happened. In the ruins of the ranch, Victor talks with Nick discuss about him not helping to win Newman back from Jack. Nick reminds Victor how much damage he did to this family due to Victor running Newman. Victor tells Nick that they have nothing more to discuss. Katherine gets up to leave when Victor walks in and gives Nikki a kiss on the head. Victor and Katherine exchange pleasantries then she leaves. Victor joins Nikki and lets her know how things are progressing on the ranch. Victoria tells them that Billy backed out of spying for them at Newman. Victor says he knew that Billy would begin having second thoughts. Genevieve gets a call from the mysterious woman who offers to give her the info that she needs. They plan to meet. Ronan interrupts Genevieve and asks what is the rush. Chelsea plans a romantic evening for herself and Adam but he doesn’t show. Adam tells Sharon that he will not let her do this alone. Sharon asks Adam if Chelsea knows where he is right now. Sharon leaves the cottage in a huff. Phyllis questions Jack about this twinge that he feels in his back and wonders if his therapist knows. Jack refuses to discuss it. Jack tells Phyllis that she won’t regret working for him. Genevieve returns to her hotel room and finds it ransacked. In looking around, she finds a bloody cloth on the floor. She rushes out. Despite the guards' attempts to hold her back, Genevieve bursts into Cane’s office and asks for his help. She tells him what happened back at the hotel room. Adam tries to console Sharon by taking the blame for all of her problems. Sharon urges Adam to tell Chelsea that he is helping her. Nikki and Victoria have a meeting with Nick to try to change his mind but he refuses.

Victor threatens to tell Victoria everything about knowing that he was in Los Angeles if Billy doesn’t work with her to regain control of Newman. Billy and Victor’s talk is interrupted by Victoria coming home. Victor leaves abruptly. Billy lets Victoria know that he changed his mind about walking away from all this and not helping her to regain control of Newman. Victoria know that this change of heart is due to Victor’s visit. Victoria makes plans to go to Miami. Jack calls his informant in Miami to warn him of Victoria’s visit. Adam comes home to Chelsea. They kiss and head upstairs. Sharon moves furniture in the cottage house. Ronan, Genevieve, and Cane visit the hotel room and finds a bloody handkerchief belonging to Genevieve. Jack has another severe pain in his spine which causes him to collapse to the floor. Phyllis quickly calls for an ambulance.

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