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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam drops by on Stephanie at her request. She’s devastated when she sees that Stephanie is going to have a party to celebrate her life. Stephanie explains that the cancer has come back and this time she won’t beat it. Having radiation or chemo will only extend her life by another month. She wants Pam to say whatever she’d like to say now that she won’t be able to say when Stephanie is gone. Pam admits she is a little selfish as she doesn’t know what she will do without her big sister. She’s nothing to anybody else. They just have to accept her as family. She thinks back on the fun moments in their life. They laugh over that blessed infuriating woman that was their mother. Stephanie asks Pam if she has a message that she can give to her when she sees her. Would that be in Heaven?

Thomas wants to talk to Caroline but is informed that his office is being used so they chat in the hallway by Donna’s desk after he asks for privacy. He feels the chill that she is still upset with him about Rick falling out the window. He repeats again that it was an accident. Rick had tripped. She says the flowers were very nice…at least the first day. But not necessary every day and he can stop embarrassing himself and to please stop. He states that he over-reacted and kissed Hope in that press conference. He saw a chance and took it to get people talking about her new line. He’s running the company now and he has a new vision and it includes Caroline. He needs her to keep an open mind. He asks for another chance. Taylor and Brooke see him reprimand Donna for the comedy routine that she and Pam are presenting manning their receptionist desk. They must do better or one of both will be gone. Later he tells Brooke that she and Donna are no longer a part of the family. She is a valued employee, but Donna will have to step up to even be that. Brooke reminds Taylor that she hopes history is not going to repeat itself when Taylor thinks it is over between her and Ridge, because it is not and never will be.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

John had another fantasy about Kristen and wondered what was wrong with him.  Marlena walked in and said there was nothing wrong with him.  Kristen read information about John and how he was cleared of embezzlement charges.  Stefano called her to find out if she was making progress.  She said she was.  Abby and Justin went to the jail to see Jennifer.  He had news for Jennifer.  Nicole flashed back to the doctor telling her about the baby.  She also flashed to when she fell down the stairs and when she told Daniel that Jennifer pushed her down the stairs.  When Daniel walked in her room, she said she did something terrible.  Marlena wanted to know what was wrong with John.  He said it was nothing.  She wanted him to get his mind off his troubles and have lunch with her.  He forgot all about their lunch date.  Justin told Jennifer that her bail was set.  He said the judge agreed to have the arraignment in his chambers because of the reporters.  Justin wanted to talk to Jennifer alone so Abby left.  He told Jennifer that she was being charged with second degree murder.  She said he said they were going to reduce the charge or dismiss it.  He said he was wrong.  Daniel wanted to know what Nicole did.  She said it affected him.  She said EJ was there.  She told him that EJ overheard her and Rafe talking.  She said he overheard Rafe say that they should keep EJ in the dark about the baby.  Daniel wanted to know what EJ did.  She said he didnít do anything.  She said EJ was kind and understanding.  She said he wanted to know the truth.  She said he already heard what she and Rafe were talking about so she told him the truth.  She apologized.  Daniel said it wasnít her fault.  She claimed she was trying to warn Rafe, but he wouldnít answer the phone.  She said Daniel and Rafe risked so much to help her.  She didnít know what she was going to do if EJ went after him.  She wanted to help Daniel because he has done so much for her.  He said he would be fine.  She reminded him that he lied to EJ about the DNA results and he could lose his license.  Daniel said he knew what he was risking when he decided to help her.  She didnít know what she did to deserve him.  He agreed to be there for her.  He left to get some things she wanted from his apartment.

Kristen said she would do her best to get EJ to turn around.  Stefano said he couldnít come back to the states right now because he had business to take care of.  When heís finished, he will be back.  He hoped she had things settled by then.  She looked at a picture of John and hoped so.  Roman, Bo, and Kayla talked about Carolineís tests.  Kayla said the spells werenít mini strokes and nothing could reverse it.  She said itís not going away.  She said itís probably going to get worse.  Bo said Caroline was fine when she was talking to Victor.  Kayla said memory loss was unpredictable.  One minute you could be lucid and the next you are lost.  They all continued to talk about Carolineís health.  Justin told Jennifer that he saw the DAís case against her.  He said the most damaging things were Billie and Bradyís statements.  He said they heard her screaming and Nicole falling.  He said Jennifer stood there and did nothing at the time.  Jennifer said she was in shock and couldnít move.  He said other people said they heard her fighting with Nicole on different occasions.  She said when she heard EJ hired him to go after Daniel she was afraid of what Nicole was going to do to Danielís life.  She was trying to do for Daniel what she couldnít do for Jack.  He thought that explained her state of mind.  He said the case against her was not just circumstantial and the police havenít gotten a statement from Nicole yet.  He said he would be with her every step of the way, but she had to be prepared for the worse.  While Kristen was at the town square, she saw John and Marlena kissing.  Abby went to see Nicole and offered her condolences.  While they were talking, Abby asked Nicole not to punish her mother.  While Jennifer and Justin were at the pub (she was released on bail), they ran into Daniel.  He wanted to talk to Justin about Jenniferís case.  Justin told him how Jennifer was being charged with second degree murder.  Daniel said Jennifer didnít push Nicole.  Justin said Nicole said she did and her testimony is key.  Abby tried to plead Jenniferís case to Nicole, but Nicole didnít change her mind.  John wasnít able to have lunch with Marlena.  When he left, Kristen got up and left.  Daniel went back to the hospital with Nicoleís things.  He told her that he saw Jennifer.  He said Jennifer told him what happened.  Nicole wanted to know what she said.  He said Jennifer remembered when Nicole fell.  Nicole said she guessed she would.  Daniel said it could have been a mistake.  He asked her if it was a mistake.  While Marlena was in the park, Kristen walked up to her and spoke to her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Todd admits to Starr that he knew all along that Tťa had Sam Morganís baby. He tells her about how Tťa showed up at the cabin that night and assumed that the baby he was holding was hers, and he didnít have the heart to take him away from her. Starr canít believe that Todd would inflict that kind of pain on Sam after seeing what losing Hope did to her. Todd says Heather told him that Sam was at the cabin to abandon her baby, and he couldnít think of any other reason that a woman would bring a newborn to a shack in the middle of the woods, in the middle of the night, in the middle of a storm. Michael tells Carly that Jason found Sam's baby. He tells her that Tťa and Sam delivered their babies the same night and that Tťa took the wrong baby home because Heather Webber switched them. Carly feels terrible for Tťa and Todd, but she is thrilled for Jason. She says that if Sam has any sense, she will get back together with Jason. Jason tells Sam that he was hoping she and Danny would come home with him and be a family. He assures her that he will love her and Danny forever. She isnít prepared to give him an answer. Carly goes to the hospital to see Danny. She asks Jason if he is going to be Dannyís father. Jason says it is up to Sam. He tells her that Todd might have been complicit in the baby switch, but so far, all they know is that he was in the woods that night. Carly hopes Todd wasnít involved because he is almost her friend. Carly tells Sam to do the right thing by letting Jason be a part of Dannyís life, and then she goes to the jail to confront Todd. Sam decides to go with Jason.

Lulu is frustrated that she isn't pregnant yet. She wonders if Dante has a problem. He is certain that nothing is wrong with his swim team, but he goes to General Hospital to get a sperm count. After providing his sample, Epiphany laughs out loud at having made Dante so uncomfortable. Luke goes to Dante and Luluís apartment and tells Lulu that he may be losing Anna to an ex that she might still be married to. He tells her that it is equally possible that the man isnít Duke. He tells her about Jonathon Padgett, who showed up and said heíd had plastic surgery to get back to Anna. Luke thinks Padgett may have been the real Duke. Lulu wonders how this new guy got Dukeís face. Duke shows up at Anna's suite with flowers and wishes her a happy anniversary. She says she wasnít sure if he had left again. He tells her that he is in Port Charles to stay. She tells him that she and Luke are more than friends. Duke opines that Luke isnít good enough for Anna. He gives her a sprig of heather and recalls giving her one the day they met and her saying it reminded her of her childhood. She says that lately, she has a less pleasant association with heather, citing it as an example of how much things have changed. He suggests that they focus on now instead of the past. They kiss.  

Joe Scully goes to Trey's house. Trey says it's good that he survived, and now he can call the police. Joe asks him not to do that. He reveals that he is working with a powerful man who made the decision to kill Kristina. Trey tells him to turn that man in and take a deal. Michael arrives at the door looking for Starr. Trey opens the door a crack and says Starr isnít there. Michael pushes his way in and sees Joe Junior. Michael speed-dials his phone, but Joe draws his pistol and suggests that Michael shouldnít do that. Dante answers his phone, but Michael doesnít say anything.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nikki finds Victor on the floor in his office at Newman Enterprises and rushes him to the hospital. Victor is diagnosed with swelling in the brain due to the concussion he suffered when he fell off his horse and the second concussion he suffered after the explosion that happened when he was working on the docks in California. Katherine advises Victor to spend time with his family and forget about his fight to get the company back from Jack. Jack is visited by the ghost of his father John Abbot who tells him that he is ashamed of his actions against the Newmans. He only took their company because he was mad that Nikki went back to Victor again. Victoria, Nick, and Abby and tells them he has made a decision that will affect their future.

Billy can’t stand to see Victoria so heartbroken about losing Newman Enterprises so he agrees to spy on Jack for her and take the job at Newman. Jack is thrilled. Sharon reaches out to Adam for help after she starts seeing visions of Nick, Noah, and Victor telling her she has ruined her life. Adam lies to Chelsea about Sharonís two phone calls to him and rushes to Victorís house after Sharonís second plea for help. Sharon continues to be tormented by the voices as she drinks then pours the bottle of alcohol all over Victorís living room and sets the curtains on fire.

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