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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie sits in Thorne’s office, ready to give him the party invitation. Smiling, she opens an old tin box with THORNE carved on the cover. Thorne walks in catching her looking at a little boy’s pix of his family. They chuckle over some old merit badges. He wonders if she is finally getting rid of some of his things. He sees the invite and she tells him to open it. It starts with “My sweet son”. It only takes a moment for him to realize what this is and tears well up. A moment of silent truth passes between them. His tears begin to flow and she puts her arm around him and sweetly says she is at peace with this. He admits he will never find peace with this. There must be something more they can do. She says there is, but she is not going to do it. She’s had a great life and she has only one regret. It’s that Thorne never believed that she loved him as much as she does Ridge. She does and she hopes he can accept that now. She cradles his head on her shoulder. Caroline is in the office with Rick. She’s on the phone telling the delivery man to put the flowers in her office as usual. She hopes the sender will stop doing his soon. Rick mocks with the Prince Charming sending “I’m sorry, come back to me” bouquets. He adds that Thomas can’t believe that she dumped him, the up and coming Forrester CEO, for a second stringer. She assures him he is not a second stringer, and he is a very important part of this company. He adds…..and hers. They kiss several times, unaware that Thomas is watching from the doorway as he is delivering some papers to Rick. He dumps the papers on the door and huffs off. Eric embraces Brooke and states that he guesses she had no idea why Stephanie wished to see her and about this party. Brooke says no; she thought it had something to do with Ridge. He says Stephanie is on her way to see Thorne now. He will be the hardest of all the children to hear Stephanie’s news…..the son that she loves but he always felt second-best to the first born. He reminds Brooke that Ridge will be back. His leave is only temporary. He will need Brooke more than ever especially with Stephanie gone. He even hints that he will be home for Stephanie’s party; all her children will be there.

Rick tells Caroline to remind him to thank his royal majesty for throwing him out the window and helping her come back to Rick. Thorne and Stephanie continue to look inside his souvenir box. They giggle over the photo of him in the powder blue leisure suit for his prom. He didn’t know better at the time. Stephanie says she did almost have a stroke when she found out he was having an affair with Brooke. But she lived for another day and it only shows to go ya how wrong you can be about a person. Rick laments to Caroline that he knows how much honesty means to her, and he has not been. Slowly he reveals how he created a lie that he’s not proud of…the one that said Liam and Steffy made out the night at the party before his and Hope’s marriage, but all they did was have too much to drink and partied. Caroline is disappointed that he took such drastic measures to lie that caused Liam and Hope to break up, but says she understands that he felt strongly that Hope not marry Liam; that he was wrong for her. He hopes this is not going to be a deal breaker. He wonders if she will tell Liam or Hope. She says that is up to him and somehow she knows he will do the right thing as that is the kind of guy she thinks he is. Thomas barges into Eric’s office and more or less dismisses Brooke, saying he has some ideas to run past his dad. Quickly he states that he wants to take the company in a new direction, a sexier, younger, edgier, urban direction that fits in more with today’s society at a more affordable price. Now that he is CEO he wants to move on this sooner rather than later. Brooke tells him that he needs to slow down a bit, but he gets a phone call and breezes out the door before they are finished. Brooke tells Eric that Thomas’s love life is on the skids lately so maybe he is over-compensating for it with his work. Stephanie and Thorne continue to look through the box – his report cards with all A’s, the plaque when he was named President of Forrester for a brief time. She says she looks at him now and sees what a wonderful man he has become; one that she is so proud of. He turns his tears into a happy face and they laugh that Brooke has married every man in the family so the worst is over. He’s not sure how he can carry on although without Stephanie. He’s always relied on her support and her strength. As his tears fall, she cradles him tightly in her arms and says she loves him so. He says he knows.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Marlena was upset that her phone was missing.  She thought Kristen took it.  Marlena left to warn John.  John was shocked to see Kristen at his office.  John told Kristen that she had a lot of nerve showing up at his office.  He picked up the phone to call Roman to have her arrested.  Lucas was at Samiís apartment to go over arrangements involving Allie.  They talked about her relationship with Rafe being over.  She told Lucas how Rafe lied to her about being the father of Nicoleís baby.  He didnít think she had a right to be upset with Rafe after everything sheís done.  Nicole was thrilled that she and Dan were leaving.  She wanted to know when they were leaving.  He wanted to wait until there were no legal ramifications with EJ before they left.  She didnít think it would matter to EJ much now.  Rafe walked in and disagreed with her.  Rafe said EJ was not letting go of it.  Rafe said EJ confronted him about it, but he denied it.  Rafe said EJ recorded Nicole confessing to the baby being his.  Daniel was upset and wondered why EJ hasnít done anything yet.  Rafe said EJ is picking his battles.  Rafe told them how he used the recording to come between him and Sami.  Rafe said EJ manipulated him into lying about the baby being his before he played the recording to Sami.  Rafe said Sami lost it once she heard the recording.  Nicole apologized to them for helping her.  She blamed herself for their lives being in danger.  EJ showed up at Jenniferís house.  He told her how she killed his child, but she denied it.  He warned her that she was going to pay for what she did.  She denied it again and said she didnít know what he heard.  He said he heard that she was furious with Nicole and shoved her down the stairs.  She said it didnít happen that way and she apologized for what happened to the baby.  She said it didnít happen the way he heard.  He reminded her that Brady and Billie saw her fighting with Nicole and then Nicole fell down the stairs.  He screamed at her that Nicole was eight months pregnant.  Jennifer denied pushing Nicole.  EJ blamed her for his childís death.  When she denied it again, he screamed at her.  Hope showed up and told him to leave.  Rafe told Nicole not to blame herself for what happened.  He said he watched Sami battle it out for years over the children so he didnít want her to go through the same thing.  Nicole said her son was gone so he and Daniel were going to face trouble over nothing.  Rafe and Daniel said they were going to protect her from EJ. 

Hope told EJ to leave or she would arrest him.  EJ screamed at Jennifer that her family throwing her weight around didnít change the fact that his child was dead and she killed him.  Jennifer started to cry.  He threatened to make her pay.  Hope told him to leave again.  John wanted Kristen to leave his office, but she wanted to make peace with him.  Sami and Lucas continued to talk about Rafe lying to her.  Lucas defended Rafe, which upset Sami.  He gave her advice to think about the way she treats the men in her life and then left.  Hope comforted Jennifer over what happened with EJ and Nicole.  Hope assured Jennifer that she believed her.  EJ showed up at the hospital to talk to Nicole, Daniel, and Rafe.  John wasnít willing to make amends with Kristen.  She let it slip that she saw Marlena.  EJ wanted Daniel and Rafe to lose everything that mattered since he and Nicole lost something.  EJ told Daniel that he could lose his medical license.  EJ said he could make sure Rafe never held a badge again.  He told Nicole that she was the mastermind to this and lied to him for nothing.  She wanted him to stop threatening to ruin everyoneís lives.  He refused to stop.  He decided not to press legal or ethical charges against any of them.  He was letting it go.  John demanded to know where Kristen saw Marlena.  She said at the park.  He grabbed her wrists just as Marlena came in to warn him about Kristen.  He asked if Marlena was okay.  Kristen told John and Marlena that she had therapy and changed.  Marlena yelled at Kristen for being a liar and accused her of taking her phone.  Johnís secretary came in and told Marlena that she found her phone.  Kristen apologized for upsetting John and Marlena and said she wouldnít bother them again.  EJ said he wanted to move past this because it was a terrible loss.  EJ blamed the loss on his affair with Sami.  He ended up leaving.  Rafe went to EJ and told him he wasnít buying his act.  EJ said he had real things to take care of and wasnít worried about him or Daniel.  Rafe thought he was talking about Jennifer.  EJ asked why would he go after him since he lost everything.  Rafe wondered if EJ thought he had a clear path to Sami now that sheís mad at him.  EJ said Sami had no interest in him (EJ).  After they talked, EJ walked away.  Nicole wanted to know if Daniel meant what he said earlier about leaving.  He said he had nothing keeping him there.  She asked if he was ready to walk away from Jennifer?  Daniel said he had feelings for Jennifer, but the feelings werenít mutual.  Nicole asked if he was sure.  Daniel said Jennifer was back with Jack when he died and she was still mourning him.  They continued to talk about his feelings for Jennifer.  Daniel said that he couldnít leave town knowing that Jennifer is paying for something that he knew she didnít do.  Nicole asked if he was only willing to leave town if she dropped the charges against Jennifer.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

John McBain goes to Jasonís apartment. He and Sam are both surprised to see the other there. Sam tells John that she, Jason, and Danny are a family and they belong together. She wants to remain friends. She pushes Danny into his arms. When John hands the baby back to her after a few minutes, it occurs to her that a restraining order keeps him from seeing his own baby. He tells her that Natalie says he has nothing to offer Liam or her because he has a high-risk job and doesnít make enough money. He says he is going to keep fighting to get his son back, but it is killing him to have no contact with him. Sam wants him to stay in Port Charles. He tells her that he stopped by to tell Jason that Manning was released. Sam is certain that Todd was involved because he was behaving so strangely. Sam asks him how Tťa is doing. He tells her that Tťaís brother and daughter are with her in Llanview. When John leaves, Sam says she hopes he gets his family back. He tells her to cherish what she has with Jason and Danny. Dante meets Lulu at the hospital where she tells him that Dr. V informed her that she would never be able to carry a baby to term. Lulu wonders if the abortion she had as a teenager caused it. Dr. V. assures her that there is no correlation. She tells her that her condition is genetic. Lulu doesnít know of any women on either side of her family that have had this condition. The doctor encourages Lulu to get a second opinion. She recommends that Lulu go back on birth control to avoid conceiving a child that she will inevitably lose. Dante tells Lulu that they will be fine as long as they have each other. Dr. V. says that there are other ways to have a child and that they can discuss them when they are ready. Monica tells Tracy that Jason and Sam are back together and the baby is alive so she is a grandmother again. Tracy points out that it isnít Jasonís baby and fails to understand why they should accept Francoís baby as a Quartermaine. Monica points out that Franco is Alanís son, too, so he is a Quartermaine. Tracy says Alan is lucky to have died before finding out about Franco. Monica says Tracy is just worried about having to share with another heir. Monica asks Tracy why she was in her medical bag. Tracy says she pulled a bullet out of Josephís shoulder. Monica says she can take comfort in knowing that he probably died a slow death because of it. Tracy says that Dante enlightened her on the detail that Joe was shot while trying to kill Kristina so she turned him in, but he was already gone when Dante went get him

Two police officers go to Trey and Starrís apartment to ask Trey about his fatherís visit. Sonny follows them in and asks Michael what is going on. Michael tells him that Joe Scully tried to take Starr hostage. Jason arrives at pier 52 on the docks just as Joe Scully is about to shoot Sonnyís accountant, Bernie, a second time. Joe takes a shot at Jason, but misses and Jason shoots him. When Jason goes to check on Bernie, Duke Lavery shoots Jason in the back and pushes him into the harbor. He berates Joe for his inability to complete any task that he gives him. Bernie calls Sonny and whispers, ďPier 52. Come now. Jason.Ē The officers at Treyís apartment receive a shots fired call at Pier 52 with a suspect matching Joe Scullyís description. They leave to check it out. Sonny goes too, knowing that Bernie and Jason are there. Sonny forbids Michael to go. Trey thinks his father could be hurt. Starr stands in front of the door and doesnít let either of them leave. She says she canít risk losing another person that she cares about. On the pier, Duke is about to shoot Joe when he hears Bernie stirring. Duke shoots Bernie and then Joe. Duke and Joe are gone when Sonny and the police arrive at the pier. Bernie tells Sonny that Jason is in the water. Sonny jumps in to find him. When Sonny comes up for air, the officers pull him out of the water and tell him not to go back in. Divers go in to look for Jason. Sonny asks Bernie if Scully did this. Bernie nods and says he has to tell Sonny something, bur he crashes. The EMTs are unable to revive him. Sonny swears Scully will pay. An officer observes that Bernie was shot by two different guns. The divers come up again and say the current could have carried Jason a mile away by now. Duke goes to the suite at the Metro Court and says he wants to take Anna back to his place to continue their anniversary celebration. At Lukeís insistence, Anna checks Dukeís fingerprints and finds that they are an exact match for the prints in the police database. Joe knocks on Tracyís patio door. She says she is calling the police. He tells her that he is dying and asks her to call his son. She asks him why she should so anything for him. He tells her that he saved her life when he gave her that bottle of water when the water supply was contaminated. He says that was the antitoxin and he gave it to her instead of saving himself. He asks her to get his son over there so he can say goodbye. Tracy calls Trey and tells him to come to the address that she is about to text to him. Trey tells Starr and Michael that it was Kristina on the phone and that he is going to her. Starr makes him promise that he isnít going to the pier. Michael is concerned about Jason because they havenít heard anything yet. He says it would be terrible if something happened to Jason right after he got his wife and baby back. A report comes on the television saying that Joe Scully Jr. is at large. Michael tells Starr that he doesnít think Kristina called Trey. He thinks Trey is helping his father to get away. Trey arrives at Tracyís house. Joe tells Trey to always remember that he loves him. Trey asks him who shot him. Joe says it was Sonny. Sam answers her door and is surprised to see Sonny standing there.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At home, Nick lets Phyllis know that Chelsea lost the baby. Phyllis immediately wants to talk to Summer, but Nick forbids her to go near her. Cane and Lily discuss Genevieve and all the things that she's been doing to complicate their lives. At the Athletic Club, Genevieve catches up to the mysterious woman and begins to question who hired her to harass them. Genevieve begins to drop some names, but the woman doesn’t respond until she mentions Colin’s name. Then the woman lets her know it was Colin who hired her. Jack tells Katherine that he always valued her opinion. Katherine tries to talk some sense into Jack concerning Victor and his family and Newman Enterprises. In his hospital room, Victor asks Nikki what is making her cry, but she refuses to tell him anything. Genevieve questions the woman about Colin, but she denies knowing him. Katherine warns Jack about what he is doing to Nick and Victoria. Nick refuses to let Phyllis see Summer, but Phyllis hurries out to find her. Victor finds out with the help of Nikki’s phone that the Newman ranch house burned down. Cane tells Lily he is considering the position of CEO of Jabot. Lily encourages him to go ask Jack for the job. Jack refuses to listen to Katherine’s advice. Phyllis comes to see Summer but an argument erupts when she blames Phyllis for the accident which caused the death of Chelsea’s baby. Victor visits the ranch and finds it in ruins.

Lily tells Katherine that Cane is going to ask for the position of CEO of Jabot. When Cane asks Jack for the position, he is turned down because Jack had someone else in mind. Phyllis cannot believe that Summer is blaming her for the accident. Nick walks in on them arguing. As Victor walks through the ruins of the house, Nikki joins him. They reminisce together about the things that happened in the house in previous years. Jack refuses to tell Cane who he is considering for the CEO position. Genevieve tells Lily that she knows who has been harassing them. Phyllis tells Nick that she never meant to hurt Summer. Nick asks Phyllis for a divorce. Jack approaches Phyllis and tells her about all the things that the Newmans have done to her in the past before he offers her the CEO position of Jabot. Cane informs Lily that he was turned down for the CEO position. Genevieve approaches Cane with good news about the mysterious woman, but he turns on her and tells her that she has ruined his life for the last time and he doesn’t want anymore to do with her. Victor asks Nikki to marry him for the last time.

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