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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Before she slams out the door, Donna tells Bill that his dirty little secret is coming out right now. Bill asks Katie if she is going to stop her sister and she says no. Every woman deserves a man who won’t keep secrets from her. Steffy says this is her secret little hide-away and she just wanted Liam to be happy. He says he is. And he’s glad she is sharing this place with him. There is no place else he’d rather be. Othello says Hope needs to know the truth….nothing happened….Liam didn’t cross the line yet Rick convinced his sister that he did. Rick says it’s too late; they have broken up. He’s not going to tell Hope the truth; he is not going to let her get back with Liam. She deserves better than that. Othello tells Rick that he’s really no different than Bill Spencer. Rick tells him do not compare him to Bill; he’s no where like that guy. Othello says he knows Rick thinks he is doing the right thing, but in the end he’s not. Rick begs him to let sleeping dogs lie.

Katie tells Bill that he should be thinking about Liam, not about himself. Bill laments that they can leave this alone right now and he will figure out a way to work this out. Katie says she does not want to feel this way. She can't believe this is the man she loves so much yet he does all these crazy things. She is just asking him to stop and not try to control everyone. He doesn’t always know what is best for someone else. She hopes Donna can clean up this mess. Hope and Liam deserve another chance. Donna goes back to Brooke’s to look for Hope. Upon not finding her, she goes out back and starts looking on the grounds. She follows the trail that Liam has left and ends up at the cottage. Silly girl, with all these clues, she should know if Hope is in there, she is not alone, but she looks in the window. She spies Liam lying almost on top…..it’s Hope…..no she looks again and discovers it is Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Jennifer and Nicole were arguing in the town square.  Brady walked up on them and wondered why they were fighting.  Chad showed up at the pub and saw Gabi. He warned her that he planned to make her hurt the way she hurt him and Melanie.  Gabi thought he was going to physically hurt her, but that wasnít what he had in mind.  He didnít see a point covering for her anymore since Melanie was gone.  She begged him not to say anything, but he planned on making her pay for everything.  Sami and EJ were talking at the coffee place.  Sami was talking to EJ about her feelings for him when Rafe walked in the door.  EJ wanted to know what Rafe wanted.  Rafe thought about EJ blackmailing him.  Rafe told Sami that he had something to tell her.  Bo was at the hospital and ran into Billie.  He told her that he was there interviewing suspects.  Billie said she hated that part about being a cop.  She hated the uniform as well as the crazy hours.  Bo told her that heís considering leaving the police department.  He asked her if she thought he was crazy for leaving, but she thought it was a great idea.  EJ felt that Rafe hurt Sami enough.  Rafe wanted Sami to know that he never meant to hurt her and thatís why he wanted to talk to her.  EJ didnít think it was a good idea.  Sami wanted to hear what Rafe had to say.  Rafe apologized to Sami for the way he treated her.  Sami wondered if Rafe meant what he said to her.  He told her he would love to work things out, but he didnít think it was possible.  EJ was watching them talk to each other.  Bo continued to talk to Billie about leaving the force.  Billie thought it was a great idea and that he should leave the force.  Gabi wanted to explain what happened with Andrew, but Chad didnít want to hear anything.  He still wanted to go to the police about what she did.  He took out his phone and Gabi wanted to know who he was calling.  He let her know that he was calling the police.  Nick arrived and told Chad he was not going to go through with that call.  Brady tried to break up Jennifer and Nicoleís fight, but Jennifer wanted him to stay out of it.  Caroline also overheard the argument and wanted to take Jennifer home.  Jennifer ignored Caroline and Brady and wanted to know how Nicole was able to convince Daniel to go along with her plan.  Jennifer warned Nicole that she was not going to let her take advantage of Daniel.  After a while, Brady was able to get Nicole to leave with him to stop the fight. 

Chad informed Nick that his conversation with Gabi was none of his business unless he wanted to give her tips on how to survive in prison.  Nick warned Chad that if he told the police about Gabi, she wouldnít be the only one going to prison.  Sami told Rafe that she accepted his apology.  Rafe was glad that she accepted his apology and hoped that they could all move on.  EJ interrupted them and said they planned to move on with their lives.  EJ got a phone call and went outside.  Sami and Rafe talked while EJ was gone.  She wanted to know why Rafe keeps giving her mixed signals about his feelings.  Chad didnít think that the cops would care as much about what he did to Nick as opposed to what Gabi did to Melanie.  Nick reminded Chad that Andrew was dead so there was no way for Chad to prove what Gabi did, but there was proof that he attacked Nick.  Nick informed Chad that there are photos of what he did to him.  Chad didnít like the idea that he had to keep his mouth shut while Gabi got away with what she did.  Chad was about to leave, but Nick wanted to make sure that Chad kept quiet.  Nick wanted it in writing with Justin witnessing it.  Bo showed up at the pub and wondered if everything was okay with Chad, Nick, and Gabi.  No one told Bo what was wrong.  Bo warned Nick to stay out of trouble.  Gabi thanked Nick for his help.  Chad and Nick left the pub.  Nicole went to Danielís place and told him about her fight with Jennifer.  She asked him if she could stay with him until the baby is born.  Rafe told Sami he didnít mean to give her mixed signals, but he wouldnít do it anymore.  He said he wouldnít interfere with her relationship with EJ even though he hated the idea of them being together.  Sami informed Rafe that EJ has changed.  Rafe didnít believe it and left the shop.  EJ saw Rafe on his way out and asked him if he kept their bargain.  Rafe warned EJ to go to H*ll.  Bo talked to Caroline about his decision on whether he should quit the force.  Caroline was all for his decision if he wanted to leave the force.  Sami and EJ went to her place and saw Chad outside of EJís place.  Sami invited Chad and EJ in her place so they could talk.  Sami went to the bedroom to call Marlena while they talked.  Chad told EJ that Melanie gave him a letter.  EJ wanted to know when she was coming back.  Chad told him that sheís not coming back and that Gabi is going to get away with what she did.  Gabi went to the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Nick.  She thanked Nick for his help.  They kissed each other.  EJ wanted to continue talking to Chad about Gabi, but he didnít want to talk there.  Sami offered to go, but EJ didnít want her to be there.  She agreed so EJ and Chad left the apartment.  Brady showed up at Danielís place and they talked about Jennifer.  Daniel admitted to Brady that he loved Jennifer and always would.  Nicole overheard Daniel admit his love for Jennifer.  Chad told EJ that he had to sign a document agreeing to keep quiet about what Gabi did.  They continued to discuss what happened with Gabi, Nick, and Melanie.  Sami is secretly listening to their conversation. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam and John McBain kiss. Clothes start coming off. Sam stops it before it goes too far. She says her marriage ended yesterday and his relationship ended today so it is too soon for that. Elizabeth tells Jason that she thought she had a chance to be with him so he lied. He asks her how lying about Sam and McBain has anything to do with Samís baby. She tells him that she changed the DNA test results. She gives him the real results. He says he needs to know why she lied. She says it didnít seem right to rip the baby out of Tťaís arms after she has been raising him for 4 months. She recalls that Sam watched when Jake was kidnapped, and she didnít say anything to her, him, or Lucky. She says she also didnít want the baby to bring him and Sam back together. She says she realizes that ever since Jake died, she has been losing her mind. She gives him the real DNA results. He says he knows what it is like to make a major mistake and appreciates that Elizabeth is trying to make it right. Elizabeth asks him to be kind to Tťa because he knows what it is like to lose a child. Jason shows McBain the real DNA results and says it proves that Samís baby is with Johnís friend Tťa. Elizabeth goes to Alexisís house and tells Sam that she deserves to know the truth. She says she was lying when she told Lulu that she and Jason were a couple because she knew Sam was listening. Sam says she saw Elizabeth and Jason kissing. Elizabeth admits that after the kiss, Jason told her that they could never have a future together. She says that divorced or not, Jason is still Samís.

Joe Jr. kidnaps Kristina, takes her to Sonnyís coffee warehouse, and forces her to call Alexis and tell her that she isnít coming to the wedding. Her cell phone rings. Joe tells her that his son is calling. She wonders why his son has her number. He reveals that his son is her husband. She says she is getting the marriage annulled. She warns him that her father will kill him. She tells him to hurry up and make the ransom call. He says he doesnít want ransom; he wants everything Sonny has, and he will get it when Kristina is dead because Trey will inherit everything. Kristina tells him that killing her will only make things worse for him. Trey goes to the wedding and is surprised to find that Kristina isnít there. He goes to Alexisís house looking for Kristina. He tells Sam that he and Kristina had a fight so Kristina will probably go home. He asks Sam to give Kristina a note when she arrives. He goes home and he finds Kristinaís bracelet on the floor outside the door, but she isnít inside. He remembers all the things his father said in the past about using Kristina to get to Sonny and concludes that his father has done something to Kristina. He goes to Joeís motel room and finds that Joe isnít there.

Spinelli and Ellie continue to find things that they have in common. Ellie compliments Maxie on her dress and on the fantastic job she did coordinating the wedding. Maxie is annoyed that Ellie is too nice to hate. Johnny and Connie argue about her blackmailing him. Lulu walks in and wonders why Johnny is there with Kate. Kate says she was telling Johnny that thereíd better not be any slipups. Lulu says it is time for the bride to get dressed. Lulu tells Johnny that Kate is back to her usual demanding self. Olivia tells Dante and Steve that Kate is Connie and Sonny needs to know, but the men stop her from telling Sonny. Olivia tells them that she is going to powder her nose, but she only goes far enough that they canít see her listening to them. Steve tells Dante that if Oliviaís episodes donít stop, she may need to go to Shadybrook. Dante tells Lulu that Olivia said Kate is Connie. Lulu says Kate is definitely acting weird. Sonny tells Max and Milo to be on alert because he doesnít want anyone getting hurt at this wedding. Milo tells Max that he thinks Kate is Connie because Kate never so much as looked at him before, but at the bachelorette party, she shoved her tongue down his throat. He tells Max that he thinks he should tell the boss. Max says Milo find out for himself if Kate is Connie because he would kill Milo for letting her come on to him. Sonny tells Alexis that he will tell Kate about Trey after the honeymoon because he is afraid the shock will cause a relapse. The judge tells Sonny that he has another function in an hour, so Sonny sends Maxie to get Kate. Kate comes out and the wedding begins. When the judge asks if anyone objects, Olivia says she has something to say. Steve stands up and says Olivia hasnít been well so Olivia just says she wishes Kate happiness. Milo stands up. Max interrupts Milo and says they are happy for the couple. As the judge is about to move on to the vows, Connie objects. She says she canít marry Sonny because she is already married to Johnny.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tucker tries to apologize to Devon because he let him down by keeping Victor away from his family. Tucker tries to explain why he did it and tells Devon it must hurt to have his father disappoint him. Devon tells Tucker that his father Neil has never disappointed him. Cane and Lily also reject Genevieve, so she can’t see the twins anymore. Devon and Roxanne leave a lunch with his family early so they can make love. Sarge confides in Jack that his brother died in a car accident a couple of years ago. Harmony is curious how Sarge knew she had been in Pittsburgh. He says that they met at a party on Elm Street when she was calling herself Yolanda, but Harmony doesn’t remember meeting him. Sarge is in his apartment and pulls out a card with a note signed Yolanda.

Sofia advises Tucker to sell Beauty of Nature back to Jack to avoid major problems with the SEC but Tucker hates being forced to do anything. Sofia wonders why Tucker did all this to Victor. Tucker explains to Sofia that he still feels like the guy from the wrong side of the tracks who needs to prove himself. Nick arrives to tell Tucker he is going to make sure he pays for all the pain he causes his family, because nobody messes with the Newmans and gets away with it. Eden goes under hypnosis again but this time it's in what used to be Ricky’s hotel room. Eden remembers going to Ricky’s room and finding Daisy’s wallet and cell phone then texting Kevin and trying to leave because she was afraid Ricky would catch her in the room. Eden remembers opening the door to leave the room and being afraid because Ricky was on the other side of the door. Nick tells Phyllis that he can’t trust her, and he isn’t sure that they can have a marriage without trust.

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