Friday 10/26/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Will that he won’t have to mourn her or miss her. This way will be best. Both Brooke and Bill think Katie is making progress and getting better; just needs a few more days. However a minute later, Katie solemnly tells them that she is leaving….Will, Bill, everybody and everything behind. This is not up for debate. She is so sorry, but she is a horrible mother and Will was a mistake. This is the way it has to be. Bill will be an amazing father. It won’t even be shared custody. Bill can have Will. She states that she is walking out. Bill grabs her tightly and tries to persuade her not to. Brooke tells her to calm down, just sit down and think. Katie claims that she has to do this for Will. She begs Brooke to do this for her. Brooke can even look after Bill too. While Taylor is in Dr. Meade’s office, she gets a phone call from Bill. Frantically he informs her that Katie has lost it. She’s leaving him and Will. He wants Taylor to come over as fast as she can.

Eric convinces Stephanie that she probably can’t hand deliver Sally’s invitation, but she can talk to her and tell her in person. Fabio answers though and he is doting on Sally and promises he will give her Stephanie’s regards. Stephanie muses to Eric their many contentious beginnings. It probably was the Sally Scissorhands haircut that was their real bonding moment. Stephanie says she wishes she could have talked to Sally or her be at the party, but her memories will be enough. And she says Eric will be the only cabana boy that she needs. Brooke keeps knocking on the nursery door asking to see Katie. Bill comes to the rescue and kicks the door in. Will is fine but there is no Katie. She is crying and running down the balcony steps, looking back one last time.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Bo went to Victorís to give something to Ciara.  He told Victor that heís taking Caroline to California for treatments.  Victor thought it was a good idea.  Bo said Hope was going to need a hand with Ciara.  Maggie asked if they knew what was wrong with Caroline.  Bo told her that they thought it was early Alzheimerís or dementia.  Maggie apologized.  He said they were leaving that afternoon.  Marlena was upset that John was with Kristen in the town square.  Marlena was worried about Kristen and upset that John was keeping secrets from her.  He said he wasnít keeping secrets from her.  Sami came up to them to talk.  Marlena thought it was about Kristen trying to destroy their family, but Sami corrected her.  Marlena thought Sami was upset because Kristen went to her apartment.  Sami told them that Stefano demoted her and put Kristen in charge of Countess W.  Marlena wanted her to leave the job.  Sami said she wasnít worried about that.  John thought she might have been worried about Rafe.  Sami wondered why he thought she would be worried about Rafe.  Sami told them about Carolineís situation and how sheís going to California.  John and Marlena said they would be there for Caroline.  They left and Sami stayed behind.  She got a call from Rafe, but she didnít answer it.  Will and Sonny were at Sonnyís apartment about to make love.  They were interrupted by Lucas who needed to speak with Will.  Rafe went to see Caroline to see how she was doing.  They ended up talking about Sami.  Victor blamed himself for not knowing sooner what Caroline was going through.  Bo told him that Caroline was putting on a brave front.  Bo said Kayla said Carolineís past memories would be the clearest.  He hoped the treatment would slow down the problem.  Victor approved of what Bo was doing for his mother.  Bo thought it was the least he could do.  Victor said Ciara would miss her father.  Bo said he would miss Ciara.  Victor wondered if Boís siblings would relieve him from time to time.  Bo said they wouldnít. 

When Will finally opened the door for Lucas, Lucas looked at him and Sonny.  Will wanted to know what Lucas was doing there and how he knew where he was.  Lucas said Gabi told him.  He also told Will that Sami has been leaving Will messages to go to the pub to say bye to Caroline.  Lucas said Caroline was going out of town.  Will left Sonny and Lucas so he could go to the pub.  Lucas wondered what Sonny and Will were doing.  Sonny wanted Lucas to come out and ask.  Bo said his siblings were busy doing other things for why they couldnít go to California.  Since he quit his job, he was the perfect one to go.  Victor said he was the best man he knew.  They hugged each other.  Sami had a flashback of Rafe telling her that EJ wanted to hurt her by telling her the truth.  When she was about to leave, Rafe showed up to talk to her.  Bo ran into Billie at the coffee shop and said their goodbyes to each other.  John and Marlena ran into Bo and told him their thoughts were with him.  Will went to the pub to say goodbye to Caroline.  Sonny and Lucas got into an argument over what almost happened between Sonny and Will.  Sami didnít want to hear Rafe apologize for hurting her.  He told her that he heard about her grandmother and he wanted to say he missed her.  They continued to talk about Caroline.  Bo told John and Marlena about Carolineís situation.  When Marlena left to take a call, John and Bo talked about why Bo left the force.  Bo told him he was still determined to get the DiMeras, but Caroline came first.  John said he had his back no matter what.  While Sami and Rafe were talking about Caroline, Sami said Caroline was the only person who never gave up on her.  Rafe said Caroline wasnít the only one.  Billie ran into Lucas and he told her about not letting Sonny use Will.  Sami said Rafe did give up on her and didnít trust her.  She said she couldnít look at him because it hurt so much.  He apologized, but she didnít want to hear it.  She wanted him to explain to her how he could love her and hurt her.  He said he loved her more than anything else in the world.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Diane goes to Samís apartment to anonymously deliver Dannyís original paternity test results that show Jason as the father, but Sam arrives home before she can do it. Sam wonders if the envelope is for her. Diane says no, she just dropped by to offer her condolences. Sam says she doesnít need condolences because Jason isnít dead. Sam goes off on Diane for representing Todd. John McBain shows up. Diane leaves. Sam tells John that she is sick of people saying they are sorry because Jason isnít dead. McBain says he doesnít think Jason is dead either. He says the fact that there is no body indicates that he isnít dead. Sam tells him about Bernie being shot by two guns and Joe telling Trey that he was working for someone. John thinks he may know who it is. He tells her about Scullyís mysterious release from prison. Spinelli goes to Todd Manningís room at the Metro Court and asks him to tell Sam about the part he played in keeping her child from her. Todd tells him to leave it alone because Sam has he baby back. Diane arrives and tells Todd not to say another word. Spinelli is appalled that Diane is representing Todd. Diane tells Todd that she was unable to deliver the envelope to Sam. She tells Todd that if Carly ever finds out that Todd was involved with keeping her precious Jasonís son from him, she will flatten him. They agree that someone that Sam doesnít know will have to deliver the results. Todd suggests Heather Webber. Maxie is disappointed that Spinelli didnít react to her news that she filed for divorce. Lulu suggests that it might be because Spinelli was on a date when she told him. Lulu tells her not to expect Spinelli to dump Ellie just because she has become available. Ellie comes into the Star and is thrilled to see Maxie. She insists that Maxie join her and Damien at the Halloween party. Maxie mentions that Halloween is her birthday. Ellie says Damien would want to celebrate Maxieís birthday. Maxie accepts the invitation. Ellie asks Maxie to help her with her costume.

Sabrina takes up a collection to send flowers to Monica Quartermaine in condolence for Jason. Patrick tells her to stop. Sabrina asks if there is a company policy against collecting money or if the hospital is already doing something. Britt and Elizabeth notice the exchange. Elizabeth asks him why he is yelling at Sabrina. Patrick says Jason is a murderer and everyone is better off without him. Elizabeth tells Patrick not to say things like that. Patrick says Robin gave up her life to save Jasonís and he threw his life away. Elizabeth says Robinís death was an accident. Patrick rationalizes that Robin wouldnít have been in the lab if she werenít working on a cure for Jason. Elizabeth tells him that Jason was Robinís friend and that she wouldnít want him to use her death to beat up on Jason. Britt blames Sabrina for creating the scene. Sabrina apologizes to Elizabeth and says she didnít know the history between Jason and Robin. She observes that Jason must have been important to Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells her that she loved Jason. She tells her that she has done desperate things to try to hold onto Jason, even though he wasnít hers to lose. Sabrina says love makes everyone do stupid things. Patrick tells Britt that he should have considered Elizabethís feelings. He tells her that Elizabeth and Jason had a son that died last year. Britt says he has the right to be upset that his wife gave up her life for someone who didnít regard his own. She tells him that if he ever needs to vent his rage that he should come find her because she can take it. Patrick apologizes to Elizabeth and Sabrina for losing his temper. He gives Sabrina a couple of dollars for the flowers. She asks him if she can do anything to make up for upsetting him. He asks her to babysit Emma while he goes on a date with Dr. Weston.

Anna tells Duke that she thinks Scully had an accomplice who shot Jason. He tells her that he got a job as bartender at the Haunted Star. She asks him why he would choose to work there. He says he couldnít find anything else. He says he isnít naÔve; he knows Lulu hired him to keep an eye on him for her father. Anna says she hopes the arrangement doesnít backfire. Anna asks Duke if he has a phone number. He tells her that she can find him at his new apartment. Monica stares at a picture of Jason and A.J. Tracy tells Monica that Jasonís death is a shock. Monica says it is Tracyís fault because she didnít turn in Joe Scully. Tracy says itís Monicaís fault because she and Alan coddled their sons and let them get away with anything.  Monica admits that she made mistakes with her sons, but says it doesnít excuse Tracy allowing Joseph Scully to go free. Tracy says Joseph saved her life by slipping her the antitoxin that made her immune to the contaminated water. Monica says that if Joe had the antitoxin, then that means he was working with Jerry Jacks. Monica canít believe that Tracy didnít mention to the police. Tracy wonders if Joe was involved with the Metro Court hostage situation that caused Alanís heart attack. . Monica says she has lost both her sons, Alan, and Emily so she doesnít have a family anymore. Tracy cries and says she is sorry about Jason. When Tracy leaves, A.J. appears and tells Monica he thought Tracy would never leave.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack suffers with a sharp pain is his spine and gets a visit from his father, who shows him no sympathy at all. John reminds him what wrong he is doing by taking over Victorís company. Chelsea confronts Adam about why he is lying to her and not including her in what is troubling him. At the Athletic Club, Avery and Ronan bump into each other. Avery insists that she and Nick are only friends. Nick and Phyllis discuss if she should take the job at Newman. Nick lets her know that it really doesn’t matter to him. Phyllis asks him is it really over between them. Phyllis accuses Nick of already moving on without her and agrees that she will let go. Summer comes downstairs as Phyllis leaves. John asks what he is really afraid of, but Jack refuses to give him a straight answer. Chelsea asks Adam why he is shutting her out of his life and not wanting to talk about them losing their baby. Sharon rushes in from the back and tells Adam that he needs to tell Chelsea the truth. Sharon offers to tell Victor everything about the fire, but Adam forbids her to do so.

Nick catches Summer just before she goes out the door and asks what is going on in her life, about school and the accident. Summer asks Nick how he can expect her to forgive Phyllis when he cannot forgive her himself. At the Athletic Club, Phyllis runs into Ronan. Ronan asks her out, but she refuses. Summer pays Avery a visit to discuss being an emancipated minor. Avery suggests that they make some cupcakes as they talk. John reminds Jack of all the things that he managed to accomplish despite the fact that he has a bullet in his spine. Chelsea comes home and through tears apologizes to Adam for rushing out. Adam kisses her and they plan a romantic dinner for later. Nick and Phyllis both call Summer but get no answer. Sharon visits Victor and sees Jack in his office. Jack lets Sharon know that thanks to her he has taken over Newman Enterprises. Adam catches up to Sharon and gets her out of the building before anyone else can see her. Phyllis texts Jack and tells him that he has won. Jack joins Phyllis at the Athletic Club and hears her decision about his job offer. Nick visits Avery and finds out about her and Summer’s visit. Avery offers Nick a cupcake, but he is hesitant to eat it until she persuades him to. Sharon takes the blame for everything that is going on now. Adam holds Sharon in his arms and she begs him not to leave her. Meanwhile, Chelsea sets the scene for a romantic evening with Adam. Jack has another sharp pain in his back.

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