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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna peers into the window of the cottage and sees the clothes strewn about and two figures lying before the fire wrapped in blankets. She’s shocked to see that it is Liam and Steffy. Bill tells Katie that he will apologize as many times as she needs him to, but he is not the reason that Hope and Liam aren’t together. She argues that he is. Deacon did not just show up in Italy. Bill paid for him to get out of jail and go there so he could interfere with Liam’s wedding. Seeing Bill go to prison for this and how it would affect Katie didn’t seem to deter him at all. He argues back that nothing happened. They did get married and if Hope was truly devoted to Liam, they would still be married. She tells him he can spin this any way he wants to, but when Liam finds out about this the only one he will blame is Bill. He says he can handle Liam. The only one he is worried about is Katie and the baby. She says there will be consequences. Things have happened that can’t be undone or ignored. It could change everything. He reminds her that miracle baby needs their undivided attention 100% of the time, not this. Liam and Steffy continue to be romantic on the floor before the fire. She tells him she never stopped loving him. He’s a free man and it’s different now. Donna rushes in the door and gulps a big drink of water. Hope descends the stairs and wants to know what’s wrong. Hope gets a phone call but tells them she will come into the office tomorrow. Hope tells Donna that Liam asked her today to go back to him, but she said no, but now she is worried that was a mistake. She is practically pushing him to Steffy and then it might be too late.

Bill tells Katie that Liam may hate him, but he’d never go to the police as he has too much respect for Katie. He’s happy when Katie says she can not deal with this now; she needs to lie down and rest. He tries to kiss her but she pulls back. Hope tells Donna that life is too short; just look at what just happened with Bill and Katie. They almost lost her. She has this same feeling of dread that something bad may happen. You think you have plenty of time to work things out, then you don’t. Donna struggles….she tells Hope she is not the right person to give her advice. Hope says she can’t talk to her mom right now or even Katie with the baby, so she needs to talk to someone who will tell her the truth. Donna laments that Hope is a bright, wonderful, smart person and she should not be trying to figure Liam out. He needs to work on himself first. She reminds Hope that the reason they broke up is still there – Steffy. That hasn’t changed. Hope comments that maybe they could if she didn’t see things as so black and white. Donna says Hope has such high standards and principles and she should not be doubting herself or willing to lower them for a guy who does not share that with her. She will regret it. Donna paints a bright picture of one so young who has already accomplished so much; she does not need to be tied down. Go out and enjoy life….have adventures and meet people and someday she will meet that guy! Hope says if Donna means Thomas; she is not in love with him. They make a great professional team, but he’s not the one; Liam is. Donna says she is so sorry but she is afraid that Hope is holding onto something that doesn’t exist anymore. She’s made her decision; now she just needs to stick with it…..just set herself free and let Liam go. They hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Maggie showed up at Jenniferís place to talk to her about Daniel.  Maggie asked Jennifer to stop hurting her son.  EJ talked to his lawyer about Nick and Chadís situation.  EJ didnít plan to have everything he worked for become undone by a couple of kids.  Sami went to visit Chad to talk to him about what she overheard EJ say to him.  She knew something was going on and that it involved Gabi.  Sami told Chad that she heard him talking to EJ about not delivering on a promise he made to Chad.  Sami told Chad that EJ was playing him and that she was giving him the opportunity to beat EJ at his own game.  Gabi showed up at Rafeís place to tell him the good news.  Chad wasnít going to go to the police so Rafe didnít have to protect her anymore.  EJ and his lawyer talked about the depositions that concerned Chad and Nick.  EJ said that the deposition was a lie.  EJís lawyer was confused because he thought that Chad was the only one who knew about the kidnapping.  EJ wanted the lawyer to find a loophole in the deposition.  Sami tried to get Chad to talk to her about EJís involvement in his situation, but Chad felt that she was better off staying out of it.  Sami warned Chad that EJís idea of helping people meant that he only helped himself.  She told Chad that if her theory is right he had a right to know how EJ helped himself with Chadís situation.  Jennifer talked to Maggie about how Nicole was hurting him by getting him involved with her schemes.  Maggie said that when Jennifer tells him that sheís disappointed in him, it tears Danielís heart apart.  Nicole told Daniel about the nightmare she had that EJ took her son away.  She talked to Daniel about moving to Utah.  Daniel didnít think it was a good idea.  Daniel told Nicole that her son is going to need a father and she asked if he would be willing to adopt her son.  Daniel thought that she shouldnít leave town just yet.  That decision should be a last resort for her.  Daniel never answered her question.  He did say that there is another way to help her keep her baby and heís going to find out what it is.  After Daniel left, Nicole planned on how she was going to come between Daniel and Jennifer.  Nicole remembered that she had a doctorís appointment with Dr. Knapp.  Jennifer and Maggie continued to talk about her feelings for Daniel.  Maggie reminded Jennifer about everything that heís been through and that he needs people in his life that care about him. 

EJ wanted to get Chad declared incompetent because he signed the deposition.  The lawyer let EJ know that the deposition was ironclad.  EJ walked away from the lawyer.  Gabi told Rafe about the deal Nick made with Chad since Chad beat up on Nick.  Gabi told Rafe that Chad canít say anything about how she hired Andrew or Nick would talk about what he did.  Rafe thought it was great news.  Chad told Sami that he had something big on Gabi that could send her to prison.  Chad also said that he told EJ about it, but EJ didnít want him to say anything to the police.  EJ was supposed to help Chad get her back, but he didnít do it. Chad continued to give the run down on what happened.  Sami put two and two together and realized that EJ was the reason why Rafe pushed her away.  Sami told Chad that EJ blackmailed Rafe to stay away from her.  Chad was upset and realized that EJ didnít help him out after all.  Chad left the apartment.  Jennifer ran into Daniel at the coffee shop.  She wanted to clear the air with him.  Sami showed up at Rafeís place to talk to him, but he was at her place.  They went to different places to look for each other. EJ went to Samiís place.  He barged in to look for her.  Chad showed up at the apartment and yelled at EJ.  Chad yelled at EJ for not helping him get Melanie back.  EJ reminded Chad that he told him to be patient and didnít understand why he went to Justin about a deposition.  They continued to argue about EJ not helping him out with Melanie.  Jennifer apologized to Daniel for getting involved in his business with Nicole.  Jennifer wondered if itís too late for them to be friends again.  EJ wanted to know what Sami told Chad.  Chad told him to ask Sami himself even though she might not talk to him.  EJ wanted to know where he could find Sami and Chad told him that she was probably looking for Rafe.  EJ let Chad know that he could have had everything, but he messed everything up.  Chad laughed at EJ and told him that he was just like Stefano.  Chad walked out of the apartment.  Sami and Rafe finally found each other at the town square.  Chad ran into Gabi at the pub and warned her that he would make her pay for what she did.  Daniel told Jennifer that he didnít think they could be friends after everything that happened between them.  Rafe and Sami kissed each other while EJ watched them.  Nicole went to the doctor to get her examination.  The doctor examined her, but didnít hear a heartbeat.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth goes to Alexisís house and admits to Sam that she lied when she said that she and Jason were together. She reveals that Jason told her that they would never be together. Sam said she was holding on to her divorce papers, but gave them to him last night after hearing Lulu and Elizabeth talking. Sam says she knows; Jason told her a little while ago when she went to his apartment to convince him that Sam was in a relationship with John McBain. She says she couldnít lie anymore so she told Jason that she tricked her into serving the divorce papers and made up the relationship between Sam and John. Elizabeth says that Sam will soon see everything Jason has done to make things right for her. She says Sam will get back everything she lost. Jason shows John McBain the DNA results showing that Teaís baby is biologically Samís. McBain doesnít look forward to breaking the news to Tea. He says Tea is a lawyer; she is going to want irrefutable proof. Jason concludes that they will have to get Samís permission to exhume the babyís body. John says that was only true when they thought he was Samís baby; now they need Teaís permission. John goes to Teaís house. Jason goes to Alexisís house to see Sam. Sam tells him that Elizabeth was just there and admitted to tricking her into divorcing him. He asks her if that is all Elizabeth said.

Monica sees that Tracy still has Joeís medallion. She concludes that Tracy is still sleeping with the rapist/murderer. Tracy admits that she had a moment of weakness when she went to return the medallion. She insists that Joe isnít a rapist or a murderer. Monica says Tracy is deluded and warns her to get rid of Joe before he drags her into his mob dealings; otherwise, she is going to tell Edward that Tracy is involved with yet, another gangster. Tracy agrees that she needs to get Joe out if her life. Trey looks for Joe Junior or clues to where Joe took Kristina. Joe has Kristina tied to a chair at Sonnyís coffee warehouse. He tells her that he is going to kill her so his son can inherit everything Sonny can. He says he wants Sonny to grieve and blame himself. He says she has been brave and suggests that she close her eyes. Trey comes into the coffee warehouse looking for Joe and finds him holding a gun. Joe tells him that this is the only way. Trey moves in front of Kristina and says Joe will have to shoot him first. He tells him that Kristina didnít have anything to do with Kate and Sonnyís actions. Joe says their lives were ruined because Sonny took their birthright and Kate abandoned Trey so it is poetic justice to do this on their wedding day. He says that with Kristinaís money, they can finally have the life that they deserve. Trey says nothing was ever wrong with his life. He says that if Joe pulls the trigger, he is going straight to the police. Trey and Joe struggle over the gun. A shot goes off, hitting Joe in the shoulder. Joe stops Trey from calling 9-1-1 and says he isnít going down for this. Joe runs away. Trey unties Kristina and tells her that he had no idea that his father was planning this. Kristina is shaking like a leaf. He tells her that he is sorry and holds her. Joe appears at Tracyís door asking for her help.

Connie announces that she canít marry Sonny because she is already married to Johnny. She reveals that she is Connie. Olivia tells Dante that she was right about Kate being Connie. Maxie says it explains the tequila shots and pupu platters. Lulu adds Connieís desperate desire to get a stripper. Lulu wonders to Maxie how they didnít notice. Connie says she doesnít need Kate anymore and that she can suppress her permanently. She says she and Johnny have been hooking up since Sonnyís birthday. Carly asks Johnny to tell her that Connie is making it up. Johnny doesnít say a word. Connie rambles on about how she and Johnny have been together at every opportunity until Sonny tells her to shut up. Under pressure from Connie, Johnny lies to Carly that it is all true. Sonny asks Connie why she bothered walking down the aisle if she is already married. She says she did it to humiliate him. Sonny grabs Johnny and starts beating him, Johnny unable to fight back in his post-gunshot condition. Max, Milo, Dante, and Shawn pull Sonny off Johnny. Realizing that Connie is out, Starr goes after her for killing Cole and Hope. Michael pulls Starr off Connie and carries her out, kicking and screaming. Starr says Connie will pay. Sonny blasts Johnny for taking advantage of a mentally ill woman. Carly concludes that this is why Johnny wanted to run away last night. Sonny tells Connie that he is going to commit her to Shady Brook until Kate comes back. Connie tells him that only her husband, Johnny, can have her committed and he isnít going to do that. Carly socks Johnny in the jaw and walks off. Johnny follows her. Sonny says Connie is lying about sleeping with Johnny for these months because he and Kate were together all the time. Alexis says that, unfortunately, the marriage certificate is real, so only Johnny can commit her. Connie says that was a major factor in the marriage. Alexis will look into getting guardianship assigned to Olivia so that as a blood relative, she can have Connie committed. Spinelli apologizes for their date being a disaster. Ellie says it is the most extraordinary wedding she has ever been to and that itís the kind of first date you tell your grandchildren about. Dante gets a call about shots being reported at Sonnyís warehouse. Sonny asks everyone to leave and then tries to coax Kate to the surface. When Johnny catches up to Carly, she tells him that she knows he would never do what he is claiming to have done, so there has to be more to it. She tells him to tell her what is really going on..

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin and Chloe learn that Daniel and Heather are secretly dating. After Daniel and Heather ask them to keep it a secret, all four form a secrecy pact. Phyllis admits to Danny that she saw him and Christine kissing all those years ago. Christine overhears and knows that is the motive Phyllis had for the hit-and-run accident. Christine can’t stop thinking about what Phyllis said and later heads to Danny’s hotel room crying. Danny comforts her with a kiss. Eden continues hypnosis but can only remember that Ricky wasn’t mad when he caught her searching his room. He smiled and said this would be a great night. Eden talks to Kyle, and she remembers that Paul told Ricky, "This ends here."

Paul stands on the street underneath the window to Ricky’s hotel room and cries again as he remembers the events of the night he shot his son. Paul walks along the street and suddenly notices a shiny object that looks like a knife inside a drainage ditch on the street. Paul tells Avery, Michael, and Ronan who get the knife out of the ditch and rush it to the lab to look for fingerprints. Ronan later informs Paul that the knife has been wiped clean and has no fingerprints on it. Everyone wonders who could have wiped the fingerprints off the knife.

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