Thursday 10/4/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill hovers over Katie and wants to help her sit down and get her a sandwich or something to eat. She says the mere thought of food makes her want to throw up. He wants to do something for her. She says okay; he can respect her….stop interfering in her niece’s love life and jeopardizing their own happiness. But all of that doesn’t matter. It will be over once Donna tells Liam and Hope what happened in Italy. Donna walks in and Katie is surprised to hear that Donna did not tell Hope. Instead she found Liam with Steffy and they can just guess what they were doing. Bill admits that he may have overstepped his bounds a few times. Liam may love Hope but he’s in love with Steffy and that’s why he keeps going back. As soon as Hope hits a bump in the road, she packs her bags and hits the road. No father could accept that for his son. Katie says Bill had no right to interfere; Liam is a grown man. Bill says he knows they are never going to see eye to eye on this but he doesn’t want her to be upset now. Liam is his son and he had every right. Katie points out that Will is his son too but she will not tolerate him manipulating him like that. And make no mistake when push comes to shove she will protect him any way she can from his own father.

Rick calls Caroline into “his” office and sits her down and asks her to be prepared to be dazzled. She is when two models walk in and proceed to model two of her designs. She’s concerned that Rick is a little too comfortable launching her new line without Ridge being there to okay it. He shrugs it off by saying Ridge will announce it tomorrow; he’s not supposed to say anything until then. He makes it crystal clear that his dad had Stephanie at his side when he created the company and Ridge had Brooke and now he needs her by his side. He even throws in the fun they will have with private jets and fashion weeks abroad. She gets all giddy and caught up in the moment wanting to show him around New York and the theater district, wonderful eating places. There is one small complication – her boyfriend, Thomas. Rick reminds her that Thomas is spending a lot of time with his sister. He’s got it bad; always has. But Caroline has another choice and he will always put her first. She and Thomas are not going steady and she shouldn’t spend hours waiting around for him while he is helping Hope. There is no juice left in that relationship and her loyalty is not returned. He pours his heart out that here she is standing right in front of him, the whole package that he’s always wanted. He can’t help himself. He leans in and kisses her. She returns his ardor. Bill says he knows he has made mistakes and perhaps he would go back and change them if he knew they would hurt Katie. She says that is the problem. He only thinks of the end game, not how they make collateral damage or who gets hurt along the way. He points out that Liam is now with Steffy and is happy so he doesn’t know why either of them would want their niece to be with him. He was right all along. Donna says she will not forgive Bill for the crappy things he did, but she did speak with Hope after she saw Liam and Steffy and maybe this is the way it’s supposed to be. She tells Katie that Brooke is coming home tomorrow and she doesn’t think she needs to know all of this….just let it be. While Katie checks on the baby, Bill admits that he doesn’t deserve Katie. Donna agrees, but says guess what, Katie picked him. So he needs to walk into that nursery and talk to her, apologize harder than he has already. He does by telling Katie that he loves her and can’t she just let this go and they enjoy the baby for now. He says he saw his son heading for heartache so he threw a few roadblocks in the way, but he forgot how this might affect Katie. But he can let that go and let Liam run his own business and Bill can just focus on Katie and the baby now. He promises that he can be a better husband, a better father, a better man if she will forgive him. He hugs her and her tears begin to fall.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole let the doctor know that Dr. Knapp couldnít get a heartbeat from her baby before.  The doctor wanted to do an ultrasound.  Daniel told Jennifer that he didnít see them being friends anymore.  Jennifer didnít like that.  She asked him if he wanted to be acquaintances and he thought that was for the best.  EJ watched Sami and Rafe kiss.  They started talking and then kissed again.  Bo talked to Kayla at the pub about their careers.  Hope walked in and told Bo that she supported whatever decision he made.  Sami talked to Rafe about EJ blackmailing him.  Rafe said it killed him not to be able to tell her the truth.  Rafe didnít want to talk about EJ anymore so they kissed again.  EJ was still watching them.  Jennifer accepted Danielís decision and blamed Nicole for why he didnít want to be her friend anymore.  Nicole wanted the doctor to show her the babyís heartbeat.  Nicole wanted her to keep trying to find the heartbeat.  Nicole took the wand from the doctor.  Jennifer and Daniel continued to talk about Nicole until he was ready to leave.  He told her that they werenít good for each other and walked out of the coffee shop.  Sami and Rafe received texts.  Rafe didnít want to answer his yet.  Sami noticed EJ with his phone.  Rafe wanted to get something to eat with Sami, but she had to take care of something first.  They agreed to meet later.  EJ went to Sami and said he could explain things.  After the doctor tried several times to get a heartbeat, she told Nicole that her baby was dead.  Bo went to the station to confront Roman about cutting police officers.  Roman said he had to do it.  Bo wanted to know what was going to happen to the police officers who have families.  Rafe ran into Nick and he thanked him for what he did for Gabi.  Nick had no problem helping her.  Rafe wanted to know why he wanted to do that for her.  EJ told Sami that he schemed to keep her from Rafe because he loves her.  The doctor let Nicole know that she didnít do anything wrong to make her baby die.  The doctor wanted to schedule an induced labor in two days.  Nicole was in shock by the news.

Sami didnít want to hear that EJ loved her.  She yelled at him for trying to keep her from Rafe.  EJ continued to explain why he did what he did.  Sami let EJ know that she belongs with Rafe and that sheís going to be with him.  Nick said that he was given a second chance at life and wanted to give Gabi a second chance too.  Nick told Rafe that Gabi never judged him.  Nick asked Rafe if he liked the fact that he and Gabi were friends.  Roman told Bo that he had to cut at least two experienced cops.  Bo wondered if Roman would keep the cops if he took early retirement.  Kayla showed up at Jenniferís place.  Jennifer talked to Kayla about whether she belonged at the hospital anymore.  The doctor apologized to Nicole for what happened.  She planned on telling Nicoleís other doctor what happened.  Nicole continued to cry over the news.  Roman said he could keep the cops if Bo retired, but he didnít like the idea of Bo leaving the force.  Roman didnít want Bo to be a martyr.  They continued to talk about what Bo wanted to do.  Bo decided to give his resignation.  EJ thought Sami was pitting him and Rafe against each other.  EJ let Sami know that Rafe was a liar who will be caught.  They talked about Rafe saying that he was Nicoleís babyís father.  EJ let Sami know that he stopped thinking that he was the father because he wanted to get close to her.  EJ warned Sami that she will see what he sees soon enough and walked away.  Nicole looked at the baby clothes that she bought for her baby.  She talked about how she wouldnít be able to hold her child.  Bo and Hope met up and he told her that he gave Roman his resignation.  Hope was proud of him for doing it.  Hope said he was ready to start his next project.  Rafe and Sami met at his apartment.  Sami told Rafe that EJ watched them together.  She wanted to confront EJ about what he did.  Sami told Rafe that she wanted their relationship to work so they had to be honest with each other.  Sami asked Rafe if he really is the father of Nicoleís baby.  She understood why Rafe lied to protect Gabi, but she still wanted to know if he fathered Nicoleís baby. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly tells Johnny that she doesnít believe he has been running around with Connie. She asks him to tell her what is really going on. He tells Carly that he married Connie because he loves her. She wonders how Kate will react when she finds out. She asks him why he didnít break up with her when he married Connie. He doesnít have an answer. She tells him that she doesnít know why he keeps lying to her, but she knows they are over. Sonny unsuccessfully tries to talk Kate to the surface. Connie tells him that Kate went on a permanent vacation when she found out that her unwanted brat was alive. Sonny holds Connie to keep her from leaving. She screams for Johnny. Johnny comes in and tells Sonny to let go of Connie. Sonny asks him to allow him to help her since she is obviously sick. Johnny says he canít help him. Connie and Johnny leave together. Starr overhears Todd telling someone to find Heather Webber. Starr says Todd should concentrate on someone closer to home. She reveals that Connie is out. Todd says Connie should be committed. Starr says only Connieís husband can commit her. Todd doesnít see why Sonny would hesitate. Starr reveals that Sonny isnít Connieís husband; Johnny is. She tells him that Carly was shocked when Connie announced that she and Johnny had been sleeping together for months. She is upset that she trusted Johnny only to discover that he kept the woman who killed her family a secret from her. She wonders what else Johnny is hiding. Todd asks her if she is cutting ties with Johnny. She says she canít; he owns the rights to her recording contract and she sings at his club. Todd says he can buy out her contract and she can go back to Llanview and sing at Blairís club, Capricorn. She says she isnít going anywhere while Connie is out. He tells her to let him take care of Connie. Carly goes to Toddís room at the Metro Court, slaps him, and demands to know how he could keep Johnnyís affair with Connie from her. He says he tried. She says he didnít try; he just tossed barbs at Johnny, but he was never going to tell her.

John McBain goes to tell Tťa about the baby. Tťa discovers that Victor and the nanny, Susan Moore, are gone. John tells her that Susan Moore died in 1983 and Heather Webber is no nanny. Tťa wonders why Heather Webber would want her son. Jason goes to tell Sam her about her baby, but Trey and Kristina come in. Sam wonders what happened to Kristina. Kristina says Treyís father tried to kill her. Trey reveals to Jason that his father is Joe Scully Junior. Kristina assures Jason that Trey wasnít involved. Dante comes over and Kristina tells him about Joe tying her to a chair in Sonnyís warehouse. Dante says he just came from there on a shots fired call. Trey says he accidentally shot his father and gives the gun to Dante. Dante reveals that Sonnyís wedding didnít happen because Connie is in control. He tells them that Connie and Johnny apparently got married last night and Connie announced it at the wedding. Trey asks if itís possible that Connie was out a few days ago. Dante says it is possible, but he canít worry about her now; he has to find Joe Junior. Trey says Joe has been staying at the Acorn Motel. Jason says he wouldnít have gone there because Trey knows about it. Joe Junior shows up at Tracyís house with a gunshot wound and asks for her help. He tells her not to call an ambulance or take him to the hospital because they would have to report it and he doesnít want the police involved. He says Sonny shot him. Tracy doesnít believe him because if he had, Joe would be dead. Tracy gets the bullet out and tells him to leave. He asks her to hide him. Jason realizes that Joe knows Tracy Quartermaine. Dante tells Kristina and Trey to go to the station and make a report. Jason tries to call Sonny with no answer. Sam says she is going to call McBain. He tells her that John is busy. She wonders how he knows that. Before he can answer, John calls him and tells him that Tťaís baby is missing. Dante knocks on Tracyís door.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nina confronts Phyllis about her affair with Ronan and basically tells her she should have acted like a grown up and not slept with Ronan since she is married to Nick. Phyllis reminds Nina she has no moral authority to be lecturing her given the circumstances of Chance’s birth. Nina tells Phyllis nobody says anything bad about her children then she slaps her. When Ronan goes to Phyllis’ house, she tells him about the confrontation with Nina and that Lauren and Daniel both told her to get her act together and stop arguing with everyone. Phyllis tells Ronan she admitted to Danny that she saw him kissing Christine the night of the hit and run. Ronan tells Phyllis she shouldn’t have said anything to Daniel. Phyllis feels like Ronan is also lecturing her and tells him to leave. Ronan tells Phyllis that he is the only one on her side and he is doing is best to make sure she makes it through this mess.

Eden almost tells Paul about remembering that he told Ricky “this stops here” but she doesn’t have the heart to tell him after Paul lets her know that he thought he found the knife Ricky threatened her with but it did not have any fingerprints on it. Eden tells Kyle not to say anything to anyone about what she remembered, because she is going to pretend like she didn’t remember anything. Cane and Lily have a romantic night at the Athletic Club. Lily wants Cane to relax and forget about the stress he has been under lately. The caretaker at the cemetery where Ricky is buried calls Heather and wants to talk to her. Heather and Daniel go to the cemetery where the caretaker explains that flowers arrive every day with instructions that they be put on Rickyís grave. The flowers arrive with the same unsigned card which reads "I won’t forget.” Heather admits to Daniel that she is freaked out by this, but she won’t upset Paul any more than he already is by telling him about the situation. Heather decides to investigate and find out the identity of the person sending the flowers. Paul is positive he will be convicted when his case goes to trial, so he asks Avery what his chances will be of his sentence being overturned on appeal. Christine tells Michael that Phyllis admitted to Danny that she saw him and Christine kissing the night of the hit and run and demands that Michael take her and Danny’s deposition in order to get this on record before Phyllis’ trial.

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