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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Brooke that Katie is pulling away from him and he doesn’t know what to do about it. He wishes she would yell at him or something, but she won’t. He needs Brooke’s help to let him know what’s in Katie’s head. She says they are family and they will get through this. He is appreciative especially since he has not always treated her or Hope that way. Brooke says she does not hold grudges and neither does Hope. Katie wishes that Bill had not found the need to call her. Brooke tells Katie that she knows she is very upset and they need to talk about it. Katie is reluctant to talk about any of it, but finally tells her that it’s because of Bill. He has to control everything and everyone even if it means to run right over them. He did something criminal that could land him in jail. Pam and Donna squabble over the stapler at the desk. Pam says Eric gave it to her on her first day on the job and it’s special. Stephanie has a coughing spell and they all rush to her aid. Eric wants to call 911, but Stephanie keeps saying she is okay. After they keep insisting they call her doctor, Stephanie calls them worry warts but makes the call.

Eric tells Dr. Lewis that Stephanie thinks he is over-reacting but she was coughing and wheezing and has no energy so he insisted on bringing her in. Stephanie has a blood test to see if her cancer markers have changed and they anxiously wait the results. Brooke tells Katie that she has to tell her what Bill did so she can understand why she is so upset. She knows Bill loves little Will and Katie will not let him do anything to hurt him in any way. Katie says she may not have that chance. Bill does things always in the name of love and protecting his family. Brooke returns downstairs to Bill and demands that he tell her what he did to make Katie feel this way. She has to know otherwise she can not help them. Bill admits that he did something he regrets….something hurtful to Brooke’s daughter, Hope. Brooke is astonished and insists that he tell her what that was and why Hope is involved.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

It picks up from Jennifer and Nicoleís fight on the stairs.  Nicole grabbed Jenniferís wrist and refused to let go.  When Jennifer gets her wrist free, Nicole fell down the stairs.  Brady and Billie go to Nicole to check on her. Kayla said there could be a lot of reasons for what Caroline was going through, but Caroline wasnít convinced.  Bo tried to reassure Caroline that there could be different reasons, but Caroline knew it was Alzheimerís.  Kristen was surprised that Stefano would want her help with the family after all of this time.  He asked her to come back to Salem.  Billie called an ambulance while Brady stayed with Nicole. He assured Nicole that she was going to be okay.  He yelled at Jennifer for what she did.  Nicole said Jennifer pushed her.  Jennifer walked towards Nicole.  Nicole wanted her to stay away from her.  Nicole said the baby was coming.  Brady said Nicole was in labor.  Nicole blamed Jennifer for hurting her baby.  Kayla wanted to test Caroline for everything because a number of things could cause slight dementia.  Caroline wasnít sure what ďslightĒ dementia was.  Kayla said that the other things that could be wrong with her are curable.  Caroline said Alzheimerís wasnít.  The paramedics arrived for Nicole.  Jennifer denied pushing Nicole.  Nicole told the paramedics that Jennifer pushed her.  They said they had to report it to the police.  Jennifer told Billie that she didnít mean to do that to Nicole or the baby.  Jennifer wondered why Nicole said that.  Billie said it sounded as if Jennifer was angry with Nicole.  Jennifer said she was going to the hospital, but Brady told her to stay where she was.  Roman showed up to question Jennifer.  Jennifer said she was angry and wanted to get away from Nicole.  Billie asked how angry was she.  Billie said she thought Jennifer did something to Nicole that she didnít mean, but it still happened.  Roman asked Jennifer if that was true.  Nicole was at the hospital having the baby.  When the baby was out, she wondered why everyone was so quiet.  Cameron told her the baby was unresponsive.  He said the baby must have suffered trauma when she fell.  He said there was nothing they could do.  Nicole asked how her son was.  Cameron said he didnít make it.  Nicole wanted to hold her son.  Maxine gave her the baby to hold.  Nicole held the baby and talked to him.  Kristen wanted to know why Stefano wanted her to save the family.  He said with Lexie gone, she was his last chance.  She appreciated the checks he had been sending her over the years, but she didnít know about returning to Salem.  He understood that she would face some difficult memories.  She flashed back to John and Marlena.  She realized her good times in Salem outweighed her bad times. 

Caroline said she wanted to keep her situation among her, Bo, and Kayla.  Caroline didnít want Roman and Kimberly to know until they knew for sure.  Kayla wanted to do the blood work tonight.  Dan went to the hospital and asked Maxine how Nicole and the baby were.  She said Nicole was fine.  When he asked about the baby, she hung her head down.  Nicole asked Cameron how she could be fine and her baby wasnít.  Dan was watching them and got upset.  Daniel walked in Nicoleís room and wanted to talk to her alone.  Cameron left the room.  Daniel told her he heard what happened.  She said she couldnít believe this was happening.  He said he was sorry.  She said she was empty inside.  She wondered how she was going to go on without him.  He said to hang on to him.  Roman wanted to know Jenniferís side of the story.  She told him her side of the story.  He asked her if she pushed Nicole.  She said she didnít mean to push her.  Billie asked if Jennifer was going to need a lawyer.  Roman said for her to do what she had to do.  He was going to the hospital and wanted Jennifer to stay where she was until he came back.  Jennifer wanted to go to the hospital, but Billie stopped her. Billie said she would call Brady and find out what happened.  When Billie left, Jennifer prayed the baby would be okay.   Daniel comforted Nicole.  When Daniel made reference to what happened being a terrible accident, she corrected him.  She said she didnít fall.  She was pushed.    Brady told Billie that Nicole was fine, but the baby wasnít.  Billie went to talk to Jennifer.  Roman went to the hospital and wanted Brady to tell him his version of what happened.  Nicole told Daniel that Jennifer pushed her down the stairs.  Stefano tried to get Kristen to come back to Salem, but she didnít want to do it.  Brady told Roman that he heard Jennifer tell Nicole to get away from her.  Then he saw Nicole fall down the stairs.  Roman asked if Brady knew what was going on between Jennifer and Nicole.  Brady said they had a fight in the square.  Brady told him that Jennifer made a scene and called Nicole a b*tch.  He said Nicole was upset when he talked to her.  He said he told Jennifer to leave Nicole alone, but he didnít know how this happened.  Roman said the paramedics told him that Nicole said Jennifer pushed her.  Brady said it would be a criminal activity if whatever happened tonight caused the death of the baby.  Roman couldnít talk about it and left.  Billie told Jennifer that Nicole was fine, but the baby was dead.  Jennifer cried.  Daniel didnít want to believe that Jennifer pushed her.  Nicole reminded him how Jennifer has been treating her.  Nicole told him again how Jennifer pushed her down the stairs.  She blamed Jennifer for killing her baby.  Billie comforted Jennifer who was upset over what happened.  Roman showed up to arrest Jennifer. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

John suggests to Anna that they intercept Heather when she inevitably goes to Todd Manning for help. Anna says John canít participate because he isnít on her payroll. He suggests that she hire him for $1.00 so they can catch Heather. Anna makes a request for Toddís phones to be monitored. While she is waiting, she tells John that she got a visit from her presumed-dead husband. She tells him that Duke died in an explosion and then came back with a different face and was shot and died in her arms, but now she has found out that the man who died in her arms wasnít Duke and that Duke is alive and in her hotel suite. John says Anna knows how to use her cop instincts to figure out if it is really Duke this time. Duke advises Luke to give up on Anna. Luke doesnít intend to give up. Luke thinks Duke is an imposter. Duke tells Luke that he and Anna are soul mates and suggests that Luke go find his, Laura.

Dante forwards some pictures of Victor that Tea had provided to the police to Jason, and Jason shows the pictures to Sam. Heather waits for Todd to bring her money and fake passports under the threat of revealing that Victor isnít Teaís child. Tea goes to Toddís room at the Metro Court and tells him that Heather Webber took her baby. He tells her that John McBain told him about it. She tells him that she came to Port Charles because Detective Falconeri relayed to the Llanview police that Heather is there. She begs Todd to help her find her son. She says she doesnít know what she will do without Victor. Todd tries to tell Tea everything about Heather and the baby switch, but she is too hysterical to listen and he loses his nerve. He pretends to talk to someone on the phone and then pretends to write down the address where his contact located Heather. Then he picks up the piece of paper where he had written Heatherís address earlier and says he has just found out where Heather is. Tea insists on going with him. Anna gets a call alerting her to a call that Todd received from the Nightlight Motel on the outskirts of town. She and John go to find out if Heather is there. When they arrive, Heather is gone. Anna calls to update Dante. John and Anna wait in Heatherís motel room. Todd and Tea arrive. Tea identifies Victorís onesie and demands to know where her son is. McBain asks Todd how he knew Heather was there. Tea says Toddís PI told him. Anna asks Todd why he didnít come to the police with the information. Tea wants to know what is going on. John asks if Todd is going to tell her of if he should do it.

Heather goes to General Hospital to procure medicine for the baby. She spots Sam and Jason when the elevator doors open so she doesnít get off the elevator. Olivia has a vision that Heather is at the hospital, but Epiphany is skeptical.  Epiphany tells Dante, but when he goes to the room where Epiphany left her, Olivia isnít there. Olivia runs into the real Heather in the stairwell and doubts herself. Heather confirms her identity and says she stopped by for medicine for her son. Olivia tries to get to the baby. The two women struggle. Heather pushes Olivia down the stairs. Sam and Jason hear the noise and go to find out what happened. Oliviaís has blood running down her face. She tells Sam and Jason that Heather was just upstairs. Sam and Jason run up the stairs and find Heather on the roof with the baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Ronan tries to comfort Phyllis over the difficulties that she is having with Summer. Victor visits Nick to discuss Phyllisí and Summerís trouble. Victor tells Nick that he talked to Adam but didn’t get an answer. Avery visits Nick just as Victor is leaving. Avery wants to discuss the kiss that they shared. Adam and Chelsea discuss Adam’s decision to refuse to help Victor and the rest of the family to hold onto Newman Industries. Chelsea picks up the phone and hands it to Adam. Heather reminds Daniel that she will be in court today to put Phyllis away. Christine, Danny, Paul, and Nina discuss Ricky and all the trouble that he caused. Lauren and Michael walk into the courtroom. Michael stands before the bench and wonders how many lives he will ruin today and how many of his friends he will lose. Michael reminds Lauren that Phyllis could get time. Phyllis and Ronan discuss how much she despised him her father for the trouble that he caused their family. Avery and Nick discuss how she responded briefly to the kiss, but it cannot ever happen again because she doesn’t want to hurt Phyllis. Nick asks Avery to talk to Summer, but when he goes to her bedroom, she is gone. He tells Phyllis. The search begins around Genoa City for Summer and Fen.

Victor arrives at Adam’s to hear his decision. Adam surprises Victor by telling him that he cannot possibly go along with his plan. Victor warns that this decision could cost him Newman. Everyone searches for Fen and Summer. Phyllis finds out that the judge will not delay her trial and it will begin as scheduled. Fen and Summer are shown asleep in an abandoned building. Fen urges Summer to go home or at least call her father, but she refuses. Michael and Leslie begin their opening statements. The first witness called is Kevin.

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