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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill asks Katie for forgiveness. She says he keeps playing God with her life, with Liam and with Hope’s life. Liam and Hope lost each other because of him. She doesn’t know how she can get past this. He says they don’t have to get into this now; just give it a rest. Donna comes back from shopping so they delay the talk. Soon she goes up to check on little Will and Katie again demands the truth from Bill. She’d asked before but he just ignored her and now she won’t let him. Steffy grabs Liam’s hand and asks him to follow her. She borrows some coins from him and directs him to a fountain on the property where they toss them in and make a wish. They admire the olive and orange trees…..looking for the one delicious sweet one……so they can enjoy the very last drop. Suddenly they are caught in the middle of the sprinklers going off and end up soaking wet and giggling.

Hope confides in Rick that she still loves Liam despite all he has done and she’s not sure she will ever get over that feeling. Rick states that he’s not likely to ever change. She starts questioning if Othello would have lied about what he saw at that party the night before her wedding. Suddenly Othello is at the door wanting to see Hope alone. Rick gets a stoned look on his face. Rick hustles Hope out of the room and confronts Othello why he is here. Othello says they lied that night of the party and Hope needs to know that. Donna is not eavesdropping but overhears Katie tell Bill that she can’t just sweep this under the rug. Hope and Liam are not together right now and it’s only because of Bill. He’s too controlling and she won’t accept that side of him now. He begs her not to tell Hope; it will tear their family apart. She knows she should be happy right now, but she can’t keep these lies, secrets and manipulations. They look around to see a stunned Donna. Bill is silent but Katie blurts out what Donna needs to know……how Bill strong-armed the warden to make sure Deacon got out of jail and everything else he orchestrated in keeping Hope and Liam apart on their wedding day. Donna says Hope and Liam deserve to know this and she will tell them. She only hopes it is not too late. They have been a victim of Bill’s for too damn long. Bill grabs her arm to keep her from leaving. She tells him to get his hands off of her. Steffy leads Liam to a cabin and guides him to take their clothes off. He puts a blanket around her as they sit before the fireplace. She confesses that she has never stopped loving him and she doesn’t want to put any pressure on him, but……

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Daniel caught Jennifer on the phone on behalf of EJ.  He hung the phone up and wanted to know what she was doing.  He looked through her papers and realized that she was looking at DNA companies.  EJ was at Samiís apartment.  She talked to him about her problem with Rafe.  He hugged her and smiled while she wasnít looking.  He wanted to know what he could do to make her feel better.  She appreciated him being there for her.  She was about to kiss him when they heard someone banging on EJís door.  Chad showed up at EJís apartment.  EJ wanted to know what was wrong with Chad.  Nicole ran into Rafe at the town square.  Nicole wanted to know what was wrong and assumed it had to do with Sami.  Rafe said it wasnít Samiís fault this time.  It was his fault. Nicole wished that Rafe would end things with Sami, but she knew that wasnít going to happen.  Jennifer let Daniel know that what she was doing wasnít any of his business.  Daniel warned her that she thought she was helping him, but sheís getting mixed up in a serious situation.  They continued to talk about Nicole and EJ.  Sami wanted to know what happened between Chad and Melanie since they were so happy.  Chad blamed it on Nick.  Chad started to explain things to Sami, but EJ asked her to go back to her apartment.  EJ warned Chad about being careful about the things he says in public.  Chad wanted to go find his fiancťe.  EJ warned Chad that he wasnít going anywhere.  Rafe didnít want to keep talking about Sami with Nicole.  The baby started kicking.  Nicole let Rafe know that Daniel had a way to deal with the paternity test that EJ wanted done.  Daniel told her about a list of DNA companies that are allowed to perform the test.  The companies do paternity tests on computer software that matches the one the hospital uses.  Nicole continued to explain the plan to Rafe.  Rafe wanted to help with the plan.  Nicole said that EJ is running out of moves, but Rafe warned her that heís not running out of moves.  She wanted to know what he was talking about.  Rafe flashed back to EJ blackmailing him about Gabi.  Nicole wanted to know what was wrong.  She thought Rafe didnít want to help with the plan. 

Daniel told Jennifer he didnít want her ruining his life again the way she did when they were together.  He reminded her that he walked away from her gracefully because of Jack.  He told her that losing her hurt him a lot.  Daniel said that Jennifer threw him away once Jack came back to town.  He didnít think she had a right to care for him.  He let her know that heís moved on with his life.  Jennifer wanted to know who heís moved on with now.  Chad was upset.  He wanted to go to the police and make Gabi pay for what she did.  Sami walked out in the hallway and wanted to know what happened.  EJ wanted him to stop talking, but it was too late.  Nicole wanted Rafe to let her know if he is through with Sami.  Jennifer and Daniel continued to talk about her decision to be with Jack.  Daniel wanted her to stay out of his business with Nicole.  Jennifer warned Daniel that he could lose his medical license dealing with Nicole.  Now that she knows what Daniel has done, she doesnít regret choosing Jack over him.  She walked out of the office.  Daniel was upset.  Rafe told Nicole that there was no way he was going to end up with Sami.  EJ wanted Chad to promise not to go to the police about Gabi yet.  Chad wanted to know what was going on with him.  Chad wanted to know why EJ wanted to protect the sister of the man he despises.  EJ flashed back to blackmailing Rafe to stay away from Sami.  EJ covered his tracks by saying that he cared about him and not Gabi.  EJ wanted to know what Chad would do if he did get Melanie back to Salem.  EJ didnít think that Melanie would be over what he did.  EJ advised Chad to work hard at getting Melanie back.  Chad finally left so EJ went back to Samiís place. He wanted to take her out for a walk.  Nicole and Jennifer ran into each other at the town square.  They got into a shouting match over Daniel.  Sami and EJ were at the coffee house.  Sami knew she wasnít being fair to EJ by jerking him around.  EJ didnít care about that.  Sami wanted to know why he wanted to be close to her since she pushed him away.  EJ admitted that he loved her and that he always would.  Chad showed up at the pub and warned Gabi that he is going to make her hurt the way he was hurting since he lost Melanie.  Rafe spotted EJ and Sami together at the coffee place.  Rafe walked inside and saw Sami and EJ together.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam tells Alexis that after last night, she isn't going to Sonny's wedding. Jason tells John McBain that the DNA test showed that Sam was not related to Tea's baby. Jason tells Elizabeth that John McBain was just as surprised as he was that the DNA results were not a match. Elizabeth pretends to care. She sees the divorce papers on Jasonís desk. He tells her that Sam delivered them last night. Elizabeth tells Jason that Sam is dating John McBain. Jason tells her that he wasnít looking into the baby because he wanted to get Sam back, he just wanted her to have the chance to be a mother, and now she will never get that chance. Jason signs the divorce papers and thanks Elizabeth for being honest. She admits that she lied about Sam being with John McBain. She says she is pretty sure that Sam delivered the divorce papers because she said she and Jason were together. She admits that she wanted them to get a divorce so she could have her shot with him. Without responding, Jason heads out the door to go to the wedding, bur Elizabeth says there is more and it is about the baby. John goes to Alexisís house to pick up something that she left for him. When he sees it, he recognizes Natalieís handwriting. He reads the letter and tells Sam that Natalie said she has met someone. He says his relationship is over, but he is still going to fight for visitation with his son. Sam tells him that she gave Jason their divorce papers last night. He asks her if she is sure that is what she wants. She says no, but it has to happen. She reveals that Jason and Elizabeth kissed. She tells him that she thought they had hope. She pours them a drink. He says that is probably not a good idea after what happened the last time they drank together. They have a rebound kiss anyway.

Johnny shows up at Carly's house all dressed up and tells her that he can't go to the park with her because he has to be at the Haunted Star for the wedding. Carly says she will go with him. While Carly is changing, Johnny turns on ďDancing with the StarsĒ with Kelly Monaco dancing. Carly comes down and observes that the woman on TV looks just likeÖ never mind. She turns off the TV so they can go. He assures her that he loves her. She asks him what is going on. He says he is just happy to be alive to be with her. They head over to the Haunted Star. Maxie tells Lulu that she saw Spinelli making a date with another woman. Lulu tells her that it isnít too late for her to tell Spinelli that he is her Mac. Spinelli arrives at the wedding with Ellie. He tells Ellie about his prior relationship with Maxie and his decision that he canít be friends with her until they are both in relationships. Ellie wonders if he is in a relationship. He suggests that in time, perhaps he will be in a relationship with her. He tells her that Maxie is married. She wonders where Maxieís husband is. He says the husband is in prison for manslaughter. She asks him who ďthe Queen of CoutureĒ and ďMr. SirĒ are. He tells her that those are his names for the Bride and Groom. She asks him if it would be ok with him to call her ďEllie.Ē  Lulu and Dante tell Steve that Olivia hallucinated about Connie. Olivia goes to assist Kate with getting ready for the wedding and finds Kate in a revealing mini-dress. She realizes that it wasn't a hallucination; Connie really is in control. Maxie comes in and says she brought that dress as an option because Kate told her to err on the side of Connie because the two personalities are integrated now. Olivia concedes that she might have been mistaken. She gives ďKateĒ a lace handkerchief to carry that their grandmother, Nona, made and says it is old, blue, borrowed, and new to Kate. Later, Olivia finds it in the trash and tells Steve that it may sound crazy, but something is going on with her cousin. Sonny goes to Kate and asks her if she left anything out of her explanation of the argument with Trey because Trey implied that it was about more than his marriage to Kristina. She says she didnít want to repeat the terrible things that Trey said about him. Sonny tells Alexis that something doesnít seem right. Sonny overhears Max telling Milo that Sonny must never find out about Kate throwing herself at him at the bachelorette party. Sonny wants to know what they donít want him to know about. Max says they were talking about a wedding surprise. Sonny asks them to hold off on it for another day because he doesnít want any surprises today. He tells them to make sure the security is tight because he doesnít know what Joe Scully has in store. When Johnny and Carly arrive at the Haunted Star, Sonny is surprised and happy to see that Carly came. She tells him that she came as Johnnyís date and that Kate had invited Johnny. She says it is an opportunity for everyone to bury the hatchet. Starr and Michael think that is a good idea. Johnny goes to see Kate and asks her to let him out of her plan. Lulu goes to check on Kate and hears her telling Johnny that he doesnít have a choice.

Trey tells Kristina that Kate is his mother. Kristina concludes that Treyís father must have known Kate from Bensonhurst. She asks what his fatherís name is. He says Joe Scully Junior. Kristina realizes that Trey's father is the man that hates her father. She recalls Trey denying that his father had history with hers, as Starr had said. He admits that he lied. She concludes that he has lied to her about everything. He admits that his father ordered him to marry her to get back at her father. She tells him that now he is stuck with a wife for no reason. He insists that he cares about her. She says she is going to sign the annulment papers. When she leaves the apartment, she is kidnapped.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Daniel asks Heather to help him get a divorce in absentia from Daisy because he is ready to move on with his life. Jack and Genevieve tell Tucker that Genevieve will testify to his stock manipulation to the SEC but Tucker isnít worried because he doesnít think they will believe Genevieve’s testimony. Once Jack leaves, Genevieve tells Tucker that she kept his text messages as proof of his stock manipulation. Jack and Genevieve later have dinner at the Athletic Club and she tells Jack she did love Tucker when they were younger, but they were two very different people then. Jack decides to give Genevieve another chance. He is grateful that she is willing to help him get back Beauty of Nature.

Noah returns home and tells Sharon that he can’t believe the person she has become and the things she has done to the family. When Sharon is arrested, Nick accompanies her to the police station for the sake of the kids. Sharon pleads with Nick to talk to Victor, but he refuses because she needs to pay for the things she has done. Nick also tells Sharon not to worry about Faith and Noah, because they have gotten along without her in the past and they can do it again. Once Nikki’s divorce from Jack becomes final, Victor starts the paperwork for an annulment from Sharon. Nikki confides to Katherine that she is glad she and Victor are back together but she wonders if they will have a future together. Ronan tells Phyllis that he loves her and that is why he risked his career for her and he isn’t sorry he did it for her. Phyllis tells Ronan she loves Nick and she intends to stay married to him. Ronan gives Phyllis a kiss and tells her that whenever she decides to admit how she really feels, she knows where to find him. Nikki returns to the ranch and tells Victor that they are lucky to still be together after all they have been through and then she goes upstairs. While Victor sits on the couch thinking, he pulls out a little box with an engagement ring in it.

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