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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke hyperventilates and Katie tells her to settle down and breathe. When she’s able to talk, Katie begs Brooke to tell her what’s going on with her and Ridge to cause this. Rick has been knocked out the window by Thomas and Caroline rushes outside to his defense. He loves her concern but says he is okay. The bushes broke his fall so he doesn’t have a concussion. Brooke says nobody can help; only Ridge can. She’s still trying to figure it out and she can’t describe what happened. She doesn’t understand it but Ridge got very, very upset, it all changed. Eric tells Stephanie that Rick should have been the proper choice for CEO, not Thomas. Maybe he should not have left this up to Ridge. Stephanie tells her that Thomas might surprise him if he will give him a chance. Pam and Donna rush in and informs them that Rick is in trouble. Thomas says it was an accident and it got out of control. Rick pressed all his buttons and yes he went out the window, but he did not throw him out the window like Rick is saying. Eric states that he is going to let Ridge’s decision stand for now, but if he sees any more of his that he will take over. Caroline helps Rick back inside. Thomas says he guesses he should apologize. He lost control and he made a mistake. He scolds Caroline for siding with Rick. She tells him not to waste his time. This is not the kind of man that she wants to be with.

Eric doesn’t understand why they even have an interim CEO. Brooke is back, but Ridge isn’t. Stephanie admits that Ridge called her; he’s not coming back for a while. Brooke explains that this has to do with Deacon. They were texting each other so she could keep telling Deacon to stay away from Hope. Ridge found out and went ballistic. He left to see R.J. in boarding school. Technically they are not married as they were going to take care of the paperwork when they returned. So this might be the end of their relationship as Ridge was that furious. Caroline tells Rick that this is just a temporary setback, that’s all. Rick rants that Thomas needs a compass to find the conference room. He draws a few pictures and leads the charmed life because of his dad. But nothing has changed. He still wants Caroline by his side when he does rightfully become CEO. He kisses her as she accepts. Stephanie tells Eric that Brooke lied to Ridge and she had promised him over and over that she wouldn’t do that again. Stephanie says he is angry and disillusioned and you can’t sit on those kind of feelings very long. The way he sounded, yes it sounds like he is finished. Brooke goes home to that big old house and calls Ridge but has to leave voicemail. She assures him that she loves him and misses him. She was having so much fun on their honeymoon that she didn’t want to argue so that is why she lied to him about not hearing from Deacon. She is sure in time that Ridge can forgive her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole saw Rafe at the town square and had a daydream that she told him how she lost the baby.  Bo and Hope met at the coffee shop.  He told her that he figured out what he wanted to do in one fell swoop. Daniel told Jennifer that she didnít have to quit working at the hospital because he would do it.  She told him the hospital needed him.  He thought they would get along without him.  She wanted to know where he was going and hoped Nicole wasnít going with him.  Nicole wanted to talk to Rafe, but Sami showed up and they walked away.  Jennifer tried to convince Daniel that Nicole didnít care about him.  She said that Nicole lies, blackmails, and sleeps her way out of situations.  She brought up all of the guys Nicole has hurt in the past.  Nicole thought it wasnít fair that Rafe and Sami got back together.  She listened to Danís message about going to Utah.  Bo told Hope how the best days of his life were when they were sailing with Shawn.  He said Ciara has taken an interest in sailing. He wanted to track down Shawn and see the world through Ciaraís eyes.  He showed her the route that he picked out.  Hope wasnít exactly thrilled with the idea.  Nicole wanted to know when Daniel left the message for her.  She wondered if it was before or after he saw Jennifer.  She had to know if he was going to make a commitment to her.  Daniel and Jennifer continued to talk about Nicole and how Jennifer didnít want him to get involved with Nicole.  Hope noticed that every route Bo picked was close to a DiMera enterprise or a subsidiary.  He wanted to know how she knew that.  She said she did her homework as soon as he mentioned the idea.  Marlena walked in and told Bo that Roman was upset that Bo was leaving the force.  He left to tell Caroline that he was leaving.  Marlena talked to Hope about Boís plans.  Marlena wanted to know why Hope didnít tell Bo that she wasnít excited about the idea of sailing around the world.  Daniel refused to talk to Jennifer about Nicole again.  He ended up leaving.  Billie walked in while Jennifer was saying how much she hated Nicole.  Daniel called Nicole and wanted to meet so they could talk.  Nicole agreed to meet him.  Marlena and Hope talked about Boís plans to sail around the world.  Marlena advised Hope to tell Bo the truth about how she feels or else no one would have a good time.

Bo went to the pub and told Caroline about his plans to sail around the world and reunite with Shawn and Belle.  Sami and Rafe talked about their relationship as well as EJ during their picnic.  Sami wanted to know if Rafe could ever forgive her. He said he forgave her.  He wanted to know if she could ever forgive him.  He reminded her about his feelings for Carrie despite her history with her.  He thought he was interested in Carrie because he knew it would hurt her.  Sami said she saw him with Carrie and knew that his feelings for Carrie were real.  He agreed his feelings were real, but it was over now.  He told her how Carrie told him that he was in denial about his feelings for Sami.  He wanted to take responsibility for what he did and asked for her forgiveness.  She said she forgave him.  While Caroline and Bo were talking, she called him Roman.  Bo told her that she called him Roman again.  Caroline tried to make excuses for why she called him Roman.  She said they all forget things so it was nothing to make a fuss about.  Bo agreed with her and she went back to work.  Billie and Jennifer talked about Nicole.  Jennifer couldnít wait until she never had to see Nicoleís face again.  Daniel told Nicole that he wanted to go to Utah with her.  Sami and Rafe got into an argument when they talked about whether or not heís the father of Nicoleís baby.  He walked away.  Nicole was excited that Daniel was going to Utah with her.  He excused himself when he got a call from Melanie.  Nicole was upset that she couldnít talk to her baby anymore, but at least she would have Daniel to lean on.  She said she would tell Daniel the truth once they get to Utah.  She thought she would have lost everything when she lost the baby, but Daniel was going to take care of her.  Sami apologized to Rafe.  She couldnít stomach the idea of Rafe sleeping with Nicole, but sheís willing to love the baby because itís his.  She would also deal with Nicole.  Bo and Hope ran into each other at the town square.  Hope told him that going around the world wasnít a good idea.  He said okay.  Nicole went to Jenniferís house and saw her bags packed.  Nicole was happy to be out of there.  She was also happy that she would get Daniel and Jennifer wouldnít.  When Nicole was about to leave, Jennifer was at the door.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

In a hospital room in Switzerland, Duke Lavery tells Robin that he never meant to hurt her or her mother. He tells the doctor that he canít reunite Robin with Anna while she is comatose. He takes an old picture of Anna out of his pocket and says it is time for a different kind of reunion. As he heads out with his plane ticket in hand, the doctor tells him that Luke Spencer seemed devoted to Anna. Duke says Anna loves him so he isnít worried about Luke. Anna instructs an officer to search for Joe Scully. John McBain goes to her office and tells her that Heather Webber took off with Teaís baby after having used her dead cousin, Susan Mooreís identity to get a job as Teaís nanny. He tells her about the baby switch with Sam Morganís baby. He says Tea doesnít know that Victor isnít hers. Anna concludes that Tea will be devastated all over again when the child is returned to her only to find out that he is not her child. Anna asks John to tell Llanview police commissioner, Bo Buchanan, that he has their full cooperation. John suggests checking out the shack in the woods. She says she might bring in Heatherís son because he might know more than the thinks he does. Jason goes to Steveís apartment and asks him if his mother has been there. He says he hasnít heard from her. Jason tells him that a DNA test confirmed that the baby that Tea Delgado has is Samís child and that Heather took him. Steve tells Jason that he needs to tell Sam all of that. Jason thinks it is better to wait until the baby is safe. Steve says there is no guarantee that they baby will be ok. He says his mother has sold babies in the past. He says Sam needs to know the truth so she can have comfort in knowing that her child survived and was with a woman who loved him. Sam asks Spinelli what important information Jason was going to tell her last night before they were interrupted. He tells her that he doesnít know. She collars him and tells him that if he doesnít spill, she will hurt him. He admits that they were working on a theory, but that it didnít pan out. She releases him. He runs away. Sam calls Jason and says they need to finish the conversation that they started. She answers a knock on the door and finds Jason on the other side holding his phone to his ear and saying yeah, they do. He comes in and tells her that she needs to sit down. When she does, he tells her that her son is alive. Steve calls Olivia and leaves a message that he worries about her with his mother being out there. He answers a knock on the door and finds Heather standing there with a baby in her arms. Anna goes home and finds that someone has tampered with the door. She goes in with her gun drawn and finds Duke inside. She says it is impossible.

Carly wakes up on Toddís couch. Todd orders breakfast, but Carly doesnít have an appetite because she is still upset about Johnnyís betrayal. She says she canít stop thinking that Johnny is keeping something else secret from her. Todd tells her that she can do better than Johnny Zacchara. She feels like an idiot for finalizing her divorce from Jax because Johnny wanted her to. He convinces her to take the day off and watch movies with him instead. As she is leaving to go home, she tells him that she still loves that jerk. Todd answers a knock on the door, thinking Carly came back. Instead, John McBain is there and says he knows what Todd did.

Maxie goes to General Hospital and ďaccidentallyĒ runs into Ellie. She apologizes for the disaster of a wedding and surmises that Spinelli must have taken her home early. Ellie tells her that she and Damian spent the night together. Maxie is shocked that they slept together on the first date. Ellie says they spent the night at the observatory watching Venus. She observes that Maxie seems relieved that they didnít have sex, which seems odd since she is married to that wrench murderer guy. Maxie says she is married, but Spinelli is important to her and she doesnít want to see him get hurt again. Ellie says she knows that Spinelli told Maxie that they couldnít be friends until they were both in relationships so it appears that they can be friends again. Maxie says she doesnít want to be friends with ďDamien.Ē Spinelli goes to the hospital to take Ellie to lunch and is surprised to find her talking to Maxie.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Ronan and Phyllis cuddle on the sofa after making love. Phyllis feels it was a mistake which cannot happen again. Phyllis gets a call from Leslie that her trial is beginning the next day. At the police department, Avery questions Michael about Phyllis’ case. At Crimson Lights, Kevin is on the computer, working on a video for Daisy when Avery asks to join him. Kevin reluctantly gives her a moment of his time. Avery questions Kevin about Daisy and her whereabouts. Sharon walks in and interrupts their conversation, asking to talk to Avery. Avery informs her that she works for Victor now that he is home. Sharon asks Avery to talk to Victor for her to get him to drop the charges against her. Abby overhears their conversation and tells Avery, “Don’t you dare.” At Gloworm, Jack lets Genevieve know that she will soon be talking to an agent from the SEC unless she is going to back out on helping him put Tucker away. Tucker tell Victor that he will give him Beauty of Nature back in exchange for him dropping the charges against Sharon. Michael lets Christine know that Beth saw Kevin in Tim’s building the night that he died. Christine accuses Michael of not doing his job in Phyllis’ case. Kevin makes the video encouraging Daisy to come home so they will be real brother and sister. Abby forbids Avery from helping Sharon. Avery lets Sharon know that she cannot help her. Victor has reservations about giving in to Tucker’s wishes, but he sets his own terms in dropping the charges against Sharon. Phyllis begins to panic over her court date tomorrow. Upon seeing Abby, Summer starts to leave Crimson Lights, but Abby convinces her to stay and talk. Genevieve accuses Jack of not trusting her. Victor calls Avery to draw up the papers for him. Upon hearing that Sharon is close, Victor tells Avery to tell her that he wants to see her. Two agents from the SEC arrive to talk to Genevieve. Phyllis lets Ronan know that Chloe knows about her and Kevin taking Tim’s body back to his apartment.

Sharon visits Victor and finds out his terms for dropping the charges against her. Reluctantly, Sharon signs the papers with Avery as a witness. Devon and Tucker discuss their problems, but Devon still will not give in. When the SEC agents talk to Tucker, he denies everything that Genevieve told them. Kevin is interrogated by Ronan about Chloe and how much she knows. An officer tells Michael and Christine that Kevin was standing by a dumpster which held an area rug, but Ronan would not allow it to be brought into the police department for testing. Devon questions Abby about Victor and asks her about his meeting with Tucker. In talking with the SEC, Tucker denies everything that Genevieve said about Tucker’s involvement in keeping Victor out of town. While looking at his laptop, Victor finds other things that Sharon caused to happen concerning his Newman stock. Summer comes home and finds Phyllis and Ronan making love.

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