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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Both devastated on hearing the prognosis, Stephanie tells Eric that she should not be surprised. Eric tells her not to do this; don’t give up. He says they will wait until Dr. Lewis comes back and explains her treatment options. Dr. Lewis does explain that without treatment that Stephanie only has a few months since the cancer has spread to her liver and bones; possibly even the brain. Eric insists that they start treatment right away. Dr. Lewis says that realistically surgery is out and of course they will consider chemo or radiation but it must be weighed by the quality of life. Stephanie asks if it were her, what would Dr. Lewis do. She barks at Eric that she will not go to the hospital to be hooked up to machines that pump drugs through her body. She did that before because Brooke made her. It bought her two years, but this time it is not going to play out that way. Dr. Lewis advises Eric that sometimes the patient is right and they are the only one to make the decision. Bill calls for Dr. Caspary to drop in on Katie. She points out it is not that extraordinary for a new mother to experience what she is going through since Katie had a heart attack, a C-section and surgery. She hears Bill say that Katie is not sleeping or eating the way she should. The doctor recommends long walks and not to get lethargic or be under stress or experience crying spells for no reason. Katie cries that she can not give Will what he needs. She can’t even make milk. Dr. Caspary says she is not saying it is that, post partum depression, but they need to look into it and not be afraid to ask for help. It’s more than having the blues when her hormones change suddenly like that. But physically she and the baby are doing well and she is glad to see Bill’s support.

Katie tells Bill that she feels so ashamed for hurting her child since they are not bonding. He tells her that she is a fighter; she can handle this. It’s not her fault. If it is PPD they will get help. Being very supportive, he hugs her and says together they will make it through this. Stephanie tells Eric that she just wants them to be happy together thee next few weeks. She doesn’t want him just to be sitting at the hospital next to her body on these machines. He quips that maybe then he would get to do all the talking. He points out that she will need to tell the family; the kids will want to be with her. She says she knows and she wants to be with them. But once they tell them, everything will change. She laments that she wants to be in the house where they have been married so many times and raised their children….the wonderful parties and celebration of birthdays. She wants to walk out in the garden and when she can’t do that anymore, just to sit with him under the big oak tree. She wants to curl her toes and feel the grass under her feet. And when she can’t do that anymore, Eric can open the windows every morning so she can listen to the doves and every night so she can smell the jasmine. She whispers that she wants to cherish every moment she has to the very last moment. She asks him to please help her to do that and he says sure.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole asked Rafe if they had to keep up with the lie.  He thought that was for the best.  She said EJ had to keep thinking that Rafe is the father of her baby.  EJ was listening outside until he left.  Nicole apologized to Rafe and asked if he missed the baby.  He said he did.  She felt she should have protected her baby more than she did.  She felt sorry for herself while Rafe comforted her.  EJ called Justin and wanted someone from the DNA lab at the hospital.  EJ told Justin that Nicole had the baby last night and he had proof that Nicoleís baby is his.  He said given Nicoleís deliberate attempts to keep him from his child, he wanted to file an emergency petition to get full custody of the baby.  He wanted to take his child home tomorrow.  Nicole told Rafe that he and Daniel couldnít confess the truth to anyone.  She said Rafe couldnít tell Gabi or Sami the truth.  Nicole said she would blame herself.  She would say she switched the test and he and Daniel didnít know about it.  Neither one of them thought EJ would believe it.  She was afraid of what would happen if EJ found out the truth.  EJ talked to a nurse about his baby.  The nurse apologized for his loss.  He didnít know what she was talking about.  She told him the baby didnít make it.  At the pub, Bo and Kayla checked on Caroline.  Kayla told Bo that they could rule out vitamin deficiencies and thyroid disorder causing Carolineís memory loss.  Kayla said Alzheimerís was the worst case scenario.  EJ wanted to know what happened.  The nurse told him how Nicole fell down the stairs.  EJ didnít think Nicole fell down the stairs.  The nurse said she heard that Nicole was pushed.  He wanted to know who pushed her, but the nurse didnít have all of the details. He wanted to know the sex of the baby and she told him it was a boy. 

While Bo and Kayla were talking about Caroline, Hope called him to tell him that Jennifer was in trouble.  He left to help Hope.  Kayla said she would stay with Caroline.  Nicole told Rafe that Jennifer pushed her down the stairs.  She wanted him to make Jennifer pay for what she did to her baby.  He said he would check it out.  Roman went to the pub and found out that Caroline might have Alzheimerís.  Bo went to Jenniferís house to meet Hope.  She told him about Jenniferís situation.  He didnít believe that Jennifer would push Nicole.  Hope had to go to the station to give Jennifer something.  He had to go back to the pub with Caroline.  Hope wanted to know what happened with Caroline.  EJ told Justin not to worry about the DNA results because he had a better way of handling the situation.  When Rafe left Nicoleís room, EJ set his phone to record.  He went in her room.  Rafe went back to the loft and told Sami that Nicole lost the baby.  Sami comforted Rafe.  EJ apologized to Nicole.  EJ apologized for not being there for her the last time she lost the baby, but he was there now.  She told him how she lost the baby.  She asked how could she lose the baby. He said a nurse told him that someone pushed her down the stairs.  She said Jennifer pushed her.  He wanted to know why Jennifer would push her.  She said she didnít know and called Jennifer crazy.  Nicole said she has been like this since Jack died.  He said he would make Jennifer pay for what she did.  Bo told Hope everything that was going on with Caroline.  He was worried about Caroline and Hope comforted him.  EJ said he wanted justice for his son.  He told Nicole that he overheard her talking to Rafe about keeping up with the lie.  When she tried to explain, he stopped her.  He wanted her to tell him the child was his so they could grieve together.  His phone was still recording their conversation.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick wonders what all the commotion in the hospital is about. Sabrina tells him that a crazy woman is on the roof with a baby. Steve says the crazy woman is his mother. On the roof, Sam begs Heather to give her son to her. Heather cries and concedes that it is over. On the street below, Dante tells Elizabeth what is happening on the roof. Todd stops Tťa from going up to the roof. Heather sits on the edge of the roof. She says if she canít have the baby, no one can. She falls over the side with the baby in her arms. Jason reaches over to try to catch her. Heather falls to the ground. Elizabeth announces that the baby isnít there. Jason was able to grab the baby as Heather left the roof. He places the child in Samís arms. Steve is on his way to the roof, but Dante sees him and tells him that his mother fell from the roof and that an emergency crew is tending to her. He goes outside and tells Heather to stay still and not try to talk. She asks if the baby is ok. Tťa doesnít understand why Todd wonít let her go to her baby. John McBain goes up to the roof. Sam asks if Heather is dead. He says they were working on her when he left. Sam asks why. John says itís the hospitalís job. Anna tells Heather that she canít die because they have unfinished business. She asks Patrick if Heather will be fit to stand trial. He doesnít know. Anna pulls Todd aside to tell him not to leave town because she will find out what part he played in this drama. Tťa takes the opportunity to run into the building to get to her son. She sees Victor as Britt is taking Sam, Jason and the baby to examine him. She recognizes Sam and Jason from the night that both women were in the hospital after delivering their babies. She thanks them for saving her son. John wonít allow Tťa to take the baby from Sam. John tells Sam to take the baby away. Britt determines that the baby is fine, but she wants to keep him overnight for observation. Sam feels badly for Tťa. John tells Todd that this is his last chance to tell Tťa. Todd tells Tťa that she isnít getting Victor back because he isnít her child. He tells her that Victor died and that the child she knows belongs to Sam.

The emergency team gets Heather on a gurney and takes her up to the emergency room where Patrick examines and stabilizes her. Anna wants to question Steve, but Elizabeth tells her that all she needs to know is that Heather is evil. Anna goes to Steve anyway and asks him if Heather ever mentioned the night of the storm when the two babies were born. Steve says no and that no matter what Heather did, she still gave birth to him and she may be dying right now. Patrick comes out of the cubicle and tells Steve that Heather is alive, but that she has internal bleeding and damage to the vertebrae. He calls in specialists to assist with her surgery. He tells Sabrina that she did a great job assisting him. Steve goes in to see Heather. She tells him that she has always loved him and that she is sorry for everything that she did to Olivia and him. She asks him not to blame himself for not helping her. Elizabeth, who has been judgmentally eavesdropping, tells Steve that he needs to let Heather rest. Outside, she tells Steve that his mother has been manipulating him long enough and tells him to let it end here. Steve asks Elizabeth to go confirm that the baby is ok. She tells Sam that she is happy for her. Elizabeth goes outside and sits near where Heather hit the ground. Britt brings her a beverage and sits with her. Elizabeth says she was thinking about how one mother is reunited with her child while another one is getting her heart broken. Steve tells Dante that he still canít believe that his mother went on another reign of terror. He blames himself for signing the papers to get her released from Fern Cliff. Dante says that isnít on Steve; itís on the doctors that released her. He says Sam got her baby back, Olivia will be fine, and Heather is in custody so Steve doesnít have anything to worry about. Steve isnít so sure. He says getting caught has never stopped Heather before. He wonders if Heather dying would be the best thing for everyone. Anna goes into Heatherís E.R. cubicle and says she wants to know everything about her and Todd Manning. Heather asks Anna to tell her about Robin instead. Anna says Heather knows she couldnít have found Robin because Robin is dead. Heather says no, Robin is alive; she saw her. Anna tells Heather that she will ensure that she will spend the rest of her life in a hellhole 100 times worse than Fern Cliff and that she will never see Steven Lars again unless she takes a one-time deal to disclose Todd Manningís involvement in the baby switch and in Lukeís kidnapping. Sabrina, having overheard Annaís conversation with Heather, flies out of the room. She nearly collides with Patrick. He observes that she looks like she just saw a ghost, and tells her that whatever it is, she can talk to him about it. She says she thinks his wife is alive.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick and Phyllis rush to the hospital after getting a call from Chelsea telling them that Summer was in a car accident. When Nick and Phyllis arrive at the hospital, Adam explains that Summer was driving fast and almost hit them. Adam was able to swerve out of the way, but Summer hit a tree. Adam pulled Summer out of her car and he and Chelsea brought her to the hospital. Nick and Phyllis thank Adam and later are told by the doctor that Summer only has a few cuts and bruises. Adam and Chelsea are devastated to learn that she miscarried their baby boy. Adam and Chelsea try to stay strong for each other, but when they are alone, they each let out their grief. The doctor is unsure if the accident caused the miscarriage, but Adam is sure that the accident caused the death of his son. Christine is angry that Phyllis’ trial was dismissed and wants to pursue a civil suit against her, but Paul advises Christine it is time to let this go.

Fen goes to the hospital to see Summer who throws Phyllis out of her hospital room. Fen tells Summer that his parents think she is a bad influence on him but that won’t stop him from seeing her. To prove it, he gives Summer a kiss. Daniel thinks it's time to make his relationship with Heather public, so he gives her a kiss at the coffee house. Eden arrives at the coffee house and tells Kevin, Daniel and Heather that she thinks she remembered something that could help Paul’s case. Nick tells Phyllis he is filing for divorce. Later Avery stops by the tack house and Nick invites her to toast with him to new beginnings. Avery and Nick almost kiss but Adam who tells Nick that Summer killed his baby boy interrupts them. Ronan stops by Phyllis’s place with double cheeseburgers and onion rings to either celebrate or cheer her up whichever she needs at the moment.

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