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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam cries upon seeing Eric and he offers his shoulder. He can’t believe either that his wonderful Stephanie is dying. Stephanie calls Brooke by her house and hands her the invitation. Brooke reads that it is a party. She was hoping Stephanie had news on Ridge. When she hears it is a special party to celebrate Stephanie’s life, she knows what that must mean. Stephanie explains that her cancer has come back and this time more aggressive and now only a miracle would save her. It’s her time and she has accepted it. Brooke says no, she will not accept this. She will always be there for Stephanie and do anything she wants her to do, but she will not accept this. Stephanie says she needs strength in her life and she is counting on Brooke to be strong. And she will always be there for Brooke, nagging at her in the back of her mind. Brooke cries on her shoulder. Later they share memories of when they first met – the caterer’s daughter and the glamorous Mrs. Forrester.

Pam and Eric reminisce how it was Brooke, of all people, who stood behind Stephanie and came to her rescue when she first became ill. It wasn’t always that way. Brooke laments to Stephanie that of course Stephanie doesn’t regret anything. That is because she always came out on top. They laugh about those many times. Stephanie realizes this is a very bad time with Ridge gone, Katie and her condition and now this. They remember Skid Row, Dayzee, and the homeless shelter. And Stephanie makes the decision that Brooke wanted, she will see the doctor about her illness. She loses her mother’s scarf but it’s okay. She says somebody else needs it more. Brooke quietly cries that Stephanie is the best part of Brooke….the one that makes her want to give and give and never stop…..“Lean On Me”. Now Stephanie is telling her that Brooke will lose her, but she won’t. She knows Stephanie will be right there with her always. They hug and both ladies say they love each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

The person who showed up at Johnís office turned out to be Kate.  She wanted to talk to him about Sami thinking about hiring Nick.  John didnít see how it would be the disaster that Kate thought it would be.  Kate thought it would reflect badly on Marlena if Sami hired Nick.  John didnít agree with her.  Kate thought that Nick hasnít changed because people never escape their past.  Marlena wanted to know why Kristen was in Salem.  Marlena wasnít happy to see Kristen.  Kristen said her father persuaded her to come back.  Marlena wanted to know how Kristen knew where she was.  Kristen said she followed her.  Brady went to Jenniferís house to see Abby.  Jennifer was upset with him because he thought she pushed Nicole down the stairs.  She said she didnít push Nicole down the stairs.  Brady said he wasnít judging her, but did she think that it was possible that she was trying to convince herself that it was an accident.  He thought she was possibly trying to make herself believe that she was innocent because that was how she felt.  She said she wasnít doing that and had nothing else to say to him.  He ended up leaving.  She thought Daniel was the only one who believed her, but she needed someone else to know the truth.  Daniel asked Nicole if it was possible that she was mistaken about Jennifer pushing her down the stairs.  She said it wasnít possible.  She knew what Jennifer did to her.  She thought Daniel was taking Jenniferís side over hers.  He said it wasnít about taking sides, but Nicole didnít believe that.  They continued to talk about Jennifer and what Nicole thought she did to her.  While they were talking, Nicole thought that Daniel chose Jennifer over her.  He snapped and said he didnít.  She thought he was abandoning her.  He said he wasnít.  They went back and forth about it until Cameron came in and told Daniel to leave.

John didnít want to hear what Kate had to say about Nick.  John thought she was being hypocritical judging Nick after everything she has done.  Before she left, she warned him not to worry about things that happened in the past.  She thought they should let it go.  Marlena told Kristen she would never forgive her for what sheís done to her and John.  Jennifer went to see Nicole.  Jennifer wanted to apologize to her.  Nicole was upset with Jennifer for killing her baby.  Jennifer said that Nicole knew that she would do things differently if she could.  Nicole told her that she didnít have to push her and she wouldnít have to apologize.  Nicole wanted Jennifer to stay away from her.  Kristen wanted to make peace with Marlena, but Marlena wasnít buying her gesture.  After Kristenís gesture to make up with Marlena, she left.  Jennifer told Nicole that she was wrong about what happened.  Jennifer said she was angry and was trying to get away from her.  Nicole said she pushed her, but Jennifer said she didnít.  Nicole said she wanted Daniel out of her life and she found a way to do it.  Jennifer said that wasnít true, but Nicole knew that.  Nicole said she didnít know that and wanted Jennifer out before she called the police.  Nicole didnít want Jennifer coming in there threatening her.  Jennifer said she wasnít threatening her.  Nicole wanted her out and was ready to call the police.  Jennifer finally agreed to go.  Before Jennifer left, she told Nicole that she wouldnít let her take her away from her children because she wanted to hurt her.  When Jennifer left, Nicole screamed that she wouldnít let Jennifer win.  When John was ready to leave the office to spend time with Marlena, Kristen was there.  Daniel went back to the hospital to talk to Nicole.  He told her that when she gets better He wanted to go away with her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke sees Duke kissing Anna and demands that he unhand her. Luke tells Duke to prove his identity with a DNA test. Duke refuses. Luke yanks out a lock of Dukeís hair. Duke wants Anna to arrest Luke for assault. She says she doesnít have time to arrest a hair thief when she has real criminals to arrest. Joe Scully holds Michael at gunpoint in Treyís apartment. Starr arrives, and Joe turns his pistol toward her. Michael hangs up on Dante and when Dante calls back, it goes straight to voicemail. Dante goes to the apartment looking for Michael. Michael Starr and Trey are inside, but Joe has gone. Trey tells Dante that his father said he was working with someone who is extremely dangerous, but didnít say who. Dante asks him if any of Joeís associates spring to mind. Trey explains that he grew up thinking his father was an antiques dealer and never knew anything about the mob. Dante tells Trey to let him know if he hears from Joe. Trey doubts that he will after choosing Starr and Michael over him.

Sonnyís accountant, Bernie Abrams, recalls the night he was ambushed in Pozzulo's. He recalls Duke Lavery telling him that he wasnít shot accidentally and threatening to kill his family if he didnít transfer all of Sonnyís assets into Kristinaís name without Sonnyís knowledge. Bernie leaves an urgent voicemail for Jason, saying that it is a matter of life and death that Jason meet him at pier 52 immediately. Jason doesnít get the voicemail because he is bringing Sam and Danny home. Sam puts the dragon figurine next to the phoenix figurine and says everything is back where it belongs. They make out, put their rings back on, and take a family picture with the phoneís camera. Sam notices the answering machine blinking. They listen to Bernieís message. Sam tells Jason to take the phoenix figurine with him when he goes. Joe goes to the pier where Bernie is waiting with Kristinaís accounts. Bernie tells Joe that if he kills him, he is as good as dead himself. Joe says he is more worried about Duke than Sonny. Joe shoots Bernie. As Joe is about to shoot again, Jason arrives and tells him to drop his gun. Joe and Jason exchange fire. Joe falls. Jason kicks Joeís gun away and then goes to Bernie. Bernie tries to tell Jason about the money when Jason is shot in the back. Duke Lavery appears from the shadows.

Carly goes to see Todd and asks him if he switched Sam and Tťaís babies. He starts telling her the story of the night the babies were born when John comes in. Carly tells him that his badge doesnít give him access to her private conversations and besides, he tries to seduce her best friendís wife so she doesnít like him. Todd finishes the story in front of John. He says he gave Tťaís ailing baby to Heather, who took him into the shed and later came out with the healthy baby, whom he thought was the same child she took in. Carly asks him to swear on Starr that he is telling the truth. Diane Miller arrives and tells Todd not to say another word. She introduces herself as Toddís attorney and Johnís worst nightmare. She hands John some paperwork and announces that Todd is free to go based on lack of evidence. Carly still makes Todd swear on Starrís life that he didnít have anything to do with it. Luluís gynecologist tells her that Dante came in for a sperm count. She examines Lulu. Dante meets Lulu at the hospital. Lulu tells him that she canít have a baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam gets Sharon out of the main house and calls the fire department. Later Nikki and Nick are told that nobody was in the main house but they can’t save it. The fireman says they were able to keep the fire from spreading to the rest of the ranch. Nikki decides not to tell Victor about the fire. Sharon tells Adam that she just wanted the voices to stop. Since she is drunk, he gives her some aspirin and leaves her a note telling her not to talk to anyone until he can do some major damage control for her. Adam continues to lie to Chelsea. When he arrives home, he tells her that his car engine caught on fire that is why he smells like smoke. Sharon dreams of the fire she started and then calls Adam and tells him she had an awful dream. Adam tells Sharon to read the note and that she shouldn’t worry because he will fix everything for her.

Victor shocks Victoria, Nick, and Abby by telling them that he won’t fight for Newman Enterprises because he wants the three of them to fight for their legacy. Victoria tells Billy about what Victor said and he advises her to forget about the company. He thinks they should start their own company to leave as a legacy to their children. Victoria tells Billy that she thinks Victor is challenging his children to prove their love to him, and she has to fight for the company because it’s a part of her. Victoria asks for Billy’s help. Phyllis goes to Avery’s place to tell her she has decided to fight to save her marriage because it is the only way she can get Summer back in her life. Avery heads to the Athletic Club where she bumps into Nick. As they play a game of chess, he tells her about his bad day and then he thanks Avery for taking his mind off things by beating him at chess.

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