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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke rushes back to L. A. and goes straight to Katie’s. She wanted to cut her honeymoon short and see Katie because of the heart attack, the birth of her baby and moving into a new house – so much to digest. Katie feels guilty when she realizes that Brooke came back alone without Ridge. He’s out there floating around on the Mediterranean. By the look on Brooke’s face and her not saying anymore, Katie gathers something serious happened between them. Brooke does not want to talk about it as she doesn’t understand why or what happened herself. Stephanie tells Eric she got her mammogram test results and nothing has changed. Eric calls a quick meeting to read an e-mail to the group as Ridge is going to stay away longer. Everyone is happy when Ridge names Thomas as interim CEO….everyone except Rick. He does a slow burn then stands up and demands that Eric call Ridge and override that decision as Thomas is not as qualified as he is. Stephanie says it is a done decision and Rick should accept it gracefully.

Rick insists on speaking to Thomas alone. He admits to him that he liked him only because he was good to Hope in her hour of need. It had nothing to do with Caroline….although he thinks he is a better suit for her and for running the company as well. He mocks Thomas for just knowing how to draw a few designs and working on the docks while he has spent years running International and he’s Eric Forrester Jr., this is his birthright. Thomas playfully smacks Rick in the face and tells Rick that he’s running Forrester now, not Rick. Rick shoots back that Thomas’s dad handed him this on a silver platter; he did not earn it or deserve it. Rick is in his face and Thomas shoves back. The next thing you know Rick is flying out the window with Caroline witnessing the entire thing. Katie insists that Brooke tell her what’s wrong. She gets a glass of water as Brooke sits down, but she is hyperventilating and can’t even talk.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ was in his office and noticed that he received a call from Stefano.  EJ told him that he wanted nothing to do with him.  Sami asked Rafe if he really did father Nicoleís baby.  She understood why he would want to keep the baby from EJ.  Sami wanted to help Nicole and Rafe keep the secret if he told her the truth.  Rafe did everything he could to avoid answering Samiís question.  Nicole saw Daniel and Jennifer together at the hospital and flashed back to finding out that her baby died.  Sami assured Rafe that she wouldnít go to EJ about the secret after everything he did.  Sami wonít forgive EJ for anything.  Sami thought that Nicole and Rafe are doing the right thing by keeping the baby from EJ and wanted to be included in the plan.  Nicole walked away and started reacting to the loss of her baby.  She said she needed Daniel and didnít understand why he was with Jennifer and not her.  Lucas arrived at the pub and ran into Kate.  Kate let him know that she planned on bringing Sami down.  Kate wanted to make sure that Lucas was done with Sami and he assured her that heís finished with her.  Kate noticed that he looked sad and wondered if it was about Will. Lucas let Kate know that heís the problem.  EJ let Stefano know that he had nothing to say to him.  Stefano wanted to know what was wrong with him.  EJ reminded Stefano that he cut him off without hesitation when he read the letter.  Stefano heard the desperation in his voice.  EJ flashed back to Sami telling him that she belonged with Rafe.  Stefano let EJ know that if someone hurt him than heís hurt too.  Stefano wanted a name so he could make the person pay for what happened.  Sami continued to convince Rafe to tell him the truth about Nicoleís baby.  They also talked about how she was about to be with EJ.  Rafe wondered why Sami wanted to be with EJ in the first place.  Sami let Rafe know that she was lonely and had nothing to lose.  Sami promised Rafe that she wouldnít make that mistake again.  Sami insisted that she could help Rafe and Nicole keep their secret if he confided in her.  Nicole continued to grieve over losing her baby. 

Lucas talked to Kate about seeing Will and Sonny kissing each other at the town square.  Lucas let Kate know that Will was disappointed in him.  Kate thought that Will was right to feel the way he felt towards Lucas.  EJ didnít want Stefanoís help, but Stefano insisted that he help him.  EJ hung up on Stefano while he was trying to talk to him about helping him get revenge.  Sami wanted Rafe to trust her and tell her about Nicoleís baby.  Sami reminded Rafe that the only way they will work is if they donít keep secrets from each other.  Kate tried to advise Lucas about his feelings towards Willís relationship.  Kate wanted Lucas to show Will that heís not a homophobe.  Will and Sonny were at the coffee shop and ran into Victor.  Victor saw Will and Sonny together and wondered if they were becoming more than friends.  Sonny wondered if Victor had a problem with it.  Victorís okay with him being gay as long as heís happy.  Victor left and Sonny told Will that heís a great guy.  Rafe finally admitted that heís not lying about being the father of Nicoleís baby.  Rafe thought that Sami didnít want to accept the fact that Nicoleís baby is his.  Sami thought he would make a great father because heís a great one to her kids, but he needed to tell her now if heís the father of Nicoleís baby.  Lucas showed up at the coffee shop and saw Will and Sonny.  Lucas wanted to talk to Will, but Will didnít want to talk to him.  Lucas wanted him as well as Sonny to listen to him.  Sami was okay with the fact that Rafe is Nicoleís babyís father.  Sami was sure that he would be a great father to the baby.  Sami was happy that they have a fresh start now and they kissed.  Lucas apologized to Will and Sonny for the way he reacted to seeing them together.  Lucas wanted them to be happy and not worry about idiots like him.  Will hugged Lucas.  EJ met up with Kate and they talked about Sami and Stefano. Kate wanted to know if EJ was going to let Stefano back in his life.  EJ assured Kate that heís done with Stefano.  Stefano called someone and said how he couldnít convince EJ to take his right place in the company.  He told the person that he/she is the only one he has to take over the company.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Connie wants to consummate her marriage. Johnny rebuffs her and says he only married her because she was blackmailing him. She insists that he is hot for her. He tells her that he doesnít want her; he wants Carly. She tells him to stop pining over Carly and make the most of this marriage. Carly goes to Todd and demands to know how long he has known about Johnny and Connie and why he kept her in the dark about them. He reminds her of the camera that he planted in Johnnyís office and tells her that he saw Connie and Johnny together back then. He says Johnny said it was a one-time thing. He says he was never able to tell her because she always shut him down and told him to leave Johnny alone. He says he also didnít want to be the one to hurt her. Carly says she is lashing out at him because it is easier than blaming herself for being foolish. He tells her that everyone makes mistakes. She says she doubts her own instincts now, but something tells her that there is another reason that Johnny did this to her. Todd holds her to comfort her while she cries. He tells her that he is there for her. He doesnít think she should go home in her condition and convinces her to stay the night on his couch.

Steve apologizes to Olivia for not believing her when she said Kate was Connie. He tells her that so far, everything she has seen has happened, so they may not be hallucinations at all, but premonitions. Alexis consoles Sonny. Sonny asks her about getting Kate into Shady Brook. Alexis says an immediate family member would have to commit her and she doubts that a judge would give Olivia authority. She says Connie knew that when she married Johnny. Sonny asks if they can have her arrested for causing Starrís accident. Alexis says no, because Kate was already exonerated and they are the same person in the eyes of the court. Alexis wonders what happened to trigger Connie. Sonny says Connie told him that she came out when Kate found out about her son. Kristina stops Michael from attacking Trey in the police station. She tells him that Trey saved her life. Michael says Trey is more concerned about his father than Kristina. Kristina changes the subject to their father. Trey says Dante told them about Connie coming out at the wedding. Michael says Trey must regret that his camera crew wasnít there. Trey says he was asking because she is his mother. Michael says he and Sonny already figured it out, but he wonders why he didnít tell them. Trey says he just found out about it himself and he is still processing it. He says he didnít want it to be true. He tells them that Kate recognized his medallion and said she is his mother and that he didnít believe her. He tells them that Kate suddenly got vicious and started saying hurtful things. He wonders if that was Connie. Michael tells him that if he had told someone, they might have been able to get Kate some help. Kristina tells Michael that Trey couldnít have known Kate had turned into Connie. Sonny and Alexis go to the police station having heard from Sam about Kristinaís ordeal. Kristina stops Sonny from attacking Trey. Michael tells Sonny that Trey shot his own father to save Kristina. Trey says he loves his father, but he canít defend him. He sincerely apologizes for everything. Alexis and Sonny continue their conversation about needing next-of-kin to commit Kate, not thinking about Kateís son who is standing in front of them. Meanwhile, Johnny does an Internet search on how to commit a psychotic wife.

Dante goes to the Quartermaine Mansion looking for Joe Scully. Tracy hides Joe. He watches and listens from the next room. Dante tells Tracy that Joe tried to kill his sister. Tracy tells him not to believe what Sonny says about Joseph. He says Joe abducted Kristina and was going to kill her so he would inherit her money. Tracy wonders why Joseph would inherit Kristinaís money. Dante reveals that Josephís son is married to Kristina. He tells her that Joeís son shot Joe protecting Kristina. Tracy is surprised to hear that Trey shot him since Joe had told her that Sonny shot him. Tracy continues to defend Joe while pointing to the room where Joe is hiding. When Dante goes into the room, Scully is gone. Tracy swears to herself that Joe will never lie to her again.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon is released from jail despite Victorís protests and with the help of Michael and Leslie. Victor lets Sharon know that the annulment is in the works. Sharon tells him that she signed the prenup under pressure. Victor reminds her that she committed fraud. Phyllis tells Nick that they need to talk, but his mind is on Sharon and the children. While Genevieve has a talk with Katherine, Nikki goes up to join them and warns Katherine about Genevieve. Genevieve offers her apologies which Nikki accepts. Nikki lets Katherine know that Victor is going to propose. Nikki sees Jack sitting at a nearby table and goes to tell him that Victor is going to propose and she is going to accept. Victor walks in and sees Nikki talking to Jack. Katherine stops him from interrupting them.

As Harmony talks with Devon about Tucker, he comes downstairs to join them. Tucker tries to explain but Devon doesnít believe a word he has to say. Ronan comes to visit Phyllis, but she is hesitant to let him in. Jack isnít at all surprised by Nikkiís news. Katherine informs Victor that she knows what he is planning with Nikki. Nick and Avery discuss the prenup and that Sharon would be crazy not to accept it. Avery advises Nick to stand behind Phyllis. Ronan and Phyllis become cozy and begins to kiss which results in them making love. Nick comes to visit and is about to knock on the door but changes his mind and leaves. Sharon and Tucker have a run in about what he got her involved in. Tucker warns Jack and Genevieve that he will never get Beauty of Nature back. Jack calls the SEC on Tucker. Sharon, Michael, and Leslie discuss how Sharon is going to make Victor pay.

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