Wednesday 10/10/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As she is starting to say goodbye, Stephanie turns and asks Brooke why doesn’t she throw some things in a bag and come and stay with her and Eric for a few days. She does not want Brooke to be alone. Brooke says she hopes she won’t be. Katie and Bill are just starting a new family while hers is dissolving. They deserve to be happy and she thinks she can be of help to them. Katie is sitting on the couch looking pretty forlorn when Bill comes in. He sees her twisting a diaper all in knots and is concerned, and even more so when she seems distracted and doesn’t even notice him. He asks about Will and she gives a perfuctionary answer that he is sleeping and then tells Bill not to go to him. She does not want him waking up. He mentions that she looks exhausted and he’d like to get her more help. She assures him that she does not need a babysitter; the doctor and nurse stop in each day. She says she is not inadequate. He mentions that she still seems upset with him. She admits that she is and gets up and walks away from him. He follows and says he thought they were over that, the whole mess with Deacon, Hope and Liam. She says she is. She doesn’t feel much of anything and everything isn’t always about Bill. He puts her life, family, and their future in jeopardy, yet she’s just not understanding enough to apologize. She says she is looking at him but doesn’t even know him. Suddenly she says she is going to lay down. Bill can look in on Will but she does not want him to wake him up or make him cry. She can’t stand it when he cries. He immediately calls Brooke and asks her to come over as her sister needs her. She is distancing herself from Bill and withdrawing from the baby.

Thomas speaks with some of the employees who tell him it is a privilege working under another Forrester. Hope pops in and teases him abut his first order of business as CEO is to throw her brother out the window. Thomas defends himself by saying he did not throw Rick out the window although he did need to be taught a lesson. Steffy walks in and gives her brother a big hug. Thomas has to leave to speak with some reporters. As always left alone, it doesn’t take long for the conversation to turn to Liam. Hope says she imagines that Liam told her about their conversation at the hospital that could have gone either way. Steffy replies that is always the way with the two of them. Hope chimes in but it is never just the two of them; it’s always three. Steffy reminds her that she ended it and moved on. Hope says she did what she had to do. She’s curious just how long Steffy waited before she showed up on Liam’s doorstep. Steffy says she will always be there for Liam, but she won’t answer the question if she is living with him now. She reminds Hope that she ended it with Liam so why should it even matter what they do now. When pressed and asked the specific question, she says yes they have slept with each other and are back together. Hope tries to act nonchalant and says she is fine and Steffy can tell Liam that. But when Steffy leaves, Hope falls apart. When Brooke arrives, Bill explains to her that Katie is mad at him but is distant. She is not fighting back. It’s like he’s not even there or in her life anymore. Brooke says they have been through worse so just go in there and have a heart to heart with her. He says he has; she looks right through him. Brooke says she will talk to her if Bill wishes. She helped raise Katie when she was younger and they will get through this together.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

While Sami and Rafe were leaving for their date, they kissed.  EJ came out of his apartment just in time to see them.  Caroline realized that she called Bo ďShawnĒ.  She told him that she was scared.  Brady tried to calm Jennifer down.  He wanted her to let Daniel handle Nicole, but she wasnít willing to do that.  She felt she owed Daniel something because he saved her life.  Nicole told Daniel that they needed to leave Salem tonight.  He wanted to know why she wanted to leave right away.  She remembered when he told Brady how he loved Jennifer.  She also flashed back to being told that she lost her baby.  She said that she was scared that she would lose everything if they didnít leave right away.  Stefano was in a restaurant looking at a picture of EJ and Chad.  A woman in a red dress came up to him and he was glad to see her.  Daniel wanted to know if EJ threatened Nicole.  She said no.  She said she was just scared.  She said they needed to leave because they couldnít risk EJ demanding another DNA test.  She said Daniel needed to adopt the baby.  He said they would go to Utah, he would adopt the baby, and EJ would be out of the picture, but it wouldnít happen tonight.  He said he needed more time and he didnít want it to look like they were running away.  He said they werenít leaving until Dr. Knapp said it was okay.  He didnít want to jeopardize the babyís health.  She agreed with him.  She said nothing was going to work now.  Caroline and Bo talked about her forgetting things.  She thought it was normal for older people to forget things, but he didnít agree.  She said things became stressful once Kayla went back to the hospital.  She blamed her problem on being overwhelmed.  Brady and Jennifer continued to talk about Nicole and how much she irks Jennifer.  When Brady left, Jennifer was determined to make sure that Daniel didnít go to jail or stop being a doctor because of Nicole.  Daniel suggested that Nicole get some rest.  She told him that he had to go.  He suggested that she reschedule her appointment with Dr. Knapp so they could leave sooner.  When he left, she cried and said it was over.  EJ told Sami and Rafe that he was moving out of the building.  When Sami went to take a call, Rafe said he wanted to talk to EJ.  Rafe reminded EJ that he had Sami back and there was nothing he was going to do to break them up.  Rafe said that he won and EJ lost for good. 

Bo suggested that Caroline take some time off, but she didnít want to.  She reminded him that she and Shawn built the pub from the ground up and she wasnít going to let him or anyone else take it from her.  He said he didnít want to take it from her.  He wanted her to take a break and talk to Kayla.  She refused to do it.  Rafe reminded EJ that he used Gabiís situation to keep him from Sami.  Rafe threatened EJ if he ever did something like that again.  EJ wasnít threatened.  EJ warned Rafe that he wasnít going to take his child away from him (his child with Nicole).  Rafe warned EJ to stay away from Nicole.  EJ left.  Nicole called Dr. Knapp to make arrangements.  Nicole listened to the message Jennifer left for Daniel.  Jennifer said she couldnít leave things the way they did.  She said Daniel meant too much to her.  She wanted to meet him at the town square soon.  Nicole was furious and threw her purse.  She noticed the scalpel she had in it and grabbed it.  She erased the message and put the scalpel back in her purse.  Bo apologized to Caroline and suggested that she see another doctor if she didnít want to see Kayla.  He wanted to make sure there wasnít anything wrong with her.  She told him that she walked two miles this morning and she wanted to go home.  She told him not to follow her.  He stopped her and told her to look where they were.  She was shocked.  Stefano told the woman in red that EJ and Chad were still on the outs and they werenít talking to him.  He said his family was falling apart and he wasnít going to have it.  He thought the woman in red was the only one who could save the family.  Bo told Caroline that everything was going to be okay.  She apologized for yelling at him.  She agreed to see Kayla.  She wanted it to stay among the three of them.  He wanted to go to the hospital.  She didnít want to be a burden.  He assured her that she wasnít a burden.  Later on, Bo and Caroline were at the hospital talking to Kayla.  He told Kayla what was going on with Caroline.  Caroline thought there was something wrong with her. EJ went to Jenniferís house to see Nicole.  Abby told him that Nicole moved out.  Jennifer was at the town square waiting for Daniel when Nicole showed up.  Nicole took the scalpel out of her purse and walked towards Jennifer.  Caroline told Kayla about the problems sheís been having.  Bo wanted to know what Kayla thought.  Caroline said Bo knew what Kayla thought.  Caroline knew what was wrong with her.  Nicole put the scalpel back in her purse when Jennifer noticed her.  Jennifer told Nicole that she didnít have time to argue with her.  Nicole wanted to settle things once and for all.  Stefano said the woman in red was the only one who could save the family.  The woman turned out to be Kristen.  When Jennifer was about to go up the stairs, Nicole said she wasnít finished talking to her.  Nicole grabbed Jenniferís wrist.  They argued with each other over Daniel.  When Jennifer pulled her arm away from Nicole, Nicole fell down the stairs.  Billie and Brady walked by and saw Nicole fall down the stairs and land on the ground.  They went to her.  Jennifer was surprised.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie complains to Lulu that Spinelli has found the perfect girl. Lulu jokes that Ellie Spinelli sounds like the Ď80s bands Scritti Politti and Milli Vanilli. Maxie tells her not to joke about Spinelli getting married. Lulu reminds Maxie that she is married. Lulu tells Maxie that she and Dante are trying to get pregnant. She tells Maxie to tell Spinelli how she feels about him, but that she should be careful because Spinelli might think she is just saying it because he is dating someone else. Spinelli tells Ellie that he is glad Maxie was honest about not being romantically interested in him because it allowed him to meet her. They share their first kiss.

John tells Todd that Heather kidnapped Samís baby from Tťa. He says that when they find the baby, Tťa will learn the truth that it isnít her child and that Todd was involved with switching the babies. Jason tells Sam that he thought her baby was safe in Llanview, but that Heather kidnapped him from Tťa's house. Sam feels badly for Tťa, knowing the pain she will have to endure when she discovers her baby died. Sam tells Jason that Heather will probably contact Todd because she has obviously been blackmailing him. John goes to Alexisís house. Jason tells him that he told Sam everything. John tells them that he just came from Toddís place, but Todd isnít talking. Olivia goes to Steve's apartment and finds Steve on the floor with broken pottery by his head. He tells her that Heather crowned him. She takes him to the hospital where they meet Dante. Spinelli hears Steve telling Dante that the baby Heather kidnapped is Sam Morganís child and that Heather knew the whole time. Spinelli believes this will change everything for Sam and Jason. Spinelli calls Jason and tells him what he heard. Jason and Sam join him at the hospital and they all go into the cubical where Steve is being treated for his head injury. Steve reveals that his mother seems to believe the baby is her own child. Heather realizes that she just gave Victor the last dose of his medication.

When Luke returns home to his room at the Metro Court, he is surprised to see Anna hugging the late Duke Lavery. Duke asks Luke if whatever he is there for can wait because he and Anna have to catch up. Luke reveals that he lives there. Luke tells Anna that he did what she asked and told Robert the truth about Ethanís paternity and now he wants to talk to her about their relationship. Duke tells him that he and Anna are married. Duke and Luke want the other to leave so he can have a private conversation with Anna. Anna settles it by being the one to leave. She returns to the police station. She asks John to keep her focused on work. He tells her that he has a hunch that Todd Manning will lead them to Heather Webber. Heather calls Todd and demands passports and money so she can leave the country with the baby. He writes down the address of her motel, grabs a few stacks of cash, and opens his door to leave, but finds Tťa standing there, sobbing.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael continues to try to get Kevin to tell him what happened between him and Phyllis the night that Tim Reid died. Nick and Phyllis argue over the fact that Summer walked in and found Phyllis and Ronan making love. Nick receives a call that Summer was arrested. At Adam’s and Chelsea’s home, Victor comes for a visit. Chelsea welcomes Victor home before going to meet her father. Michael demands answers from Kevin, but he refuses to tell him anything. At the police department, Ronan tells Nick and Phyllis what Summer did to his car out of vengeance. Adam tells Victor that he wants all his children to help him present a united front before the press. Adam refuses to give him an answer then reminds Victor all that went down between them through the years. Adam reminds him that Victor never claimed him as his son. At Gloworm, Chloe tells Gloria that she sold Kevin out to Michael. Gloria cannot believe what she is hearing. Chloe calls Kevin but he doesn’t return her call.

Victor regrets how things happened between them and confesses that part of him does love Adam as his son. Chelsea enters Gloworm and is instantly confronted by Gloria, who wants to give her a baby shower. Jeffrey and Chelsea have a snack together. Jeffrey gives Chelsea $100 to buy something for the baby from him. After talking to Nick and Summer, Ronan drops the charges against her. Victor congratulates Chelsea on her pregnancy. Adam tells Chelsea about his meeting with Victor. Chelsea tells Adam about her meeting with Jeffrey and he almost seemed human. Kevin opens up to Michael about his involvement with Phyllis. Nick reprimands Summer for her actions and suggests that she get psychiatric help in order to find out why she is doing these things. At the police department, Victor offers comfort to Phyllis saying that he doesn’t hold her responsible for Summer’s actions.

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