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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke catches Bill feeding Will a bottle; she teases him about teaching his son to be the master of the universe already. She takes Will and has her turn. She asks about Katie who is at the doctor. Katie tells Dr. Meade that Will is fine but he needs things that she can’t give him. She also is very upset and demands that he tell her if she is not all right and her body is rejecting her heart. He tries to reassure her that is not the case. Taylor drops in and wants to sit in with Katie if she agrees. Both Taylor and Dr. Meade can’t persuade Katie that things will be fine if she will just go to Taylor’s office and discuss postpartum depression. Perhaps she can get on medication and understand all of this. Katie is adamant and in denial; she does not have PPD and she won’t take medication for something she does not have.

Stephanie hands Donna her party invitation. She’s astonished when she reads it that Stephanie would even consider wanting her there. Stephanie reminds her that she played a pretty significant role in her life….and she hopes that once she is gone that Donna will show a little comfort to Eric every once in a while. Donna is stunned and is not sure she should be at the party. She still doesn’t really believe she needs to take this trip down memory lane. ….they shared no good memories. Bill tells Brooke that he’s been so focused on Katie and Will that he has no idea what is happening out there in the world. He’d like her to fill him in. She tells him abut Stephanie’s cancer that has come back. He’s truly sorry. Then he asks about Brooke’s honeymoon. She has to admit things didn’t turn out the way she wanted. She and Ridge are not together. She got texts from Deacon and then lied and told Ridge that she hadn’t. Bill says this is on him. None of this would not have happened if he had just let Deacon rot in prison and not brought him to Italy. She forgives him on the spot. Pam is aghast that Stephanie would invite Donna to her party and wonders if she has a plan to push her in the pool or something. Katie tells Taylor that she is wrong and not helping. It’s not PPD but her heart. She is not going to be around when her son grows up. It’s better that he not bond with her now at all. She returns home and cries when she walks in and finds Brooke and Bill sitting on the floor absorbed in a loving, peaceful baby.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

In EJís office, Kristen told EJ that she would help him get what he wanted.  He didnít think she would be able to do that.  She mentioned Jennifer and how he was mourning his son.  EJ said he could take care of Jennifer himself.  When she mentioned Sami, she got his attention.  At the town square, Rafe wanted to talk to Sami about them and the misunderstandings between them.  At the pub, Bo, Hope, and Caroline talked about Carolineís problems.  Bo offered to work at the pub with her because he didnít think she could handle it by herself anymore.  Bo and Hope also suggested getting someone else to help her if they werenít available to do it.  Caroline didnít like the idea and refused be treated like an invalid.  While Caroline was protesting their suggestions, she brought up an event she had to plan in two weeks for the fourth of July.  After she finished protesting, she walked away from them.  They noticed how she mentioned the event taking place on July 4th.  Sami wanted to hear what Rafe had to say.  He said things were complicated, but not for EJ.  Rafe thought EJ got what he wanted.  Sami didnít want him to bring Rafe into this.  Rafe didnít want to bring EJ up, but he was a huge part of the problem.  He brought up the way EJ told her that Rafe wasnít the father of Nicoleís baby.  Sami said somebody had to.  Rafe said EJ enjoyed hurting her the way he never wanted to.  While he was pleading his case, Gabi interrupted them to ask if Nicole and the baby were okay.  EJ and Kristen continued to talk about Sami.  Kristen brought up the things Sami has done in the past.  Kristen wanted to know what EJ was going to do to Rafe now that he has him right where he wanted him.  When Gabi was apologizing to Rafe about losing the baby, Sami wanted her to let Rafe tell her the truth.  Sami thought Gabi wouldnít feel sorry for him once she knew the truth.  When Sami was about to leave, Rafe stopped her so she could listen to him, but she didnít do it. 

Bo and Hope apologized to Caroline for upsetting her.  They tried to explain how having someone at the pub could help her.  Caroline thought it would be expensive.  They told her not to worry about it, but she didnít want to spend her life savings on something frivolous.  Bo said the person would only be there to help out so the family wouldnít have to keep hovering over her.  EJ told Kristen that he didnít want to seek revenge on Rafe.  She tried to convince him to get revenge.  She said Sami would be impressed with him if he showed that he was big enough to be magnanimous in the face of loss.  They continued to talk about how he can get Sami back.  Caroline finally agreed to get the help with the pub.  At Rafeís apartment, he and Gabi talked about why he lied for Nicole.  They also talked about how he lost Sami because of the lie.  While Sami was at her apartment, Kristen showed up to talk to her.  Sami wanted her out, but Kristen refused to leave.  Kayla showed up to the pub and told Bo and Hope she had an idea to help Caroline.  She found a program that did clinical trials and advanced diagnostics.  She said Caroline fit the criteria of the patients they were looking for.  They would take Caroline in, evaluate her, and they would prescribe something that was tailor made for her.  Bo liked the idea.  She said that it was across the country.  Bo said Caroline would have to leave Salem.  Sami told Kristen she had a company to run.  Kristen went over the financial papers and saw how Sami has run the company into the ground.  Sami wanted to know where she got the information from because it was confidential.  Kristen said everything was being forwarded to her since she was her new boss.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu is sad that she will never be able to have a baby. Dante tells her that they can look into alternatives so they can become parents. Dante gets a call to go to the pier. He doesn't want to leave Lulu, but insists that he go. Maxie is excited to see Lulu when she goes to the hospital, but then she sees that Lulu has been crying. Lulu tells her that she can't have a baby. She tells Maxie that she wants a drink. Spinelli takes Ellie to the Floating Rib where they find the pool table is already in use. Mac, Felicia, Shawn, and Alexis are engaged in a game of Strip Pool, which the men are apparently losing. Ellie admires shirtless Shawn's arms. Felicia concludes to Mac that the woman with Spinelli must be Maxie's replacement. Mac introduces them as Maxie's parents. Elli says Maxie is wonderful. Mac is surprised when Spinelli orders Whiskey instead of a Shirley Temple. He observes to Felicia that Ellie is a lot like Spinelli. Mac tells Felicia that Spinelli handed his heart to Maxie on a platter and she blew it, and Spinelli deserves to be happy. When Maxie and Lulu arrive at the Floating Rib, Felicia tries to warn Maxie that Spinelli has a new friend. Maxie tells her that she already knows and that she is fine with it. Maxie tells Lulu that Matt agreed to a divorce, so that won't stand in the way of her getting Spinelli back. Alexis tells Spinelli that Sam and Jason are back together and have Sam's baby back. Spinelli wants to go see the reunited family, but Alexis convinces him to let them have tonight for themselves. Spinelli tells Alexis that Ellie helped them discover that the babies had been switched. Maxie goes over to their table. Ellie hugs her. Spinelli relays the news about Jason, Sam, and the baby being reunited. Maxie says it's amazing that Sam and Jason aren't getting divorced, and then she reveals that she and Matt are. Meanwhile, Lulu looks at the brochures that Dr. V. gave her about alternatives for becoming parents.  

Kristina goes to Trey's apartment. Starr tells her that Trey just left, saying he was gong to see her. Kristina says she didn't call Trey. Michael thinks Trey went to see his father. He tells her about the shots at the docks. She concludes that Trey must have gone to the docks. Trey is at Tracy Quartermaine's house where Joe is bleeding out on her sofa. Before he dies, Joe tells Trey that Sonny shot him. Tracy calls Kristina, tells her that Trey is at her house, and that he needs her. She assures her that she will be safe from Joe. Tracy gives Joe's medallion to Trey; Trey places it on Joe's chest. Kristina arrives. Trey tells her that his father is dead and that he said her father killed him. Kristina says she hates to think that her father killed his father, but she wouldnít be surprised, given that Joe tried to kill her. Tracy calls the police. Tracy wonders where Joe got the antidote that he gave her when the water supply was contaminated.  

Sonny goes to Jason's penthouse to break the news about Jason's shooting to Sam. He tells her that as Bernie was dying, he said Jason was in the water so he jumped in, but he couldnít find him. Sam tells Sonny to stay with the baby while she goes to find Jason. Sonny calls Michael to come over and take care of the baby so he can go back to the pier. Michael and Starr go to the penthouse. Michael tells Starr about his history with Jason. He tells her that his biological father was Jason's brother, A.J., and that Jason claimed paternity to prevent his A.J. from taking him from Carly. Dante goes to Pier 52 and determines that Scully probably shot Bernie and Jason probably shot Scully, but he wonders how Jason got shot. Sam arrives at the pier. Dante and the Coast Guard won't let Sam join the search. When Sonny gets to the pier, he confirms to Dante that he was the first to go in the water looking for Jason. He says Bernie identified Scully as his shooter. Dante reveals that Scully is dead, too. Dante goes to Tracy's house. Trey tells him that Sonny shot Joe. Dante says that isn't possible because Sonny was at Trey's apartment when the shooting occurred. He says it appears that Joe shot Bernie and Jason shot Joe, and now Jason is missing. Trey asks Dante to consider the possibility that Sonny sent Jason to kill Joe. Dante concedes that they don't have all the answers yet. The coronerís team takes Joe's body away. Tracy doesnít tell Dante about the antidote incident. Trey concedes to Kristina that his father was all the horrible things people said he was, but he loved him. Kristina comforts him and tells him that in spite of everything else, Joe was his father. Sam finds a perfectly fitting woman's wetsuit and oxygen tank and goes into the harbor to look for Jason. All she finds is the phoenix figurine.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

The doctor examines Victor during his brief visit to the ranch. At home, Billy tries to console Victoria over the fact that the ranch house burned down. At Newman Enterprises, Neil pays Jack a visit. Jack lets Neil know that he will make it well worth his while to listen to what he has to say. At Nick’s home, Noah and Summer discuss his going back to New York just as Nick comes in to join them. Nick lets them know that he has filed for divorce from Phyllis. Summer remarks, “good.” Phyllis finds out that Nick filed for divorce. Neil lets Jack know that he is happy working at Chancellor. Jack offers Neil the CEO position at Jabot. Though hesitant, Billy decides to help Victoria by spying on things at Newman. Nick encourages Noah to ask Devon about a job. Nick questions Noah about things in New York. Noah tells Nick about a woman who had ripped his heart out. Nick receives as a present a chess set with a card from Avery. Phyllis lets Ronan know that she cannot have him and Summer both in her life. Ronan assures her that if she ever needs him he will right there. Summer watches Phyllis and Ronan together. Summer watches Ronan as he goes inside and sits down with a teenage boy. Ronan spies Summer watching him. Ronan confronts Summer about her watching him. Summer asks him if Phyllis knows that he had a kid. Ronan denies having a child. Billy joins Jack in his office at Newman. Jack sees through Billy and asks him if his heart really is in this or is he just spying for Victoria. Jack asks Billy what side he is on. Summer goes inside and introduces herself to Jamie. Summer, on purpose, knocks Jamie’s books out of his hand so that she can steal his wallet. Victor and Nikki meet with Victoria and Noah at the Athletic Club and say they have an announcement. Nick comes to visit Avery and finds her locked out of her apartment. Nick helps her to get back in. Avery asks him why he is here. Nick challenges her to a rematch of chess.

Victor and Nikki tell the children that they are getting remarried. Billy insists to Jack that he is here for the business only. Abby barges into the office and offers Jack all the money she has to get Newman Enterprises back into Newman hands. Jack refuses her offer. Neil tells Katherine that he has been offered the CEO position at Jabot. Phyllis lets Jack know that Nick wants a divorce from her. Phyllis refuses to work with Jack. Avery tells Nick that she has always done what other people want her to do, but it's time she start doing what she wants to do. Phyllis comes to visit Avery and overhears her and Nick talking. Abby tells Carmine that Jack turned her down flat on her offer. Victoria lets Victor and Nikki know that Billy started working at Newman. Victor gives Victoria a stern warning about Billy. Neil calls Jack to let him know that he accepts his offer. Phyllis accuses Avery of lying to her and to herself when it comes to her relationship with Nick.

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