Tuesday 10/9/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie lets herself into Brooke’s house. Brooke was hoping it was Ridge and asks if Stephanie has heard from him and if he’s coming home. Stephanie reminds her that he will come back as his family business and his children are here. She just doesn’t know when. And she believes Brooke when she says she was not involved with Deacon. She only talked to him about Hope and not being in her life. Stephanie points out that she lied to Ridge, it’s always about trust. Katie fills Donna in on what happened when Ridge left Brooke over finding that Brooke had been texting Deacon. She is devastated. The technicality of not being married because they didn’t file the papers is huge to Brooke. Bill is showing Alison pictures of little Will when Deacon comes in bearing flowers for Alison and a big grin and cigars for Bill. Now he wants to get down to the paperwork…..for the job that Bill is going to give him.

Brooke appreciates Stephanie’s support. Stephanie starts coughing and says she better go home and lie down. This coughing keeps coming on occasionally. Brooke hugs her tightly and begs her not to go. Donna tells Katie there is so much joy in a new baby and she just wishes she were happier now. Katie wonders with what is happening with her and Ridge if they should tell Brooke what Bill did in bringing Deacon to Italy. Donna doesn’t think so. Bill demands Alison throw away the flowers and cigars from the convict. He nixes Deacon’s offer for him to have a job at Spencer's or his wife will find out the details of their past involvement and she won’t be happy. He’s willing to start at the bottom……say as Alison’s assistant. He just wants a job with a decent wage so he can stay in L.A. and turn himself from some convict flunky to a decent guy that his daughter can be proud of. Deacon pours himself a drink from Bill’s finest and tells Bill that fair is fair. But Bill stands pat and says Deacon has 30 seconds to get out of the building or it will be the biggest mistake he ever makes. Deacon smirks but says he hasn’t seen the last of him. During their talk, Katie starts crying. Donna realizes she is all over the place and can’t help it. Stephanie tells Brooke that her son is an unconventional man and he is just having his doubts right now. She needs to give him time. Just don’t give up. Stephanie states that she is not going to be here forever. She will be gone sooner than later. So Brooke must carry on with Ridge and be the head of the family. It’s far from over.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Hope told Bo that this wasn’t a good time to sail around the world and he agreed with her.  At the pub, Abby asked Gabi if Melanie left town because of her (Gabi).  Billie told Daniel how mad Jennifer was at Nicole for ruining his life.  Billie suggested that Daniel talk to Jennifer, but he refused.  When Billie left, Brady showed up looking for a room.  Daniel said he needed help with Jennifer because she was unraveling.  Jennifer wanted to talk to Nicole before Nicole left the house.  Brady and Daniel talked about Jennifer.  Brady wanted Daniel to check on Jennifer, but Daniel dropped the bomb that he was leaving Salem.  Jennifer asked Nicole where she was going with Daniel.  When Nicole tried to leave, Jennifer stopped her.  Jennifer wanted to know what Nicole’s plan was and why she was taking him away from the people who love him. Nicole said that Daniel was doing what he wanted to do.  Jennifer said Daniel wasn’t thinking clearly because of the baby.  Nicole had a flashback about the doctor telling her that she lost the baby.  Jennifer continued to berate Nicole about Daniel.  Jennifer forbade Nicole from leaving with Daniel.  Bo said that this wasn’t a good time to leave home.  Hope wanted to know why.  He said Caroline needed his help.  Gabi wondered why Abby thought she was the reason why Melanie left.  Abby said when she brought Melanie up, Gabi looked guilty.  Abby asked if Gabi and Chad hooked up.  Gabi denied it.  Abby said something messed up between Chad and Melanie and she suspected that Gabi had something to do with it.  Abby noticed Nick’s face and asked if someone beat him up.  She asked if it was Chad.  Nick wanted to let it go, but Abby wanted to know what was going on.  Brady and Daniel continued to talk about Jennifer and Nicole until Brady left.

Jennifer and Nicole continued to argue over Daniel.  While they were in a heated argument, Nicole blurted out that she lost her baby.  Abby was furious that Chad beat up Nick and got away with it.  Abby left.  Bo told Hope that Caroline has been mixing up names a lot and called him Roman.  Hope said she did that all of the time.  He told her how Gabi told him that Caroline went off on a supplier for not getting a delivery that she signed.  When Bo told her more about Caroline’s episodes, Hope was convinced that he was right.  Nicole cleaned up what she said by saying that she lost her baby the last time.  Nicole went on and on about Daniel saving her baby and how he was there for her.  Jennifer said that Daniel broke the law for her and wondered if that was why she wanted to leave town.  Nicole was sick of talking to her and was ready to leave when Brady showed up.  Nicole wanted him to keep Jennifer away from her and she left.  Jennifer said their conversation wasn’t over.  Abby found Chad and wanted to talk about Melanie.  Hope suggested that Caroline get a check up.  Bo didn’t want to embarrass Caroline.  Hope wanted to talk to Caroline together, but he didn’t want her to feel ganged up on.  She said she would wait in case he needs her.  He left.  Bo went to the pub to talk to Caroline.  He told her that he wasn’t leaving Salem.  Caroline was happy that he wasn’t leaving.  She mentioned having a conversation with Lexie yesterday.  Bo told her that Lexie passed away.   Jennifer and Brady talked about Nicole.  Jennifer suggested that Brady talk to Nicole.  He agreed, but he wanted her to calm down.  She claimed that she was calm.  Bo asked Caroline if she were okay.  She said she was.  While she was cleaning a mess, she dropped some dishes.  Abby continued to press Chad about Melanie and Nick until Chad left.  Caroline blamed Bo for dropping the dishes.  When he offered to help her clean it up, she screamed at him to leave her alone.  She called him “Shawn” and told him how he was treating her like she didn’t have a brain.  He wanted her to look at him.  When she did, she called him by his name.  Jennifer told Brady that she was going to save Daniel from Nicole.  When Daniel and Nicole met up, she was ready to leave for Utah.  Daniel didn’t want to leave right away because he had to give the hospital some notice.  He also wanted to get in touch with Rafe.  She came up with excuses in order for them to leave right away.  She said they needed to listen to the voice that was telling her that they had to leave tonight.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu prepares for an evening of baby making. When the apartment door opens, she drops her robe to the floor, turns around, and finds her father standing there. She puts her robe back on, blows out the candles, and welcomes Luke home. He asks her if she is alright after the Jerry Jacks incident. She says she is fine, but speaking of psychopaths, Heather Webber escaped from Fern Cliff. He isn’t concerned about it. He tells her about his trip to Switzerland to help Anna find Robin, only to be disappointed. Luke thinks Heather intentionally said she saw Robin to torture Anna. He tells her that he told Anna that he lied to Robert about Ethan and Anna told him to go find Robert and tell him the truth so he found Robert and Holly and told Robert the whole story. He said he saw Ethan in Budapest. She says she misses her brother and hopes he comes home. Lulu says she hopes he and Anna can work it out. He goes to see Anna. Anna goes home to the Metro Court and finds an intruder in her room. She is shocked to see Duke Lavery because he is dead. He tells her he isn’t dead, he’s two decades late. She holds her pistol on him and demands to know who he really is because she was holding Duke when he died. He says Jonathan Padgett died in her arms. He tells her that his enemies found him in spite of Witness Protection and put him in a Turkish prison with Padgett as a cellmate and Padgett stole his identity. He says he is back to reclaim the life that Jonathon stole from him. Anna says she wishes he were really Duke. He tells her to kiss him and she will know who he is. She tells him not to touch her. He asks to see Robin because she would recognize him. She tells him Robin is dead and Duke is too. She handcuffs him and says she is arresting him for breaking and entering and fraud. He repeats the exact words that he said to her the first time he confessed his love for her. She says it isn’t possible. He says he remembers every detail of their time together. He says he is back for his wife. He repeats more things that he said to her twenty years ago until she believes him. She cries and hugs him. Luke arrives at the room and finds Anna and Duke embracing.

Olivia tells Dante that she saw Heather in a vision so she thinks she may be back in Port Charles. He tells her that Heather kidnapped a baby. Olivia tries to focus so she can get another vision, but she doesn’t see Heather, she sees Dante and Lulu with a baby. Dante goes home and tells Lulu about his mother’s vision. They get to work on trying to make it come true.

Jason goes to Sam’s house and tells her that Heather Webber switched her baby with another one and that her son is alive. He tells her that Heather was at that shack in the woods burying Anthony Zacchara’s body that night and that Todd Manning delivered a baby that night too, at a bus stop near the shack. She asks him how he found all this out. He asks her to remember when they were in the hospital together and Patrick showed them the autopsy report. He says he studied the files looking for anything that might make sense of what happened to the baby. He says there were things that didn’t add up, so he investigated. She asks him how he is sure. He reveals that John McBain did a DNA test on Téa Delgado’s baby. He gives her the test results. She grabs her purse and keys to go to Llanview. He stops her and tells her that Heather has kidnapped the baby. Todd answers his door. John McBain tells him that he knows what he did to Sam Morgan. He recounts the events of the night of the storm when Téa gave birth on a bus stop. Todd confirms it all, including Heather giving the child CPR. He says John is crazier than Heather if he thinks there was a baby switch. John says he has proof; a DNA test proves that Victor is Sam’s baby. Todd asks if Téa knows about it. John says no. Todd says he should be the one to tell her. John says he already went to Llanview to tell Téa, but the baby was gone; Heather had kidnapped him. Steve opens his door and finds Heather standing there holding a baby, whom she says is Steve’s new baby brother. Steve tells her that people are looking for her and that baby. Heather says she is his mother now. She won’t let him near the baby. He grabs the blanket and discovers that there is no baby in the bundle. He asks her where the baby is. She says he is safe for now, but if anything happens to her, then no one will ever see him again. She tells him that she and the baby are developing a relationship that she never had with Steve. Steve reminds her that she sold him when he was a baby. She says they can be a happy family. He tells her that the baby isn’t related to them. She rationalizes that the birth mother already has a child. He tells her that he knows it is Sam Morgan’s baby. Heather says Sam doesn’t deserve him now. He says she has to give the baby back. She refuses. He changes his tactic and says that she may be right about the baby being a new start for their family. He calls Dante when Heather goes to freshen up, but Heather only went around the corner to watch what Steve would do. Olivia goes to Steve’s place and lets herself in with her key. She finds Steve unconscious on the floor with broken pottery by his head. Heather returns to the motel room where she had left Victor when she went to Steve’s.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea looks at baby clothes that had just arrived from “TagNGrab” as Adam comes downstairs. At the coffeehouse, Chloe and Kevin look at the emails to see if they heard anything from Daisy. Avery sits in a booth at Jimmy’s just trying to relax when Michael comes in looking forlorn. Michael lets Avery know that he is hiding from having to face the fact that he needs to question Kevin about his involvement with Phyllis. Summer tells Nick about finding Phyllis and Ronan making love. Phyllis and Ronan make love. Victor angrily talks to someone on the phone when Nikki walks in saying that she heard him all the way down the hall. Victor fears that his company is slipping out of his hands as they speak. Sofia and Tucker discuss their latest stock holdings. Sharon meets with the SEC to supply them with evidence that will send Tucker to prison. Victor and Nikki find out that Jack owns stock in Newman also. Tucker lets Sofia know that he had already met with the SEC and he denied all of Genevieve’s accusations. Sharon informs the SEC all about Tucker’s latest business tactics. Nick doesn’t believe Summer when he finds out that she walked in on Phyllis and Ronan but decides to go and check it out anyway. Phyllis orders Ronan out saying that this cannot happen again, but instead of leaving, Ronan goes upstairs to take a shower. Michael confronts Kevin about what he knows about Phyllis and Tim, but he leaves without telling him anything. Chelsea has doubts about wanting Jeff to be part of her child’s life. Nikki tries to comfort Victor over the fact that Tucker has so much of Newman stock. Nick comes barging in to Phyllis’ and demands to know where her lover is. Nick also tells her that Summer stopped by and saw her and Ronan. Ronan comes downstairs and is confronted by Nick.

Michael begins to question Chloe about Kevin’s involvement with Phyllis. As much as she tries to keep quiet, Chloe still tells Michael what he wants to know about Kevin helping Phyllis to take Tim’s body back to his apartment. Adam, Chelsea, and Adam have a meeting concerning Jabot. Summer lets Fen know about Phyllis and Ronan. Nick orders Ronan out. After Nick and Phyllis argue as usual, he walks out once again. Nikki tells Katherine about Tucker owning so much of Newman stock as he walks in. Sharon tells Victor that she turned Tucker in. She gets a surprise when Victor tells her that Tucker talked about dropping the charges against her. During a confrontation, Nikki slaps Tucker’s face. Michael orders Kevin to come with him so they can talk more about him and Phyllis moving Tim’s body. Nick goes into Jimmy’s and, upon seeing Avery, takes her in his arms and kisses her. Phyllis finds Summer at the coffeehouse and attempts to have a conversation with her, but Summer refuses to talk. Sharon rushes to Tucker’s office to talk to him but, when she gets there, she finds that he is being arrested by the SEC.

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