Wednesday 10/17/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Donna looking on, Pam practically falls all over herself when welcoming Eric back to the office. Donna pulls Pam back to her desk and teases her about the year she was born. Eric tells Stephanie that he doesn’t need them as a distraction. He only wants to focus on Stephanie. They have time, but not enough. Bill thanks Taylor for stopping by. Katie is having problems bonding with the baby and he and Brooke don’t know what else to do. Brooke thanks Taylor for being willing to help her sister. Katie tells Taylor that it’s not moving into a hew house, not even Bill, it is just her. Taylor explains that being a new mother is a huge adjustment for some women. Katie says she hates feeling like this. She loves her family, she loves her son but she doesn’t understand why a mother can not bond with her son. She tells Taylor that Bill has been very supportive. When she came home from the hospital she was very mad at him for some things he had done, but all of that is not important now. Yet she is barely able to touch her son. Taylor points out that postpartum depression, if this is what it is, is an illness, not a choice. And Katie is not doing anything wrong. It’s lack of sleep and hormones changing. She’s afraid she is going to die and abandon her son so she doesn’t want him to get too attached to her. Taylor reminds Katie that she fought hard to live, even willed herself back to give birth. That is the love of a real mother. Katie admits that she doesn’t want to be afraid. She wants to be a good mother, to love and nurture. She wants things to be like she thought they would.

Brooke stops in on Rick at work. He tells her that his dad is back at work today…..all because of some amateur moves by Thomas. He is in way over his head. Rick surmises that he should have been named CEO but he knows how Ridge feels about him so that wasn’t likely. Brooke feels it is partly her fault. Ridge is upset with her and now Rick is paying the price. She and Ridge have been through so many obstacles that she won’t believe this is the end. Eric broaches the subject of what he’d like – to have a celebration of Stephanie’s life while he is still here. She can invite anybody she wants; all her favorite people. She quips it will be her going-away party and it will be all the usual suspects invited. He gives her a pen and paper and tells her to get started on the guest list. He’s astonished later to find she has included his ex-wives meaning Donna. Stephanie likes the idea of this party more and more. She wants this trip down memory lane before her brain congeals and she can’t remember anything. Somehow she is starting to look at things a little differently. You become more attuned to things around you, small snapshots in her mind of when the girls were young and she brushed their hair a hundred strokes each night and all the camping trips with the entire family. And all the martinis Eric made and never knowing which one would be the last. He asks her to never say that. She apologizes if she ever took him for granted. He says he has had her by his side all these years and he wouldn’t change a thing. And he doesn’t want it to be over. They share a sweet kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Things picked up from when Rafe said Nicoleís baby was his.  Sami told EJ to leave.  EJ pulled out his phone and his recording of Nicole saying the baby was his.  EJ asked if Sami still thought Rafe was telling her the truth.  Sami thought that could have been spliced so it wasnít proof.  EJ said the baby was his.  Sami told Rafe to tell EJ the baby was his (Rafeís).  EJ said he couldnít say anything because it wasnít his baby.  While Maggie and Hope were talking, Maggie realized that Caroline was sick.  While Bo was cleaning the pub, Victor walked in.  While they were talking about Bo quitting the force, Caroline called out to Shawn.  When she saw Victor, she smiled at him.  EJ told Sami to ask Nicole if the baby was his or he could get some experts there.  Sami said he could pay them off.  EJ said that Rafe and Nicole changed the results and they were keeping a father away from his child.  Sami wanted him to stop.  She said Rafeís baby died tonight.  Rafe stopped her and said EJ was right.  Rafe told Sami the truth about Nicoleís baby.  She couldnít believe it.  She said Rafe told her the baby was his.  EJ interrupted to say that Rafe lied.  EJ said that the man she cast him aside for was not the man she thought he was.  Hope couldnít tell Maggie anything about Caroline because she promised not to say anything.  Maggie said the last time she saw Caroline she knew something wasnít right.  She asked if Caroline was the reason why Bo quit the force.  Hope said no.  Hope didnít want Maggie to say anything about it.  John went to the town square to think about why he was suddenly thinking about Kristen.  Kristen told Stefano on the phone that she would help with EJ and Chad, but she had to take care of some things while she was there.

EJ tried to make things worse for Rafe by driving it home how he lied for Nicole.  Sami wanted him to stop.  EJ thought Rafe would do it over again if he had the chance.  Rafe said he was protecting the child from him.  Rafe said EJ would have taken the baby from Nicole.  He said Nicole had to live in terror throughout her pregnancy.  Rafe said he would have done it again.  EJ said if he had known Nicole was carrying his baby, she wouldnít have been living with Jennifer and the baby would be alive and well.  Rafe said he didnít know that.  EJ said he did know.  EJ asked Sami if she still thought Rafe was the better man. Sami wanted them to stop.  Victor and Caroline talked while Bo was watching them.  John had flashbacks of his life with Kristen.  While he was fantasizing, a hand touched his shoulder.  EJ apologized for upsetting Sami.  She apologized for his loss. When EJ left, Sami asked Rafe how could he.  After Victor and Caroline finished talking, she went to rest.  Victor apologized to Bo.  Rafe tried to plead his case to Sami for why he lied, but she didnít understand it.  She was furious with him for not telling her the truth.  While EJ was in his office, he looked at a picture of his kids.  While he was there, Kristen showed up. EJ thought she was his mother.  Bo and Victor talked about Carolineís situation.  The person who touched John was Marlena.  She noticed that he was upset about his past.  Sami and Rafe continued to talk about him lying to her and why he had to do it.  While they were arguing over what he did, she asked if he told Carrie.  When he didnít answer her, she guessed he did.  She was beyond upset that he told Carrie, but didnít tell her.  Kristen told EJ that she was his sister not his mother.  While Sami and Rafe were arguing over his lie, she wanted to know if Rafe was ever going to tell her the truth.  He admitted that he wouldnít have told the truth.  They continued to argue.  She said she didnít forgive him and that they were done.  She stormed out of the loft.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny overhears Jason making an appointment for Commissioner Devane to take his statement about the events on the roof with Heather Webber. Jason says he wants to be a family with Sam and Danny, but he doesnít want to make them targets. Sonny tells Jason that all he can do is love them. Jason takes Monica to meet Danny. Monica asks if the babyís last name is McCall or Morgan. Jason says it is up to Sam. Samís mother and sisters arrive to meet their new family member. Molly thinks he looks just like Jason. Molly thinks it is wonderful that Jason and Sam can finally get back together. Alexis quickly changes the subject and tells Sam that she ordered everything she will need for the baby and that it is being delivered today. Jason tells Sam that he was hoping she and Danny would come home with him.

Connie tries to seduce Johnny with a sexy maid costume and yogurt. He pushes the spoon away from his face, saying he doesnít want any damned yogurt. She throws it in his face. She tells him that she saw in his Internet browsing history that he looked up ďHow to commit your psychotic spouse.Ē He says he canít wait to see her get carted away. He says he should confess because he doesnít have anything left to lose. He says Kate will figure out what she didnít do, and Connie will be gone forever. Connie returns to trying to seduce him. He smears yogurt on her face and says sheís an ass. Sonny comes to the door and asks to speak privately with Connie. Johnny gladly complies. Sonny tries to talk Kate to the surface. Connie tells him that Kate isnít making a peep so she must not want to come out. Sonny says the doctors at Shady Brook will get her to come out. Kate says only Johnny can commit her, and he isnít going to do it. Sonny tells her not to be so sure. Trey looks at his annulment papers. Starr asks Trey what the matter is. He says his father is missing after trying to kill his now-ex wife, and his newly former in-laws want him to sign papers to commit his mother. Starr thinks it is great that he can facilitate Kate getting the help that she needs. He isnít sure he wants to help her since she abandoned him as a baby. Starr asks him which he thinks is worse, panicking after giving birth to your rapistís baby or conspiring to kill your wife. He protests that he didnít know that his father was planning to kill Kristina. Starr asks him to sign the papers for her. She says if he doesnít commit Kate, then he will be helping the woman who killed Cole and Hope to go free. Trey sees an article about Starrís father being arrested for kidnapping. Tťa goes to the interview room at the police station and asks Todd if he knew the baby wasnít hers. He says all he knows is that he gave Heather a baby that wasnít breathing and she gave him back a baby that was. He says Heather made him wait outside while she revived the baby. He says he had no way of knowing that Heather had another baby in the cabin that night. He insists that Heather did it because she has a grudge against Sam.  Tťa says his story sounds possible, but another possibility is that he felt guilty about killing her husband and didnít want to hurt her anymore. She says that if that is what happened, if he let her love that baby for all those months only for her to have to give him up, then he hurt her 1000 times more than he has ever hurt her before. Starr goes to the police station and offers her condolences to Tťa. She asks if her father had anything to do with it. Tťa says she doesnít know, but that Todd might tell Starr.

Anna looks at a picture of her wedding to Duke and realizes that today is the anniversary. She tells Luke that Duke showing up wanting to get back together and then disappearing again seems like it was a dream. Luke says that maybe she is lucky that she woke up. He wants to talk about them. She doesnít know if there is a "them" to talk about. She says she doesnít know if Duke is lying, but she does know that Luke is a liar. Luke reminds her that she is a cop and tells her to be careful with Duke. He suggests that she ask for fingerprints and DNA to prove that the man really is Duke. Joe Scully tells Duke that itís not too late to kill Kristina. Duke informs him that the marriage has been annulled so there is no point in killing her now. Joe recalls Duke saying someone else has to die and wonders who. Duke draws his pistol. Joe offers a compromise. Duke lets him live. Joe goes to Treyís apartment. Duke goes to the Metro Court with flowers for Anna. He wishes her a happy anniversary.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Avery arrives to check on Phyllis and finds Ronan with her. Phyllis tells Avery she has decided not to fight the divorce from Nick. Phyllis asks Avery to become Summer’s friend and find out what is going on inside her head. Phyllis thinks this is the only way she has to stay close to Summer. Eden has a dream that Ricky is chasing her down an alley and corners her to tell her three phrases that don’t make any sense to her. After Eden tells Paul, Christine, Heather, and Avery about the dream, Paul suspects that the phrases may mean Ricky hid the video of him killing his ex-girlfriend Rachel at his grandparents' summer home in California. Avery begins the process of getting a continuance of Paul’s case so that she and Christine can go to California to investigate. Christine ignores Paul’s advice to put the hit-and-run in the past and still intends to file a civil suit against Phyllis.

Billy considers a change of career since things are not going well at the magazine or the television show. He asks Jack to give him Jabot since he will now be concentrating on running Newman Enterprises. Although Jack wants Billy to come work for him at Newman Enterprises, Billy insists he will never do that. Jack feels like he is on top of the world when he fires Victor, Nick, and Victoria from Newman and gives them until the next business day to pack up their things and leave the building. Victor warns Jack that he may be down, but he isn’t out. When he returns to his company, Jack will be very sorry because he will end him. Billy tells Victoria about Jack's job offer and is surprised when she asks him to take the job and be her spy, so she can know what is going on in the company. Victor calls some trusted board members and asks how the board could turn on him and support Jackís hostile takeover of the company. Victor finds out that the board lost faith in him because of the damage Sharon did to the company while he had amnesia. Victor paces up and down his office trying to come up with a plan when he suddenly collapses to the floor. Michael tells Ronan he intends to keep quiet about his involvement in protecting Phyllis and hiding the fact that he tampered with evidence and that Phyllis and Kevin moved Tim Reid’s body.

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