Tuesday 10/16/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/16/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick and Hope are shocked when Brooke explains to them that Ridge stayed in Europe and is not coming home just yet from the honeymoon. She eventually has to tell them it was because of Deacon. She lied to Ridge about getting text from him. Katie wallows in self pity and can’t nurse Will so she lets Bill take over and doesn’t even want to see Will. Brooke stops by and Bill explains it might be post partum depression. Katie sobs that she can’t even do the most basic thing for her child. Perhaps he was a mistake. Hope confides in Rick that she is not a quitter, so she is wondering now why she gave up so easily on Liam and didn’t fight harder. She could accept a lot but she couldn’t take that he’d made out with Steffy the night before their cancelled wedding. Rick has a moment of guilt.

Taylor and Steffy look at pictures on the internet about Steffy and Liam being an item again. Liam shows up with canoodling on his mind and wants to spirit Steffy away. Brooke and Bill encourage Katie to go be with Will. While she is gone, Brooke suggests perhaps Bill might want to call Taylor for some counseling with Katie. He agrees and then asks her if she told Hope about what happened in Italy. Liam will be furious and come after him and he just wants to be prepared. She admits she’d like to tear his head off for what he did. It was deplorable, but now is not the time for that. It’s time they rally around Katie as family. She will be there for him night or day.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Bo told Hope about Carolineís situation.  Hope comforted him.  At the hospital, Brady told Victor and Maggie that Nicole was sedated.  Victor wanted to know what Brady told the police.  Brady said he told the police what he saw.  Maggie couldnít believe that Jennifer would push a pregnant woman.  Victor thought it had to be an accident.  Brady was sure Jennifer didnít mean for this to happen, but a baby was dead and it was her fault.  Maggie said it wasnít Jenniferís fault.  While EJís phone was still recording, he wanted Nicole to tell him if the baby was his.  She told him the baby was Rafeís.  EJ said he heard her tell Rafe that the baby was his (EJís).  She said he heard what he wanted to hear.  When he was about to leave, she wanted to know what he was going to do.  Bo and Hope continued to talk about Caroline and her problems.  Maggie blamed herself for what happened to Nicoleís baby.  Maggie mentioned how she wanted to find Nicole a nice place to live as long as it wasnít with Daniel.  Maggie knew what Jenniferís state of mind was.  Maggie knew that Jennifer wasnít mentally prepared for a guest like Nicole and now a baby is dead.  She didnít know how Jennifer was going to live with herself.  Brady didnít know how Nicole was going to get through this.  Maggie asked if Brady thought Jennifer pushed Nicole.  Nicole told EJ how she held the baby and he was beautiful despite being bruised.  She didnít want him running tests on the baby.  He said he would never do that.  He said her loss as well as his was immeasurable.  He didnít care if the child was his or not because he believed it was his.  She told him he couldnít wait to take her baby away from her.  He said he couldnít wait for the day to hold his child.  He wanted to do all of the things he couldnít do with his other children (including the other one Nicole lost).  He didnít know what happened with Jennifer on the stairs, but he was determined to make her pay.  He wanted to know if this was his fight.  He reminded her that he never got the chance to mourn their daughter.  He begged her to tell him the truth about the baby.

Brady told Maggie and Victor that he wasnít sure if he believed that what Jennifer did was an accident.  Brady wanted to check on Nicole.  Maggie wanted to check on Jennifer.  EJ said he wouldnít retaliate against Rafe and Daniel.  After what happened to the baby, EJ said he wouldnít go after Daniel and Rafe.  He asked her again to tell him the truth about the baby.  She said the baby deserved to rest in peace.  He finally convinced her to tell him the truth about the baby.  The two of them cried together.  He wanted Nicole to rest.  When he left her room, he said Rafe was going to pay for what he has done.  EJ showed up at Rafeís loft and interrupted Rafe and Sami while they were spending time together.  Sami and Rafe wanted him to leave, but he wasnít leaving until he said what he had to say.  EJ told them that Nicole suffered a tragic loss.  Sami said Rafe suffered one too.  EJ yelled that the baby wasnít Rafeís.  EJ said the child was his.  Sami wanted him to stop saying that, but EJ wanted Rafe to try and deny it.  EJ said that Rafe had the gall to want to put his (Rafeís) name on his sonís headstone.  EJ said Rafe tried to steal a child from him before.  EJ said his child was murdered.  EJ questioned why Rafe didnít arrest Jennifer if the child was his.  EJ thought Rafe should have been making Jennifer spend the rest of her life in prison instead of fooling around with Sami.  Sami wanted EJ to leave.  EJ asked if Sami believed him and she said she didnít.  EJ wondered if it was because Rafe told her he was the father.  EJ wanted to give Rafe the opportunity to tell Sami the truth about working with Nicole to keep him from his child.  Rafe said the baby was his and not EJís.  Sami told EJ to leave.  Rafe opened the door.  Before EJ left, he pulled out his phone so they could listen to Nicole saying the baby was his.  Sami was shocked.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina tells Patrick that she heard Heather saying his wife is still alive and that Anna didnít seem surprised by it. Patrick concludes that Heather is trying to manipulate Anna to get a reduced sentence. Britt asks Sabrina what is going on. Sabrina says she heard that Patrickís wife might still be alive and told him. Britt berates Sabrina for saying something that upset Patrick. Anna tells Patrick about Heather saying the same thing months ago and her following up on it in Switzerland, but the woman wasnít Robin. Patrick asks her why she didnít tell him. She says she didnít want to put him through it. He tells her that every night he hears Robinís voice asking for help. Anna says she does too. They say it is especially hard today, being Robinís birthday. Britt tells Sabrina that she hopes she is proud of herself for breaking Patrickís heart. She tells her to think before she speaks. Britt offers to take Patrick home. Luke and Tracy have dinner together and only talk about Anna and Joseph. Luke says that Duke would have had to have been brutal to survive a Turkish prison and that if it really is Duke, then he is up to something. Duke backhands Joe for botching the plans he had for Sonny. He says faking Robinís death was just the beginning; his plan is to have everything, including the only woman he has ever loved, and to accomplish that, he needs to get what Sonny has. He says he had already had Sonnyís assets transferred into Kristinaís name without Sonny knowing about it, and all Joe had to do was get Kristina to marry his son and then kill her. Joe says Kristina and Trey are still married, and Kristina can still die. Duke says that would be unwise; somebody else will have to die. Anna goes home. Tracy greets her as Mrs. Lavery.  Luke wants to talk about Duke, but Anna just wants to go to sleep.

Alexis suggests to Sonny that they get Trey to institutionalize Connie. Sonny doubts that they will be able to find Trey. Trey is right outside talking to Kristina. Trey asks Kristina what will happen to them. She says itís over because it was always built on lies. He says he will sign the annulment papers, but he would still like to date her and see where it goes. Trey and Kristina go inside. Sonny tells Trey that he needs his help with Kate. Connie wants Johnny to put her name on all his accounts. Carly shows up at Johnnyís door with the bracelet that he gave her when he was begging her to take him back. Johnny tells her to stay away from Todd. She says he doesnít get to tell her who she is allowed to see because he is married to someone else who isnít even a real person. He says she doesnít know what Todd is capable of. Connie stops him from saying too much. Carly kisses Johnny and tells him itís a reminder of what he gave up. She tells him itís the last kiss he will ever get from her and that he needs to live with the choice he made. Carly leaves. Johnny snatches Carlyís bracelet from Connie.  

Todd breaks the news to Tťa that her baby died that night in the woods. She smacks him and turns to John to tell her that Todd is lying. John tells her that both Todd and Sam went to the shed in the woods looking for help that night and that when Tťa arrived and took the baby out of Toddís arms, she took Samís baby. Tťa wants proof. John shows her the DNA test results. She asks him where the other baby is. He tells her that he is buried in Port Charles. She wants to have his body exhumed and get an independent DNA test. He tells her that the tests will show that the baby died of respiratory distress and that he had hemophilia. She says hemophilia runs in her family. John says Beta-Thalassemia runs in Samís family. Tťa cries. Todd comforts her and tells her that she was a great mother to the baby. Tťa goes into the room where Sam, Jason, and the baby are. She says she knows that the baby is Samís, and that she came to say goodbye to him. Sam hands the baby to Tťa. Tťa tells Sam what foods he likes and doesnít like, that he likes to be read to, and that he usually sleeps through the night. She gives Sam a toy that he likes to sleep with. She puts the baby back into Samís arms. Sam thanks her for taking such good care of him. Tťa tells him goodbye, leaves the room and runs to leave the hospital. Todd wants to go after her, but an officer arrives to arrest him. Todd begs McBain to let him go to Tťa and make sure she is all right, promising that he will turn himself in. McBain says Tťa just had her heart ripped out. She isnít going to be all right, and it is all Toddís fault. Sam chooses to change the babyís name to Daniel, after her brother, with the middle name Edward.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane finds an Athletic Club employee who saw the woman who left him a card with a nursery rhyme on it. Cane pulls the fire alarm and asks the young man who saw the woman to identify her when she comes out of the building. Cane stops the young woman and threatens to press charges against her so she admits that someone hired her to pretend to be Samantha. Cane thinks the person who hired the Samantha imposter is Genevieve, but when he confronts her, she tells him that she didn’t hire the imposter and they must work together to find out who would do this to them. Cane doesn’t believe Genevieve and wants to get her to tell him the truth. Summer goes over to apologize to Adam and Chelsea, but she doesn’t know that Chelsea miscarried her baby. Chelsea tells her what happened, and Summer leaves crying, and later asks Nick why he didn’t tell her about the baby. Summer blames Phyllis for the car accident that caused Chelsea to miscarry although both Noah and Nick tell her to take responsibility for her actions.

Adam doesnít want to share his feelings with Chelsea about the loss of the baby but he does tell Sharon that he thinks the universe is paying him back for keeping Faith away from her for so long. Adam wonders when Jack is going to make his move on Newman Enterprises, because he wants to get the popcorn ready for the big show. A desperate Genevieve arrives at Jack’s door asking him for a second chance. He senses that she is desperate, because she has nowhere else to go. Jack arrives at Newman Enterprises and tells Victoria and Nick to call Victor because he has a big announcement to make. Victoria and Nick asks Jack to be happy with his Newman stock and not take the company away from their family, but Jack doesn’t listen and picks up the phone and gives it to Victoria so she can call Victor.

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