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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill admits to Brooke that he messed up; he did something he really regrets. She says it must be very big. She has never seen Katie so messed up and demands that he tell her what it is. He starts telling her that Katie knew when they married that there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do to protect his family. Brooke tells him to stop rationalizing what he did; just tell her what he did. She is astounded when he tells her he got Deacon out of jail and flew him to Italy as he knew what it would do to Hope. She’s furious and says he doesn’t have a clue what he has done. Hope starts to leave the house but finds Liam on her doorsteps just leaving a box of her stuff she had left at his house. She invites him in and says they need to talk. She explains that she talked to Steffy and now knows they are back together. She wonders if they have set a wedding date. He says no, it’s not like that. They are taking it really slow this time. She apologizes but says now he can go off and party with Steffy anytime. She admits that she is hurting, but she just wants him to be happy and now he seems to be with Steffy.

Stephanie tells Eric that if this doesn’t turn out good, they have to be prepared. But in the end she doesn’t want to talk about it. She tells him he can talk about making his martinis or Brooke and Ridge as she feels so sorry now for Brooke after hating her for years. Dr. Lewis gives Stephanie and Eric the bad news. Her cancer has returned. The tumor markers came back positive, the scan showed the cancer has metastasized. Stephanie takes it well and says she always knew one day….she needs a little time alone with Eric. She tells him that she doesn’t want anybody to know about this just yet. He reminds her she tried that once before, but she says this time it is different. She just doesn’t want to face all those sad faces. They hold hands and Eric assures her that he will be there for her every step of the way. Katie interrupts the conversation and tells Brooke now she sees that Bill gets his way no matter the consequences. He points out to Brooke that she can tell Hope if she wants to, but considering their latest attempt at getting married that she ought to just leave it alone. He tells Katie that he is not going to jail so she has no worries there. She’s getting stronger every day so she’s going to be there for the baby. He tells Brooke that understandably she is angry with him, but sending him away is only going to hurt her sister. Donna was in the same position and ran off to tell Hope but caught Liam and Steffy going at it in Brooke’s cabin. So she realizes now that Liam has moved on. He loves Hope, but he’s in love with Steffy. He tells Brooke that Liam and Hope are done and she needs to let that go. Brooke says she could easily send him to jail as he deserves it. But that wouldn’t do Katie any good and she is not going to be the one responsible for sending him to jail. They are family now. Brooke tells Katie that she knows how upset she is, justifiably, with Bill but she is going to have to put that aside for now. The baby can not feel any of this. Yes, Bill did some awful things, but she can get through this. She has a good reason now – Will. She urges Katie to find peace. She goes upstairs to a crying Will. She tells Katie not to worry about Bill; just focus on love, harmony and peace for Will. She urges Katie to dig deep and just be good parents for Will. Bill walks toward Katie and says Brooke is right. Katie holds her hand out. He reaches it and takes hers and gives her a big hug. Brooke returns and lays little Will in Katie’s arms. Bill glances at Brooke in wonderment.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Kristen told Stefano that she wasn’t going back to Salem.  Jennifer was in a jail cell and thought about Nicole’s fall.  Abby and Hope came in and wanted to know what happened.  Jennifer said she was in there because Nicole’s baby was dead.  Jennifer said it was her fault.  Nicole was still crying when Daniel came back in her room.  She wanted him to go away, but he wanted to be there for her.  Daniel wanted to understand what happened.  Nicole told him that Jennifer pushed her and killed her son.  Jennifer told Abby and Hope what led to Nicole’s fall.  Jennifer said that Nicole said she pushed her.  Jennifer questioned whether or not she pushed Nicole.  Abby asked if Jennifer could go to prison.  Nicole told Daniel that she looked at Jennifer from the ground and she noticed how Jennifer didn’t do anything.  Nicole said she was hurting and having contractions.  She didn’t think Daniel believed her.  He said that he talked to some people and they backed up her story.  She started to think about the things she could have done or didn’t do that could have prevented her from losing the baby.  Daniel comforted her.  Jennifer didn’t know what was going to happen to her.  Hope wanted to call Justin.  While Rafe and Sami were getting close, he got a call from Daniel saying that he had to go to the hospital.  Stefano continued to talk Kristen into coming back to Salem to save the family.  Sami wanted to know what was going on.  Rafe told her that he had to go to the hospital because Nicole was there.  Sami wanted to go, but he didn’t think it was a good idea.  He said he would let her know what happened.  When he left, she said she had to go to the hospital.  When she was about to leave, a drunk EJ was at the door.  Billie saw Daniel at the hospital.  He wanted to know what happened.  She told him what she knew about the accident.  She told him that Jennifer was arrested.  She said they are going to charge Jennifer with murder. 

When Rafe got to the hospital, Daniel told him that Nicole lost the baby.  Rafe couldn’t believe it.  Daniel told him that Nicole fell down the stairs, went into labor and the baby was stillborn.  Rafe said they went through all of this to protect the baby from EJ and now this happened.  Daniel said he promised he would be there for Nicole, but he had something to do.  He asked Rafe to stay with her.  Rafe agreed to do it.  Rafe went into Nicole’s room and comforted her.  Sami wanted to know why EJ was there.  He said he wanted to talk to Rafe.  Hope and Abby went to Jennifer’s house and talked about Jennifer’s situation with Nicole.  Abby told Hope about tense things were between Jennifer and Nicole.  Abby told Hope that she suggested Jennifer not sit on the sidelines if she thought Nicole was hurting Daniel.  Daniel went to the jail to see Jennifer.  She didn’t know why he was there and suggested that he be there for Nicole.  He wanted to understand what happened.  When EJ was saying things about Sami and Rafe that she didn’t like so she threw him out.  When he wouldn’t leave, she threatened to call Roman or Bo.  When he noticed the message from Daniel, he left.  He knew that the baby was coming and was excited.  Daniel wanted Jennifer to tell him what happened.  He heard from other people, but he wanted to hear from her.  She said that he was a doctor and facts were facts.  Jennifer said she was sick about what happened to the baby.  Jennifer said she wouldn’t have pushed Nicole down the stairs despite what other people said.  Jennifer needed to know if Daniel believed her.  Kristen finally agreed to go back to Salem.  Stefano said they would go back to Salem separately so no one would hate her for being with him and because he had something to do first.  Daniel didn’t believe Jennifer would push Nicole despite the facts.  Jennifer wanted to know he believed her.  He said because she doesn’t lie.  Rafe wanted to know what to do about him being the father of her baby.  Rafe thought EJ would freak out when she questioned what would happen if they told the truth now.  She wondered if they had to keep lying about it.  Rafe said they had to.  Nicole said EJ had to believe that Rafe was the father.  EJ was outside listening. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy knocks on Luke's door. He screams that he said to get out of there. Tracy wonders who Luke is yelling at. He tells Tracy that Duke Lavery was there, returned from the dead. Luke catches Tracy up on the trip to Switzerland to look for Robin and the quest to find Robert to tell him about Ethan. She fills him in on her love affair with the charming man who turned out to be Joe Scully, Junior. She says she believed his denials even after he showed up at her house with a gunshot and she removed the bullet. Luke quips that Tracy knows how to pick them. Tracy says she wishes the police would find Joseph so that she will at least know he is alive. Luke tells her not to worry; Joseph will be back. They both conclude that nobody dies in Port Charles. Duke tells the Swiss doctor about his reunion with Anna and Luke’s interruption. The doctor warns him to be prepared for the possibility that Anna might choose Luke. Duke is confident in Anna’s love for him. He asks how their newest patient is doing. She says that whoever attended to him should have their license revoked, but he is alive. Joe Scully enters the room and adds that he is as fit as a fiddle.

Dante finds Olivia at the bottom of a staircase with her head bleeding. She tells him to go after Heather. He calls Epiphany to take care of Olivia. Olivia tells Steve that his mother went to the roof with the baby. Jason and Sam find Heather on the roof. Sam asks Heather to give her son to her. Heather says it isn’t Sam’s son; Sam’s son is dead. Jason tells her that they know what she did. Heather says she will never give them the baby because she is his mother now. Dante joins Sam and Jason on the roof and aims his gun at Heather. Heather tells them to get rid of the officer or she might have to do something drastic. Jason asks Dante leave and let him deal with getting “their” son back from Heather. Dante goes down to check on Olivia and tells Steve what is happening on the roof. Steve says he is going to the roof to rescue the baby. Olivia and Dante tell him that Heather obviously doesn’t trust him anymore; otherwise, she wouldn’t have hit him over the head. Dante says it is Sam’s decision how she wants to handle it. Epiphany is shocked to hear that Sam is the baby’s mother. She remembers the night that Sam and Téa came to the hospital with their infants. Olivia says Sam has been mourning all this time for a baby that wasn’t hers. Epiphany observes that Téa doesn’t know her baby was lost.

At Heather Webber’s motel room, Anna asks Todd why he didn’t come to the police if he knew Heather’s whereabouts. He says there was no time. John says a P.I. didn’t call Todd; Heather called him from this hotel room. John asks Todd if his plan was to grab the kid and let Téa leave with him. Anna doesn’t think this is the time or place for that conversation. Téa wonders why Heather would have called Todd. John concludes that he will have to be the one to tell Téa the truth. Anna gets a call alerting her that Heather is at the hospital with the baby. Anna, John, Todd, and Téa go to the hospital. John McBain stops Téa from going to the roof. He tells her that Heather is insane and Téa doesn’t know what she might be walking into. Todd tries to come clean with Téa, but she doesn’t want to hear it right now. Dante tells Anna that sharpshooters are in position on adjacent rooftops. The police monitor the rooftop cameras. Téa wants to know who and why those people are on the roof with Heather. Heather tells Jason that he never wanted Franco’s baby. Jason says she is wrong; he wants his son. Heather says Sam doesn’t love him either. She says Sam didn’t even care enough to have him in a hospital; instead, she gave birth in a seedy motel room and left him outside to die. She concludes that she makes a better parent than Sam and Jason put together. Sam realizes that what Heather wants is to be a mother. She tells Heather that she will smooth things over with Steve and explain that everything Heather did, she did because she loves him. Heather doesn’t believe her. Anna gets on the loudspeaker and tells Heather that they have the hospital surrounded. She says that if Heather gives up the baby, they will work out terms of leniency. Heather cries, cuddles the baby, and says this isn’t the way it was supposed to be. Jason tells Heather that she doesn’t have a choice now. He asks her to give his son to him. Heather sits on the edge of the roof and says that if she can’t have the baby, nobody will. She shifts her weight to fall over the side. Observing from the street, Téa screams, “No! Don’t hurt him!”

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the coffeehouse, Victor asks Fen where Summer is. In the courtroom, Michael asks Kevin if he knew Tim Reid. Kevin manages not to tell him anything that would incriminate himself. Tucker tells Jack that the charges against him were dropped. Victor tells Nick and Victoria about Jack and Tucker owning stock in Newman Enterprises. Adam surprises Chelsea with a honeymoon getaway but will not tell her where he is taking her. In the courtroom, the judge becomes sick and has to be taken out of the courtroom. Everyone wonders if there will be a mistrial. Fen comes into the courtroom and faces the wrath of Michael for not letting him and Lauren know where he was going. Fen lets Phyllis know that Summer will not come to the courtroom. Nick visits Adam and Chelsea to ask Adam to join them in making a united front for the public. Adam again refuses by telling Nick that he never treated him as family. Sharon and Noah discuss how she's living her life. Noah lets her know that he cannot stand to look at her until she cleans up her act. In talking to Victor, Victoria refuses to go against Billy. Jack tells Billy that he plans to take over Newman but he needs his help. Billy refuses to help Jack to go against the Newmans. Summer arrives at the courtroom, but she tells Phyllis that she is only here to see Phyllis get what she deserves.

Another judge takes over Phyllis’ case. He tells everyone he will review the file and give his decision. Phyllis tries to talk to Kevin about what happened, but Michael drags Kevin away and refuses to let Phyllis manipulate him. Jack visits Adam and offers to buy his shares of Newman. Adam sells Jack his shares. Victor refuses to let Jack take over Newman Enterprises telling him to bring it on. Sharon visits Tucker to apologize for her actions. Tucker asks Sharon for a favor to call the SEC. Tucker thanks her and warns her to watch her back when it comes to the Newman family. The judge decides to declare a mistrial in Phyllis’ case. Everyone is surprised. Adam and Chelsea drive to the airport or so they think. Summer is behind the wheel of another car, crying while the day’s conversations go through her head. Adam and Chelsea are discussing their honeymoon when she sees the oncoming lights of the car driven by Summer.

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