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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke thanks Katie for the kind words she said about her and Ridge and she assures Katie that she will be there for her too. Bill brings Will down and Brooke is happy that she can hold him one more time before leaving. Katie notices that she and Bill seem to be bonding more. Stephanie calls Taylor over to her house and gives Taylor the invitation. She wants to know if there is anything she can do, and Stephanie says no, not this time. Stephanie laments that she wanted to have this time with Taylor to tell her how much she loves her and how much she has meant to her….and not have tears at her party. They remember the time that Stephanie gave Taylor a special heirloom necklace that had been her grandmother’s and mother’s. She wanted Taylor to have it as she treasured her like a daughter of her own. Then there was a time that Taylor felt like she had to return it. Stephanie says she is glad it didn’t turn out that way. Now when the time is right, she can give it to Steffy. Taylor says Steffy can give it to her daughter.

Stephanie and Taylor reminisce about their contentious beginnings, but how they then became lifelong friends. They confess their love for each other. Stephanie would like to think that Taylor had the best of Stephanie’s parts in her and she is sorry that she interfered so much in her life. Taylor cries that she wishes Stephanie was gonna be around to interfere all she wanted. Will fusses a little bit when Katie holds him, but she says she would like a little alone time with him and goes upstairs. She keeps hearing her own heavy heartbeat. She cries to Will that she just can’t do it. She can’t let him fall in love with her. She cries that she has to leave him. It’ll be for the best. Someday he will understand that she loved him so much and she can give him a real family. She sees her own gravestone and then Bill playing with a small Will running to his mother, Brooke. They make a perfect family. This is the only way!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami and Kristen ran into each other at the town square.  Kristen wanted to know if Sami decided to quit Countess W.  Sami hadnít decided yet.  Kristen wanted the decision by tonight.  Caroline looked around the pub and told Bo how she couldnít believe it was her last day there.  He told her she would be back sooner than she thought.  Kristen ran into Brady and they talked.  She told him that sheís changed.  He warned her to stay away from John and Marlena.  Sami rushed into the pub to talk to Caroline.  Caroline wondered which guy she had the problem with now.  Bo walked up and told Sami to ask Caroline how she was doing.  Sami was surprised when Bo told her that he quit the force.  Caroline told Sami that she and Bo were leaving town for a little while.  Sami thought it was a vacation, but Caroline corrected her.  Caroline told her it was a clinic that could help her.  She couldnít tell Sami what her problem was so Bo told her that Caroline might have Alzheimerís.  Sami wanted to know why no one told her.  Bo said because she never asked. 

At the hospital, John and Marlena talked about Kristen and whether or not she changed.  John wanted to protect Marlena from Kristen so he wanted to be around her to make sure Kristen didnít bother her.  Kristen reminded Brady that there was a time when he didnít care for Marlena.  He told her how he changed.  She said she should be allowed the right to change too.  She tried to convince him that sheís changed, but he wasnít convinced.  He left after she told him she wasnít going to cause trouble between John and Marlena.  Sami apologized for not knowing what was going on with Caroline.  Caroline assured her that it wasnít her fault.  Caroline didnít want anyone to know what was wrong with her.  When an employee came to get Caroline, Bo and Sami talked about Caroline and the clinic she was going to.  Abe came in the pub and talked to Bo about Bo quitting the force.  While Bo and Abe were talking, Sami and Caroline were talking about Caroline leaving.  They declared their love for each other and Caroline let Sami know that she would always be there for her.  Bo and Sami talked about Carolineís problem as well as the help Caroline was going to get.  John ran into Kristen at the town square.  He saw her help a little girl who was hurt.  When the girlís mother showed up, she assumed John and Kristen were married.  When Kristen left to get the girlís motherís information, Marlena showed up to surprise John.  Kristen came back and told John she had the information.  When Kristen left, Marlena was upset that he was with Kristen.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke tells Lulu that Duke is the genuine article, but he still intends to prove that Duke is up to something. She tells him about her medical condition that prevents her from carrying a child to term. She says she and Dante are going to discuss alternatives. He tells her that he would be proud of her if she adopted a child. Sam wants Spinelli to help her find Jason.  She still insists that Jason is alive and she is going to find him.  Spinelli agrees to help her. Duke watches Anna and Dante from the shadows as they investigate the murder scene. Anna and Dante are trying to figure out what second person wanted Sonnyís accountant dead. Dante says Scully was working for someone, according to Trey. Anna concludes that that person is responsible for all of it. She wants Scullyís computer and phone records and tells Dante to interview the guards and inmates at the Atlantic City jail so they can ascertain who Joe had contact with since he has been in town. Dante says the medical examiner told him that Scully received proper treatment for his bullet wound to the shoulder from somewhere. Duke trips over something and makes a noise.  Dante and Anna investigate, but Duke eludes them. Duke goes into the Haunted Star and eavesdrops on Luke and Lulu. Lulu tells Luke that he should focus on showing Anna why he is the right man instead of why Duke is the wrong man. Duke goes inside and pretends to be surprised to see Luke. He says he is looking for a job. Lulu tells him that she doesnít need a manager, but they are looking to hire a bartender. He takes the job. Luke is dumbfounded. Lulu says she is keeping friends close and enemies closer. Anna notices an expensive piece of cloth caught in some metal. Dante observes that it is at a perfect vantage point for supervising last nightís shooting. Anna considers the idea that the second shooter came in from there. Sam and Spinelli arrive. Sam asks Anna about the second shooter. Sam is happy to share the recording of Bernieís message and goes home to get it. Dante observes to Anna that Sam is in denial. Anna says other people call it denial, but when itís you, itís called hope. Duke returns to the pier and sees Anna with a piece of his scarf in a plastic bag, saying that she is going to run a DNA analysis. He leaves, ditches the scarf, and returns to his hiding place. When Dante leaves, Duke ďhappensĒ to see Anna and tells her that he just got a job.

Carly tells Todd that she wishes Danny was Jasonís child so that a part of Jason could have lived on. Diane stops by and offers her condolences to Carly for the loss of both Bernie and Jason. When Carly leaves, Diane says she figured that Todd fired her and hired Heather because Heather could prove that Todd was involved in the baby switch.  She advises him not to mention any of it to anyone else lest he be charged with kidnapping. He reveals that he already told his daughter and that he almost told someone else. She tells him that based on the farewell she just witnessed, it must be Carly, and he had better not tell Carly. He tells her what Carly said about wishing Danny was Jasonís child. He invokes attorney-client privilege and reveals that Danny actually is Jasonís child. He and shows her the original paternity test and tells her to give the results to Sam without revealing that he ever had them. He calls his office and says he wants an obituary in tomorrowís paper that focuses on all the good things that Jason Morgan did in his lifetime, and that he wants to personally proofread it before it goes to print. Spinelli knocks on Toddís door and says he wants to know the truth about Samís baby.  Sam arrives home just as Diane is about to put the paternity test results under the door.

Starr goes into the Metro Court and sees Connie pawing Michael. Starr pushes Connie away and tells her to get her hands off.  Connie says Michael needs a real woman; after all, he used to bang a hooker. She says Starr is awfully possessive so she must be over her last boyfriend and her dead kid. Starr smacks Connie so hard that she stumbles. Starr says Connie is the reason they are dead. Connie says she didnít murder anybody and she is sick of taking the rap. She says itís not her fault that Starrís boyfriend was a lousy driver and lost control of the car. Carly comes downstairs and, seeing the scene, tells Connie to get out of her hotel. Connie says it is her hotel too. Starr tells Carly not to worry; Trey is signing the papers to commit Connie right now. Back at Trey and Starrís apartment, Trey refuses to commit Kate/Connie. He tells Sonny that he hopes he gets a better goodbye when Kate disappears forever than he got when Sonny killed his father. Sonny says he didnít kill Joe and that Trey has to help Kate because she is his mother. He says Connie left him in a drawer to die when he was born and Kate doesnít remember him. Sonny corrects him that Kate didnít know he existed. Trey still refuses to help. Sonny and Alexis go to the Metro Court. Connie asks if the little bastard hates Sonny more than he hates her. Sonny, speaking directly to Kate, says Joe Junior is dead and canít hurt her anymore. Connieís phone rings, bringing Connie back to the surface. Michael tells Carly that when he talked to Monica and said Jason was like a father to him, she didnít like it and said A.J. is his father. Carly tells him to let Monica grieve in her own way and if that is helpful to her, let it be. Starr goes home to confront Trey about keeping her familyís murderer free. She tells him to separate himself from his fatherís drama and be his own person.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria calls Billy at work to check up on him which unnerves him. Victoria asks Billy to join her lunch later. Nikki walks up behind Victoria and warns her not to do this since she could be endangering her family. Jack is on the phone to get some statistics about Newman Enterprises when Victor walks into the office and gives him exactly what he needs. At the coffeehouse, Paul, Christine, and Heather sit at a table talking when Eden joins them and lets them know that she is remembering more about the night that Ricky was killed. Jack gloats to Victor that he has lost everything and now has nothing. Sharon is at home alone when she gets a visit from Noah and refuses to open the door. Sharon quickly hides to keep from having a confrontation with Noah. Noah lets himself into the house and yells for Sharon, but she doesn’t answer. Adam walks in and yells for Sharon but encounters Noah. An argument erupts between the two. Adam asks Noah why he came back to Genoa City. Victoria cannot understand why Nick is not helping to fight for Newman. Eden tells Paul, Christine, and Heather about the dream that she had about Ricky and a knife. Michal calls Heather away from Paul and Christine to let her know that she mustn’t be conversing with them since she is the A.D.A. At the Athletic Club, Chelsea waits for Adam, but he is a no-show. Victor warns Jack that if he persists in this, his whole family will turn against him. Michael and Heather tell Paul that there was a continuance in his case. Danny calls Christine.

After Adam and Noah both leave the cottage, Sharon comes out of hiding. Adam returns to the cottage to check on Sharon and tells her that he found her a place to hide. Sharon lashes out at him for saying the things that he did against Noah. Billy joins Victoria for lunch but finds her talking with Nikki and Victor. Billy tells Victoria about some of the companies being unstable because Jack is at the helm at Newman. Victoria conspires to go out of town to talk to the owners of the companies. Billy lets Victoria know that Chelsea lost the baby because of Summer. Victoria worries that Chelsea will want Johnny back. Billy tries to assure her otherwise. Michael lets Paul know that he likes the D.A. job less and less every day. Nikki goes on and on about decorating ideas for the house, but all Victor can think about is Billy and Victoria. Victor presents Nikki with an engagement ring. Nikki lets Victor know that she knows that he wants Nick to help fight for Newman. Victoria visits Chelsea to offer her condolences about losing the baby. Chelsea sees through Victoria’s visit and assures her that she will not take Johnny back. Adam takes Sharon to a hideout on his property. Sharon begins to demand answers about the fire. Adam offers her some sketchy details that she was drunk and didn’t know what she was doing. When Chelsea calls Adam, he once again he lies to her about what he is doing and where he is. Victor is ecstatic when he finds out that Victoria is fighting for Newman Enterprises. Billy lies to Jack and tells him that Victoria is going out of town to Italy. Jack has an attack with his back.

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