Friday 9/28/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam pulls Hope aside and tells her that he was foolish, but he loves her and she has to believe that. She says she knows that, but he will have to leave Steffy behind because she won’t share him with her. She says she wants to be his wife, but he really hurt her on the two most significant days of her life and he has no one to blame but himself. She claims that she does have her pride and dignity and she can’t go through that again. She kisses him, says she loves him but walks away. Steffy tells Taylor that Liam will get over Hope. Today she is going to take him to her favorite place. Katie should be ecstatic, but is not really behind what Bill did. He sold their beach house and moved them into Taylor’s estate in the city. He says they will need to do some redecorating, but they will be happy here. Donna gets things settled with the baby and turns him over to the nurse and she leaves Bill and Katie alone. Katie’s mind races back to the conversation about Deacon in Italy. She tells Bill that she knew their son needed a mother so that is the reason she didn’t die. The question is if he will grow up without a father. Steffy drops in on Liam and says she knows he is hurting, so let her help him. No matter his mood, nothing will drag her down. He follows her like a puppy dog.

Rick asks Hope why she said no this time. She said Liam lied once and she knows he will lie again and she can’t live with that. She just wishes he could tell her the truth. She is afraid though that she opened the door and is pushing him into Steffy’s arms. So Liam doesn’t share her principles, maybe that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. They’ve been through so much together and she is just giving him up and back to Steffy. Steffy brings Liam to a beautiful, peaceful place right there in Los Angeles. He got the wind knocked out of him today and she just wanted him to feel better. Liam muses that he kept screwing up and asking Hope to forgive him, but that is not happening. It seems pretty final. Steffy kisses him and says there is life after Hope starting now. Katie tells Bill that she loves him, but she has to wonder what kind of future they will have with his risky, idiotic moves. She didn’t like what he did at the wedding in Italy, but there was also Cabo and Aspen. She doesn’t know how long she will live. She’s had two heart attacks already and Bill could end up in prison; the baby may not have either a mother or father. Bill states he is not going to prison. She agrees that Bill has this passion trying to take care and make things right for everyone, but she needs to protect herself. He says he has made mistakes but he is blessed and he is asking her to look past his faults. He hopes she will give that to him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami asked Rafe if he wanted to start over.  Rafe didnít think it was a good idea.  Sami said she could fix things and all he had to do was trust her.  Bo was at the station working.  Hope showed up and asked him why he missed Ciaraís poetry meeting.  He was upset because he missed it since he was at the police station working. EJ went to Danielís apartment to see Melanie, but Daniel told him that she was gone.  EJ wanted to know where she was, but Daniel didnít want to tell him.  Sami thought Rafe assumed they were moving too fast and that they could slow things down.  Rafe told her again that it wouldnít work between them.  EJ reminded Daniel that they had to do what they could to help Chad and Melanie work things out.  Daniel didnít want Melanie around any of the DiMeras.  Daniel was happy that their relationship was over and he intended to keep it that way.  Sami wanted Rafe to explain to her why they wouldnít work out.  She assumed it was because of Lucas and EJ.  Rafe didnít want to talk about it anymore.  He flashed back to his conversation with EJ.  Rafe reminded Sami about her betrayal.  EJ understood that Daniel didnít want Melanie around the DiMeras, but didnít think he should take that out on his brother.  Daniel insisted that he wonít do anything to help Chad and Melanie reunite.  Abby showed up at the hospital to talk to Jennifer.  She wanted to patch things up with her.  They talked about their fight and made up.  They talked about how Nicole staying at the house had made everything stressful.  Jennifer informed Abby that Nicole would be moving out soon.  Gabi went to the Horton house looking for Abby but ran into Nicole.  They talked about Melanie leaving town.  Nicole thought Daniel would need a shoulder to cry on and wanted to be there for him.  Caroline was on the phone arguing with someone over a deposit.  She was sure she made it and that something was wrong.  Roman showed up and wanted to know what was wrong with her.  She mentioned having to do paperwork.  They started talking about Bo possibly leaving the force.  While they were talking, Caroline confused Roman with Bo.  Roman reminded her that he is not Bo.  She warned Roman that he and Bo needed to work their problems out. 

Bo and Hope talked about how he missed Ciaraís poetry reading because of the job.  Heís still considering leaving the force.  He wanted to go after the DiMeras without the constraints of the badge.  He wanted to devote his time to bringing down the DiMeras.  He wanted to know what she thought about that.  EJ continued to convince Daniel that Chad was the best thing that could have happened to Melanie.  Daniel thought that Chad was off the wall.  Daniel reminded EJ what she went through with Nick and Andrew and how Chad didnít do anything to help her.  Nicole arrived and heard EJ and Daniel arguing.  Daniel didnít want to talk to EJ anymore.  Before EJ left, he warned them that he planned on exposing both of them.  Nicole heard that Melanie left town and didnít want him to be alone. EJ called Chad and let him know that it was going to take longer than he thought to help him get back together with Melanie.  Sami didnít want to give up on her relationship with Rafe.  Rafe said that she hurt him more than he thought possible.  She reminded him that he kissed her.  She told him that he kissed her because he feels the same way she feels.  Hope wanted Bo to let her help him with his new idea.  Roman walked in and wondered if Bo was going to stay with the police force.  Daniel and Nicole talked about Melanie leaving.  Nicole wanted to be there for Daniel.  She wanted to thank him for what he and Rafe did for her.  Daniel knew it would be stressful for her and he had a way of making it less stressful.  Rafe insisted that he wasnít interested in a relationship with Sami.  Sami didnít believe that, but she left the apartment.  Nicole thought Daniel had a good idea and wasnít sure if Rafe would go along with it.  EJ called Rafe and said he kept his end of the bargain and hoped Rafe did too.  Rafe told him that he ended things with Sami.  They hung up and Rafe threw a bottle at the wall.  Bo met with Caroline at the pub.  He showed her an article of a carjacker who was finally off the streets and it reminded him why he wanted to be a cop.  Caroline showed him a pic of Ciara at three years old.  Caroline thought it was a current picture, but Bo told her it was three years old.  Caroline reminded Bo that time goes by fast and he wouldnít want to regret not spending enough time with his family.  Gabi showed up at Rafeís place.  She talked to him about wanting to be punished for what she did.  She didnít want Rafe to go down for what she did.  He wonít let anything happen to her.  EJ showed up at Samiís place.  He wanted to talk to her.  She told him how things didnít work out with Rafe.  EJ apologized to her and kissed her forehead.  He smiled while she wasnít looking.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Johnny decides that his way out of his trouble with Connie is to leave the country. He suggests to Carly that they take the Haunted Star and sail wherever they want to go. She says it isnít the right time. The men at Sonnyís bachelor poker game feel bad that Milo couldnít join them because he has to provide security at Kateís bachelorette party. Spinelli figures that at least Milo isnít losing his money. Meanwhile, Milo is dancing on top of the pool table at the Floating Rib with dollar bills stuffed in his skivvies. Mac takes the impromptu stripper to a back room to change. Kate follows him. Olivia goes looking for Kate and finds her on top of Milo in the back room. Connie tells Olivia that it must have been a hallucination. Elizabeth eavesdrops on Kristina and Sam talking about Sam and Jasonís marriage. Ensuring that Sam can hear her, she tells Lulu that she and Jason kissed. She lies to Lulu that Jason initiated the kiss and that she told him that it wasnít ok. She says Jason told her that he had feelings for her. She says she has always had feelings for Jason, but she isnít going to come between Jason and Sam. She says Jason said she has nothing to feel guilty about because he and Sam are going to end their marriage soon. She says that Jason said he was going to sign the divorce papers any day now and that he canít wait to put his mistakes with Sam behind him and move on with his new life with her. She gloats when Sam leaves. Olivia tells Lulu that she had another episode and thought she saw Connie. Starr tells Kristina that Trey was acting strangely and said it had to do with his mother. Felicia encourages Maxie to get back together with Spinelli. Lulu agrees. Connie tells Maxie that in return for throwing a good party, she can have her job at Crimson back. Mac and Felicia encourage Maxie to go find Spinelli to see if she can make that work out too. Mac leaves a key with Kate when he and Felicia close up shop.

Dante tells Michael that something is off about Trey and that he and Starr shouldnít get wrapped up in whatever is on his agenda. Sonny tries to give Trey gambling money so he can join in the poker game, but Trey says he is uncomfortable taking Sonnyís money. Sonny observes that he wasnít uncomfortable about taking his daughter, and he thinks Trey wants more than that. He says that if Trey doesnít want to take his money, then he can ante up with the medallion that Sonny takes out of his pocket. He reveals that he knows the initials JMS stand for Joseph Mitchell Scully, Treyís father. Trey admits that he is Joe Scully III. Sonny tells him to divorce Kristina. Trey says no. Sonny tells him that he will give him one chance to cooperate. He backs up his threat with his pistol. Dante goes into the office and asks if everything is ok. Trey takes the opportunity to get out of there. Sonny announces that the party is over. When Milo arrives at Pozzulo's, Max sees the lipstick on him and coerces him into revealing that Kate kissed him. Ellie, the lab tech, goes to Pozzulo's to meet Spinelli. Jason tells Spinelli that Ellie is cute. Ellie tells Jason that she personally tested the dead babyís blood twice and both times it came back AB-negative. Jason says he doesnít want to take the investigation any further. Sam goes to Pozzulo's and gives Jason the divorce papers. She says that as soon as he signs them, he will be free to move on. Maxie arrives at Pozzulo's just as Spinelli and Ellie are confirming their date tomorrow. Starr and Kristina go home together and find Trey sitting in the living room looking catatonic. Starr retreats to her room. Kristina asks Trey if he is upset about his mother. He doesnít respond. Sonny goes to the Floating Rib. The door is open, but the place is empty and a mess. Connie has gone to the Haunted Star to threaten Johnny.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack and Nick both ask Tucker to sell them Beauty of Nature, but he declines. Later Genevieve tells Jack to prove to the SEC that Tucker manipulated stock so that he can nullify the sale of Beauty of Nature. Sharon’s mom asks her to go back home and forget about trying to be someone she isn’t, but Sharon wants money from Victor. Chelsea persuades Adam to try and make Victor a part of his life, but Victor isn’t at the ranch when Adam arrives to talk to him. Adam returns to his house disappointed and tells Chelsea things are back to normal with his family. Adam decides to forget about his family and concentrate on Chelsea and the baby.

Kevin advises Billy to tell Victoria the truth before Victor does, but try as he might Billy can’t find the words to tell Victoria the truth. Billy is shocked when Victor tells him he doesn’t intend to tell Victoria that Billy knew that he was in LA. Victor tells Billy he saw a different side of him when he was in LA, but he was impressed because Sister Celeste told him that he ran into a burning building to save him, and he could have left him there to die after everything that he did to him in the past. Victor tells Billy that Victoria seems happy now and he wants her to remain that way. When Victor offers Victoria a job at Newman Enterprises, she says she will think about it. Billy tells Victoria to take the job if it will make her happy. Lauren is sure that Shelia took Daisy out of Fairview after viewing the hospital security footage. Sharon serves Victor with papers suing him for abandonment. Victor asks Avery to call Michael and have Sharon thrown in jail.

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