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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke sits on the floor playing with Will as he coos. She tries unsuccessfully to engage Katie on joining her. Bill has lunch with Liam and says he thought Steffy was supposed to be with him. Liam explains that something urgent came up; something concerning Stephanie. Steffy was a little worried as it didn’t seem to the usual kind of meeting with her grandmother. Steffy arrives and greets Stephanie and she hands her the invitation. Stephanie plays it low-key that it’s just a family celebration; a family get together. Then she proceeds to tell Steffy that her cancer has come back. Immediately Steffy starts crying and says no, it’s not true. She can’t be dying. They hug and Stephanie tells her they are a lot alike. They don’t want to accept that there are things they can or can not do. Stephanie says they have fought a lot of battles over the Logan's, but this battle she won’t win. She says her mother called girls like Steffy tough cookies. That’s what she is a tough cookie and that’s why she knows she can count on her to hold the family together when she’s not here. Steffy cries she is not that rock, but Stephanie says yes she is now. She dries Steffy’s tears. She says that are both fiercely devoted when it comes to the people they love. They never give in; they never give up. When something needs to be done, they get it done. She reminds Steffy that she got the company back when nobody else could. She is so proud of her. She knows Steffy will be here to keep a watch over everyone. Steffy nods okay as long as Stephanie will be there looking over her.

Liam tells Bill that whatever is happening to Steffy’s family will not affect Steffy and him. Families are like that. Some things are private and they don’t want everyone to know. Bill says he should know that better than most. He confides in Liam that physically Will and Katie are fine, but she is not bonding with him. She is depressed so he thinks it would be a good idea for Liam to drop by. Katie is distant and frightened and he wants to help but he doesn’t know what to do. At Brooke’s urging, Katie holds Will and tries to give him the bottle, but more tears flow than the milk. The voices in her head keep saying that the statistics show that Will won’t have a mother in ten years. She gives Will back to Brooke telling her that he doesn’t want the bottle, and is just crying. Brooke gets him to settle down and puts him in the nursery. Katie feels this is all her fault as he doesn’t feel comfortable with her. Brooke whispers that Katie shouldn’t feel this way as Will will pick up on her anxiety. Before they are finished, Brooke gets an e-mail from Ridge. It seems he is doing an interview in Paris and he tells the press that he got caught up in something and he needs to take a step back in time and make a fresh start. He will not be returning to Los Angeles. The marriage to Brooke just wasn’t meant to be. He tells them not to feel sorry for him; this is a new chapter in his life. Suddenly Katie is the cheerleader and tells Brooke that she is a great wife and mother. As Bill walks in but Brooke doesn’t see him, Katie says if Ridge doesn’t appreciate her, she can promise her she will find someone who will. She trusts her with her life; with everything she has.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Kayla told Bo and Hope that the program she found for Caroline was in California.  Bo agreed to go with Caroline.  Caroline came up to them and Bo told her they had great news.  Kristen told Sami that she would be reporting to her now since Sami ran Countess W into the ground.  If Sami didnít like it, she could quit.  Chad went to see EJ to offer his condolences about the baby.  EJ told him that the baby was murdered and the killer was going to pay.  Abby told Jennifer that she thought she was innocent.  Abby told Jennifer that she went to see Nicole and thought she could reason with her.  Jennifer said she went to see Nicole too, but she made things worse.  Daniel went to see Nicole and told her she would be discharged in the morning.  She said she was ready to leave with him.  She said leaving town would be the easy part.  It was the other thing she had trouble with.  She said he made it seem as if things would be over between them if she pressed charges against Jennifer.  She asked if he meant that.  Sami told Kristen that she needed her job and was good at it.  Kristen informed her that her performance was less than stellar.  Sami wanted to know when she dropped the ball on the job.  Kristen said EJ.  EJ explained to Chad how Jennifer killed the baby.  Chad didnít think that Jennifer would do something like that.  EJ said Jennifer was going to pay for what she did.  Abby believed that Jennifer was going to win in court.  Jennifer said Nicoleís testimony was what mattered.  Jennifer believed her life was in Nicoleís hands.  Abby said she wasnít going to lose Jennifer.  Daniel said there would be no justice for a dead child and nothing could make it right.  Nicole asked what if Jennifer pushed her.  Daniel didnít believe she did.  Kayla told Caroline about the program.  Caroline thought it was great until she found out it was in California.

Kristen gave Sami papers that were one of the things that Sami messed up.  They were papers that EJ was supposed to sign relinquishing his interest in the company.  Sami said she sent those out months ago.  Kristen said she failed to make sure he signed them which meant the company hasnít been able to file quarterly tax returns which meant interest and fines have been compounding daily.  Basically, Sami was costing the company money.  After they talked about the mistake for a while, Sami said she would fix the problem.  Kristen left Samiís apartment.  Roman showed up at the hospital to talk about what happened to her.  He asked if Jennifer pushed her down the stairs.  Hope and Bo talked about Caroline going to the program.  Hope was supportive of Bo going with Caroline.  Daniel was in Jenniferís office to get fliers when Abby showed up.  Abby yelled at him about having Nicole in Jenniferís house in the first place.  Abby yelled at Daniel for what Jennifer is going through.  Nicole said she didnít know if Jennifer pushed her down the stairs.  Roman asked if she was revising her statement.  She said she was in pain and out of her mind.  She didnít know what she said.  He said she accused Jennifer of murder.  She said that is what she thought.  She said Jennifer didnít try to kill her and that it was an accident.  He got her to sign a form swearing this was her statement.  She apologized for the mistake.  He said there was no turning back.  He left to get a witness.  Hope tried to convince Caroline to go to the program.  When Daniel went back to Nicoleís room, she told him that she told Roman Jennifer didnít push her.  He was happy.  She said she told the truth, but she wouldnít have gotten to the truth if it werenít for Daniel.  Caroline finally agreed to the program when Bo promised they would have her back soon.  She wanted to know when they would leave.  He said they could leave tomorrow afternoon.  She was happy that he was going with her.  While they were talking about the trip, Hope was crying while she watched them.  Roman went to Jenniferís house to let her know the charges against her were going to be dropped.  Jennifer wondered how that happened.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael goes to the Quartermaine estate to break the news about Jason to Monica. Monica is devastated. She says after everything Jason has been through with Franco, the baby, and losing Sam, it isnít fair for this to happen just when things were right. She says Michael should go to Carly because she could probably use a hug from her son right now, which is something she will never have again. Michael hugs her. After Michael leaves, Monica calls someone and says they need to talk. Elizabeth goes to the pier where Jason went into the harbor. Spinelli comes out of the water in diving gear and tells her that he has been looking for Jason. He assures her that Jason loved her and forgave her for the part she played in keeping Samís son from her. She tells him that Jason loved him too. Alexis, Molly, and Kristina go to see Sam. Sam snaps at her mother to be careful with the baby, as if the mother of three had never seen an infant before, but she insists that she is OK. Alexis tells Sam that they are sorry about Jason. Sam tells them not to be sorry because Jason is fine. She says she knows in her heart that Jason is alive. Alexis says Sam may be right since a body hasnít been found, and Jason has survived worse. Sam doesnít want to be placated. She tells them that if they arenít going to hold onto Jason, then they need to leave. Sam then looks at a map to research where Jason might have been swept by now. Spinelli goes to the penthouse. Sam is excited to see him and tells him that he is just the man for the job she is working on.

Trey vents to Starr. He tells her about being disillusioned about his father for his whole life and then losing him before he even had time to process it all. He wonders why Sonny had to kill him. Starr says she thought Jason did it and suggests that Trey shouldnít start a fight with Sonny. Sonny goes to the Metro Court to tell Carly that Jason was shot. He tells her that Michael is handling it better than he is. She goes off on him when he says he is going to talk to Trey about committing Connie, saying that he could have mourned Jason for 30 minutes before going on to the next thing. She says Jason was probably on a mission for Sonny so itís Sonnyís fault. He says he loved Jason more than anything. She apologizes for saying those things. He says it was his fault. Starr answers the door. Itís Sonny. Sonny tells Trey that he is sorry for his loss. Trey says he is surprised Sonny didnít bring champagne to celebrate. Sonny says they both lost people they love and he doesnít want to argue. Alexis meets Sonny at Treyís apartment. She tells Sonny that Sam isnít doing well. Starr doesnít think this is a good time for Sonny and Alexis to talk to Trey about Kate. Trey tells her that it is ok and asks her to give them some privacy for a little while. Trey says Sonny killed his father and he hopes Kate never comes back. Connie stops by Toddís room at the Metro Court. After annoying him for a few minutes, she reveals that she is there for a job. He says no. She says he promised to reinstate Crimson. He tells her that he made that promise to Kate. Observing her atrocious outfit, he asks if she is aware that it is a fashion magazine. He says Starr and Carly would never forgive him. Connie thinks sex appeal is going to land her the job. She straddles Todd and tries to come on to him. Todd says she has no respect for personal boundaries. Carly goes into Toddís room and wonders what is going on. Todd says itís a nightmare and that he is glad Carly is there to wake everybody up. He says he wanted to call her but he thought she would be with family. She concludes that he knows about Jason and asks why it wasnít in the paper. He says he didnít want her to find out that way. Connie wants to know what they are talking about. Carly tells her about Jason. Connie quips that Stone Cold is stone cold. Carly punches her in the face. Todd picks up Connie and bodily ejects her from his room. Carly tells Todd about Jason claiming to be Michaelís father to keep his brother, A.J. from taking him from Carly. She says Jason was great with Michael, that he was looking forward to raising a baby with the woman he loves, and that he didnít care that the baby wasnít his. Todd remembers that he has the babyís original DNA paternity test that he stole from Heatherís purse. Michael goes to the Metro Court to see Carly. Connie informs him that his mother is busy. She says she isnít busy and asks if Michael wants to get busy with her. Michael tells her he isnít interested. She tells him to get off his high horse because he used to bang a hooker. He tells her not to talk about Abby. She tells him that he is never going to get any from that priss, Starr, and she can give him a little relief. Starr goes into the Metro Court and sees Connie with Michael.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam calls Sharon but she doesn’t answer, so he leaves a message. Chelsea walks in and wants to know who he is talking to. Nick tells Avery that he feels as though he has let his family down. Avery tries to offer him encouragement concerning his family. At Crimson Lights, Heather and Christine sit at a table talking when Paul comes in with some information that Christine can use against Phyllis. Phyllis walks in and confronts Christine about the lawsuit. Phyllis proceeds to tear up the summons. Adam lies to Chelsea that he was talking to Jack. Chelsea tells Adam about a dream that she has been having about the baby. Avery has doubts about her relationship with Nick and insists that they are just friends. Phyllis asks Christine what she hopes to accomplish by suing her. Adam tells Chelsea he has a meeting with Jack, but he can meet her for lunch later. Nick walks into the Athletic Club and sees Noah behind the bar.

Jeffrey and Anita visit Chelsea, complete with gifts for the baby. Chelsea informs them that she had a miscarriage. Adam finds Sharon's door open and her gone. He dials her cell phone number and then finds her phone on the sofa. Sharon walks through the ashes of Victor’s house and wonders who would do such a thing. Avery daydreams that Nick visits and they make love on the living room floor, but their happiness is short lived when Phyllis walks in. Anita assures Chelsea that Adam will not leave her. Adam finds Sharon in the burned-out house and realizes that she doesn’t remember what happened. Adam tells Sharon that they have to figure out an alibi for her. Sharon asks him why is he doing this for her. Adam tells her that she doesn’t have anyone else. Phyllis asks Nick for another chance, but he tells her that this time it is really over. Adam comes home and finds Jeffrey and Anita there. Adam breaks his lunch plans with Chelsea. Noah visits Sharon, but she is afraid to open the door.

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