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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Katie that she scared him to death; don’t ever do that again. She’s so grateful for Dr. Meade and Dr. Caspary for all they did. Liam and Caroline join Donna and Hope to visit the new baby. They want to know if he has a name; they can’t keep calling him baby. Bill says he thinks it should be William Logan Spencer and they can call him Will. So shall it be written; so shall it be law. Caroline cries for the experience of having a brand new family after it was just her and her moms for so long. Katie says she knows how close she came to death and how lucky she is now to be holding her healthy baby. She shares with them about Storm appearing before her and she knew everyone she loves needed her to come back and that was powerful. She could feel the love all around her and in her heart. Liam keep repeating it that Katie and the baby are a miracle. She came back for Will and for all of them. He’s so proud of her. She’s happy that he is going to be a great big brother too. She knows that Hope feels that way also. Hope thanks Katie for coming back to them. Katie says they have been through a lot; more than they even know. Taylor tells Steffy that she is so glad that Katie made it through. She’ll be a very good mother. They end up talking about Taylor running off and talking to Liam and setting him straight how he should get over Hope. It gave him a lot to think about moving on from Hope. Steffy says she should be mad at her mother, but she’s not. It all could have backfired on them. But soon enough Liam will realize he has a much better option. She tells her mother that when the time is right that she knows that she and Liam will be together again and they will create new memories.

Dr. Meade considers Katie’s request to go home. Bill can stay a few hours, but the others must leave. The sooner she can get her proper rest, the sooner she can go home. Liam grabs Hope’s hand and says he’d appreciate if she could give him just a few minutes to talk to her privately. He goes on and on about this recent miracle and in light of it he must ask her one more time if she can forgive him. Bill tells Katie that she changed him. Without her, he’s not a very good person. He does whatever he wants to do without thinking of the consequences. He’s a flawed man that loves her and he hopes that will be enough. She says it is for right now. Right now loving her baby is all that matters. Liam tells Hope that they could go on from now, as the man she needs, as the man she wants him to be. He loves her and that is not changing. He needs her to forgive him and he waits for that answer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Lucas and Adrienne were at the coffee shop.  Lucas felt the way she felt about Sonny and Will being together.  Lucas wasnít sure that Sonny and Will should be together.  Adrienne was shocked that Lucas didnít think Will should be with her son.  Sami talked to Will about her date with Rafe.  Will remembered that she was just talking to him about being with EJ.  Sami admitted that sheís a train wreck, but said it was Rafeís fault for leading her on.  Sami mentioned that Rafe broke her heart again.  EJ let Rafe know that he knew what Gabi did to Melanie and Chad.  EJ warned Rafe that Gabi isnít going to get a slap on the wrist for what she did.  EJ said she would go away for a long time unless they work something out.  Gabi told Justin that she was scared and that someone else knew what she did.  Melanie let Daniel and Maggie know that sheís leaving Salem.  EJ warned Rafe that Chad intended to go to the DA and tell what Gabi did.  EJ said that the DA will file charges against Gabi.  EJ also said that Gabiís deeds would go unpunished if Chad doesnít say anything.  EJ asked Rafe what he wanted to do about it.  Adrienne let Lucas know that the only reason why she thought Will was wrong for Sonny was because of Sami.  Sami and Will continued to talk about her situation with Rafe and EJ.  Sami let Will know that Rafe made it clear that they are finished.  EJ let Rafe know that he could get Chad and Melanie to keep quiet about what Gabi did.  Rafe wanted EJ to get to the point.  EJ said he already knew what he wanted.  Rafe guessed that he was talking about Sami. Melanie told Daniel and Maggie that she needed to get away and should have done it sooner.  Gabi talked to Justin about everything she did and that she told Melanie the truth.  Justin warned Gabi that she could face 10 years in prison for the charges.  Will advised Sami to talk to Rafe about how he felt about her.  EJ told Rafe that he would keep Chad from going to the DA if Rafe gave Sami up.  Sami agreed to take Willís advice and talk to Rafe.  Gabi couldnít believe that she could go to prison for such a long time.  Justin reminded her what she did.  Gabi said that Melanie wouldnít testify against her.  Justin let her know that Melanie might get a subpoena and have to testify anyway.  Justin also told her that Chad could also testify against her.  Gabi realized that Chad was out to get her.  Daniel and Maggie let Melanie know that they would miss her.  Melanie said that she would be back.  Lucas and Adrienne continued to talk about Will and Sonny being together.  Lucas mentioned seeing Will and Sonny kissing.  Adrienne realized that Lucas was uncomfortable seeing Will with Sonny. Adrienne thought that Lucas was pretending to be okay with Will being gay when he knows that he doesnít like it.   Lucas didnít know that Will was listening to their conversation. 

EJ told Rafe that he loves he sister and Sami, but he has to choose between them.  Rafe was upset that EJ put him in that position.  Gabi showed up at Rafeís apartment, but didnít realize that EJ was there.  EJ said that they were talking about police business.  EJ said that Rafe gave him his answer and he left the apartment.  Gabi told Rafe that Justin said she could go to prison for a long time.  Gabi said that Chad could make sure she went to prison, but Rafe said he would take care of it.  EJ went to see Chad and let him know that he took care of everything.  Lucas denied being uncomfortable with Will being gay.  Lucas said that he isnít old fashioned, but he had to get used to seeing his son making out in public.  Adrienne wondered if Lucas would be uncomfortable if Will were kissing a girl.  Lucas claimed he would feel the same way, but Adrienne didnít believe that.  Adrienne continued to advise Lucas about his feelings towards Willís sexuality.  After Adrienne left, Will came out from behind the plant to confront Lucas.  Lucas wanted to know how long Will was there and Will said it was long enough.  Lucas wanted Will to know that he loved him and wanted to protect him.  Will thought he wanted to protect him from being gay.  Lucas let Will know that heís not a homophobe.  Lucas didnít intend to justify his feelings and knew that Will hated him.  Lucas wanted Will to let him have it.  Chad said all he cared about was Melanie and warned EJ that his plan better not come between him and Melanie.  Rafe came out of the shower wearing a towel when Sami showed up at the door.  Will apologized for being a disappointment to Lucas.  Will wasnít going to yell at him, but he was sad.  Lucas didnít like the idea of him being sad.  Lucas thought they could work things out, but Will didnít see how they could do it.  Will walked away from Lucas.  EJ told Chad that he was only worried about him.  Chad said he only needed him to make sure that Melanie didnít leave town and wondered what EJ was doing.  EJ intended to find Melanie and talk to her.  EJ knew what it was like to be obsessed with a woman.  Sami talked to Rafe about possibly starting over.  Lucas stopped Will and wanted to talk to him, but Will didnít want to talk to Lucas anymore.  EJ went to Danielís apartment to see Melanie, but Daniel told him that she was gone.  Sami wanted to know what Rafe thought about them getting back together.  Rafe said that it wasnít going to work out.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Joe Junior packs a bag and makes sure duct tape is in it. Tracy goes to return Joe's medallion and canít resist kissing him. Trey tells Starr that he met his mother, but he doesnít want to talk about it. Maxie is nervous about Kateís bachelorette party. When Connie arrives, she wants to know where the strippers are. Sam observes that she has never seen Kate so drunk. Elizabeth lurks in the shadows eavesdropping on Sam. Sam tells Kristina about her anniversary dinner at the Noodle Buddha with Jason. Milo arrives to provide security. Maxie tries to call Spinelli to ask him to help her find a last minute stripper with no luck. Maxie enlists Lulu for assistance. Lulu sees the potential in Milo and convinces him to take the job. Milo gets on stage just stands there. He clumsily tries to dance with Lulu giving prompts from across the room. Kate perks up when Milo loosens up and starts unbuttoning his shirt. The women shake up beers and spray Miloís super-buff chest. The pants come off. Everyone stuffs dollar bills into Miloís briefs. Connie straddles him on the pool table. Mac saves Milo from the women crowded around him and takes him into a back room to change back into his clothes. Milo observes to himself that he wouldnít have walked away from the poker game at Sonny's bachelor party with as much money as he got tonight. Connie goes into the back room and comes on to Milo. Olivia comes into the back room and sees Kate mauling Milo.

At Sonnyís bachelor party, Sonny shows Michael the medallion with Joe Scullyís initials that he found in front of Pozulloís. He reveals to Michael that Trey is Kateís son, Joe Scully III. Michael wonders if Trey has known this whole time. Sonny doesnít know what Trey knows. Dante arrives at Pozulloís and overhears Sonny saying he needs to protect his family. Dante asks what Sonny needs to protect them from. Sonny dodges the question. Jason asks Spinelli how online dating is going. Spinelli hasnít had a date yet. Jason suggests that Spinelli look for fewer specific interests. Jason tells Spinelli that Teaís baby didnít match Samís DNA. Spinelli says that is impossible. He determines to find out who has been tampering with the test results. He calls Ellie, the lab tech, and asks her to meet him after she gets off work. Jason doesnít want to consider exhuming Samís babyís body. The men in attendance for Sonnyís bachelor party sit down around a table to play poker when Trey arrives. He doesnít want to play because he doesnít have money. Sonny takes Trey into the back room to loan him some money to play with. Michael tells the other guests about Trey and Kristinaís tacky Vegas wedding. He says he and Starr would never get married in a place like that. Spinelli asks him if he and Starr are getting married. Michael says they arenít there yet. Dante says marriage is the best thing that ever happened to him. Max says Michael should play the field for a while. Jason tells Michael to give it some time because it is painful if such a lifetime commitment ends too soon. Michael thanks them all for their advice, but that he and Starr are not getting married. In the back room, Sonny hands Trey a fat stack of cash. Trey says he is uncomfortable taking Sonnyís money. Sonny asks him why, when he wasnít uncomfortable taking his daughter, and he is certain that isnít all Trey wants. He tells Trey that if he doesnít want his money he might want to ante up with the medallion that Sonny retrieves from his pocket.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Young and the Restless celebrated its 10,000 episode with the happy reunion of Victor Newman and his family and friends. Victor hugs Nikki and tells her that he is home and that he loves her. Nikki quickly sends a text message to Victoria, Nick, Abby, and Katherine telling them to go back to the chapel right away. Nikki starts to tell Victor about Sharon and what she has been up to since he has been away, but Victor stops her mid-sentence and tells her he knows all about what Sharon has done and assures Nikki he will take care of it. Nikki tells Victor that Sharon is marrying Tucker right now and takes him to the chapel where Nick and Genevieve are seated watching the wedding. Victor bursts in the door with Nikki, Victoria, Katherine, and Billy before the reverend can say "I now pronounce you husband and wife." Victor tells Sharon they will soon be divorced and that he wants her out of the house before he returns to his home.

Victor tells his family that the day he married Sharon, they went for a ride. When he went a little ahead of her, his horse got spooked and threw him off, then he hit his head and got amnesia. Victor explains that he didn’t know who he was and a truck driver picked him up and took him to the LA harbor district where he worked unloading ships. Victor promises Tucker that he will get even with him for trying to steal his company and keep him away from his family. Victor informs the press that he was away taking some time off and he is glad to be home. His new focus is making things right again with Newman Enterprises. Victor says that he will buy back the depressed shares of common stock at a good price. Jack is sad at first about selling Beauty of Nature to Tucker, but then he discovers he can nullify the sale once all of Tucker’s illegal dealing comes out. When Victor throws Sharon off the ranch, she is happy because she thinks that Tucker will take her in, but he also slams his door in her face. Katherine is sad that Tucker could do something so appalling to Victor but decides to concentrate on all the people who love her. Victor doesn’t tell Victoria that Billy knew he was alive, so Billy is nervous and wonders when the other shoe will drop. Billy tries to tell Victoria the truth, but she just wants to concentrate on the fact that Victor is alive. Danny and Phyllis argue about what she did to Christine and Paul. Danny clearly takes Christine’s side in the matter. As Victor and Nikki share a kiss at the ranch, he tells her that they belong together.

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